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  1. He is the rare bread of WR who can play a good amount longer than most. When the speed goes for a WR most are history. Marshall has height and strength that isn't going anywhere. Why when you have a off target qb throwing to Marshall he is going to make the grabs most WRs cannot
  2. Good point. I think if they hadn't got lynch they could have been interested in fitz. Certainly not after. It was impossible to tell if a team was going to pick lynch early, Denver really wanted him but wasn't ready to trade up too high.. I sure hope Hackenberg plays on lynch level otherwise Mac will always be judged on that. Not the place setter fitz or geno..
  3. Who was then Mickey Mouse ? Lol..
  4. It's a game of leverage my friend. Why jets appeared interested in other qbs, that they were never really serious about. Fitz has no leverage. But they are trying to use some. The pathetic " he can sign somewhere else for less to stick it to the jets " or just rather retire than take a lowball. Both leaks from fitz camp obviously .. No other team is currently interested in fitz as a starter.
  5. So I think it's safe to assume Brandon Marshall broke the NFL record with most bailouts in one season last yr
  6. How is he suppose to run over the top when you have Fitzpatrick as your qb ?
  7. With what he had to work with ( poor offense and bad OC) in first two years he didn't show much. Other than he can throw a deep ball that fitz never could even with a nurf ball.. Only idiots would give up on a qb after his 1st 2 years. What has fitz shown without galley ? Without best WR duo in the league ? Nothing over 10 years.. Denver did not have great qb play last yr. but it didn't matter who was in there, the strong supporting cast Carried them. Much like Marshall /decker and galley worked around fitz' obvious physical limitations..
  8. It will actually be in geno's best interest to let fitz start the brutal 1st half of season. If fitz can do decent good for him he earned to stay in rest of the way. If he tanks, if we lose a bunch of those games Bowles won't hesitate to see what geno has. Especially if fitz is on a one yr deal. If geno does decent they may decide to bring geno back next in 17 for a competition With hackenberg. It would be ironic if geno is in the same position with the jets next season as fitz is now..
  9. If fitz isn't here by the start of training camp he no longer earned the Job guaranteed. The jets should also lower their offer at that time. Base of 5 mil. I doubt he is that stupid to not to sign a deal before training camp. I'm sure his agent will take it down to the wire just to be a prick.
  10. He is a Homerun great deep threat . However fitz will never reach him. This kid could be huge for geno if fitz isn't around
  11. If Denver wanted him, it would have happened already or atleast fitz agent would be touting that In the media as leverage. Fitz lost his chance with Denver. They have 3 guys who they are comfortable with that have been working hard in OTAs. It's ok for fitz to miss jets OTa's, but not other teams where he doesn't know the system..
  12. Says a fitz fanboy.. Sorry after reading your post I needed to lower the quality down to your level..
  13. Lol sounds like you are a fitz fan before jets fan. Your assumptions are wrong about what I was saying. If geno had not got punched out he would have been the starter until he played very poorly. It is the same for fitz. You don't yank a qb out for just 1-2 bad games. That's why they didn't when fitz was playing poorly for a few games.. Unless ofcourse a guy is having a huge meltdown like Sanchez has had in the past. fitz obviously had a huge meltdown in buf game, I'm sure if Bowles had that back he would have yanked fitz to take the win they were trying to give us..
  14. You are right. Fitz is a FA, geno is signed under a nice rookie deal. Fitz won't signed back unless he is given the 1st op to start. But that doesn't mean he can easily get pulled after 3-4 games of poor play. Remember fitz was throwing a lot of picks last yr mid season, there was geno talk. And fitz waited to have the surgery when they had the long 10 day break was it ? He wasn't about to sit a game and give geno a 2nd chance. Fitz owes Ike half of what he may collect this yr. without that punch fitz may be retired.
  15. So in your eyes a rookie should be able to come into this league and excell like a Andrew luck ? Even with a weak O geno had to endure ? That they aren't allowed to learn from their mistakes ? A 2nd rd pick qb should never had been given the keys his 1st yr. all the players seem to say they notice a big difference in geno. That sucker punch was probably the best thing for him.. He knows he may get the golden opportunity that fitz got last yr.. To play qb with two excellent WRs, and a OC who plays to your strengths. A strong D that is going to keep giving you good field position and keep you in games. Fitz would have been bellow average on just about every other team last yr.. Although I think geno can do just as well, I still would like fitz back because as of no we don't have a #2. We have two young projects who are for this season #3's at best. Who cannot be 1 snap away from being the everyday starter..
  16. Smith and smith. We know Devon would have to run back ten yards to catch a deep ball from fitz..
  17. Lol Denver offered him a contract ? Funny didn't make it public. Elway made it clear fitz asking price was way more than what they would want to pay him. He would have had a competition with Sanchez. As laughable as that is.. Elway sees he has 3 qbs now who cost a fraction of what fitz wants. They can use that saved $ on Von Miller and Thomas , ect.. There are plenty of teams with average qbs who know fitz is no better so why pay him 8 mil when he may not even win the starting spot ? Rams and eagles could have have signed fitz, but again he may not beat the rookies out. Geno is signed for cheap. If petty and hackenberg were ready to be the # 2 the jets may have already shut the door on fitz. But I think what is helping fitz is it's a scary thought if geno were to go down one of them becomes the starter.. They aren't ready.. Just as geno was not ready his rookie season. Or 2nd. Now ironically it seems jets are preparing to give hackenberg 2 years to sit and learn.. Why they want fitz more than this yr..
  18. He was asking for 16-18 million at first.. Everyone laughed at him so naturally many months later he is dropping his asking price to 12. no other starting jobs out there? Wrong. It's just every other team has a better option for starting qb than Ryan Fitzpatrick. The jets haven't signed anyone else because geno is their 2nd best option. And it's not a far 2nd either. "But they know that nobody else runs that offense or works with these players as well as him" we know that how? Geno was suppose to be the starter last yr. fitz was very lucky he broke his jaw. Marshall and gailey were HUGE help to Fitzpatrick 's success. Not the other way around.. His time is running out. To sign back with the jets and career wise.
  19. Much harder schedule.. Zero improvement to the Oline. Losing dependable d-brick for a guy who is hurt more than he plays is not a upgrade. Is both Marshall and decker going to be as awesome and healthy as they were last yr ? Forte is interesting. Older Rbs tend to take a beating but jones worked well for us few yrs ago. A qb may help win a few games, but it is mostly a team effort. Look how bad Peyton manning stats were last yr.. If geno started our last game vs buf we win 11 and make the playoffs. Then again just about anyone could have played better than fitz did in that game.
  20. That is a laughable presumption..Woody Johnson is obviously not a Fitzpatrick fanboy like some. Otherwise he could easily walk in Mac's office and said "geterdone" mac isn't going anywhere even if we go with geno and he falters.. But if fitz is half as smart as his fanboys claim, he is going to take whatever the jets as offering.. He has no other option.
  21. Who needs a visual refresher ? Biggest game we had in years and fitz lays a huge egg http://www.businessinsider.com/ryan-fitzpatrick-interceptions-no-playoffs-for-the-jets-2016-1
  22. Lol ok another fitz lover.. It would be obvious if you actually can comprehend reading through the lines.. Jets want fitz but at the right price. They don't have much cap space this yr if you don't realize.. They were willing to spread 24 over 3. get out your calculator. What is 24 divided by 3? The only thing we do know for sure is the jets refused 12 for one year. For cap reasons and because he isn't worth it. We know fitz is making counter offers now.. Just nowhere near still what jets want to pay him.. I highly doubt fitz proposed he would play 1 yr for 8. If he leaked that to the media like he did for 1 yr for 12 he would be putting the jets in a tough spot not to accept.. I think the players, fans, and media would be all over jets to sign off on it..
  23. Wrong again.. I see you are more pro-fitz than you are pro -jets ? Betting on yourself would be to take the one yr deal for 7 -8 million the jets would sign off on today and play for a multi -yr deal next yr. But fitz would rather gamble his chance at by far the perfect opportunity with the jets and holdout for more $$$ than "bet on himself "as you pathetically claim he is doing. He is risking the chance that the jets may cut off negotiations and go with geno. Their patience is running thin and he is smart enough to know this.. The players or management may say " ok enough is enough we are now comfortable going with geno" these guys are bonding with him every day while fitz cries over a few mil. what they are saying about geno is encouraging.. Fitz is playing a dangerous who will blink 1st game.. He is doing the opposite of "betting on himself". He can sign for 8 mil one year instead of playing games holding out for a few more million .. That would be betting on yourself to say " I"ll take the 8mil one year deal and be underpaid because I'm betting on myself that next yr I'm going to cash in " he isn't doing that.. It's sad you can't see that because you are so in love with fitz.
  24. Lol maine I'm well past 1st.. I'm very aware of the notion of " betting on yourself " but that is not what fitz is doing. He clearly is just trying to milk the best deal he can get from the jets because that is his only option. He knows the jets are not committed to him being the starter after this yr.. Their offer was 24 mil over 3 years.. Fitz counter was 12 mil for one.. Any fool can see 12 mil for 1 is the much better deal than 24 over 3. So that isn't " betting on yourself " that's taking the best deal. That is why he sat on the 24/3 offer for a long time.. He liked the years just not total value.. The jets didn't budge so he threw out a counter offer.. which the jets rejected just like many other counters we didn't hear about.. I still think he will take the 24 over 3.. He is getting desperate..
  25. Lol.. No he wanted a laughable 15 -18 mil per yr.. Jets said 8.. But were willing to give him 12 next yr but spread over 3 with cap.. 24/3.. This offer was on the table for a long time. Fitz didn't want it.. His counter was " ok I will just take 12 mil for next yr " which isn't what the jets are willing to do.. Nor should they.. No one is playing him anything close to that..
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