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  1. If Vick barely plays another down in the NFL, his legacy is that he was a dog killer. It's as simple as that. There are many non NFL fans who want the guy dead. There are many Jets fans who said they won't even root for the team. Sorry, but Vick's legacy at this point isn't about football. Kind of like nobody thinks of OJ and football in the same sentence anymore. And OJ was a HOF NFL running back. Vick was a crappy QB who missed the prime of his NFL Career because he went to prison.
  2. Same reason you see Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby or other celebrities and coaches and sports stars at finals games and super bowls. They are rich, they have connections, and they like to be a part of the action. Many Head Coaches aren't like Rex. Rex likes to think of himself as a big time celebrity. And he kind of lives that lifestyle as you always seem to see him at random events. How many other NFL coaches are seen at random big events all the time? Rarely. I actually like the fact Rex is Rex and if he thinks of himself as a big time celebrity, then he should do what most celebrities do. They go to things like the World Cup or Super Bowl or Olympics or NBA finals and so on. If you can do it, why not.
  3. Well Milliner needs to actually be in shape before people anoint the guy as a Top CB.
  4. This is just BS. Steve Young wasn't just a "pocket passer." Nor was Elway for that matter early in his career. Tarkenton wasn't either. If somebody said Cunningham changed the position, I could agree because for the most part, African American's weren't though to be good enough to be QBs. Cunningham had a lot of issues, a lot of haters, but he was also a guy who punted the ball 90 years. He played for a crappy offensive coach(Buddy Ryan) early in his career and then he wound up almost taking the Vikings to the super bowl. He had quite a few 20+ TD seasons and a couple of 30+ TD passing seasons. He was also a guy who ran for 500-600 yards a season. I mean think about that for a moment. Chris Ivory had a whopping 850 Yards rushing and he was the Jets top RB last year. And Cunningham played in a different era. Now if your offense can't score 30 points, you suck as a coach. Vick had some good moments, but his moments were always Running the ball. If Vick was putting up 30 TD passes every year and throwing for 4000 yards while rushing for over 1000 yards a season, yeah he revolutionized the game. But he sucked as a QB. He was just a QB who ran the ball. You can't say he was better than most RBs though because for the most part, he wasn't. So he wasn't better than any QB and he wasn't better than any RB, hard to say he was revolutionary. To ESPN and a few fanboys, yeah maybe, but to the real world, not even close. He was just one of the most overhyped QBs ever and never lived up to expectations. Vick wasn't even a better passing QB than Sanchez. And Sanchez sucked. The reality is the only thing people will remember Vick for is that he killed and abused dogs and made them fight. And he got caught. That is his legacy no matter what he does from this point on. And by making statements like this, it kind of proves what kind of person he is and most of his "apologies" are BS.
  5. This is what I don't understand. He revolutionized the game and Coordinators worried about game planning for a QB who pretty much played half a season every year. Anybody that ever watched Atlanta would know he sucked as a QB. He would have open receivers and come nowhere close to hitting them. He would run first and never care about passing. He also would run first and wind up hurt. Vick was always Hype. Maybe he would have become a great QB if he put everything together over the years, but his Prime years were spent out of the NFL. So by the time he could have maybe put it all together, he wasn't playing. It would be like Kapernick playing a couple more years and then going off to prison instead of playing the prime years of his career. That's not revolutionizing the game, that's a young kid who screwed up, did bad things, and never reached his potential in the game. Because nobody in their right mind could say Vick was actually a good QB. He had one great year, and most of the rest of his career he was a guy who could run, but sucked when it came to actually needing to be a QB. I also don't get the "ring" comment and even if he was on the bench. Why say it ? It's PR. Who would ever say winning a ring while rinding the bench seals your legacy? That makes no sense at all. Great for the team, but does nothing for your legacy if you really had nothing to do with it. I mean Drew Bledsoe won a Ring back in 2001 from the bench. At least he can say he helped them win the Championship game. But really, why would anybody claim "your legacy" changed because of watching from the bench?
  6. This only matters if you stink. If the Browns make the playoffs or win a division, he can take any potshot at Rex he wants or any other former boss. But if the Browns go 4-12 this year and 4-12 next year, it sure won't do much for his career. It's the old "bad press, good press, doesn't matter.' Look at Mangini. He makes money on TV now because he kind of made a name for himself going after his former boss. If he stayed quiet and never said anything about the Pats or BB, nobody would even know who the guy was, hell he had the personality of a door nail for the most part. But he became a national figure more for his outing the Pats than his coaching. Did it hurt his NFL career? Maybe. But if you can still make a lot of money on TV talking about football, not exactly a bad thing.
  7. Goodson not showing up pretty much ends his NFL career. Even if he doesn't win a starting or backup role, by showing up, playing hard, showing he has some talent and recovered from last years injuries and legal incident, could go a long way. And it wouldn't just be for the Jets. Him not showing up at all, plus from what has been said, not talking to anybody all offseason, pretty much tells any team he's not worth it. And with the RB position the way it is now in the NFL, who would waste money and time on a guy like Goodson? I doubt any team would. Why not take a chance on some 3rd or 4th rounder. Goodson hasn't done anything in his career before the past year of legal hassles and injuries to warrant he deserved to stick around anyway.
  8. When his own agent comes out and says Goodson needs to take responsibility for his own actions, youre in trouble.
  9. yeah based off of his stellar career thus far.
  10. Yeah except New Orleans sucked the year Payton was suspended.
  11. Yeah because Seattle was known to score only 18 points a game and won the super bowl by scoring 18 points?
  12. The difference is Austin was an un-drafted player who pretty much was a special teams player the first few years of his career. And he showed flashes as a special teams player, returning a kick in a playoff game. And in his first real season as a starting WR, he made the pro bowl. Hill was a 2nd round pick (Jets didn't want to give up a 2nd round pick for Austin) and he's played and/or started over the first two years. Maybe he's lucky that the Jets WRs stink, but he has shown nothing in his first two seasons that says he will do anything this season. Austin at least showed he could provide something on Special Teams and in the return game.
  13. This makes no sense really. Any knowledgeable football fan acts more like the players & coaches about other teams. Even the horrible Jacksonville Jaguars won 4 games last year. Nobody should dismiss any team, especially on the road. But teams like the Broncos are far more worried about the Patriots and teams in their own division more than the Jets. Same goes for the Jets. The Jets are far more worried about the Pats and so on moreso than the Broncos. Last season the Jets looked like a playoff team in their win over the Saints. But for 7 other games they looked as bad as the Jaguars. Rex has been great at building up the "underdog" mentality and always seems to have a good defense. But Rex's teams also have a tendency to get blown out many times when expectations are put on this team. ' 'The Jets could beat down the Broncos 28-16 and wind up finishing 7-9 while the Broncos finish 13-3 and make another run to the super bowl. That's the problem the Jets have under Rex Ryan. They get psyched over a game in September or October and wind up not showing up for November or December.
  14. Did you even watch football in 2001? Or are you just making stuff up. Brady had like 1 TD & 1 INT in 3 postseason games that first super bowl run. Sanchez had 4 TDS & 2 Ints. The Patriots defense held what might be the best offense of all time to 17 points. And the Patriots scored 20. Yeah it was all Tom Brady. And Rex took over Mangini's team and Favre was gone. The offense became far less explosive with Sanchez and Rex loved the ground and pound. It worked out to an 8-8 like season, save for a gimmee vs the Colts. Which jolted them into the playoffs and they had a great playoff run. But the Jets were 9-7 the year before Rex and 9-7 his first season. And they only made the playoffs because the Colts sat Peyton Manning and a few starters. Yeah that had nothing to do with it.
  15. We will see what the real plan is once the preseason games start. I don't see how it's a "fair" competition if Vick only plays against the 2nd and 3rd stringers. At that point, even if he lights it up and is far better than Geno, it's still against other teams backups and practice squad players. Nobody would care and he won't start because of that. So if Vick is really thought to just be a backup and only a backup, he won't ever get much reps or game time with the first team. Which means there was never a legit competition anyway. I hope it's a legit competition. Because if it's not and Geno comes out struggling the first few weeks of the season, everybody will be calling for his head. Many people wanted Simms to start last season. So imagine 4 weeks into the season and Geno struggles. Fans scream for Vick and who knows what Rex will do. People were screaming for Everybody else during the Sanchez years. And they never benched him. It took him being hurt to finally be benched. Best case scenario, Geno shows he is improving and we move forward with him as starter and hope for the best. Worst case scenario is the Jets don't give Vick any shot at starting, Geno stinks it up and is benched by week 5, VIck comes in plays ok, gets hurt a few weeks later, and they are back to Geno stinking it up.
  16. Drew Bledsoe was more responsible for that first AFC Championship win. And Brady might have been the MVP of that first super bowl win, but he didn't exactly play that great. It was the defense that won that game and a kicker. If Adam misses the FG, nobody thinks much of Brady. And who knows what happens going forward. People forget that the Patriots were a pretty damn good team those years and Brady had some Sanchez like numbers. Sanchez actually had a decent postseason, even though he was a terrible QB. A big part of being a coach is developing players. Rex has been awful in developing players. He took over a 9-7 team who should have been 11-5 if Favre and Mangini weren't idiots. And after a few years, this team sucked. Now it's rebuild again. Rex seems to be a great coach when it comes to 8-8 like seasons. Beyond that, I'm not so sure. Blame it on Tanny, blame it on Idzik, blame it on all the assistant coaches and OC and so on, but somehow Rex gets a pass after 5 years as a HC. People say Gruden took over a super bowl winning team. Well Rex took over a team who was like 8-3 the season before with Favre before they choked down the stretch and Favre was injured. I'm not sure why Rex gets a pass 5 years into his HC regime and the Jets are pretty much in a rebuilding mode. He's a good enough coach to always have a good defense and keep the team in most games, but he doesn't seem to have a clue how to improve the team. The Jets have pretty much struggled to be 8-8 since Rex has been HC. Blame it on whoever you want, that's who he seems to be.. Lets hope the offense improves and he gets as much as he can out of the young defense. But who knows. 5 years as a HC isn't exactly no time at all
  17. did you actually watch the games with Mcknown? I'd say marshall was a big factor on why the guy is now the assume starting QB for the Bucs.
  18. Fair or not, Vick is pretty much the most hated guy in sports these days. If Vick signed with the Dolphins or Patriots or Bills, everybody would be killing those teams. But hey the Jets signed him so it's a likable move. It works out well if he stays healthy and helps them win. It's a wasted signing if he gets hurt often and barely plays.
  19. If this was track, great, but it's highly unlikely in the NFL he's going to be able to run really fast in straight lines all the time. And even when he does, he's probably going to drop the ball. It's really hard to "chuck up the ball" 50 yards and hope your WR catches it these days. It seems teams that win depend more on short routes, quick routes, TEs, RBs, etc. They don't really rely on a guy like Hill to run as fast as he can 50 yards anymore and hope the QB gets 5-10 seconds to throw it. He should go to the Raiders. They still love that deep ball kind of game that hasn't done much for them in years.
  20. Except Jay Cutler only played in like 11 games last year.
  21. Ford and Patterson are not upgrades and are guys that might barely play due to injury. Counting on them to play 16 games is a reach. You could say the same thing about Vick. Worse case scenario is Vick is Vick and misses most of the season, Ford & Patterson can't play because they are injured, Giacomi is just a replacement and not an upgrade, Johnson is old and shows it, and Decker shows he can't be a #1 WR and isn't very good without Manning. All of these things are very possible. That's the scary part. The Jets have a lot of upside because of these additions, but they also added a lot of injury prone guys who all come with "Will they play a full season?"
  22. Except he's not a free agent. He's a 26 year old rookie who has a history of knee problems. Lets hope he makes the team, but lets not act like a 26 year old rookie is the same as a 26 year old free agent with 4 years of NFL experience. Mo Wilkerson will be 25 years old and he already has a bunch of good years in the NFL and many more left. Huge difference.
  23. pedro55


    And the Browns are saying Johnny is a backup because the kid who started a couple of games should be the starter. Geno is the starter until the games start. If Vick gets hurt or is completely done due to age, he was a terrible signing. He becomes like the Garrard signing in that case. Pointless. But if he has anything left and plays like he did early last season and can stay healthy, he makes Geno sit on the bench. That's just the reality. Vick has a lot of bad qualities as a QB, but he's been a game changer when healthy. Geno was one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Huge difference.
  24. This theory only works in years like last year and this year. New GMs, new scouts, etc and hope that they know what they are doing. Nobody would say Tanny and crew knew more than most people. How many people would say those who worked for Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Buffalo etc for the past decade or so had a clue what they were doing? And all those teams had 'professionals' being paid to scout and draft and develop players. We all hope Idzik and staff know what they are doing and have a plan that will lead them to a super bowl. But nobody actually knows if Idzik knows what the hell he's doing. Lets hope he does. In every profession people hire those they know, they hire friends of friends, they hire family, they hire people whom they think is likable and good at what they do. But just because somebody is paid well to do something doesn't always mean they actually know what they are doing. There are plenty of jobs related to nepotism in the NFL.
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