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  1. So sorry all. I was on call and got swamped with double shifts this week. I'm going to be here for the next half hour, grab some shut eye, work a 12 tomorrow and then I'll blow this open over the weekend. Anyone got any questions? Last I remember was Leelou asking for an explanation of my suspicion of Ape which I can sum up by saying that I was playing in the moment and thought arguments against him were better than his and that I found his interactions with Smash before and leading up to the Smash train were odd because I thought ape made solid arguments for voting there and then he hopped off the train and didn't return til later.
  2. In a bit meaning Sunday most likely btw. GRC: 11?
  3. I'll get around to it in a bit but in short it's that after working with the Ape a fair bit I've gotten a good feel for how he approaches situations. Scum Ape sets a lot more suspect thoughts on thread and a lot more leads so that if he does die his life meant something to his team. Take the post below. It just seems oddly done.
  4. More accurately I don't have a case on AVM, but think he made good points and it matches my suspicion of Ape post-D2 lynch.
  5. Apes aren't supposed to look like they're weighing out what to do next. How's your QT?
  6. Were you asking someone to do your casing for you here? Unvote Vote: Ape
  7. I agree with this (and like AVM in general) and I also think that Lily is odd this game (though that's par for the course, she always looks scummy to me). Do we anticipate that the mafia team is broken up among the different neighbor groups?
  8. IMO womby dying points to a scum kill. No way he was mafia this game and he didn't seem to have enough influence to warrant the shot unless he was random. GRC: 6?
  9. This is true. I was replaced with a Darthe that drinks more beer.
  10. Sorry about that Nol, I didn't realize. I'm interested thus far in lynching Smash, Hess or JC1. GRC: 5
  11. You're probably mafia? Odd admission but I'll take it.
  12. Intent to NK confirmed ^ Hessstation mafia or vig. Does this game have a vig?
  13. Dammit. I know. Asking the hard questions this game.
  14. I spent two minutes trying to get a gif to load of gandalf going HMMMMMMMM for this crappy post. I find your tepid and vague suspicion suspect. GRC: 4
  15. Do you two actually like the Browns or do you just get erections for Flash?
  16. ^Self-meta recognition defense is always poor defense. If you're cognizant of a part of your meta you can consciously affect it. GRC: 3
  17. I've read half of one page and Smash can hang. AVM is online. Hi AVM. Womby what ramification of the Des lynch are you perceiving? GRC: 2
  18. Wombat is a Browns fan? I knew there was a reason I liked the guy. I've replaced Hally and am catching up. Lynch me before I make it to the current page or this game will be officially ruined.
  19. I really agree with this. It's the only thing keeping me from voting him. While it's a clear variation in meta it doesn't make him scum, actually is more likely to be a towntell. Ima go ahead and acknowledge that I'm still bassackwards this game.
  20. I can see the comparison to Russel Crowe, yes.
  21. Very well. unvote vote Womby @Crush what changed was that I saw your struggle. Mafia tend to get pissed off and then lay down and die. You haven't laid down and died and you haven't stopped arguing your point. Ultimately the gut reaction I get from that is that you are town which bothers me because it doesn't logically fit the way you've pushed townies this game. Hence I am not switching my vote to you right now.
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