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  1. We still have some mayfield fan boys around 🙃 plus some closet giants/Beckham fans.. but it is a pointless article.. everyone knows Beckham is a MAJOR head case, the only question if the brown coach is honest or not lol
  2. Fans act like we lose Leo for nothing if we let him walk. No we get a end of 3rd round comp pick, and we take that 16 mil and buy stud OL we desperately need. Or corner. So even if we do not trade him now, it is basically a trade by letting him walk, assuming we use that $$$ on a position we actually need
  3. Lol I see I hit a nerve 🙊you are usually wrong, but I know you can’t stand when someone calls you out on it lol. You remind me of mike Francesca, that idiot makes stupid predictions as a sure thing also 🤣
  4. What you were actually talking smack about a player, coach , or gm of the Jets 😳🤣I don’t believe it lol. No way you said Mo was not going to be a great player who will earn his $$$ 🙃 i know you said there wasn’t a chance in hell mac would be fired next Jan, let alone in May 🙃 but hey, nobody is always right lol
  5. Yep. And Mangini also brought in Alan Faneca who was a great OL but end of his career. Rex and m t just let him go without trying to full his shoes
  6. Lol.. well we know your track record of predicting the future 🙃 I guarantee you were saying Wilkerson was going to be a yr in yr old pro bowler too lol
  7. We all know what will happen. Being his contract yr, he is going to play like a maniac. teams need to stop giving long contracts to DLs.. let them play yr to yr and Keep them hungry and motors running high
  8. Simple. Rex was a good coach, but horrible player evaluator, team builder. Mangini couldn’t coach for shi! But he pushed mike t to draft/sign the right players. He was the one pushing to build a Strong OL, which Rex benefited greatly from those 2 years. But Rex and mike t let the OL decline, not doin anything to replenish. Instead mike t allowed Rex to draft D busts like coples and prior.. Rex did take the almost exact same D that was ranked 16-18 2 years before him, and made it number 1 and 3 in his first 2 years.. maybe we should have fired mike t and promoted Mangini to gm ha. I don’t think he would have been bullied by doing whatever Rex wanted like the little B mike t
  9. I agree.. he has Been like the 28th out of 38th in a race. But anyone who doesn’t really mac is dead last in the race is a complete fing idiot. Mac was not going to improve.. Gase has a chance too.. Mac fan boys need to get off their knees already
  10. Well i think a stray dog could convince the Johnsons to fire the worst gm in nfl if it barked loud enough.. you are well known to be a HUGE Mac supporter past few months. So I understand you have to walk that fine line of being cool with Mac firing, but not 100 % cool accepting the outcome 🙃 it will be ok bro lol
  11. You are a lil slow huh boy 💁‍♂️🤣🤣
  12. He gets rid of the bad and weak. Mac especially.. What a horrible gm, I don’t think many new HCs could have pulled off forcing the slow Johnson bros to rid of the Mac cancer so easily.
  13. Agree you have to draft them. But in my opinion, and I’m sure it can be measured somehow, OL is one the most predictable position you draft. I think winters has been what you would expect from a 3rd rounder. Shell what you would of a 4 or fifth rounder.. Cowboys drafted many first round OLs in past 8-10 years ? Why they are always near top in OL rankings. The colts wanted Q Nelson badly. Kid was said to be a cant miss beast. Already proved that yr 1.. would like to see Next yr draft like 08, dbrick and mangold prime picks. Then hopefully that will be 2 studs on OL that can bond with darnold for next 10 years
  14. 🤣This is spot on exactly how mac has handled the Oline from yr one. He knew OL doesn’t generate points for his fantasy team 🤣
  15. You are not only the biggest pusssy on this site, you are also by far the dumbest mofo here 💁‍♂️
  16. What a pathetic attempt not to own up to by far the most ridiculous statement EVER made on this site 💁‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣 you proved you are by far the biggest idiot on this site by so confidently stating 2 weeks ago mac is going to be here 100% in 2 years, likely 3🙊 i haven’t seen anyone come even remotely close to your stupidity. You deserve the award for dumbest post of the yr kid 🙊
  17. Mac most certainly was the suck of all sucks. Let’s hope the next gm is average at least. Average would be a major improvement over Mac
  18. Guess who said this ? You keep alluding to "our next GM". Got some news for you. We'll discuss that in about two years, at least. In the meantime you can give him a chance, or keep pulling your hair out over it. Your choice. someone who is not only incredibly weak, but a full blown fing idiot apparently. You been very pissy as many of mac’s Fan boys have since his firing. I just want to see all Mac’s little fan club to come around and support this team and HC. Not going around like a bunch of weak little girls/cowards buttfumbling anyone who dares says mac was a bad gm. Mac is gone, wasn’t “ 2 years, at least. “ 🙃
  19. Lol.. no other team cares in what round the biggest of a joke gm drafted a player.. you gonna argue we didn’t get anything for hackenberg because he was a second rounder 💁‍♂️Lol
  20. You have to come back to reality bro. You know the Guard we traded for who some fans are saying can still be pro bowl material? We only had to give up a fifth rounder for him. And got a 6 rounder back with him lol. So we basically got a lot more back from Lee then what Oakland for that deal
  21. And Sadly, he may be even a better gm than mac, then he was better HC than Bowles lol
  22. Don’t be a little weak mac asskisser/anti current jets and you won’t get the Sanchez kid. And I don’t start wars, I finish them. You first Butt fumbled me saying firing mac was a good idea. So stop crying Libby
  23. Firing Mac, was by far the most successful thing they have ever done 💁‍♂️
  24. I was obviously being sarcastic lol. We need to give those idiot giants all the credit for passing on darnold and leaving us with Rosen ? Ugh

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