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  1. Maybe, but the guy is under contract, had a damn good season, and they really don't get much out of trading a 4th or 5th round for him.
  2. It depends if you think he's better and more valuable than Decker. If you think he's similar, you pay him that amount.
  3. I don't really agree. There have been quite a few owners in various sports who were given their teams. AKA handed down to them. Guys like Woody Johnson, The new Busses in Laker Land, the young Steinbrenners, etc pretty much were born into their wealth and didn't do much to earn their money or own a sports team. They are no smarter or intelligence or more important than anybody else. They just were born into the right family. And NFL players are pretty much replaceable. When guys like Peyton Manning and Joe Montana can be dumped, it's not really a question of owners really valuing their stars or players. If they can find a cheaper, younger, version, teams will dump HOFers.
  4. Seattle kind of did that. Carroll was hired and then they hired Schneider with the assumption Carroll handled the Players and Schneider handled the Salaries & Contracts. Obviously those guys work together, but Seattle gave Pete a lot of control, it seems the Jets gave Idzik far to much control for a guy with no GM experience at all and kept Rex on some "prove it" contract. If it works out it makes Woody and Idzil look smarter than the rest of the NFL. If it doesn't, Rex is fired and Idzik looks like an inexperienced GM who was given too much control.
  5. Ivory is a RB. We know what they Jets have with him. Not much more than Shonne Greene and injury prone. Not sure what's so great about that. And who knows about Mo. What happens if he wants to be paid and Idzik doesn't want to pay him what he wants? Everybody assumes it's all about re-signing these guys, but some of these guys want to get paid and so far Idzik has shown he doesn't like paying guys big money. And Geno, Geno stunk last year, there is no assumption he'll even be the starter this year, much less next. And it all depends on this years draft and this team. If they go 10-6 and many draft picks show progress and last years picks show progress, everybody will love it. But if the Jets go 5-11 and Ivory has another blah 800 yard rushing season, Milner crashes as the #1 CB, Geno stinks, Vick is injured, nobody will be saying look at this young team.
  6. Nobody cares if you win. They might get pissed when they leave or get cut, but guys like Corey DIllon, Rany Moss, etc were good for that team. When Moss was being a baby, they didn't really use him and he was cut. All that works when you win. It's kind of the "players coach" and Rex is great when you win, but when they were losing, the Jets locker room was in shambles a couple seasons ago.
  7. He has to think he's going to start for the Jets or he doesn't sign. The market is cold, but it's been cold on most QBs. But teams like the Raiders, etc could be places Vick starts. that is unless they want to draft a QB in the first round. But that's the problem. If you think Geno should be given another year, you dont' sign Vick. If you think Geno sucks, you sign Vick. He's not that good for one, always gets injured, and brings a circus to town.
  8. If the Jets sign Vick, a lot of that is out the window. Vick will be PR. He'll be a circus whether people like it or not. And he doesn't fit in with build through the draft and go with youth. And he's not a backup QB and doesn't want to be. So if they sign Vick it's either a Woody PR move or Idzik really doesn't have a legit plan. You don't spend most of free agency avoiding the big name free agents due to cost, age, fit, etc but then go and sign Vick. However if the Jets think Geno sucks, they sign Vick because you plan on drafting a QB and groom him for a year or two.
  9. Vick isn't coming to be a backup. It's nice that fans think Geno Smith is the guy, but obviously the Jets don't think that. They have been tied to McKnown, Vick, & Schaub and Vick is visiting this weekend. Those 3 guys aren't going to be backups. McKnown signed with the Bucs to be the starter. Vick has said he wants to start. He's not going to a team like the Packers, Broncos, Patriots, Falcons, 49ers, etc. He knows he wouldn't start at those places and have no shot at starting. Teams like the Jets, Raiders, etc don't exactly have good QB situations. So people can view it as he'll be a backup, but I view it more as, Vick is going to sign with a team where he pretty much is going to be the starer or has a hell of a good shot at starting. And the fact the Jets are talking to a guy like Vick and not the Shaun Hills or Ryan Fitzpatricks of the world, you know guys who aren't going to be starters anywhere, tells you where Idziks head is.
  10. So by the time his contract is up, "he gets it" and winds up on another team. makes sense. You can't wait 4 years for a guy to Maybe "be good" in the NFL. Why did a guy like Hilton in Indy get it from the start? He might have his issues, but at least he contributes. Hill pretty much is pointless on the field after two years in the NFL.
  11. I guess the Seahawks shouldn't have traded for Lynch or Harvin, signed Bennet, Avrill, etc then.
  12. Winning teams use the draft, free agency, undrafted guys, practice squad guys, and more to win. The Seahawks are a prime example of that. They didn't sit still and they didn't just build through the draft. The Patriots rarely do. It's still a wait and see for me, but it seems Idzik is trying to do everything through the draft and not much else.
  13. What are you talking about? Tebow rushed for 600 yards, I said 600 yards. WHo is saying he sucks? He is what he is, a #2 or #3 WR.
  14. Do you hear yourself? Tom Brady was a 6th round pick in 1999. He turned out to be great, but how many other HOF QBs have been drafted in the 6th round? And if Bledsoe doesn't get hurt, does Tom Brady even start? You need to build through the draft, but thinking a 6th round pick is the answer is a bit ridiculous.
  15. Context. Tebow sucked as a QB, but the guy was pretty damn good on the ground. He had what, 600+ rushing yards. Team didn't give a damn about him passing the ball, they worried about him running. He's not RG3 or Vick or Newton, but he won some games with his legs. Remember the Jets losing to them? So it was some nice numbers, but saying Tebow sucked and Decker still had 8 TDs is stretching the truth. Teams were more worried Tebow would run for a TD compared to throwing for one. And so that's how it went and Decker took advantage. Good for him, but people act like it was all Decker when it wasn't.
  16. The Seahawks made like 900 moves over a few seasons. Something like 250+ moves the first year Schneider/Carroll were there. They have used trades, free agents, the draft, undrafted players and more to build that team. But yeah, lets keep saying it's all about the draft because that'll make it true or something.
  17. The Seahawks and Pats are both considered young teams as well. None of that really means anything, especially if guys like Wilkerson want to get paid more than Idzik wants to pay them.
  18. I agree. They should have just faxed over that idea to his agent and not wasted any time. The guy had kind of a prove it year with the Broncos and they thought enough of him to offer him a ridiculous contract. He balked, they signed talib, and he was off to find another team. A player is worth what the market says he is. The Broncos thought he was worth a lot. The Giants did as well. Idzik obviously has a different opinion, but at the same time, why waste time interviewing a guy both know won't sign that deal.
  19. Holmes has been injured and pretty much a selfish useless player since his big money payday. So the idea is to replace him with a guy who can't stay on the field for a little better production? Makes little sense. If they give him some 1 year deal for 1.2 million bucks, no guarantees, why not, but the guy is a gamble and counting on him to do anything is like counting on Garrard to be the QB.
  20. Maybe Millner will be great, but it's asking a lot for a second year guy to be "The Guy" on a team who pretty much relies on CBs to be everything all the time. And considering Millner pretty much stunk for most of last year, was benched multiple times, it's a huge assumption that he will be that guy. He had a nice December, but people seem to forget a lot o teams have great decembers followed by crappy seasons. Lets just hope he can handle all the pressure if they don't sign anybody else. And drafting a CB will do what? Have a rookie struggle all season long and put even more pressure on Millner? Put more pressure on Wilson who pretty much as been terrible if not put in the right spot.
  21. There are always risks. Nobody thought Brees would be Brees, but he was a pretty damn QB for a franchise that pretty much was recovering from the Ryan Leaf fiasco back then. If you switched Culpepper to the Saints and Brees to the Dolphins, there might not be the stranglehold of the Pats winning the AFC East every season. WHo knows, but we do know the Saints would pretty much never have any suspensions and probably no playoff births. That entire franchise was recovering from Katrina and with Brees, Bush, Peyton as HC, they changed not only the team, but that entire city around in a sense. The city still has issues, but the Saints probably aren' t even in New Orleans at this point if Culpepper was a Saint and Brees was a Dolphin.
  22. You mean moves like this ( Wes Welker, G Louis Vazquez, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and DT Terrance Knighton) kind of helped Denver get to a super bowl. Or you could say Seattle won a super bowl because they also added guys like Percy Harvin(huge trade) and DEs Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett. Does being the big spenders in FA win you championships or even get you there? No, ask the Dolphins, Eagles, or Redskins. But obviously adding great players who help your team is a plus over hoping you are some genius who can draft 12 All pros every year.
  23. He has talent, but he's worse than Pennington when it comes to injuries. It's almost a guarantee this guy won't play a full season or even half a season. or he will play, but not be 100 percent most of the season and suffer for it. It's an interesting signing, but it's like Garrard or Winslow last year. They might get lucky and he has a decent healthy year. Or he might be hurt all year and is pretty much a non factor. It's more a flip of a coin over planning on him contributing. If he helps, great, but if you depend on him to be a factor, it's a bad move.
  24. This isn't true at all. Look at how the Seahawks traded, signed, found undrafted players. They are a team who pretty much built through players nobody else wanted or thought were good. They also traded for Marshawn Lynch, Charlie Whitehurts, signed Matt Flynn, traded for Percy Harvin, etc. And the Seahawks found a lot of guys in rounds 4-7 who became really good. But when people say "seahawks built through the draft" they kind of miss the point of how that team was built.
  25. These kinds of comments are out of touch with reality. The Seahawks found great players through the draft, but they also were a team who made splash signings/trades every season. Marshawn Lynch, Sydney Rice, Pervy Harvin, guys like Matt Flynn & Charlie Whitehurts, Avril, Bennet, etc. Not every move worked out, but when people say Idzik is following the Seahawks, they obviously didn't pay much attention to how the Seahawks actually built that team.
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