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  1. Nothing is wrong with me, I don't buy into propaganda. If a simple gif of someone laughing bothers you so much, you're too PC.
  2. We don't need Ebron, we have Cumberland and Pettigrew. I really think Cumberland is very underrated as a receiver. Get a safety or a G (assuming we get another WR in FA and re-sign Cro). Later in the draft, I also want to get a HB. I really like Andre Williams. Tre Mason as well. Easily plays football faster than anyone I've ever played against.
  3. For anyone that might get some ideas, we don't need Wilfork. We have Snacks, Wilk, Sheldon, and Douz.
  4. Yes, because he's not a pussy and he actually hits.
  5. Why do people get caught up in the #1 vs. #2 bullsh*t? At the end of the day, he produced in college, he produced with Orton, he produced with Tebow, and he produced with Manning. This guy has done nothing but put up good numbers. Whether he's made the mythical jump to a "#1 WR" (whatever that means) is trivial. It doesn't matter. You don't pay for "#1 WRs", you pay for production, and Decker produces.
  6. Well, if we're so worried about players regressing, I guess we should never sign any FA ever. Don't get me wrong, we DEFINITELY have needs on our OL...but JAX? One of the worst in the NFL.
  7. Doesn't mean MJD will. I mean, imagine him with our OL, a decent blocking FB, and Pettigrew...
  8. **** that, we need a good blocking FB. Play to your strengths.
  9. >Implying we won't still start Geno for the next 5 years no matter how much he sucks, like Sanchez LOL If we bring in Vick, we'll tell him he'll compete to be the starter, Vick will win the competition, but Geno will still start.
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