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  1. Who really knows about any of that 'fate' stuff. If The Tuck was really a fumble, Patriots lose to Raiders. Brady is nothing special the first few seasons and BB isn't considered a genius. Raiders and Gruden might've won a super bowl. Bucs don't get Gruden and don't win a super bowl. I think BB showed how great of a coach he is the year Brady got injured and the Pats still went 11-5. But does any of that happen if The Tuck was a fumble? Maybe he's gone in a few years and Brady is on the long list of QBs nobody ever remembers. Because the truth is Brady gets a lot of credit in those early years when the Pats had a great defense and Adam was making 50 yard field goals in the snow. Now Brady and the Pats are like the Colts and Manning were years ago. Big offensive numbers, lots of regular season victories, weak defense, and no super bowl victories. Like Manning and his Colts years ago, other teams make one or two great plays, the Patriots make one or two bad plays, and they seem to choke away victories.
  2. Who do people in Los Angeles root for? They lost two teams. I think most people either still root for the Raiders or they don't root for anybody. Cleveland got screwed and got a bad team back while the Ravens won a super bowl and have been a playoff team most years. St Louis lost the Cardinals got the Rams and won a super bowl and were a great offensive machine for a few years. Now they are avg, but have potential with the right moves. I'd say people in St. Louis got the better deal. Arizona has been a joke for years, except for that one season they went to the super bowl. Do people in NJ still root for the Brooklyn Nets? Do people in Brooklyn still root for the Dodgers? Does anybody in NY still root for the SF Giants? I think after awhile, you just move to another team, or just keep rooting for the same time until the next generations just move away from that philosophy.
  3. I don't buy this at all because Tebow was the only backup for most of the season. So if he's that bad in practice and Rex has no faith in the kid at all, why not dress 3 QBs, just in case. With that logic, Greg wasn't even good enough to be active for 95 percent of the season, and yet he still started a game. My opinion is Woody wanted Tebow here (which scares me in that he might fight for Vick since it's all about PR), Rex and Tanny didn't, and Rex pretty much made sure Tebow looked bad or never played. It's like one of those "F - U" moments a kid shows to their parents or a employee shows to their bosses. Except in the end, only Rex looks like the idiot. Tebow isn't a starting QB in the NFL. He's a gimmic. He might have some sort of 'it' and leadership quality and he seems like a good kid, but at the end of the day, nobody is going to let him start at QB. I don't even think Jacksonville would. If you suck in practice and everybody thinks you suck as a QB, you'll never play. That's Tebow. He might have a knack for winning, if everything falls into place, but he just doesn't have a knack for being a QB. But saying all that, what is the point of starting Mark this last game? If he really really sucks or gets hurt(Dree Brees last game injury), the Jets can't trade him for dog poop. If he lights it up and they win big, Sanchez sticks around and people start demanding he get another chance. Nobody is going to think he's worth 8.5 Million around the NFL. Maybe thats what Rex is trying to do. Maybe he hopes he's still HC and hopes Sanchez is the QB. And if that's the case, Rex is dumber and has more man love for Sanchez than any of us thought. Which is scary.
  4. The Jets were an 8-8 team his first year(nobody should ever count or give credit in regards to that Colts game), they had their best season the second year but were still a wildcard, they went 8-8 last year and missed the playoffs , and this year they will be 7-9 or 6-10. Yes, they had two great playoff runs and we all loved Rex and the Jets for that. The problem is, they were never that great, never even won the division, and they really never should have made the playoffs the first year. Great that they did, but people like to overlook the truth just because nothing really good happens to the Jets. And they really didn't show up for 3 Quarters against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game in year two. Not sure how that's even possible. it was as if they spent their load in beating the Patriots. But who in their right mind would call this franchise on the right track? Who would claim Ryan is a great coach? They never won a division, they have gotten worse the last two years, and there is no sign that they are improving in any aspect of the game. It's like Herm Edwards all over again. Come in, make the playoffs, have nice run, and then just get worse and worse. Hell, Mangini had a good first year, and then just fell apart after that. It's the same theme over and over again. The jets seem to have no clue how to draft, how to sign players, how to develop players regardless of who is coaching or who is GM.
  5. I'm all for winning, but the Jets seem to be that 8-8 team (give or take a loss or win) every year, over and over and over. 8-8 teams never seem to improve. They just continue to be 8-8. Teams that win seem to know how to draft, sign players, trade players, etc. Teams like the (49ers for like twenty years), Patriots (over the past 15 years), Hell even the Eagles for like ten years with Reid/McNabb, and even the Giants over the past 7 years. The Jets just seem to dump QBs and Coaches and never really get better. We are always in the same spot. No QB. No real coach who knows how to win or build a winner or lead. Or a coach who wants out. Or a GM who knows how to scout talent. And now it seems a GM who has no clue how to finagle numbers under a cap. I think the Jets finish 8-8 as the Chargers are done and the Bills are horrible. Where does that leave us? Same place as last year, same place as they were a few years ago, same place they were under Herm, under Al Groh. Under everybody. They are always the 8-8 team that can't seem to ever get over the hump and become a division winner.
  6. As much as we'd like to think this is a joke, knowing Woody and his need for green and publicity, it might be a big possibility. Suddenly the Jets are back in the news. Will Vick be able to capture former glory? Will the Jets win with Vick. What's the circus going to be like next year? It's a never ending cycle of madness with this team. And it's never good madness. I really hope it doesn't happen, but the more you really think about it, it is a move Woody would make.
  7. The reason why this theory doesn't work is because Tebow was the #2 QB all season long. Greg was inactive 13 out of 14 games. Even in a game where Tebow wasn't going to play due to injury, Greg was inactive and Tebow was the backup. So if the offense was far too complex for Tebow to be a backup or start, why was he the backup the entire season and Greg never even suited up? That's the part that makes no sense and there is no excuse. If Tebow was never good enough to even be the backup, in reality, what does that say about McElroy that he wasn't even good enough to suit up? I doubt they are really 'looking' at Greg to prove anything at this point. Maybe he's playing for the 3rd string job or something, like it's preseason. If most of the staff are long gone and they are looking for a QB in the draft or through a trade or free agency, no matter what Greg does in these two games will matter. If he's terrible, he's probably cut anyway. If he's great, they'll keep him around to be the 3rd stringer. To me it's one of those, "Who cares I'm fired" moments for the coaches. And they never liked Tebow or wanted him here, so why bother giving him a chance. What it really does is screw up any trade they could have had for Tebow. Everybody at this point assumes Tebow can't be an NFL QB. So what would they have lost by putting him out there the last two games? If he stinks, people already don't think much of him as a QB. If he's Average, but they win, some teams might think he is a winner. Jets fans want to hope Greg is something more than he's not. There is a reason the kid was inactive all season long. So starting him isn't going to do anything for the future of the Jets. Not starting Tebow just means they probably won't be able to trade him at all. Would they have gotten anything for Tebow? Maybe a late draft pick, but that's better than nothing. And what do they do with Sanchez? I just don't see any team wanting Sanchez either.
  8. I dont think Tebow is a QB in the NFL, he just can't throw. But what has Locker or Weeden done to make you think they are actually NFL QBs with a future? It wasn't like Locker was that much better than Sanchez Monday Night. And Weeden. He's a wasted pick. The guy is already 29 years old. By the time he learns how to be an NFL QB, if he ever does, he'll be way past his prime.
  9. The Jets were an 8-8 team the first year, got lucky cause the Colts forfeited an entire second half of a game, and then they had a great playoff run. It wasn't like he did a bang up job that season. They just had a good playoff run, caught some breaks, and then lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship. The second season was his best, but they were too overhyped. THe defense wasn't as good and they got blown out on primetime to the Patriots. It was one of those, "same old Jets" moments. THen they beat the Colts, played a hell of a game and beat down the Patriots, and then didn't bother to show up for most of that Steelers game. So really, Ryan has had three out of four seasons where the Jets were an 8-8 team. And that's assuming they win the last two games this year. And the team has just gotten worse and worse, talent wise.
  10. The only hope is if Rex gets fired, some other team hires him as HC, and he convinces some GM and owner that Sanchez just had a bad year or didn't have the right pieces in place. And suddenly some idiot GM & Owner falls for Rex's BS and Rex continues his man love of Mark. Coming back to reality, Mark and his agent(brothers) would be morons if they renegotiated, the Jets would be idiots to pay mark 8.5 Million to play somewhere else, and another team would be stupid to take on that same salary plus some. It was a bad deal for the Jets. Mark can pull a d&ck move and just ride the bench or even join the practice squad and collect 8.5 million. He won't play. But why would he care if he's sticking it to the Jets. I don't see how any of this ends well. The Jets are either going to pay Sanchez to be a 3rd stringer or they are going to pay him to play/sit for somebody else. It's just one of those terrible deals Tanny made that will be nearly impossible to get out of unless they find some other idiot and team to trade with.
  11. It'll be the same move as bringing Tomlinson in. RBs at the end of their career. There might be some moments here and there, but it's not really going to make the team any better. And being this team really needs to rebuild and start over, I don't see this as a good move.
  12. Rex has been a good DC, but other than that, he's been average, even below average. They never improved. The talent got worse. THe QB situation became a joke. The offense stinks. The Defense is good against bad teams, but has stunk against good teams. The Jets became a laughing stock because Rex was arrogant, like to make predictions, and his team followed suit. Except they really never were more than an 8-8 team under Ryan. And now it's a rebuild. I like Rex, but he's a DC, nothing more.
  13. I think that's what people don't want to accept. Everybody loves to say "The Jets see Tebow in practice everyday and know he can't be an NFL QB" but they ignore the fact the same coaches see McElroy in practice too and proceeded to not suit up the guy in 13 out of 14 games. I don't get the decision at all. Even when Tebow was hurt and wasn't going to play, they didn't suit up McElroy. On what level does that make sense at all? It seems the last two games are throw away games.. Ryan knows he's out, Tanny knows he's out, and they never wanted Tebow around in the first place. So start the kid who you never bother to suit up. It's the who cares at this point instead of lets see what we have philosophy. And for whatever reason, they really can't stand Tebow and if Tebow wins, the media would have a field day. If he loses, it's already assumed he sucks as a QB. McElroy, win or lose, nobody cares.
  14. The Coach who said Sanchez wasn't ready for the NFL would suddenly want him at some inflated price tag? And after proving him right beyond all doubt? Pete has made some stupid QB moves (Whitehurst? Flynn ?), but he's got a potential ROY in Wilson, and they are on path to make the playoffs. They also have an up and coming defense that makes plays. Why would they trade for Sanchez? Why would they screw with Wilson at this point? Bringing on a Sanchez does nothing for them at all. Except make fans pissed. Make teammates pissed. ANd probably make Wilson pissed. This is a Jets fans dream trade, not a realistic one. Yes, the Seahawks have made some questionable moves over the years, but they've really never made a move to put people in the seats. At this point who would trade picks and players and give Sanchez that money? Especially for a backup role? That's a pipe dream. The only teams who might even dream of trading for Sanchez would be Arizona, Jacksonville, Buffalo and the Raiders. Kansas City already spent way too much on bad QBs so I just don't see a new regime coming in and thinking they can change Sanchez or wanting anything to do with him.. Sanchez's last game probably killed half the potential trades, if there ever were any. Yes he was bad, but when the last image anybody has of him is 5 bad turnovers on MNF against a bad team and the viral video of a butt fumble, nobody in their right mind is going to give up much for the kid and take on salary. So Arizona as a trade partner for Sanchez. I'm sure they will have some kind of new regime. Kolb hasn't been terrible, he's just always hurt. So where do they go from here? They might actually have the worst QB situation I've ever seen. That's how bad their QBs have been. Sanchez stinks, but the Arizona QBs might not even be ready for pop warner. So everybody knows Kolb is an injury liability, therefore a new regime would come in and want to draft their future QB. THey aren't going to take on 8.5 Million for a backup or a short term solution. People say the Jets should take on Matt Moore cause he'd be cheap and a short term solution. Don't you think other bad teams are thinking the same thing? I just don't see the Cardinals with a new coach and regime wanting anything to do with Sanchez. He costs too much money for what he is at this point. So unless the Cardinals give up a 6th round draft pick for sanchez and the Jets take on most of the salary, it's not going to happen. Jacksonville... They would take Tebow over Sanchez in a heartbeat. ANd at this point, who would trade anything for Tebow knowing the Jets don't even think of him as a backup QB? The Jets made dumb moves all the way around. They suited up an injured Tebow but never planned on using him. When they finally bench Sanchez, they don't make the backup the starter, they make the guy who hasn't suited up in 13 out of 14 games. It's one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen. It's not about who is better, who wins, it's been a decision based on never wanting to make Sanchez look like a joke. But in the meantime it made the Jets and their staff look like morons. Tebow has to be released because nobody in their right mind would trade anything for him at this point. They don't think Tebow is a QB in the NFL, but they must not have thought too much about McElroy considering he never even suited up all year long. So that's the situation they put themselves in. They would rather start a kid who they never thought could even be a backup, a kid who they never thought should even suit up all year over their assumed backup QB? Yeah talk about forcing their own hands. So Tebow gets released and Jacksonville signs him. They need the fans. Buffalo? They gave Fitzpatrick too much money, do you really think they are going to trade with the Jets for a guy who is worth less than Fitzpatrick but paid more? I doubt it. Where does that leave us? Oakland. Who knows. It's no longer Al Davis, but the Raiders are the strong arm long ball kind of philosophy. And they are stuck with Palmer. Sanchez is too expensive and he doesn't throw the long ball. The truth is, Sanchez is looked at as damaged goods. He costs way too much money. And the lasting image of him at this point is 5 bad turnovers and being bashed by everybody on MNF, and that butt fumble. And there really are no great games to remember him by. People like to say he took the Jets to two AFC Championship games. But beating San Diego 17-14 in a game everybody remembers Greene running over Cromartie isn't exactly that 'defining' game. He's never really had moments. Young QBs make mistakes. The good ones have great games thrown into the mix though. Sanchez has never had games like RG3 or Luck or Wilson. And he's gotten worse year after year, not better. No team in their right mind would give anything up for him. And they sure won't be spending 8.5 million on him. We really need to face the reality the Sanchez will most likely be here next season. He might be a backup and not a happy backup, but who else would be stupid to take him? Unless of course Ryan gets fired and that man love they have translates to Rex going to Philly, bringing Sanchez along and the Jets winding up with somebody else. I highly doubt that'll happen though.
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