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  1. You gonna cry about Mac finally getting what he deserved every day
  2. Well he did sabotaged a entire yr just so he could can rex. He left a boat load of $$ for Mac to rebuild with. Instead he got giddy and decided a 10-6 season with just missing the playoffs was worth more than a proper rebuild..
  3. Why would woody come back in 2 years ? Even after the President’s second term ends in 2024, it’s likely the new prez asks him to stay on. You wouldn’t be rooting for Gase to fail just because of your deep mac love would you
  4. Exactly. Why do people in this org talk to such a sub par writer ? Does he prostitute his wife to them
  5. Manish looked like a complete idiot saying the reports Mac is on the way out is 200% wrong, but someone on the inside gave him a lot of insight. Someone in the draft room about moving out of camera view answers a lot of questions. Many of us believed he wasn’t there. Well he ironically he really wasn’t there, in the sense Mac blocked him from communicating with scouts even type of players he sought for his scheme.. What the hell did Mac ever do to deserve that power? Sounds like bowles also was kept in the dark, but he was not about to complain as mac loves D. You gotta love D if you 100% bpa guy.. this article was by far best one yet. If woody was here mac is fired in Jan. But little Johnson was scared to search for a new gm and HC in his first months of controller. That is understandable.. Now I give credit for pushing Mac in the dumpster.. We all should agree this should have happened In Jan, but better late then never. We will go into this season with a better HC, OC, DC, and gm. Not that the bar was set high
  6. Nah, you get five year of being worst gm in nfl before you are fired by the Jets
  7. No 8 footers in nba jiffy.. everyone in the nba can dunk on a 8 foot rim, mac would probably trip trying to dunk on a 6 foot rim
  8. Mac fan boys will say ” but Mac got darnold, Gase couldn’t pull it off”
  9. Lol ok I understand that. My point is he is just copying what anyone with a Brain has said about Mac.
  10. Mac fan boys must not have taken the poll yet
  11. Lol ok. I could care less about the guy. But he said is no different from what most around the league have been saying for years. Mac is not qualified, Mac ignores the OL, especially drafts, and etc
  12. lol landing. That is like given credit to a nba player for dunking on a 8 foot rim
  13. He was a colossal horrible gm. As lombardi pointing out When you go to Team Building 101, the first thing they teach you in Team Building 101 is [to] draft offensive linemen.” There is not a gm in nfl, who inherited a average OL, and not draft a OL before fifth round in his first four years. OL protects your qb, the most important position by far, in case you didn’t know. Wow he finally drafted one in the 3rd round in his fifth yr. you have to grab them in the first 2 rounds. They have become expensive in FA, why make has ONLY signed or traded for OLs that were unproven or lot of injury questions. Yet he spends the world on D in FA. HE would have drafted another D tackle in the first round next yr, if his little bpa chart said so. He Was a wet dream gm for a Dcord who has no business being HC. I’m not sold on Gase, but thankfully we have someone in power who actually cares about the offense, and protecting our young prized qb. He had to blow this up and say to Johnsons “ what the hell are you doing with this guy ,?” He doesn’t even care about bringing in a starting center, a huge position for a 2nd yr qb. Darnold is much better off with Gase who will fight for darnold and the O. I’m sure whatever gm comes in will also believe that. If he can prey Douglas from philly, he is coach of the yr already.
  14. Lol yes. I only listen to the guy on my commute home. He was having meltdowns weeks prior if giants pick “Haskins “ I love hearing how wrong this bozo is all the time ha. some guy called and said he heard giants may take Jones at 6 ! He hung up on the guy thinking he was trolling him lol. Saying” there is no way they take Jones at 6, maybe Haskins, not a qb who is 2nd round grade, Don’t know where these idiots get this stuff “ lol. He also told one Caller “ there is no way Allen is there at 6” lol. He is becoming a pathetic laughing stock. Shame the local sport teams really have little choice who they go to. The giants are not happy with him now though. He is down to one team, Yankees, who will kiss his arse ha
  15. Read this kid.. spot on https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/05/16/bill-belichick-confidant-crushes-mike-maccagnan-on-his-way-out/amp/
  16. Whoever we get to replace Mac will obviously be better. You. Can’t do worse than that imbecile. Should have been canned in Jan 100%, but better now then next Jan
  17. You “happy “Mac fan boys need to get over it already. We know whatever team he becomes the coffee boy for will be your new favorite team
  18. The list was always going to be short. Who wanted to come work for worst gm in nfl who barely survived being fired in Jan?
  19. Lol no. He thought last yr this time the giants were a playoff contender lol. He still thinks Eli is good . He is a pathetic giants fan boy. And like Most giant fan boys they root for jets to fail so they don’t look as bad
  20. He is by far the biggest baby on radio. Woody probably just didn’t kiss his arse like he wanted him to. You should have heard how pathetic he was yesterday kissing Aaron Boone arse, then he does his sarcastic trashing of the Mets with Mickey Calloway. He hates the Jets now because he knows his giants screwed up royally by not taking darnold, and then taking “Daniel Jones “ the following yr
  21. Fat mike hates the jets and Mets. He is a pos
  22. 7 mil bra. . Time for you to man up for once in your life
  23. Agree. The only thing that has been predictable with the jets, is that they are unpredictable. Almost every yr. Sorry I accused you of being That homer poster who says “ no way” something will happen, and runs away when it does..
  24. Didn't you also say there is “ zero chance mac is canned “ I think we should start betting on everything opposite you believe
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