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  1. Lol. Maine geno was thrown to the wolves after Sanchez went down pre-season. He was suppose to sit and learn. Remember he wasn't coming from a pro offense in college? Remember this is the nfl, most rookies don't hit their prime until atleast 4th yr.. Hence maybe it took Fitzpatrick what 10? After being a carreer journeyman who always sh*tt the bed in big spots. I.E. - buf game 4 picks, huge picks end in 4th.. Geno only had decker in 14. Without Marshall do you honestly think fitz would have anywhere near a great season ? Or without his favorite OC ? You have to be kidding me.. Without Marshall and galley Fitzpatrick would be lucky to even find a # 2 spot for 2-3 million.. Marshall hurled in I don't know how many would be picks from fitz.. Geno could easily do just as good with a monster like Marshall, and the perhaps best #2 reciever in nfl in decker.. Galley is a great OC. Fitz can't throw deep and is only getting older.. Do you think every team in the NFL doesn't see what fitz is ? His agent is calling around begging for an offer and is getting no takers..
  2. It says it's now June. Teams like to have their qb depth chart settled by end of the draft.. Fitz isn't good enough for a team to take him on with any seriousness this late in the game.. Only the team whose offense and O-cord he knows well..
  3. Ha Maine you are betting a awful lot on "maybes" first that a team will want to spend $ this late on depth. Sure he can find a #2 spot if he takes 5 mil. But it will be on a sh*tt team.. He will more than likely look like typical garbage as he has in the past on a bad team. Without his OC wonder gailey, and the best 1-2 WR duo in nfl. And a great defense does wonders for a qb. Then when he plays bad this yr, what he did last yr will be forgotten.. You are pointing at stats, but it's one yr only over a journey career. Did you watch how bad many of his throws were ? But Marshall is an expert and helping out poor throws.. If fitz leaves, he likely is looking at backup only in what little time he has left.. You don't get many shots at qb in this league.. Only mark Sanchez..
  4. So he was willing to do it a whole season for 3.25 million but now won't collect on it by making near triple.. He has real chance to use the jets again with a perfect situation and cash in next yr if he can prove critics wrong and deliver a backup to backup good season for 1st time in his career..
  5. Lol what team do you think wants him as a starter ? Zero.. No team will offer him more than the jets for one yr. jets may offer him a 1 yr 8 million. Any team who takes him on now would strictly sign him as backup with outside chance to start at best.. It will be on a bad team, one where he likely won't play well on.. Or he is a backup to a qb who doesn't get hurt or play bad.. In either scenario all his offers for 17 go out the window, even decent backup offers.. I don't think the jets should sign him longer than a one yr deal. He has proven to be bad too many years.. Hac may be ready in 17. Petty may be ready for #2.. Or bring in another cheap vet similar to fitz was most of his career. Jets are his only real option this yr and everybody knows it..
  6. Fitz will not get more than a $5 offer in 17 if he sits on the bench all season next yr.. And that is being generous. Most know hooking back up with gailey was big for him. Having one of best receiver duo in nfl. He is aging, and he has a weak arm to begin with.. His only shot to prove last yr wasn't a fluke is with the jets.. If he was to go somewhere else as a backup now, he is missing valuable time learning a new offense. Why teams less likely to want to sign him as time goes on.
  7. The same idiots who say Geno sucks are the same dummies who laughed at the idea of Ryan Fitzpatrick being anything decent when we traded for him last year.. Fitz and geno are nearly the same.. One can actually improve.. One played with horrible recievers with bad Oline in his early yrs.. The other had solid Oline play from one of the top 1-2 receiving duo in nfl . With a actually smart OC for once.. Not to mention a much better D last yr.. That is a forgotten difference maker..
  8. And we believed geno was the franchise qb.. There aren't too many franchise qbs taken out of the 1st round past these few yrs not named Russell Martin
  9. Don't the jets realize if they go with Geno, he too is playing on his last yr.. Maybe he has a pretty decent yr.. He is free to go if he chooses.. After what the idiots down in Houston gave Brock after half a decent season who knows what geno could get with a decent full year.. The jets won't want to sign him long term after drafting their " franchise " qb.. Geno will bolt, and we are left in same position anyway if Fitzpatrick plays one and done..
  10. I hear what you're saying but let's examine how stupid the jets thinking is with that. " we are prepared to give you $12 to start next yr but only if you commit to being a back up the next two " lol.. We can find a much cheaper option than $6 as a backup next yr or after.. Petty may be ready to be #2.. One and done with fitz
  11. The jets have no choice.. Why would they offer him 12 mil guaranteed for next yr and only 6 next two ? That'd retarded.. They are willing to pay him 12 to start next yr but only if he takes backup $ the next two ? lol.. This 1 yr deal should have been agreed on a long time ago.. Fitz isn't good enough to earn a long term deal. But he should get the chance to prove it on the field that last yr wasn't a fluke.. If he improves on last yr maybe he gets a 1 yr deal for 15 mil from the jets in 17
  12. A yr ago every 1 was laughing about fitz. He has been shhit his whole career. Chan gailey has shown numerous times he can do well with a bellow ave qb. Fitz, Stewart.. ( who is like geno ) plus maybe the best 1-2 recieving corps in nfl. Fitz looked much worse than his stats.. Gailey knows with him and those 2 geno can easily match fitz last yr. he has more arm and leg.. Anyone who thinks fitz would have been any better than same bellow aveesge fitz if he was our starter 2-3 years ago doesn't know football well..
  13. Gaily can fix geno. Geno does have a much stronger arm than fitz, but who doesn't ? Smith can stretch the field with smith/Marshall.. Forte and decker and maybe our TE can have success underneath.. Fitz is very limited and was saved by one of the best 1-2 WR combos in the NFl
  14. I'd like to know who is facing the cut if we decide to go with fitz over geno? We have a patchy Oline that I read is most expensive in NFL? Clady has seen much more time on injury list than starting. I think we are undervaluing the effect Marshall,decker and gaily had on the decent success fitz had last yr. don't just look at those stats. Marshall saved him from at least half a dozen more easy picks.. We were close to benching fitz early -mid season. How bad do you think fitz would have been without Marshall ? I think he would have been just as bad as geno was. Fitz shhit the bed bad last game of season when playoffs were on the line.. give fitz a 7 day deadline. Show the rest of the players he is not above the team. I don't think they deserve to be left in limbo like this.. They are not going to work extra hard with geno knowing he may be gone tomorrow..
  15. Is Fitzpatrick hoping a starting qb trips over his shoelace in OTAs or training camp ? Only other way he is playing this yr if not with jets. I'd give him a stern deadline. As long as gailey is being real in his praise for geno. I think fitz is more likely to get injured than geno. Imagine we cut geno, along with other players to bring in fitz and then he gets hurt..
  16. If we had the cap sure no brainier. But mac decided not to do anything about the Oline in the draft. Shell is not going to be ready to start and may never be a starter. Thats what we needed to improve and where could make cuts if we had drafted 1-2 early. Fitz won't be better than last yr. he is very lucky Marshall and decker were mostly healthy.. I think geno could play somewhere near fitz level with those two to throw to. Remember geno was much more immature and had zero targets last time he started.. Sorry fitz.. Missed your window
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