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  1. 42-14 Looks like we might see it again--I actually think Pats win this time around since the Giants pass rush hasnt been there all season
  2. Mark Sanchez is a mediocre QB not a bad QB--Id rank him about 15th in the NFL. Can he win a super bowl? Not sure, but hes sure won a lot of games for us, and has come closer than any other Jet QB since Namath
  3. Lets also not discount the head to head matchup between the two--Sanchez 35-Luck 9 I'd take Luck over Sanchez moving forward, but I dont think there is that big of a gap between the two
  4. Id also be willing to say that 2011 Sanchez was statisitcly better than 2012 Luck
  5. Not saying that Sanchez is better than Luck, but talk about overrated. Luck has a 55% completion percentage and 28 turnovers yet is considered an MVP candidate by ESPN Hes actually on pace to have 34 turnovers by himself--Its amazing how this Colts team is 9-4.
  6. I'm freaking out right now--So on Friday morning I had great sex like 3 times. Then on Saturday and Sunday morning I couldnt get it up c and my gf dumped me. What wrong with me? This happened a few times when I was first having sex, but I really cant figure it out. I am sick with a cold right now--Could that have caused the floppiness?
  7. I still have confidence in Mark Sanchez--He can turn it around.
  8. The only change I would really make is at backup QB. The Tebow experiment was a huge failure, and the Jets need a better insurance policy in case Sanchez is hurt/ineffective. The Jets #1 priority should be retaining the talent currently on the roster Shonn Greene, Dustin Keller, Yeremiah Bell, Matt Slauson, Brandon Moore, Chaz Schillens and LaRon Landry are all Free Agents. Priority #1 should be Landry-The guy has been a great asset for us despite some dumb penalties. I would also like to try to retain Slauson and Moore as the oline is starting to play well--I am also not confident in Vlad Ducasse as an every down player. Shonn Greene has proven to be an effective running back and every effort should be made to retain him. He and Powell could be our two headed monster for the next 2-3 seasons. I would like to keep Keller and Bell as well, but I think we should look to find some youth at both positions. In addition both Revis and Holmes should be back in 2013 after having nearly 12 months to heal--Hopefully the same doctor who performed Adrian Petersons surgery did Revis' as well. Lets also not forget about our youth--Stephen Hill will get better as will Quinton Coples, Mo Wilkerson, and Kenrick Ellis. In addition Demario Davis should prove to be an upgrade over Bart Scott. In the first round of the draft I think the Jets HAVE to go OLB or NT--Pace/Thomas have been good soldiers, but their days are clearly numbered. Pouha also has regressed significantly this season. The offense should be much improved with another year in Coach Sparano's system.
  9. http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8720548/nfl-ranking-best-worst-offensive-lines The underrated -- New York Jets This is really going to surprise some people. I maintain that Jets fans have been spoiled in recent memory by having the league's best offensive line. Now any drop feels like a plunge into mediocrity, but that's just not been the case. Nick Mangold isn't having his most consistent year, but is still playing some fine football. Both guards are playing above average, even if Matt Slauson is struggling in the run game. And D'Brickashaw Ferguson? Well, he hasn't given up a sack and has been near shutdown on the blind side. No, this unit is being made a scapegoat. They've gotten better and better since moving on from Wayne Hunter, with Austin Howard making up for some pass-protection problems with some good work in the run game. The real problem is that when they do allow pressure, their quarterback (Mark Sanchez) is so bad at dealing with it that it makes the pressure stand out that much more. As it is they've allowed only 97 combined sacks, hits and hurries -- seventh fewest in the league. Kudos to Coach Sparano and his staff for doing a GREAT job this year in the trenches!
  10. Cmon guys-- Sanchez showed some promise in 2010--If you combine his regular season and post-season stats the guy had a pretty impressive season for a 2nd year player. Last season we had major problems on the offensive line, and I don't think Mark ever really recovered--To his credit the guy has proven to be durable, but he took some really scary shots last year and still looks skiddish when facing pressure. This season our OL is rated 5th in the league by Football Metrics (ESPN insider article)--so give Sparano credit for that. Should Mark Sanchez have to compete for his job next year against a reputable veteran (Michael Vick/Alex Smith?) Absolutely However there is no way he should be cut outright--especially if it results in 17 million empty dollars against the cap. Lets see what he can do when he has a real backup breathing down his neck, and some NFL caliber pass catchers.
  11. He's not great, but did you watch the game today? The guys around him cant play. I remember one drive when he went 0/3 with passes to Gilyard, Hilliard and Reuland. Tom Brady would look ordinary playing with that cast of cast-offs.
  12. Lets look at his main targets today WR: 1.Jeremy Kerley 2.Chaz Schillens 3.Mardy Gilyard TE: 1.Jeff Cumberland 2.Konrad Reuland These guys are scrap heap players who have been thrusted into the starting lineup--no wonder we have a bottom 4 passing offense in the NFL. After today we have a top 10 defense and top 10 rushing offense. If Sanchez could've protected the the ball better, and we got league average special teams play, I think it could have been a decent season.
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