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  1. If the Jets are 8-8 or worse this season, Rex is probably fired. Not sure how that's rebuilding if you have to start over with a new HC and a new philosophy. Rebuilding makes sense if Rex was fired and a new coach gets a few seasons to build the team into a winner. Rex isn't going to last 2-3 more years rebuilding a team.
  2. I also think it's a free for all these days and everybody is on twitter so crap gets said long before any deal is signed. AKA player loves the idea of playing for said team, tells a buddy, some media type overhears a conversation or is buddy buddy with one of the players friend and suddenly we read on Twitter that so and so signs. But said Player talks to agent and agent is pissed. I bet that happened with Revis. He wasn't sure about the deal, told his manager, but agent thought the deal was the best deal, and convinced him to sign. Crap like this happens all the time, except now people post stuff on twitter before any official deal is signed. And some players get "smacked" by their agents because they aren't exactly smart when it comes to money and finances. It's why they hired a damn agent in the first place. It's also why there are far more backtracks these days or teams trying to ban social media posts. If a player has a lot of interest, but the agent wants to hold out for a better deal, it sure doesn't help if some media type overhears things and assumes it's a done deal. It might have been for the player, it might be a bad idea to an agent. And so it goes.
  3. If Howard sucks and the Raiders cut him before the 5th day of next season (2015), they take a $0 cap hit and no penalty. But he did get $8 million (salary + bonus) this season.
  4. People just read what they want to read. Howard will make more money over his contract, but he's getting half his bonus this year, half the next and is only making like 2.9 Million this year, 3 something next year and so on. And if he stinks, the Raiders can cut him next year and not lose anything. It was actually a pretty damn good deal for the Raiders.
  5. Yeah a guy name Lynch doesn't help either.
  6. The 49ers lost a super bowl a year ago and are a super bowl contender, the Seahawks just won a super bowl, the Packers are an example of what? Without Rodgers that team pretty much sucks. We saw how they did last season without their QB. Yeah easy to build a team and not do much when you have a HOF type QB who has the weight of the world on his shoulders for that team. And even going back a year or two, yes, you need to build through the draft, but did anybody actually follow who was on the Seahawks ? They had quite a few players who came from free agency or trades that helped them win that super bowl. Hell the 49ers went out and grabbed Boldin. yeah you need to build from the draft, but you'd be blind to say the Seahawks just won the super bowl because it was all about the draft. I mean they were a team who pretty much made big trades/signings every damn year. Did they do it the first few days of free agency, no, but they still brought in a boatload of talent to help them win.
  7. And we heard Revis's Manager tweet there was no deal last night.
  8. I don't know how these teams do it, but the Broncos have signed a boatload of players without space, the Saints signed the best S for a boatload of money and no cap space, and the Pats have very little space and just signed Revis and are talking to Browner. Somehow these other teams don't seem to care about the cap and find ways to bring in players.
  9. It's a great move on the Jets. He is the best WR on the team and the best that was out there this season. They still should draft a potential #1 WR in the draft and work him in with Decker and others. If they wind up signing Jones, that would give Geno some weapons to play with. At that point it becomes does Geno actually improve or not.
  10. Having Manning as your QB kind of helps with stats.
  11. They are about the same overall. Avg players at best. Only difference is the new guy is coming off a knee injury last year, but he did play in the super bowl. His issue has been penalties. He's been terrible at that for a couple of seasons. It's a nice move, but it's not an improvement per say. It's more like they lost Howard, they need to replace him. They didn't get better or worse, but about the same. And does anybody know what the offer was? Was it that much cheaper than Howards?
  12. He made a lot of bad moves, but at the end of the day back to back AFC Championship seasons with a crappy QB is far more than any other Jets GM has done before or after besides the one super they won long before many of us were even around.
  13. Maybe his agent found out nobody else would pay him as much as the Jets might. Odd that you would take this long to figure out if you want to be on the team or not.
  14. Is Decker worth 8 Mil per year? Probably not, but the Jets need a WR, he has talent and is young, and he won't come to the Jets for cheap. So either they pay him close to what he wants or they don't get him. Not sure why it's taken all day unless the Jets are really trying to be cheap or Decker is really asking for Revis type of money.
  15. Your math is off or just assume everybody will be cheap. Revis could be at $14 million. Deck probably 7-8 million. Howard's replacement would be around 4-5 Million. who knows about Sanders, but with 3 players they could be around 30+ million, not 25.
  16. Who knows where he is because he's not sitting at the negotiating table, his agent is. He might be there, but at this point it becomes about what his agent thinks he should get paid and what Idzik and the Jets Lawyers think he should get paid. Being it's been an all day thing, there is no guarantee they ever come to an agreement. Teams don't take all day if they see eye to eye or at least are close on a deal.
  17. You could be the Jets. Sign nobody and save money.
  18. They actually have a good team, they just choked away the season. And they've been a terrible organization for years. But with good coaching, they have one hell of a team. Right now with good coaching, the Jets offense still sucks.
  19. There are no do overs in the NFL. If the Jets crash and burn this season and Rex is fired, that would mean Idzik pretty much sucked as a GM his first two seasons. If a new coach comes into town, who would they hire? Some guy who doesn't care about power? Most of the good coaches want a say in who they pick, sign and trade for. Coaches with few options usually just sit back and let the GM do the work. But Idzik hasn't proved he knows how to build a winning team yet. I hope he has a plan and the Jets win and Rex is a part of that. I don't want to think where this organization is heading if they wind up 4-12 and dump Rex. It would be far more on Idzik than Rex at that point.
  20. Any team who thinks they can win will try and sign him. The Saints and Broncos weren't rich with cap space, but somehow signed some of the top Free agents. So the Pats, 49ers, and any other team who thinks they can pay him and make it work under the cap will do it. ANybody who thinks they can be cheap will be laughed at. It is Revis.
  21. The Jets also haven't been to the playoffs in 3 seasons, so they aren't even in the super bowl conversation.
  22. True, but if you don't bother with the top 100 free agents, you wind up like the Jets offense. Not very good.
  23. This makes no sense at all. So a team who just lost a super bowl has an interest in getting better, but a team who hasn't made the playoffs in 3 seasons has no interest in anybody? How does that make sense? And the Jets just lost their starting CB & Tackle, so add that to more players they need to add. It's one thing to overpay, it's another just to sit back and think you're smarter than everybody else. Normally that's not reality.
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