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  1. Fitz is the one breaking it up.. He was offered a reasonable deal, I think he would be stupid to turn it down.. He is running out of time.. However if he is that stupid geno is next man up and he will also reap the benefits of Marshall/decker and gailey calling the shots..
  2. Lol chillax fitzatic.. I never said he should get " zero " credit. Fitz probably throws 15-20 tds without Marshall.. With 20+ turnovers. Decker would have seen lot of double teams.. We would have had to run more..
  3. Only a "hardcore" fitz fanatic would say cut geno..so when fitz does bad he has no backup
  4. Lol ! He was by far the best WR in the afc.. Consider he racked up all those stats from a weak journeyman qb.. Marshall hurled in so many INTS.., he was such a wide large " smart " target, he was perfect for the weak arm, off target qb... Fitz would be home retired with zero options instead of 1 if not for Marshall..
  5. Lol yes Marshall is still a much better value.. Especially factoring in we got him for more than 1 yr
  6. Fitzpatrick is definitely going to sign right before training camp.. He is like a 12 yr old child who gets upset and runs away from home for few hours.. Then realizes he has nowhere else to go and returns asking if he can please come back..
  7. Here's the problem, if you have read my posts, I have consistently said that Fitz is a borderline starting QB/quality backup, so your barking up the wrong tree. I think Bowles is trying to say, there are no starting jobs available for "borderline starter/ quality backup" And no one is EVER going to pay starter $$ to a " 34 year old quality backup " who has consistent history of blowing big games ..
  8. You are correct Sir.. Thank you for pointing out that EVERY other team in the NFl has a better option at qb than Ryan Fitzpatrick.. He is EXTREMELY lucky he has 1 offer at all.. But I realize he wants to consider all his options
  9. Funny how such a good completely healthy qb has only one offer on the table right before training camp.. I guess all the other teams in the nfl That do not have a superstar are all just plain stupid..
  10. Lol ! And if these advanced stats said fitz is a much BETTER qb than his basic stats say he is you would be citing them every 5 minutes
  11. it is quite self explanatory. We do understand It is too much reality for the " Fitz fan boys club" to handle.. They are already dealing with enough Stress because the jets won't over pay for their poster boy hero..
  12. Actually that is very inaccurate.. These advance stats give a much more in depth report on a player's performance than just " tds, total yardage, rating.. Some fans can't comprehend anything beyond that though.. If fitz didn't have Marshall or decker, his " basic stats " would be much worse.. I would have given him some slack if he had poor receivers.. So it works the other way if he had 2 outstanding receivers and a smart OC who knows how to hide a qb's weaknesses.. This advance stat report shows fitz made many easy 2 yard throws that ending up for longer yardage or tds. A monkey can make those throws.. If this was a Rex Ryan's led offense a qb u could forget about short options throws.. Either run plays or tough passing situation on 3rd and long.. He also had the 2nd worst accuracy rating in the entire NFL.. This isn't nitpicking , this stats show exactly why no one else in the entire NFl is chasing after him..The Denver Broncos have elected to go with mark Sanchez instead for Pete sake
  13. Advanced stats tell a lot more about fitz.. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nj.com/articles/18916311/what_advanced_stats_say_about_ryan_fitzpatricks_20.amp?client=safari#
  14. Nice story and all.. But Ryan Fitzpatrick has " ZERO" other offers.. Which any dummy from a state school or Harvard would conclude they are " shhit out of luck "
  15. Fitz has a few days before training camp to sign the deal or jets will announce end of negotiations and geno the starter.. I still think the Jets would want to add a #2, since they don't believe petty is ready.. While fitz will have nowhere else to go, but backup offers, jets could re-open negotiations and sign him for backup $$.. Still be the best deal fitz will get.. Why the jets are being smart.. Fitz has less than a month now before he is all out of options..
  16. Are you saying you would rather have Fitzpatrick than Andrew Luck ?
  17. Fitzranger is going to hunt you down for speaking the truth of Fitzpatrick
  18. That comment may be one of the dumbest most inaccurate statement I have ever read on this board.. Geno does not have diehard fanboys like fitz.. many of us just don't get on our knees for fitz like few on here do.. We are pro jets, not pro fitz.. So when a journeyman weak arm qb gets chance of a lifetime last yr with support any career backup would dream of.. He obviously doesn't care about being a jet, and I'm sure he is thinking he will only use them again this yr to get another contract elsewhere next yr.. Even the players are getting tired of it.. So yes many of us are jet fans MUCH more then we are fit fanatics..
  19. Lol ! That wasn't the only article about the " reported " demands.. Fitzpatrick sure didn't refute the claims.. Remember a few years ago Eli came right out and denied the report he wanted top dollar qb $$.. Fitz finally said he was " willing " to accept 12 million after months of zero other offers... So obviously his original asking price was considerably more.. Even you of all people must realize that
  20. There are a lot of bad contracts all over sports, ( mets still pay Bobby Bonilla over a mil per yr ) that shouldn't mean other teams have to be stupid too.. And I believe there is a large Asian community in Houston, maybe that is why Houston went " Linsane"
  21. Lol.. Can I ask how long you have been a huge Fitzpatrick fan ranger? It has to be more then 10 months.. Do you sit next to him at ranger games ? I watched the games, his average play does not match the stats.. Marshall and decker deserve most of the credit.. And yes he asking was asking for 16-18 million per yr.. It's kind of pathetic you are more pro fitz than pro jets.. http://nypost.com/2016/03/07/jets-ryan-fitzpatrick-moving-closer-to-stunning-divorce/
  22. I expect any 10 yr vet qb to have a good amount of " cognitive understanding. "But he sure made some boneheaded throws last yr and over career.. Right into defenders hands.. And his one int in the last game is one of the biggest bone headed picks I have ever seen.. Tight game in the 4th and easy FG range, playoffs on the line 2-10.. You don't take risks, especially if your arm is weak.. That one play cost us the playoffs.. That pick was something a VET should NEVER make.. And he isn't too bright thinking someone was actually going to pay him 18 million a season.. Made him look very stupid.. And I would say he has missed a lot of "meetings " and practice so far this spring/summer. He is being selfish.. He is leaving his teammates out to dry.. He knows he isn't going anywhere else.. And if he really does want to, well bye.. He should be very thankful to a few for saving his career.. Marshall /decker, gailey, and most of all ik enemkpali
  23. There are only few posters who I won't name defiantly would be rooting against geno. If we win with geno it will be " product of the supporting cast " yet the fitzies don't like to use that excuse when praising fitz ha.. I would like to see fitz come back.. If he signs before the 1st day of training camp.. I think Bowles will tell mac to forget fitz if he doesn't sign the ONLY deal he is being offered.. Geno can always be right there ready to go if fitz picks up where he left off in buffalo.. I have no faith in petty being 1 snap away from being the starter.. You need a dependable backup.. Petty not stepping up enough to be the 2 helps fitz a lot.. Otherwise jets probably would have already told fitz to F off..
  24. Fitz has choked in big games his entire career.. Why nobody is fighting for him.. Some fans would rather " just miss " the playoffs every year.. I'm sure colts are still really disappointed coming in last a few years ago, and being rewarded Andrew luck as a result
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