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  1. Hackenberg.. Not because I don't like him.. I'm just curious if he is tough enough to make it.. If he kicks my ass I will walk away happy At Least knowing he has a chance to be the future qb we have been looking a long time for ha.
  2. This is very plausible.. Some idiots/fitz fan lovers want geno cut.. Just so fitz has no threat at #2. Petty has moved much slower than management has expected.. ( shocker ) I'm sure petty would take the practice squad spot for 1 yr. he won't have any other options.. Much like fitz
  3. Hac and geno were 2nd round picks. can you imagine hackenberg having to start right away ? Some fans will be calling him a bust after 10 games..
  4. You don't believe jets should have a good viable option at #2 ? That was fitz last year, and it's a good thing we did. Don't tell me you believe petty is ready to assume the #2. Everyone says he isn't ready to be 1 play away from being the starter.. If SF releases kap, or someone else pops up on the market fitz may be forced to find a backup job somewhere else..
  5. Lol.. Where is he going in 17? Without Marshall/decker and his main man gailey I don't think he would be starting long if he did sign somewhere else.. He would be 35 in 17, not too many teams are going to sign a old journeyman with a weak arm.. Would be a good backup to all these young qbs though..
  6. You guys have been riding the way of a unbelievable lucky 6th pick for " The last 15 years " do you think Brady is going to dominate until he is 45 ? Lol.. He is about to turn 39, look what happened when manning hit 39.. what qb at that age hasn't ? You guys better ready yourself for that very soon.. Will be a lot of crying pat fans crying when Brady moves to the back of the pack
  7. He isn't our starter, he is a FA looking for a job. Maybe he isn't given the unconditional starter spot if he overplays his hand. He has no other starting option right now. Jets are playing the game all players play. Your market is only what other teams are willing to pay you. So far fitz has 1 legit offer. Why should the jets negotiate against themselves ?
  8. L12-14 games ?? Haha! Be lucky to go 1-4 to start.. Time to pick a new front running team.. Old man Brady is going down, his old arm can't hold firm balls
  9. Brady is missing 4 games, and is due for a major injury, age decline.. Div will be up for grabs.. Pats lucky to win 8 games this year. We can't go with petty as #2
  10. Are you related to fitz or know him personally ? Just curious why you care he gets his asking price. He has done pretty well. if not for a backup lb with a strong punch he probably would have have been lucky to receive an offer For more than 2-4 million by anyone.. Mac went cap crazy last yr, so it will effect the team to scrap up funds for fitz..Sure they can do a contract that pushes cap $ to next year, but he isn't worth it. He should be very happy to be given a starting contract.. He atleast should pick up a football and start training like geno is doing. If he cares so much about the game
  11. Lol this is ludicrous.. Geno is by far the best value at qb with his 1 mil and change. geno and fitz both are good backups who can do well with the right talent and right OC. Only one received that perfect setup so far. Right now jets hold fitz above geno by a fraction. Which ironically was the exact reverse last year at this time.. Petty is not ready to be #2.. Which actually benefits Fitzpatrick a ton. If they give geno the job they still need to sign or trade for a backup. Most decent backups make 4-5 mil, might as well just sign fitz for 7-8.. And have geno waiting close by if fitz picks
  12. Fitzpatrick thinks he is that good he can just sit at home watching his kids get stuck in the tree all summer ? While geno works his ass off despite knowing the diva is likely coming back.. I think management and the players will soon say enough is enough.. Go take 1 of your other secret just as good options.. We still need a #2 though, petty and hac are 3a and 3b
  13. If there is any chance we can keep Mo at the cost of not signing a weak journeyman who is acting like a diva, there shouldn't even be a debate. Mo/geno > Fitzpatrick by a landslide.
  14. I doubt Jerry would pay much more than 6 mil for a #2. And fitz would rather go be a #2 for a yr and risk chance of not playing this yr ? That won't be good for him next yr.. Or he can go back to his comfort zone of Marshall/decker /Gailey. Maybe the jets would be willing to sign fitz for 1 yr 7, 8 mil. But last we know he was telling us all he was " ready " to only accept a 1 yr deal for 12 mil. Which the jets turned down. So as far as you know he is not willing to accept a lower offer at this time..
  15. You think gailey reminded Mac about that this offseason ? Lol.. Still those guy you mentioned were playing somewhere.. Moore was on the Cowboys practice squad and backing up cassel and weeden before playing.. Romo seems completely healthy now.. But if he or any other starter went down the team and were interested in signing fitz during season , the team is going to go to the #2 right away. It will be their job to lose first while fitz gets in football shape and learns the system .. So is fitz really going to sit around and wait for a starter to have a yr ending injury, and then wait for the ba
  16. I'm not trying to be a wise ass but when has that ever happened ? I can't think of a qb who was signed " during the season " and started right away. Sure some sign to back up. But chan gailey is on the jets. That's fitz guy and everyone knows it. He hasn't done well without chan. I would say if chan was on a team who's qb went down, fitz could step in right away there. But anyone else is not going to risk paying a high salary for an average qb who has been sitting on the couch and doesn't know their system. No way.. They will go with the next up guy who knows the system and practicing 5 days
  17. Why would anyone want to pay 10-12 million for fitz to backup ??? Or are you implying fitz is going to wait around for a starter to get hurt in pre-season ? Then expect him to come in and learn the offense in a week ?
  18. See that big blocker.. You are a lot like geno in a way. Some youngsters are Arrogant and think they are always right. Yet always seem to be wrong... Once they have been humbled they then can learn and reach their potential. The players believe geno is now humble and no longer arrogant after the sucker punch cost him his job. He has the physical tools only fitz can only dream of. Maybe it is Geno Smith who will finally humble you..
  19. Atleast one person ( you ) believes you're intelligent. That's all that matters Walter
  20. That's not true. If he switches to defense they will give him anything
  21. You assume wrong buddy..But making poor assessments seems to be your M.O. on this board. I'm not a "smith fan. " I simply choose to defend the guy from idiots who are judging a once top rated prospect after just playing his 1st 2 years in the NFL with a poor offense, bad coaching. Two years he should have been sitting and learning.. you are a "fitzfanboy" who Insults any1 who knocks on your boy. He has bounced around this league so much over his 10-11 yr career for a reason. Chan gailey, Marshall is the only reason why he didn't suck last yr. It should be a stat when a WR saves
  22. Practice what you teach son. You didn't say " in my opinion " in "your opinion" of smith. Sorry if you are not a kid, but you sure act like one..
  23. He is the rare bread of WR who can play a good amount longer than most. When the speed goes for a WR most are history. Marshall has height and strength that isn't going anywhere. Why when you have a off target qb throwing to Marshall he is going to make the grabs most WRs cannot
  24. Good point. I think if they hadn't got lynch they could have been interested in fitz. Certainly not after. It was impossible to tell if a team was going to pick lynch early, Denver really wanted him but wasn't ready to trade up too high.. I sure hope Hackenberg plays on lynch level otherwise Mac will always be judged on that. Not the place setter fitz or geno..
  25. Who was then Mickey Mouse ? Lol..
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