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  1. Nah, many of them are the weak ones who sell their tickets when it’s cold or there is a little sprinkle.
  2. I know the offense have been held back for years with a bad gm, but most good teams have more than one good tight end. I think the NE had a decent one playing behind gronk and AH. Wesco will be a blocking tight end, but since our WR group is kinda weak, Graham could be a nice compliment to Herndon for a yr. For a fifth rounder..
  3. Can’t believe the hookers don’t Bell their real names
  4. Lol we all know how weak you are, typical a little small Mac fan boy hides behind a computer screen yes you down voted a post about me rightfully criticizing mac. We all know you are still his number one fan and wear knee pads when you go to Friday sleepovers with him. But it is time to move on, accept and support the new gm son.
  5. Just don’t be a complete moron and leave ho’s alone in your house https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/06/jets-leveon-bell-jewelry-theft-in-911-call-he-says-he-left-girlfriends-naked-in-bed-before-they-allegedly-stole-from-him.html
  6. You started it , you weak little woman no one here cares you came out of the closet, we all love you all the same kiddo
  7. Lol. Im sure that will be a question on every future interview he is on. “ with all the cap $$ you had, a glaring need at center, with a 2nd yr qb, no late first or 2nd round pick, why didnr you make a push at a FA center “ or “ why the hell didn’t you pick a OL before 6 round more than twice in five years?”
  8. Exactly. Douglas deserves at least one full offseason to clean up macs big mess..
  9. Do you admit you are defending mac still ? Lol. No doubt with most cap space in nfl we were going to bring in the heavy hitters. That is not skill. I wasn’t even being too hard on Mac for drastically overpaying, but anyone who says no one could have done better than Mac with this cap space is a clear moron and Mac fan boy. And not going after top FA center, a huge need for us, was idiotic. Which Mac was. Parcells was top five best HC’s of all time. I agree he should have stayed a coach. As you mentioned he used rich k team like he never could. Rex Ryan also took manginis D, ranked 16 an
  10. Lol my position ? That he was a gm ? I thought that was everyone now Eccentricity yours lol. Yes again, you can have the best offer, but also do not have to be desperate like mac and not only give best offer, but best by a lot. That that in gm 101
  11. Mac had to invest $$ on OL because we probably were only team in nfl not to have a starting OL on a rookie deal. Most have 2-3. Most teams actually draft OL before 6 round more than once in 6 years lol
  12. Never mentioned bargain did I ? But when no other team is coming Close to your offer, why did Mac have to be a little punk and throw $$ away ? Did same thing with t Johnson, Revis, fitz.. was just a bad gm. All while letting a major position and need on offense go un touched. Center. No way Douglas would have not made a strong push for paradis. Mac was just a bad gm
  13. He brought a team that consistently won 1-3 games, to 9-7 his first yr. playoff run in his second.. He was the executive when he was the coach. He wasn’t answering to anyone when he was HC here.. i just didn’t take you for a Mac fan boy defender? You honestly don’t think Douglas would have done a better job this offseason ? Wouldn’t have brought darnold/bell a legit center? Lol
  14. Have to “ lol “ at this. Douglas, most certainly would have done better, Hell any gm would. Mac did not “ select out of thin air “ the signed players. He just lucked into a gm’s wet dream with most cap in nfl ? He didn’t “ woooo” anyone to come here. He just massively overpaid for Mosley, bell, and even crowder.. He wasn’t able to do 2 things at once like a normal gm. While he was letting bell search for last min offers, 2 of the top FA centers were signing elsewhere while Mac saw absolutely no urgency for a center. Which is no surprise since he was the biggest anti -OL gm. That is what really
  15. Yep, and Will be totally worth it. Why should only the good players go where the $$ is? Unlike his idiot brother who pissed away millions on bowles and mac, who we both have to thank for pissing away $$ on bad contracts and blowing valuable draft picks yr in yr out..
  16. Ha yes. He must also rank near the top of the list of most college starts at qb. Most good QBs don’t stay in school five years lol. If darnold had played his senior yr and last yr was mayfield’s senior yr, I don’t see how anyone would take Baker over darnold. Most teams said they would have picked darnold over mayfield even last year.
  17. Nobody forced him to sign the 3 yr extension. I’m the sure the browns would have rather went yr to yr with him, but he wanted the 3 yr. If he practices hard he will get his chances, raise his trade value. Don’t blame a team for doing what is best for the team.
  18. We all knew baker would be more pro ready, guy is like 30 ha. Darnold will likely pass him this yr, and will blow him away in few years
  19. Exactly! Imagine if Mac had done that every yr? Instead all the pics he threw away, use them to trade up few spots in first ? He may still have a job had he done that lol
  20. He is getting paid all the same isn’t he? Should be thankful the browns are not running him into the ground before he walks like Pitt did to bell..
  21. Well some losers said “ luck was done “ but in reality he just needed an OL. They have a gm who can actually draft good players in 2nd round.. hopefully we finally have a gm now who can do the same ha
  22. What some idiots still do not get is colts had a qb. They were in LOVE with a can't miss once in a decade guard. The colts played mac if anything. They could have been idiots like the raiders, or giants, and picked the player they wanted without moving down. But they made a genius calculation. Picked the guy they would have picked at 3, and add 3 2nd round picks. Which unlike Mac they use very well..
  23. So when you make a mistake, instead of correcting it right away you would let it dig deeper ? why you are not a ceo.. You have to fire a gm in Jan or wait until after draft. You can’t bring in a gm and scout team in feb/March and expect them to scout country.. Mac was given a second chance, he chose not to change his failed ways.. if woody was still here we would still have worst gm in nfl
  24. Hey jack I sense you are very pro darnold, and anti mayfield.. sad we jet fans still have to claim a side when clearly darnold is BY FAR the best qb of that class.. However, the browns have had such a weak pathetic losing attitude for so long, it is refreshing to see “ anyone “ call a loser player out on it. I wouldn’t have judged any of them for demanding to be traded pre-18, since they were consistently yr in yr out, worst team in nfl and wasn’t even close.. the pats are going to be big time losers, but they also wouldn’t tolerate weak cry baby players. Curious to see if they will now, know
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