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  1. He made plays a qb is expected to make when you have the best WR duo in the league. Vets who know how to help out a qb, especially weak arm qb . Marshall was a monster, coming back for balls, jumping over cbs, without him fitz has more ints than tds.. But the above mentioned int is one a " smart vet " is NEVER suppose to make.. Knowing you can take the easy 3 in a tight game.. Knowing you have a weak arm to begin with.. After all the " smarts " is what is suppose to make fitz decent.. It sure isn't his arm strength..
  2. That you for the correction.. The biggest failure of the season occurred on "2nd and 10" on 3rd I'm sure they would have ran to align for the FG.. But fitz threw a aweful ball right in the d's hands..
  3. That is very true.. Down by 5 the last int was just fitz believing his arm was something better than it is.. The real horrible play of the game was fitz throwing the int on 3rd down while in easy FG range ! That is a dumb Sanchez like play. Fitz arm may suck but he is suppose to be a smart vet. Not there.. Now the down by 2 instead of 5 at the end makes a big difference doesn't it ?
  4. Lol no.. I want jets to find a real qb, fitz isn't , and so far young geno hasn't shown he sure isn't ( yet ) . Marshall hurled in many would be ints from fitz.. I want jets to do best.. Could care less about if it's geno or fitz.. I just finding it funny how some of you fitz fan club are saying fans will revolt if jets go 1-3 with the cheap value qb who isn't acting like a diva.. But if jets finally make cuts to bring back the diva and he picks up where he left off and craps his pants and goes 1-3, it's all good..
  5. and if we go 1-3 with Fitzpatrick fans will not ?
  6. They said if he signs now and before camp starts. That is his window of guarantee first dibs to start the season as starting qb.. If he doesn't sign by start of camp, jets may cut off negotiations as fairness to players who have expressed their desire to either sign him or move on.. If he misses a big chunk of camp, maybe they bring him back as the backup.. Since he likely won't be ready to start 1st game coming to camp late.. Give geno 1st crack, with fitz waiting if he falters.. would still be the best deal he will get.. Here is a good article fitz needs to read.. http://isportsweb.com/2016
  7. He is playing it smart.. Thinking maybe, just maybe a starting qb will blow off a finger playing with fireworks this weekend or gett piss drunk and fall off a boat.. I'm sure his agent is saying " hey you never know during a long 4th of July weekend " lol
  8. He did play absolutely horrible in the 4th with a huge game was on the line.. Know it's hard to hear about your man, but it is the honest truth..
  9. Fitz did well with a easy schedule.. But he played absolutely horrible vs buf.. Biggest game we had in years, against a under .500 team with nothing to play for.. If he plays decent, or smart at the end and not throw the game away with a pick while in FG range, jets make playoffs and he would have been paid to close to what he wanted..
  10. You mean if fitz didn't pull the ultimate choke job in buf? I agree
  11. I think that option is very risky. The first few games are very brutal. If geno bombs and we go 1-5, 2-5, I doubt jets cave and sign fitz. Fitzpatrick had plenty of not so great games himself last yr.. Why bring him back just so we can maybe win a extra game or 2 and still miss the playoffs.. Let geno tank it and get to top of the draft.. If Geno somehow does decent and we win half those brutal 1st 7 no need for the rusty couch sitting fitz then.. If I were fitz I'd sign this front loaded deal, hold out next yr if he has a good season.. Jets will restructure then, IF he has a good yr.. Big IF.
  12. Does anyone honestly think we have a legit shot at making the playoffs with this schedule ? We had a easy schedule last yr, and very lucky with lack of injures and still missed.. Fitz sh*tt the bed big time in the buffalo game who had nothing to play for.. If fitz couldn't get us in last yr, there is no way he is this yr.. Geno has a chance to play beyond Fitzpatrick's limited physical attributes.. Of course he can also not learn from the mistakes he made in his Frosh and soph seasons.. Why not take a flier ? There is no point signing fitz for one yr so he can use jets for a audition for anoth
  13. I think they will retire together.. Afraid to chance their legacy without one another
  14. I think if Mac said today " we prefer geno " sure he would be betting HEAVY on geno.. But that is not the case.. They are attempting to sign fitz, I think many blame fitz for being a diva so it's not on Mac of the team votes fitz out if he does not sign a deal by training camp.. We are not Super bowl contenders, with or without fitz.. Fitz still has not proven he can get a team to the playoffs.. I think fitz thing takes a back seat to the Mo situation.. If we lose him, after this year, and don't get much in return.. People won't like that.. Knowing they could have locked Mo up last yr at a dec
  15. This is yours and only your opinion.. It is not even close to being reality.. Woody is very pleased with the turnaround of the jets. Mac and Bowles work great together. Both of HUGE upgrades over the past HC, gms. Woody would laugh at that presumption that Mac's job is on the line.. Woody stands behind mac in not giving in to fitz.. The have by far the best offer on the table for fitz.. I'm sure woody is not pleased with fitzdrama. He is the main reason why we lost the game that would have got us in the playoffs.. If woody loved fitz so much, he could easily lean on Mac and say " get it done "
  16. Lol any dummy can get Brady a nice contract.. The best agent in history couldn't help fitz current situation.. It won't be sexton' fault at all that fitz doesn't get what he wants.. He can't force a team to pay.. Obviously mac does know what he is doing, he has not panicked at all and is letting fitz/sexton paint themselves into a corner.. Yes injuries can happen.. That doesn't mean a team will automatically choose to pick up fitz, instead of going with their current #2 who has been training with the system all summer. Are you implying fitz is going to sit out training camp and A) wait for an
  17. Jimmy can think he is better at this, doesn't matter if he was Scott Boris.. A agent can't force something when there is no play.. And wouldn't you rather have fitz on the current 3 yr deal offer than a one year deal ? We don't know if hackenberg will be ready.. I know fitz would prefer a one year deal.. But we want what is best for the jets not Fitzpatrick right ?
  18. And maybe Mac knows exactly what he is doing and is reading the non existing market for Fitzpatrick brilliantly.. We don't have the cap, and dont want to push more cap onto next yr by restructuring players who may be on their way out next yr.. So yes we can't break the bank.. Fitz was extremely lucky he got the chance to play last yr.. After an absolutely terrible performance in the biggest game we had in yrs ( buf ) he should be a little more humble in the ONLY starting job he is being offered..
  19. So back to this question. What exactly are his alternative options ? A) sign a even weaker deal as a backup somewhere else B ) retire. C) remain a FA throughout camp, even start of season hoping a starter goes down ? Which the current #2 of that team would get the first chance. Since he is ready to go, while fitz would have to come in get in shape and learn the system. Who knows how long fitz agent would take to sign a deal also.. Fitz doesn't have any other cards that can even closely resemble what ever the jets decide to shell out to him..
  20. Real $$.. Can keep it modest.. $5 bucks to get in pool ha.. I'm saying July 26th.. if fitz isn't hear by the first day of camp, he no longer gets the same offer, and not promised the starting gig.. Open competion with geno.. He is going to be a little rusty after sitting at home all summer playing with his kids in the treehouse.. Of course he could hope another teams's starter trips and falls crossing the street between now and start of camp..
  21. Let's take bets, when will fitz Finally cave and accept the deal ?
  22. Whoever signs Ryan Fitzpatrick immediately goes to the top of the list
  23. Most said that about Fitzpatrick for 10+ years... With an all star cast and a OC who is known to hide qbs weaknesses well, even ray Lucus could have put up numbers fitz did last yr..
  24. Lol.. Well im sure Mac and Bowles must realize they have to trade for a vet to be #2. What will that cost 4 mil? Why not just pay fitz 7? Make geno one of the top #2 in league ready to jump in if fitz falters.. Fitz should thank petty ..
  25. Lol.. Well fitz is lucky petty is nowhere near earning a #2, otherwise Bowles would probably say to fitz " best of luck with all your other options"
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