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  1. What mortgaging the  future? Harvin might be  aJ et for 9 games only if it does not pan out. He has 9 games to show he is worth it.


      That would be the sign of a GM who just wants PR and not building a winning team.  Who trades for a guy they only keep for 9 games?   And what constitutes good or bad?  I mean Harvin has what, 22 receptions this year and people are complaining he isn't having a good season.  

    Last time I checked, Decker has what, 24 receptions and injury issues.  So would the Jets cut him or trade him? Probably not, but Harvin has played 6 regular season games for Seattle and that's what they did to him.   

    The idea is for Harvin to be on the team next season and he probably will make $10 million or close to it.  If Harvin goes on having a similar season as he's had and Decker goes on like he has,  why would Harvin take less money than Decker makes?


     I just think Jets fans live in a fantasy land where Harvin plays well and then renegotiates for no guaranteed money and $4 million a year.  Yeah ok.  The other scenario is the Jets cut him after the season, a season where they could go 6-3 from here on out  and finish 7-9.    So what was the point in trading for Harvin for 9 games on a losing team?

  2. You're probably the only one under the impression that he's on the team next year under his current contract.  Harvin is 26.  If he plays well, they make a new deal.  If he doesn't, we send him packing and a 6th round pick.  I have no idea where 17M for one season comes from.


    I'm sorry you feel lied to.  I am.


      This makes no sense at all.  If Harvin plays well,  what world do people live in where he accepts less money?

  3. They didn't expect Milliner to be the tin man, Patterson to be incredibly stupid, and Mcdougle to tear an ACL. 


     That's a weak argument.  Patterson never played all preseason because he was injured, not because he went nuts.   And wow. a guy who missed more games than he's played over a 9 year career is inured again. Sorry but Patterson was just a dumb move and using the "he went nuts" excuse is a lame argument.  Patterson was a bad signing and people just can't admit that for some reason and try to blame it on him going nuts.   


    McDougle missed all of last year and was a 3rd round pick,  who counts on that kind of guy to be your starting CB?  

    And Milliner was injured last year and stunk for most of the season.    


    So yeah, coming into the season hoping that those guys were going to be the ones starting, sorry but that's just a stupid GM.

  4. Off the wall, and not entirely Jets related, but everybody thought Dallas was in deep grease with their OL and DL issues going into the season.  Now, it's how 'bout those Cowboys!


    It does not need to be a multi year rebuilding process.  


     The Cowboys have spent the past few seasons drafting OL in the first round and the guys turned out to be decent players.  

    The Jets drafted crap for the most part and the OL they did draft aren't very good.  Plus they have a QB who can throw 30 TDs in a season.  Yeah he seems to choke, as do the Cowboys, but the Cowboys lost games last year because the defense stunk, not the offense.  I mean they lost a game after the offense put up like 45 points.


     So who thought the Cowboys offense was no good?   Nobody.  It was the defense that sucked.

  5. Well he won't replace BB so that's just silly, but he would absolutely contend for a SB with BB's current roster.  Best case scenario for Rex is a team that does not have the worst QB in the NFL and an average to above average offense in place.  Keep the offensive staff around and let Rex revamp the defense.  The Colts won a SB that way with Dungy, and the Bucs won a SB that way with Gruden.  Most NFL coaches specialize in one side of the ball and have a strong supporting cast on the other side.  Hell, BB won SB's while he ran the defense and Charlie Weis babied Tom Brady and had him throw fifteen screen passes every week  until he turned in to what he is now.  Every now and then you get a fluke situation like Brian Billick had in Baltimore.  He was supposed to be an offensive genius but he needed Rex's defense to carry him to a SB while he failed to develop multiple first round QB's.  I get it, people are tired of not winning the SB so they want to blame the HC despite the fact that he's got a POS roster.  Easier to replace one guy than 40-45, right?


     Marvin Lewis was the DC when Billick won a super bowl with the Ravens.  And Harbaugh won a SB with the Ravens after Rex was out of Baltimore and the NYJ HC.   So the truth is when Rex as DC or HC, he's never even gotten to a super bowl.

  6. Meh, it's the same terrible roster as last year and this coaching staff squeezed out 8 wins. Not sure what they're doing different this season.


      You do realize they were blown out 6 times last season and really got two gift wins.   This season they didn't get a gift win yet so Sometimes you get lucky and some idiot pushes the QB out of bounds 10 seconds after he's out of bounds and sometimes a player leaves the QB alone and there is no penalty and the Jets lose.   Plus, Idzik pretty much failed at drafting players, failed at signing free agents and never wound up fixing huge problems.    I don't think they will finish 2-14 like many people do, but 5-11 or 6-10 is what this team is and what they really were last season.   The problem is Idzik hasn't done anything to improve the team and the young talent is pretty much a disaster so far besides one guy.    Amaro has potential as does Pryor, but when you have a ton of draft picks and a ton of money and wind up with mostly bad talent or guys who can't even make the team or stay healthy,  it's a disaster waiting to happen.

  7. The Pats cheated, got away with it, and it helped them win super bowls.  And the NFL covered it up and destroyed the tapes.  Nobody destroys tapes unless they are hiding something.  It really is that simple.    But the Pats have been to multiple super bowls since, been to many AFC Championship games and won plenty of division titles.   So yeah they haven't won a super bowl since, but it's not like Peyton Manning has won 10 super bowls since 2004 or Aaron Rodgers wins every year either.     


     It is what it is, but it is odd that people ignore the fact Mangini was a part of the cheating Patriot organization and people welcomed him with open arms in NY when he became HC.

  8. Hahaha....you need to read this BS as well. Might enlighten you.




    "The difference between the Rams and Raiders is only 1.91 years. Big whoop."

    While 1.91 years may not be a big difference between two individual players, keep in mind that these are the average ages of 53 players per team.

    1.91 years on average * 53 players = A difference of about 101 total years between the Rams and Raiders.

    In other words, if you took the 20 oldest Raiders and shaved 5 years off each of their ages, their roster still wouldn't be as young as the Rams.


      it is BS because the Patriots and Broncos are both younger than the Jets and yet still have QBs close to 40 years old.   The Chargers and Colts are close to the Raiders in age and yet have QBs that are battling for the MVP. And the Chargers QB isn't young either.

    And the Rams and Jags are the youngest teams in the NFL and stink while the Raiders are the oldest and still stink.  


     So yeah the Jets "youth" will get better as the season goes on, but somehow the Broncos, Pats, Chiefs, Browns, Bills, etc won't?  All those teams are younger than the Jets.


     The BS is the fact that age doesn't make a team win or lose, it's the players on the team.

  9. I don't they are the worst. and younger teams tend to get better as the season goes on. Lets see how they do in the next few months.


      What is this BS about young teams.  Every team is young in the NFL now.  The youngest team (Rams) is like 25 years old or something and the oldest is the Raiders at like 27.5 years avg age.    So the excuse that "young teams" will get better as the season goes on goes for every damn team in the NFL now, not just the Jets.   

  10. I hear what you're saying, but he gets to draft/sign one more QB.


      It's not just about the QB.  The Seahawks were terrible at finding a QB until Wilson beat out Matt Flynn.  But they spend a lot of time trading for, signing, etc that "right" QB.     But they were also building a good team.     Idzik and the Jets so far aren't building anything so even if they get lucky next year and wind up with some great QB in the 3rd round,  the team still stinks.     And we hope the young guys get better, but so far most of Idziks' picks and signings have not been something where you can say "next year he will find some great players" and those guys will contribute as soon as possible.

  11. Stafford isn't a good QB. He's throwing to Megratron in a dome, and still has numbers similar to Geno.


      The guy had 41 TDs a few seasons back, has thrown for over 4500 yards over the past few years,  had 29 TDs last year, yeah Geno dreams of having those numbers.

  12. That wasn't the point.

    Players take time to develop, throwing them away after a loss would be as stupid as not giving players time to develop naturally just because you're pissed over a loss.


      Most of the picks in Seattle were because of Pete Carroll.   The GM was more the money guy compared to the guy picking the players.   

    The truth is,  Pete was hired first, and then he had a hand in picking the GM and had control of players being picked.       


     The Jets don't seem to want Rex to have anything to do with picking the players,  they want Idzik and his staff doing that.  Which means Seattle and the Jets are nothing alike in the way they are building a team.   

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  13. Been a top 3-4 QB in the league every single season he's been in the league, minus last year.  What other "pieces" have they have that come close to that standard?


      When you go 18-1, it's more than just the QB.  When you go 11-5 with a backup QB, it's not just Brady.  

    And it wasn't like Brady was great his first postseason.  The Pats  first super bowl run was won because they played great defense, not because Brady was great.     He wasn't even as good as Sanchez in all honesty.  But the Pats defense created turnovers and held one of the best offenses to 17 points.   And their kicker made a huge kick in snow and another 48 yarder to win a super bowl.   If Adam has one of those "wide left" moments,  is Brady more like Kelly than Brady?         Brady deserves a lot of credit for being great over the years, but lets be honest,  he wasn't the HOF QB everybody thinks of him now those first few years.    

    I can't stand BB, but when you win something like 12 Division titles in 14 years, go 11-5 with a backup QB,   the guy is obviously doing something right.      And people make Rex out to be some kind of hero because he went to back to back AFC Championship games.   The Pats have been to 3 straight AFC Championship games,  was in a super bowl and came close to winning it, etc.   So if the Pats have nobody but Brady,   that's some pretty damn impressive coaching.

  14. It's $199 and you can use it on phones, tablets, computers, certain gaming devices.   Sucks it's not on Roku or Fire TV, but oh well.   I can just use my chromecast.       But you don't get Redzone and Fantasy stuff with that price.

    The $299 or $350 bucks or whatever are just not worth it to me.   For 150 bucks more you get Redzone and some Fantasy shows. Redzone is cool, but not for 150 bucks more.

  15. Peyton Manning had 51 last year alone. sh*t M Sanchez threw for 26 TD's in 2011 (half of Wilson's total). Wilson is a blossoming star there is no doubt, but his D, and run game help him more than he wins for them.


      His defense does help him and Lynch is a great help, but lets not act like Lynch is AP and rushed for over 2000 yards.  

    The Jets had about the same kind of combined rushing attack as the Seahawks last season, but it sure didn't help Geno throw TDs or be any good most of the season.

  16. The Pack and the Hawks don't look all that scary to me. My friends were quick to point out I was crazy and that the Hawks made our Jets look like doodoo. I beg to differ. Anyway, the only good thing about the Pack is Clay Matthews. Their secondary is laughable. I wanted Ha Ha, but he looks lost out there. No D Line. They can't stop our run. Their offense looks mediocre at best. Jordy Nelson, he looked like Stephen Hill out there. He let the ball sail through his hands. I feel bad for the Discount Double Check guy. Week two, they get dominated. 


      The problem with this entire theory is the Seahawks also made Manning and guys like Decker look like crap as well.   If you go by the way Decker played against Seattle, he sucks.  If you go by the way Manning played in the Super Bowl, you would have never thought he had 55 TD passes last season.   But lets ignore that fact.     

     They played in Seattle. Seattle rarely loses at home and usually dominates.  And we all know the Packers stink.  Last season they were horrible when Rodgers went down.   But we also know the Jets are 7-17 on the road under Rex the last few years.  They were 2-6 last year and pretty much sucked as a road team.      And the Jets rarely seem to win back to back games under Rex.     So until we go out and think the Jets will go into Green Bay and blow them out,  they need to beat the Raiders first,  and they need to actually become a consistent team who can win on the road.   Because the reality is the Jets have been a terrible road team for three years.   A lot of that has to do with Rex.

  17. Only shedding light on this because A lot of you said this can't work in today's NFL. So what you all really mean is this can work, but not the way the Jets did it? I am pretty sure MM would love to send Percy Harvin on 5 Jet Sweeps a game, or someone equivalent to him, but he just doesn't have someone in his class.

    IMO I don't think it really matters how you do what the Hawks do, all that really matters is that you dominate up front on both sides of the ball, and have a QB who won't throw away the game, and even a bad play caller will look good.



      They scored like 26+ points a game last year,   they scored over 40 points in the Super Bowl.  They scored 36 points tonight.  

    They have a balanced attack and a QB who can throw TDs.    Wilson has 52 TDs and 19 INTs in his first two seasons in the NFL.   Think about that for a moment.  When your QB averages 26 TDs a year and only throws about 9 INTs,  thats a pretty damn good QB. That's not just a guy managing the game.  Yeah he doesn't need to be Rodgers or Manning or Brady.   But any QB who has 52 TDS passing in his first two seasons is pretty damn good.   Dismissing that is ridiculous. 

    It's one thing if Wilson had 15 TDs and 10 INTs and just had to manage games.  It's another story when a young QB has played better than many veteran QBs.   

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  18.   The Packers look bad, but then again the Broncos and Manning looked bad against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.   The Seahawks were the best team in the NFL last year,  are supposed to be great again this year, and are playing at home.   You know,  Seattle is a team who hardly ever loses at home and usually dominate teams at home.    


      The Jets should have a shot because the Packers are just Rodgers and a bunch of scrubs.  They proved that last season when he was out.  But assuming the Jets should have an easy time in Green Bay is a bit absurd.    Especially considering they jets went 2-6 on the road last year and have stunk the last 3 seasons on the road.   Something like 7-17 over 3 seasons.    

  19. I thought ground, and pound, and great defense is a terrible plan in the modern day NFL?


         If ground and pound means scoring 36 points,  it doesn't really matter what you call it.   

    When ground and pound means you need to win 13-10,  it doesn't usually work.   And thats how the Jets have been using the ground and pound for years.  Win 13-10.    It's also why thy struggle to be a 8-8 team every year and the Seahawks just won a super bowl.  The Seahawks have talent all over the place.


    Players, including how they're rated (especially by GM's), includes how much they make and how much of the cap they eat up.  Ffs, NFL 101?


    We'll have to agree to disagree on Revis as GOAT, frankly he's not even the best DB in the NFL now, much less for a decade or more.  I think Darrell Green and Dion Sanders might argue with your claim of Revis as GOAT, rightfully so, and that's just to start.


    As for the rest, I think the issue is your unrealistic expectations of an instant-pro-bowler fix at all positions on talent-starved roster.  Idzik addressed the position, while addressing many other more vital positions as well first (where he landed, as you say, the best WR and QB on the market to bolster our ailing O), and his choices failed and got hurt.  It happens.  It Decker and Geno both tear their ACL's week 1, that's not on Idzik as a bad general Manager for not knowing ahead of time it would happen.


      The entire argument about the QB only works if Vick was given a chance to start.  He never was, so he's really a $5 million backup QB. A backup QB that is injury prone.       Yeah if Geno stinks it up, Vick should come in.  But what's more likely to happen is Geno struggles, but doesn't have some 5 INT game.  So he keeps starting, keeps playing, but even a 15 TD and 20 INT season isn't going to get him benched.   So signing the best QB available is kind of a joke when you consider he signed a backup QB for $5 million bucks.       And as some have said, the Jets aren't winning it all this year anyway, so what is really the point of a 34 year old injury prone backup QB for one season?

  21. I'd compare our offensive situation to the Rams (and not just because of the presence of Schottenheimer).  Before Bradford went down its fair to say he was about a league average QB, maybe a little below average.  Better than Sanchez for sure, and good enough that the Rams invested a lot of draft capital in offensive skill players.  In fact, they spent more draft capital on WR's than any team in the NFL since Bradford was named the starter in 2010.


    Problem is, this is who they acquired:


    Tavon Austin (1st rounder)

    Brian Quick (first pick of 2nd round)

    Austin Pettis (3rd)

    Stedman Bailey (3rd)

    Greg Salas (4th)

    Mardy Gilyard (4th)

    Chris Givens (4th)

    Brandon Lloyd (trade for a 5th)


    Plus they used a 2nd on TE Lance Kendricks and signed Jared Cook to a monster deal after playing for Fisher in Tennessee.  They also signed Kenny Britt this past offseason.


    The best WR in the Bradford era?  Undrafted free agent Danny Amendola, now a Patriot.


    This is a team that kept trying to get skill players.  Perhaps Bradford was the bigger problem, but given that so many of those players ended up castoffs to other teams, it's safe to say we at least have one peer in the league when it comes to failures at the skill positions. 


    It's damn near impossible to find great skill guys in the middle rounds because the really good ones are so visible in college.  No one was going to let guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson or AJ Green fall out of the top 5 picks.  And even an unknown commodity like Tavon Austin required a top 10 pick.


     this is kind of depressing, but true.  The Rams have been the young up and coming team for years and they just never seem to get over the hump.   And Bradford might never be some great QB, but he had his moments.  He's also injury prone.    I really hope the Jets don't fall into the category of young and up and coming who never really become anything.    And Geno needs to improve a lot to just become like Bradford. And Bradford wasn't that great.

  22. Rex homerism aside, how is this different than any other season other than 2010? 


    He took over the worst offense in the league, lost his best player on both sides of the ball and won 9 games and went to the AFC Champ Game.  They finally fielded an above average roster in 2010, the only time in his career and with that solid of a roster, he  took that win total to 11 and beat two HOF'ers on the road to get back to the AFC Champ game.  From there on, his teams have sucked, he's had the worst starting QB in the league and its been all on him to get the most out of it.  Here were are in 2014 and nothing has changed.  The team sucks and Rex needs to work his magic.


    The dude has been doing more with less than anyone else in the league.  Unfortunately for him, 3 straight seasons with no playoff appearance means nothing short of the playoffs saves his job and this roster is far from a playoff caliber roster.


      He took over a Jets team who was 9th in the league in offense and they went 9-7 after Mangini and crew choked away an 8-3 start. And Favre was injured.   So yeah there was no Favre and they pushed to draft and start Sanchez,  but people act like he took over a 4-12 team.  The Jets were an 8-3 team the season before and looked like a team rolling into the playoffs.       And then it all collapsed.    But to say Rex took over one of the worst teams and offense in the NFL is ridiculous.

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