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  1. Top paid safety ? He will demand to be top D player in league. He will ask for 25 mil a yr.. I don’t think Adams is a selfish “ Mevis “ but after hearing that rant on Twitter, and comparing himself as important to jets as Tom Brady is to Pats, it’s not going to be pretty when his agent starts with contract talk.. Our Oline is a complete mess, we can’t just fix it though the draft. We are going to have to shell out some big bucks for OL. Which is much more important than the luxury of having the top box safety in nfl
  2. He would be heavily insulted and go to twitter if jets only offered him 15-16 mil a yr.. He already laid it out there already, thinks he is Tom Brady, will want to not just be highest paid D player in league, but one of highest paid in league. Wish we could have had good teams while he was on his rook deal.. Also see a hold out possible before his walk yr..
  3. I doubt they would want a prospective coach who doesn’t have the stones, confidence in his ability to do better.. imagine a prospective coach being that big of a wuss, “ no I don’t want that job now because I’m worried if I do horrible they will fire me too“ lol
  4. Giants are second worst team in nfl. Very hard to lose to giants.. Douglas is going to draft Oline, with 2 of our top 3 picks for next 4 years..
  5. Adams ? I can see that.. Nobody likes a big mouth, box declaring himself a all time great when team is 1-7
  6. Sure he does.. If he wants Gase gone he is gone. Unlike Gase, he is very well respected around the league. He is also on a 6 year deal.. If word gets out Douglas wants Gase gone and Johnsons stop it, we are NEVER getting a decent GM again as long as Johnsons are owners. That being said, I think it will come down the players. It may be a secret to us, but the players know if team stinks just because we had worst gm in nfl history for entirely too long, or it’s a combination of that and Gase. Come Jan when season is over, players will begin to opening talk. We will hear if they support Gase or not. So they will heavily decide on wether he is HC next yr or not..
  7. Same stupid reason why Mac wasn’t fired in Jan, of 2017
  8. C Johnson really screwed us by not firing Mac last Jan.. Now Douglas has to wait until next March to begin re-building the OL, and the other million holes Mac left him with
  9. Wrong.. This isn’t madden football, a 99% of QBS actually needs a good offensive line for them to do well.. We have one of the worst OLs in nfl.. Thanks to Mac years of stupidity.. We should do what Mac should have done many years, trade down and take OL mid first, and use the 2nd rounders we pick up also on OL..
  10. I agree about trashing players personally, same as not trashing coaches, our gm our in the open.. There is no excuse for Jamal to cry Iike a baby for Douglas just taking calls on him. But if you must cry like a baby, do it in private.. Don’t go straight to the media and cry like a baby and try to undermine the GM. Jamal is a jet now, but I suspect those defending him now will have a different tune when he is traded or pulls the” Mevis card. “ Id be shocked if he is a jet next yr..
  11. But do you agree how laughable it is when he says he is as valuable to the jets as Tom Brady is to patriots ?.. I love Adams, but as we all can see, the best box safety in nfl is not going to even help you beat the very worst team in nfl.. Adams is a luxury for teams already put well together. Unfortunately we had a horrible gm for many years, and forgot how important a OL is. Thankfully Douglas will change that, but it will take more than one offseason to fix that mess.. Sadly By then Adams will be off his rookie deal, and I suspect Jamal will want to be paid “ Tom Brady “ type $$$.. Or do you think his ego would give the jets a hometown discount ?
  12. I don’t want it to be us, but I hope some bad teams force the dolphins to win so they don’t get the top pick next yr.
  13. Mac was worst OL gm in history of nfl. Who only drafted bottom of draft every yr for one, and only traded for injured prone guys on verge of being cut anyone. We now have the opposite in a gm, who beginning next FA and draft, will re-build the OL into a actual strength of the JEts
  14. Five years of severely OL neglect by Mac.. Thankfully we have a gm who values the OL, but it will take a few yrs to fix to a respectable level.. hopefully only 2
  15. He has basically zero play makers .. will be few yrs before we rid stench of Big Mac
  16. We tried that 2 years ago.. Won more games than anyone predicted.. Mac should have just went with 1 of his wasted qb picks, Hack or petty, would have gotten darnold without losing 3 2nd round picks
  17. Yep. If Mac stayed on another yr or 2 same exact thing likely happens to darnold. It can take years to reBuild an Oline. Mac did not cement one piece for long term..
  18. Only after Gase put a tremendous learn on Johnson to fire Mac.. Johnson was smart to submit, most coaches wouldn’t have had the stones to do that only months in the job
  19. While I do agree a great “ majority “ wanted Mac canned, there was plenty of little Mac fan boys who have been awfully quiet lately.. I agree would have been MUCH better to fire Mac in Jan and have Joe oversee draft.. but many of picks come from jets scouts, not so much Mac.. we were handcuffed with our 4 pick, got to pick by far best player avail there if no team is paying a decent trade up price.. there was no top qb teams wanted to trade up for.. we had no 2nd, and obviously Mac felt the heat and did something he would never ever do, pick a OL before 6 round.. we spent a lot in FA but nothing long term.. it was horrible spending in 18 like T. Johnson that was much worse
  20. Yep. Look how far we made it with one of worst qbs in league -dirty sanchez.. Ugh makes me sick
  21. We know Mac wouldn’t. But Douglas is the complete opposite of Mac, he actually values the OL like a responsible gm. I’d say 75% chance we go OL in first round since 08
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