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    I am an avid New York Jets fan that lives in Pennsylvania. My Family has Season Tickets to The Jets....I work as an electrician, I enjoy football ice hockey and lacrosse. J-E-T-S
    Jets Jets Jets!!!
  1. Good Idea to Fire Sparano....he didn't do anything for the Jets

  2. Sanchez needs to Go!!!....Keep Tebow and McElroy

  3. jets may have made a good choice by signing edwards no one else for taco bell to throw to..see what happens

  4. think its a good idea the jets signed edwards... who else does sanchez have to throw to

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    2. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      Sanchez... Throw to? HAHAHAHAHA, Sunglass Sparano wont let him throw the ball!

    3. GATA


      He could try to throw at Tebow again .. lol

    4. jorge o8

      jorge o8

      or to his Olines a$$

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