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  1. This is spot on exactly how mac has handled the Oline from yr one. He knew OL doesn’t generate points for his fantasy team
  2. You are not only the biggest pusssy on this site, you are also by far the dumbest mofo here
  3. What a pathetic attempt not to own up to by far the most ridiculous statement EVER made on this site you proved you are by far the biggest idiot on this site by so confidently stating 2 weeks ago mac is going to be here 100% in 2 years, likely 3 i haven’t seen anyone come even remotely close to your stupidity. You deserve the award for dumbest post of the yr kid
  4. Mac most certainly was the suck of all sucks. Let’s hope the next gm is average at least. Average would be a major improvement over Mac
  5. Guess who said this ? You keep alluding to "our next GM". Got some news for you. We'll discuss that in about two years, at least. In the meantime you can give him a chance, or keep pulling your hair out over it. Your choice. someone who is not only incredibly weak, but a full blown fing idiot apparently. You been very pissy as many of mac’s Fan boys have since his firing. I just want to see all Mac’s little fan club to come around and support this team and HC. Not going around like a bunch of weak little girls/cowards buttfumbling anyone who dares says mac was a bad gm. Mac is gone, wasn’t “ 2 years, at least. “
  6. Lol.. no other team cares in what round the biggest of a joke gm drafted a player.. you gonna argue we didn’t get anything for hackenberg because he was a second rounder Lol
  7. You have to come back to reality bro. You know the Guard we traded for who some fans are saying can still be pro bowl material? We only had to give up a fifth rounder for him. And got a 6 rounder back with him lol. So we basically got a lot more back from Lee then what Oakland for that deal
  8. And Sadly, he may be even a better gm than mac, then he was better HC than Bowles lol
  9. Don’t be a little weak mac asskisser/anti current jets and you won’t get the Sanchez kid. And I don’t start wars, I finish them. You first Butt fumbled me saying firing mac was a good idea. So stop crying Libby
  10. Firing Mac, was by far the most successful thing they have ever done
  11. I was obviously being sarcastic lol. We need to give those idiot giants all the credit for passing on darnold and leaving us with Rosen ? Ugh
  12. Yep. Why we have to give mac some credit. He was such a bad gm, that we almost always picking top 6 with him, allowing us to get close even to trade up for darnold. Miami could not have traded up so far back.. but now that we have darnold, we need a gm who is gonna be drafting bottom of the first round yearly
  13. Especially knowing “ your way “ as in macs way, failed miserably for all his years as gm. I could maybe see a gm who had a great track record calling his own shots, but certainly not a horrible gm like mac who was on very thin ice. Woody would have canned Mac in Jan, if not sooner.. mac was given another chance he did not deserve. A lucky chance only because Chris had no idea what he was doing and didn’t want to lead a HC and gm search. He chose not to change his failed ways even the slightest. Mac is not only possibly the worst gm in history of the nfl, but he was also a dumb stubborn prick.. Any fan who is not happy he is gone is a complete moron
  14. Gase also had a problem with Mac wasting so much time with bell, while given zero attention to the FA centers we desperately needed. Of course mac was the most anti-OL gm in nfl, so it’s no surprise he didn’t care about having a starting center. Mac was so use to Todd Bowles also not caring about OL, as long as mac kept giving he The D.. Mac had a chance to change, work with his HC. Involving HC with target players, taking his input etc.. Instead He decided to stick to his old failing ways of doing things and that is big reason why he is gone..
  15. If woody Johnson was here, mac is 100% fired by Jan 2019. Likely sooner.. lil Johnson was a complete brand new green owner.. He wasn’t up to par to be looking for a new HC by himself, and a gm.. woody is to blame. He should have demanded someone who knows the business be in control up until start of this season.. Firing Mac now is 100% Better then waiting until next Jan
  16. Well you are a well known Mac fan boy, who is now probably rooting for jets to lose so your bf mac is considered the missing link
  17. Well that is because we have been letting the Johnsons pick gms. You are right, they have picked god awful gms. Izdik and mac make mike tannenbaum look like the parcells of gms. We just can’t continue with the worst gm in nfl just because our track record has been bad If we get joe Douglas in here, Gase is coach of year.
  18. The jets just removed his biggest nightmare. A gm who doesn’t care about O, and especially OL. Darnold will do much better now, he is probably celebrating as we speak. Chill out kid, we finally removed all the cancer
  19. Why on earth would Mac care to sign a center ? Not at all an important position for a young qb
  20. Yep. I wasn’t big on Gase, but I don’t see any other HC having the guts to pull this off 4 months on the job. So he is a blessing in disguise. Mac would have destroyed this team, and darnold.
  21. Lol. Well the bad players won’t like it because we won’t have a moron as gm anymore. Bad players love bad gms like mac.they know he won’t find talent to replace them ha You do realize they let the worst teams pick first ? The only credit mac deserves is his teams consistently finished near dead last every year, putting us in position to draft darnold.. I know bell, and darnold are going to love for the first time in over a decade, “Offensive” will actually matter. They will finally start to see the OL improve, added weapons..
  22. Lol. Why ? If anything they are happy the idiot is gone. They want to win, Getting rid of mac now gives them a chance
  23. I think he is using his Brain, hold out for more years and/or cash. He knows Johnson is in a tough spot. Maybe he makes him highest paid gm ha. Whatever, it doesn’t count against the cap
  24. We all agree should have 100% happened last Jan. But it is 100% better to get rid of this desperate pos now then next Jan. He would have made bad desperate moves hoping to save his job.
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