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  1. Any talk about getting Alex Smith of the 49ers?
  2. Rex Ryan Car Accident

    Since he was in Pennsylvania, maybe he saw a mirage of a young Joe Namath playing quarterback and it took his eye off the road.
  3. Yeah, the Jets have become a laughing stock this year, despite the fact they didn't have one of the worst records in the league. The coach seems to have lost control of the team. The Tebow circus is a reflection on whoever acquired him, but it didn't help that Ryan seemingly went out of his way to avoid playing him. I think ownership needs to make a statement and replace both the GM and the head coach. Sometimes things are so tangled up that you can't go on without a fresh start:
  4. Time For A Change?

    This organization has developed a dysfunctional image, and they seem to compound it with every comment they make. If they had a championship roster, they still couldn't succeed under this kind of management. I think the worst thing about the Tebow situation was trading for a player that didn't fit. The second worst thing was making him #2 and skipping to #3 when replacing #1. If the owner is to blame, there isn't much hope. If the owner's employees are making all the bonehead moves, he needs to find better people. And not only better from a football perspective. The fans need an organization they can believe in.
  5. The Jets have been one of the mystery teams to me over the years, due to curious player moves and coaching choices. For instance, why acquire Tebow if you do not intend to use him? What would Jets fans do if given decision making authority to right the ship? I know there is a slim playoff hope, but you just have to examine the scores of the games this season to know that something is amiss.