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  1. We just had the worst record in decades ? Sure we had a bunch of cap play $$ this yr. but obvious Adams will want 18 mil yr soon, darnold 20+ Do we pay Leonard Williams? That is going to push out say bell, hopefully not Mosley in a few. Then we are right back chasing our tale replacing them. have to build through the draft, and fill in some pieces in Fa. Mac has drafted horribly, compared to almost all gm. Olineman have become incredibly expensive. Look what Nate Solder got last yr. You can’t just draft bpa and hope for best every single yr. And I’m not talking about the can’t miss top
  2. What’s your take on this Jet nut ? You were very adamant mac would not only survive this offseason, but very certain he would survive next yrs as well. As a once strong Mac supporter, is your support still with him or the Johnsons ? And Gase
  3. Maybe we get an actual center for first time in 4 years ? Ha
  4. And Not a top of the round 6th like the giantS would have brought us, this one is almost a 7th ha
  5. Call we now begin to call out all the know it all homers who said not 1% chance mac is fired now, or in Jan
  6. We had a gm in the cellar. We can only go up. We finally deserve a decent gm for once
  7. He is very anti-Jets. I don’t think Gase kisses his arse like mac did. So of course there is a bias
  8. Yep. Should have Been done with Bowles. You can’t fire a gm before a draft, because you can never get a new team in here and re-do months of scouting.. i give them credit for admitting their mistake and going completely unconventional, as usual lol
  9. Could be, or Mac failing to trade back up for one. Or Mac failing to even attempt to sign a center this offseason. Not having a starter caliber center is normal for a gm like mac who was the most anti -OL gm in nfl. Todd Bowles obviously didn’t care about what was going on the line, “ Oline “ ha. Gase finally pointed out to the clueless Johnsons what an idiot mac is. No regard to protect the Jets number 1 and number 2 assets. Darnold and bell
  10. So I guess we know who to believe and not. Manish might as well retire, his “200% sure mac isn’t going anywhere “ loses all the little cred he had left
  11. Done rebuilding ? Haven’t even started on the OL yet. Still need a stop gap center. Mac was anti-OL, major reason why he was canned..
  12. Wrong. We looked like clowns keeping q horrible gm on post Bowles. We just got more credibility back. Gase may be a unknown, make is well known scrub of a gm
  13. Sucks for Knick fans. But I’m tired of seeing these teams compete in tanking. I think will see less of it now
  14. lol ok. I don’t see why some fans accept a average at best OL, with not much youth at all. Darnold’s agility and ability to escape the pocket is a major reason why the O didn’t look that bad. If we had a statue like Eli, it may have been Ranked the worse. Point is, I think darnold will be a better qb not always being pushed out of the pocket.. Just providing the bare minimum for him is not the best idea to build a franchise qb
  15. Did you leave out sacks for a reason ? Everywhere I look we are near bottom. Sure would like to see what your looking at. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-17
  16. Only got paid by the jets lol. He was a 3rd stringer everywhere else. He was a 3rd stringer when he got busted for PEDs.. So he was desperate to even play as a 3rd stringer if he was resulting to illegal drug use. Just like with kaperncick, he is nowhere near good enough to take the baggage
  17. Sanchez blew too but I shocked geno is still playing and Mark is not lol
  18. Some Mac fan boys will blame darnold if he doesn’t have a great season, without factoring in he had one of the worst time to throw protection in nfl That would obviously be 100% macs fault
  19. Ya but his bias against the jets and Mets is embarrassing for a big time radio guy. He literally sucks Eli arse, and almost had a stroke when the giants made a move for the future at qb. Like picking a d impact player at 6 would solve all their problem. Then he said he would trade the number 1 nba pick for Lebron.. fat mike is not about the future, sign he is not gonna be on much longer
  20. So you’re saying he isn't even good enough to make a practice squad ? He has been hanging on as a 3rd stringer many years. You know he wants to play, was even taking illegal substance a yr ago in hopes to give him an extra boosts. Still a young man with in good shape.. i agree, can see him as a broadcaster, he always talked a better game then he played
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