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  1. I think they've made some dumb moves over the years, including these, but the Pats have also won the AFC East like 13 times since 1999, and are always a 12 win and better team it seems. So whatever the hell most of us think about their moves, they still keep winning and are still contenders. The team has been to 3 AFC Championships in a row, to 1 super bowl, and are expected to contend again this year. I sure as hell would love for the Jets to make boneheaded moves, but still keep winning anyway. The jets seem to be "rebuilding" every few damn years. It would be nice to win an AFC East title once in a while and continue to win 10 games or more every year.
  2. Why would any of those guys be considered starters? Yeah I could see depth, but expecting a 3rd round pick who many thought should have been taken in the 5th round, isn't a guy who you should expect to start. Milliner was the 9th pick in the draft last year and sucked for most of the year. Many CBs struggle for a few years. But somehow a guy taken in the later rounds who missed his his last year in college due to injury is expected to come in and be the starter? That makes no sense at all. And it really makes less sense considering Milliner struggled so much last year. No GM should assume McDougle would be some good CB from day one. And he was injured all last year, so it should never haev been considered as an option. Patterson missed 33 games in the last 3 seasons, started like 20 games out of 78 in his career, and has always been injured. When a guy has played in 5 games a year for the last 3 years, and he isn't even a starter, no way anybody should assume this guy was going to start and be the #1 or 2 CB on the team. The rest of the guys are players you hope make the team, not players you expect to start. Yeah sometimes you get lucky and there is a diamond in the rough, but when every single player on that list is supposed to be a diamond in the rough, that's just a bad job by the GM. It's one thing to say Milliner and Cromartie weren't very good last year, it's another to say Patterson or Mcdouble should be starting. I really don't know why anybody thought those guys were starters without the injury issues. And Patterson being injured was a real shocker. Not. The guy missed 33 games in the last three years. And he's never been healthy his entire career. And he's never been a starter. What avg person on the street would want that guy on their Madden team to start, much less the GM of an NFL Franchise? That's the part that makes no sense. You really hope the GM doesn't wing it and pray that the scrubs he brought in make it. Idzik made some decent moves so far, but the way he handled the CB situation was a disaster. There is no way he could have thought Patterson and Mcdougle were the answer. Because if he really thought they were the answer to all the Jets secondary issues, the Jets are in serious trouble.
  3. It'll just mean they are 0-1, but if Carr looks like some pro bowl QB, it could be a long long season and signs of things to come. It would be great to see Geno and the offense do well, but if the secondary is just terrible against a rookie QB, it'll mean the Jets need to win games 40-35 every week and I just don't see that happening. Of course if the offense stinks and the secondary stinks, people will jump overboard.
  4. Yeah but the Texans resigned their guy till 2021. The Jets haven't even talked to Wilkerson about his contract. So far it just looks like they like paying him $1.6 million bucks. Will they pay him $10 Million per year with a lot in guaranteed money? Nobody knows, but so far the Jets haven't exactly been talking to Wilkerson about an extension.
  5. I really don't want the Jets to injure another Patriots QB. The last time that happened, Brady and the Pats took control and have owned the AFC East ever since. And that was a long time ago.
  6. They signed an Injury prone Patterson who missed 33 games in the last 3 seasons. They drafted a 3rd round CB who missed most of last season due to injury and many experts thought he would go in the 5th round, not 3rd. And this is after they drafted a CB with the 9th pick last year who sucked most of the season and had nagging injury problems himself. Somehow one of the top CBs taken in the draft last year might take a year or two or three to become a good CB in the NFL, but a guy who most thought would be taken in the 5th round suddenly becomes a starter in his rookie year? And was supposed to be good from the start? How does that make any sense? When that is what counts as the hope for the Secondary, it's a serious problem and it is on the GM. And we all assume Milliner will be healthy and great. The guy sucked for 90 percent of last season, so there isn't a guarantee he'll suddenly be a pro bowler, we just hope he becomes one. The problem is a GM shouldn't just hope one guy is great and hope some 3rd round pick coming off an injury is great from the start and some injury prone backup player coming off an injury is great as well. Even people who play some fantasy madden league would think that's dumb, much less a GM who gets paid millions to make these moves. Yet somehow many fans give Idzik a pass for the CB situation. We know he ignored the WR situation last year and it was a disaster. Somehow we all should expect the ignored CB situation to 'work itself out' through miracles. That really worked well for the WRs last season.
  7. Andrew Luck played one series. It's hard to say guys played against the other teams starters when their QB isn't playing.
  8. I sure hope Idzik isn't that kind of GM. A GM who doesn't budge and wouldn't do much next offseason because he's counting on a kid who wouldn't have played football in over 2 years, is not a good thing.
  9. That is a horrible example. Ivory is backup running back who can't catch and has injury issues. The Jets don't don't sign CJ if Ivory were a good RB. Nelson is ok, but he's a 3rd or 4th receiver. He had about 35 receptions last season, And he hasn't looked good this preseason. Winslow was ok, nothing special, only started 3 games, played in 12, and was gone after the season. 31 Receptions isn't some great pickup. Barnes? The guy played one month and has been injured ever since. Yeah you can't account for a guy missing due to injuries, but saying how great he is because he played 4 games and has been out ever since, means what? You can't really say Idzik is doing a great job because he signed guys like Barnes, Nelson, Winslow, and Ivory. One of those guys isn't even on the team anymore and didn't really do much last season Another guy played in only a couple of games and has been injured and out since. The RB had 850 yards rushing and can't catch a pass. He's a nice backup RB, he's not a guy who is going to get you to the playoffs. And the Receiver is a guy who most teams can find. He's not a guy that will change your season or team around. It's still early, but many of Idzik's draft picks from last season need to show they are good this season. Guys like Milliner, Smith, Ivory(traded for a 4th rounder), Winters, etc need to show they can be good, otherwise that entire "build through the draft" is pointless if most of those guys still stink as bad as they did for most of last season.
  10. He had 800 yards rushing last season. That's not a guy who teams can't stop. that's a guy who is an avg back.
  11. Yeah because Patterson has showed us why he's so much better than Cro and why he's not at all a cancer. It's one thing to cut Cro for all the reasons stated, it's another to bring in a guy to replace him who missed 33 games in the past 3 seasons and has been on 7 teams in 9 seasons. And has started only 20 games out of 78 in his career. As bad as Cro was, the guy still played 16 games. And said he wanted to be a Jet. Patterson couldn't even play preseason games due to injuries and then went AWOL and now the Jets have all this drama because of it. Just cut the guy, but the reality is, Idzik made a bad choice by only really adding Patterson to the secondary. And it blew up in his face. Lets hope some players step it up and Milliner comes back healthy and plays great. But if the Jets secondary stinks and Cro has a halfway decent season in AZ, Idzik looks bad.
  12. The problem is the Jets have no legit starting CBs. So this team really can't say "this is the 5-7 corners" because many of these guys might be starting or playing a signification amount of time. Patterson is always injured, Wilson sucks and Milliner is still injured and who knows what he's going to have when he comes back. So assuming the Jets will magically have a bunch of starting CBs one day is just a dream, not reality.
  13. Yeah Sanchez hurts shoulder last season. Lets hope he learned his lesson.
  14. They always seem to play like this. They really think 13-10 will get it done. The problem is this Jets defense isn't that great defense it was in the past, and in the past it wasn't as great as some other great defenses. It's why they wound up losing to the Colts and Steelers. Rex is like his father in a way where he expects 13-10 games all the time. He can't handle it if the other team scores 28 points. it's only preseason, but tonights game probably should be 21-7 or something. The Giants suck as a team. Maybe they get better, but so far this preseason Eli and that offense has sucked and the defense hasn't looked great. But Rex and the Jets always seem to play the same way. Score 13 points, hope the other team only scores 10. It's also why they always finish around 8-8. One bad play or lucky play and suddenly you lose 17-13. When you should have won 28-17.
  15. I wouldn't call it a great draft. Richardson is a beast and a great pick. Other than that it's still a big unknown. Milliner might be great, but he also sucked for 90 percent of last season. We assume he would become great, but who knows. He also seems to never be healthy. Geno Smith stunk for most of last season as well. It's unknown if he'll even be a start in the NFL in a few years, much less a great draft pick. Brian Winters had moments last year, but he also had bad moments. He hasn't exactly looked good so far this preseason. Aboushi was a practice squad guy. Campbell is a practice squad guy. Chris Ivory had moments, but he's also injury prone and a backup running back. If Ivory was a great pick up, the Jets never go out and sign CJ. But Ivory is useless in the passing game and not a guy who gets you 1000 yards rushing due to many factors. Nobody would call that great. Bohanon is great, but he's really not going to do anything to help the jets win. All in all, Idzik had one great pick in Richardson and the rest of his picks aren't sure fire bets to even be avg starters in the NFL, much less great ones. When a GM has a philosophy to build through the draft, he need to have more than one home run. This year we will see if Milliner is the real day, if Winters can step it up, if Geno Smith is a franchise QB, if Ivory can be great, if Aboushi can step it up, and so on. There are far to many "If this and if that" to say Idzik did well. The Jets just had a lot of players who wouldn't start on many other teams.
  16. That's why they still have Cousins and drafted him the same year they drafted RG3. And RG3 could be a star. Patterson is a scrub who can't stay healthy.
  17. Yeah but Hill hasn't done anything to warrant he should be on the team. How can he have 0 catches in the first preseason game? For a guy who needs to prove something and it's his 3rd season, that's a bad sign. And from reports, he's had some moments in camp, but he's also missed balls. Which is his normal routine. I would say if Hill is again a no show tomorrow, why is the guy on the team? The only reason is somebody up high still wants the pick to turn out to be something he will never become. Competition is great in theory, but a guy like Hill hasn't prove he even belongs in the NFL, much less, make the Jets this season. So if Hill does make the team and he doesn't do any better, what does that say about the guys who didn't make the team? They must've really sucked.
  18. Roddy White had a High Ankle Sprain Last year and pretty much wasn't the same player all year long. And everybody knows what he can do. You also have to remember Milliner had a hamstring injury and nagging injury issues last season. And it took all offseason to "recover" from it. Or at least that was the excuse on why he didn't really work hard this offseason. Nothing like rushing a guy back too soon and he winds up hurt again or is at 75 percent all year long.
  19. I think they will beat the Raiders. The Raiders are just a mess of a team and at this point don't even know if they'll stay in Oakland, go to LA or San Antonio. And Schaub was awful last season. It'll be a tough game against the Packers, but it's not like the Packers are the Super Bowl Packers team and it's not like they are a team who scores 50 points a game in Sept. If Geno doesn't turn the ball over, I think they will have a tight game. But i think in the end, the Packers pull it out. I think they lose to the bears. I don't think Cutler is a top 5 QB, but he's a stats guy and a guy like him will put up big numbers against this secondary. If the Jets DL doesn't put pressure on him, he'll have a field day. Detroit scores. They might lose often, but they have one hell of an offense. I just don't see this secondary stopping them. Which means the offense needs to score 30 points. I just don't see it. And the OL needs to get better than it was last night or Geno & Vick are going to be lying on the ground after Suh body slams them. WHo knows about San Diego. Rivers had a good season last year and it's in San diego. I think if it were in NJ, the Jets might win. But in SD, I think the Chargers win. By week 6, Denver and Manning are probably looking at home field advantage. Anything is possible, but it's hard to imagine the Jets being able to stop that offense. And a few Broncos might be out to prove they didn't need Decker. The Pats/Jets always seem to be close division games. They always have a chance and i imagine it'll be another split season. So I'll give the Jets the first game. And the Pats don't really have great Receivers. At least guys who will kill the Jets secondary. And who knows about Gronk. He's still injured. I think the next last 3 games on this list would be a win, win, and a loss. I think the Chiefs take a step back, and Big Ben and the Steelers are always a team who struggles to 9-10 wins. ----- Baring Injuries and anything else, I see them as a 4-6 team after the first 10 games.
  20. The Jets were also beaten down and blown out in 6 out of 8 losses against teams like the Bills, Dolphins, etc. So yeah they played well against Drew Brees and Tom Brady, but they made Tannehill look like a pro bowl QB. So what can you really take from a team who couldn't win back to back games most of last season and were blown out in 6 of 8 games? They were great against the Run, not much else. They were an 8-8 team that were blown out in most of their losses. And it's not like their Secondary is guaranteed to be so much better. It only improves if Milliner suddenly becomes a pro bowl CB and a bunch of rookies step up from day one and a guy like Patterson proves he's not the same guy 6 other teams don't want. And after last night, that sure wasn't what it looked like so far. That's a lot of hope and faith in an entire secondary being better than what normally is expected for 2nd year players, rookies, a guy like Wilson, and a player like Patterson. If Milliner is a pro bowl CB, but everybody else isn't very good, they are still in trouble. There is just a lot of faith and hope that everybody will have great years all at once. How often does that happen? I hope it does, but it seems some people just assume the defense is great just because.
  21. The issue with this kind of statement is that you need to think the same thing for whatever the Defense did. Luck pretty much played one series, so the rest of the game the Jets defense was facing an old backup QB. So it makes no sense to say Vick played against backups while saying Milliner looked better, but ignoring the fact it was mostly against a backup QB.
  22. Being Hill was pretty much MIA all game, it's starting to look like he shouldn't even be counted on making the team.
  23. The jets pretty much won 8 games last year because of their defense. They pretty much lost 8 games because their QB sucked and the offense was horrible. Who knows if Geno will be any better. If he's around the same player as last year, the Jets are in trouble. If he improves or Vick is the guy and doesn't get injured, anything is possible. The offense should have more weapons this year. But who knows if Decker will be a #1 WR or not. Who knows if CJ has anything left. Who knows if Ivory can stay healthy. Who knows if any of their rookies actually play on offense. As far as the defense, they signed a bunch of injury prone guys. They have a 2nd year CB who pretty much sucked for 85 percent of last season as the #2 CB. Now he's the defacto #1 guy. They have a big mouth rookie safety who hasn't proven a thing in the NFL and i imagine some teams have his name on their locker room. They also have an OC who wasn't all that great in Philly for the most part and when he left, a new HC and OC suddenly made the young backup QB into Peyton Manning. Was it just maturity or was it actually coaching ? Who knows. It wasn't like the Jets offense was any good last year. Blame it on lack of talent, but the reality is the Jets offense stunk under Marty last year. And being better than a team in one game is pointless. Great the Jets could beat the Patriots 30-3, beat the Broncos 30-10, and still wind up 8-8 because they don't show up for half the other games. Last year they beat up the Saints at home and pretty much stunk after that till a few meaningless games to end the season. When the games counted last year and people expected something, the Jets sucked. And they really sucked as in being blown out in most of their losses. The offense should be better this year, but it all revolved around Geno. If Geno is a turnover machine and Vick can't start half the season, the Jets aren't going to be that much different than last year. And they were barely an 8-8 team last season. There is a lot of excitement this year, but there are also a lot of unknowns on this team. You expect the Broncos and Pats to go 13-3 or 12-4. You expect them to be in the AFC Championship game. And even if some players get hurt or others aren't as good as advertised, it's pretty much what Manning and Brady have done in their careers. They get their teams to win divisions, to win home field advantage, and to the playoffs. The Jets could go 5-11 and nobody would be shocked. That's the difference. So yeah in one game, the Jets could beat the Pats or Broncos. But even if they did, those two teams are still expected to win the division and fight for home field in the playoffs. The Jets need to have a lot of young players and unknown players to step up to even think about going 10-6. Big difference.
  24. I am hopeful and maybe he was taking it easy due to the injured hammie, but the kid does have a history of these nagging injuries. He might not miss games, but playing like crap because of one isn't a good thing either. Plus he pretty much stunk for 90+ percent of the season last year, you would expect him to come out ready to prove he is the #1. Rex didn't seem to be happy with him at all. Maybe it was Rex being Rex, but I think it's more than that. There probably was some expectation he'd hit the weight room, do some offseason workouts, but he didn't do as Rex wanted. It might be nothing, but from what was reported and from what Rex is saying, Milliner seems to already think of himself as good enough to be #1. Some players have the talent, but not the work effort. And it's been months. If he has been relaxing for months, how is he going to go hardcore for a month? It's June. He should have had some recovery since December. There are also a lot of hamstring injuries due to the fact people don't pay attention to actually working that muscle. I'm sure he has trainers helping him, but again, Rex seemed a bit pissed in a PC way that Milliner came in with excuses instead of improvements.
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