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  1. What some idiots still do not get is colts had a qb. They were in LOVE with a can't miss once in a decade guard. The colts played mac if anything. They could have been idiots like the raiders, or giants, and picked the player they wanted without moving down. But they made a genius calculation. Picked the guy they would have picked at 3, and add 3 2nd round picks. Which unlike Mac they use very well..
  2. So when you make a mistake, instead of correcting it right away you would let it dig deeper ? why you are not a ceo.. You have to fire a gm in Jan or wait until after draft. You can’t bring in a gm and scout team in feb/March and expect them to scout country.. Mac was given a second chance, he chose not to change his failed ways.. if woody was still here we would still have worst gm in nfl
  3. Hey jack I sense you are very pro darnold, and anti mayfield.. sad we jet fans still have to claim a side when clearly darnold is BY FAR the best qb of that class.. However, the browns have had such a weak pathetic losing attitude for so long, it is refreshing to see “ anyone “ call a loser player out on it. I wouldn’t have judged any of them for demanding to be traded pre-18, since they were consistently yr in yr out, worst team in nfl and wasn’t even close.. the pats are going to be big time losers, but they also wouldn’t tolerate weak cry baby players. Curious to see if they will now, knowing they may be the new browns
  4. I understand your point. But Johnson needs to wake up with reality. No team is banging down the Browns door to acquire him and then pay him big bucks. 90% of player think they deserve more. The ones who shut up, just play and don’t cry, usually ones who get paid.
  5. I think mayfield is a punk but I give him credit for calling out a cry baby. Browns are going to annoying to deal with. I think they will be a bigger challenge to us than pats. If not this yr, definitely not yr. Brady is on his way out, and then so is New England finally
  6. No surprise Douglas and not Mac found the diamond in the rough, especially an OL.. Ha shell is nowhere near the caliper . H. V Is. Shell can’t find his way on the starting line of a OL of a bellow average OL. H. V is now going to be starting guard on a very good OL, a position he never played before.. I can’t wait until Douglas makes our OL good.. Darnold deserves a very good one.
  7. Lol nobody gives a dam. Why he was drafted exactly where he should have been drafted. If you can get a fifth round OL to be a decent backup, not a bad pick. Problem is our former gm would ONLY draft OL in rounds five though seven. He felt the pressure to really push the envelope by grabbing one way up in 3rd lol. Mac is going to choke on his coffee when Douglas pick 2 OLs in top 3 rounds next yr lol
  8. Shell was drafted in the fifth round. Only in macs world to gm’s expect An OL to be a starter in nfl. Sure once in a while you pull the lucky card, but he should be looked at as just depth. Now that we have a gm who actually values the OL, I think to a very high extent, you will see a major push on the OL next yr. I would almost guarantee Douglas grabs one in first or 2nd round next yr, maybe both. Not sure about the FA OLs available, but we should be able to grab one or 2 good ones there. I don’t think we have much of a commitment to our current OL past this yr
  9. I wonder if woody is scared he won’t have a job when he comes back he failed for years, so far his bro is making right moves. If we actually win now, I don’t think the fans will won’t woody touching this team again
  10. Jet head coaches haven’t been allowed to be hands on the offensive since 1874
  11. Wow, an actual head coach of ny jets actually giving offensive tips. Welcome to the 21st century finally jet fans
  12. We know joe P coached his last season from the press box with a broken hip. I think nfl it is more about them have zero respect for him.. Being a brand knew coach, is in a wheelchair before he coaches his first game won’t earn much street cred
  13. You are not a moron jet nut You are just a 100% homer defender
  14. I will gladly meet and knock some sense into any Mac lover who still can’t get over this great move
  15. Defense will now be put on hold for a few years.. now that we FINALLY have a gm who cares about the oline and O
  16. Sanchez can be the ball boy, but isn’t allowed to speak to players
  17. Lol geee really? Well I guess all these coaches who run to the field to yell a last min call to a player, just do it for dramatic effect for the fans
  18. Really? Well seems you are 100% wrong on both accounts. You should educate yourself “ doc “ I’m sure you are an arm chair fan. Some of us athletes, especially with medical backgrounds know what most should.. https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/stretch-achilles-tendon
  19. Manish is shady as they come.. Chris Johnson handled this situation just fine. His idiot brother abruptly left him with both worst HC and gm in nfl. It’s understandable he didn’t want to rush into Judgment and search for both as he is still getting his feet wet. You don’t have to hire a HC right in Jan. You HAVE to have a gm Jan - April for draft prep and draft.. Many gms do a lot of their scouting before end of season.. So now the next gm can also start his scouting team of players sept -Jan. Instead of playing catch up in Jan.. So far Chris is 100x a better owner than his idiot brother
  20. Posted this news 13 hours ago lol.. I just think it is so ironic coaches screaming at players for having better things to do than O ta’s.. where they preach how to properly warm and stretch, and this idiot obviously just ran out there like he is Michael Jordan lol. If u tear your Achilles, 99 out of a 100 you didn’t warm up or stretch it
  21. Posted this news 13 hours ago lol.. I just think it is so ironic coaches screaming at players for having better things to do than O ta’s.. where they preach how to properly warm and stretch, and this idiot obviously just ran out there like he is Michael Jordan lol. If u tear your Achilles, 99 out of a 100 you didn’t warm up or stretch it
  22. Chris Fired woody 2 biggest mistakes ever. Bowles and mac. I’d say Chris is making woody look like the moron already
  23. Yep, and idiot probably didn’t bother warming up and stretching it before playing.. Reckless..
  24. The injury is not funny. Knowing the reactions of the anti-Gase faction if this happened to him, is. If you haven’t noticed there is a growing trend in nfl to hire young inexperienced HCs. Since the job is long demanding hours. The inexperience is not the only downside. What some forget is this young HCs still want to play sports, be active.. If players are not allowed to play other Rec sports in offseason, coaches shouldn’t be allowed to either.. Yes he can still coach, but only a moron would say this won’t effect his ability to do his job..
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