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  1. Why would anyone even ask him that, it's pretty insulting lol
  2. Another good week for the playoff possiblities! Now we just need 1loss for the steelers and bengals who play each other next week and/or 2 losses from the colts! (Assuming of course we beat the Titans) Can any of you imagine what NY sports radio would be like if the GIANTS miss the playoffs and the JETS make them!? Hahaha...
  3. Nono your'e looking in the wrong place, look here for the tie breaker: http://www.nfl.com/playoffs/playoff-picture The jets have the better divisional record currently as they need to get to 9-7 for anything to happen they will have to beat buffalo, securing the second place in the division
  4. theres no way you can discount the loss of revis... who the hoohah is ellis lankster
  5. Aaaand 3/4 ain't bad! A.) Colts lose 3/3 (Texans, Chiefs, Texans) B.) Steelers lose 2/3 (Cowboys, Bengals, Browns) C.) Bengals lose 1/3 (Eagles, Steelers, Ravens) Remember, before this week we needed 10/16 games at worst to go our way, we now need 8/12 at worst or 6/12 at best to go our way! Death to the steelers! Also remember my storybook ending is the steelers and the begals getting knocked our of contention in week 17! Looks possible! GO BROWNS GO COWBOYS! GO EAGLES! #teamunderdog Hate the guy, GO MCELGOD!
  6. I'm brand new here! Been a fan since '05, the very first game I went to was the wonderful thanksgiving game...
  7. Pretty pessimistic. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sanchez be completely unable to move the ball against the Jaguars leading up to a pick that throws McElgod back into the QB position before halftime. Edit: Love the Landry avatar. That dude is a straight beast.... I'm dreading the offseason with his one-year contract...
  8. In order for the Jets to have a chance at that wildcard spot two of the following need to happen: A.) Colts lose 3/4 (Titans, Texans, Chiefs, Texans) B.) Steelers lose 3/4 (Chargers, Cowboys, Bengals, Browns) C.) Bengals lose 2/4 (Cowboys, Eagles, Steelers, Ravens) This takes into account the fact that the Jets have the tiebreaker on the colts and that the steelers have the tiebreaker on the jets and the jets (should) have the tiebreaker on the bengals for having the better divisional record. Especially with Ben coming back, I don't see the Jets leaping over Pittsburgh and I'm m
  9. Jets fans hoping for any chance at that wildcard spot better become Cowboys fans for the next two weeks... at least next week for sure.
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