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  1. Fitz will sign whatever the jets are offering. But he won't until the last possible minute. Both sides know the deadline. It'd frustrating waiting but fitz wants to be a diva, jets are being smart. He signs with jets, there is nothing else out there for him . They could lower the offer and he still signs
  2. lol this "evidence " bs. This is football bud. You ever play ? It's not a school science project. The unlikely is just as much likely to happen as the " probable. " Show me the " evidence that Ryan Fitzpatrick can repeat his "career yr " after 10/11 seasons as a journeyman ? If you do know anything about football you should know, most qbs don't come close to their ceiling just after 2 seasons. It was " fact " geno did not have the dynamic duo at WR fitz did. If we threw Hackenberg out there this yr and next and he didn't "light it up" I'm sure you may be one of the geniuses who would call him
  3. Heard Fitz and his son found a 4 leaf clover in the backyard the other day..
  4. Interesting Bowles just told Marshall to get his weight down and speed back. Geno can actually hit Marshall on deep routes, where Marshall usually had to settle with back shoulder routes or alter his stride to come back to fitz ducks.. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/sports/football/jets/todd-bowles-tells-brandon-marshall-lose-weight-article-1.2682348?client=safari#
  5. Sanchez is only average at best. But he did play big in playoff games ( until the AFCCs) winning 4 playoff games. Fitzpatrick has never made it to the playoffs. He had the golden chance last game. Not sure if it was a classic choking under pressure or just weak arm catching up with him end of the season.. I do believe he wants to get there, he just can't for some reason. Does anyone know if fitz has history of choking in big games throughout career ?
  6. He is going to sign with the jets. He has no other real option. And even if bowles was comfortable with geno as #1, he knows they can't go into the season with petty and hackenberg as the backups.. He will sign right before the start of camp, maybe a day late just to play games with the jets..
  7. Lol I'm just trying to understand your STRONG loyality for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Do you know him personally ? A family friend ?go to ranger games together? Your loyality for fitz seems to be much stronger than your loyalty to the jets. " deserves a little more respect than that " ? make it sound like he led us into the playoffs, not bomb the game that cost us it. He played for us one yr..
  8. Did you mean to say " that's my business " ? My question is, if jets do not budge, and fitz signs the current deal on the table.. Will that bother you ?that the jets called fitz bluff, got him signed and for what they wanted to pay him. Especially with our cap problems.
  9. I'm just curious ranger. When fitz caves and signs for whatever jets are offering... Something you feel is way under his value.. Are you going to be upset with the jets ? Or happy fitz is signed regardless of not getting a great deal..
  10. Lol.. Is it that time of the month little blocker? It's useless arguing with a fitz lover.. It's amazing how stupid The fitz lovers are.. Can't see why fitz did decent last yr.. Or cant comprehend most qbs don't come out of college and light it up in yr one and two.. Especially those not picked top of the draft, that had half the Weapons fitz had.. Marty moron instead of chan gailey.. And try to argue fitz didn't lay a huge egg playing absolutely horrible in the biggest game jets had in a few yrs.. But still, I'm for bringing him back because petty isn't ready for #2.. But jets would be stupid
  11. Only according to you and a few other fitz lovers believe jets aren't prepared to go with geno as the starter.. The jets aren't stupid.. This isn't MT days when you give a raise to a sh*tty qb simply because you hurt his feelings flirting with Peyton manning.. Which goes to prove mr fitzranger the jets were prepared to upgrade over a qb who was under contract.. Mac isn't going to overpay for a journeyman
  12. Backups are going to play when the starters go down.. Starting qbs easily get hurt, even in the locker room..
  13. Getting his jaw broke was the best lesson geno could learn.. He actually earned a lot of respect from his teammates.. He never had it before the punch.. They laughed at 1st.. Knowing he deserved it.. But they know he paid the big price for karma.. But he didn't complain and hang his head, he came back hungry and determined to do better.. All say he is doing just that.. He is working hard despite knowing a diva journeyman can sign to be the starter any day..
  14. I think Mac should pull the offer.. Tell fitz to go find another offer for jets to beat.. He would only be offered backup deals.. And yet by far the best backup deal he would get is right here..
  15. Lol we know you and a few fitz lovers believe this ludicrous theory.. But reality says much different.. Again " half the league " would love to upgrade at qb.. It's rare that a good qb makes it to Free agency.. In those rare instances a good qb would never sit in free agency long at all. Denver wanted him to compete with Sanchez, they laughed at his salary request and never bothered to counter.. That's been it..
  16. This is by far the best laugh I had all day lol..
  17. I'd say let him start this yr and next.. If he doesn't do well let's call him a bust and give up on him..
  18. Fitz fan boys aren't going to like that.. The team should be entirely focused on career backup who is holding out like he is a pro
  19. Lol.. If the Cowboys were so worried romo will go down again, and think so highly of Ryan Fitzpatrick .. Why aren't they knocking down his door ? He is a career journeyman with a weak arm who put 1 decent yr together with a all star WR cast and great OC who knew had to his many weaknesses.. Sure teams know once their starter goes down likely their season will.. They also know fitz won't get them to the playoffs, even if he did have the best WR duo in the league..
  20. Lol !! Come on man you can't be serious! " at least 10-15 million " to come off the couch during the season ? Ughh no way.. If a qb goes down, there # 2 immediately goes in.. The #2 is well prepared of his teams O, in shape and has team chemistry.. Fitz could be signed as the #2 at best.. Learn the O and has to hope the #2 falters.. And would hand to accept peanuts or roll the dice waiting for next qb to go down..
  21. You did not get the point of my post.. You surely don't need to point out " no one thinks fitz is Tom Brady " fitzranger9 attempted to make the fitzexcuse that fitz is still a FA because there are no vacancies at the qb position this yr.. Like its a hotel at the shore on 4th of July weekend.. My point is at least half the league would love to upgrade at qb, move heaven and earth to do it.. But no one else wants fitz. Nothing to do with " no jobs open at qb this yr"
  22. Question for the fitz fan boys.. Let say Jets name geno the starter now or coming weeks.. Where does fitz go ? No one is signing him to be the starter anywhere.. He will have to sign a "backup " qb deal.. With a chance to play if starter falters.. Jets would be interested.. Give him good backup $$ 5 mil per yr.
  23. Just off the top of my head- jets, Rams, 49ers, broncos, browns, texans, bills, Eagles all had qb question marks at the start of the offseason.. The Texans chose Brock over fitz (shocker ).. Rams and eagles do not have to start the rookies right away, and looks like Eagles will not.. But Eagles do not trade the farm to move up to get a qb top of this draft if they were confident with Bradford.. If fitz was a better option than Bradford Eagles could have traded Bradford, signed fitz and keep all the picks they traded away.. Or have Bradford as backup and move Daniels. There are a bunch of other
  24. Nope.. They know they can get by with Sanchez with the O talent they have.. Paxton in waiting.. Look how bad manning was last yr and they still went all the way..
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