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  1. Because the rumors have stopped and players have started signing or plan on signing. And the Jets don't seem to be in many of those conversations. Can't really start rumors when the team seems to be the odd team out for many players.
  2. But Deion had personality and only wanted to play for winning teams. He went to the 49ers & Cowboys, and then the Redskins. He didn't wind up on the Raiders who offered more money. He wanted his money, but he also made a ton of money outside of football, and still is on TV years later making a ton of money. He wanted to win something There are many non sports fans who have heard of Sanders. WHereas there are many football fans of other teams who have no clue who Revis is. That's not really a HOF question, but like a lot of things, Sanders was a huge factor in helping teams win super bowls. Revis is pretty much a guy who is on teams who never make the playoffs. And he doesn't really seem to care about winning a super bowl or getting close to one. As long as he gets his $16 Million per year, he'd be happy playing for the Raiders every year and being on 5-11 teams for the rest of his career. Does that make a HOFer or not? Probably not, but that was the biggest difference between a guy like Sanders and Revis. Sanders wanted money, but he knew how to get it outside of football and he wanted his super bowl rings. Revis doesn't seem to give a damn if his teams go 0-16.
  3. Yeah because the Seahawks never signed Matt Flynn, didn't trade for Charlie Whitehurst or Percy Harvin or Rice or Lynch. And they just re-signed their biggest FA to be before Free Agency even started. So yeah they can wait for second tier because they already made a bunch of headline moves. It's just odd people ignore that fact about them. Many of those moves didn't exactly work out, but the Seahawks have been a team who takes a ton of chances, a team who seems to know how to build around 3rd-6th round picks.
  4. New regime. Starting over. And honestly, who really gives a crap about Revis in Tampa? He's not a 'star' so to speak to most people outside of NY. He's the best CB in the NFL, but he's also not a guy people come to the stadium to see or watch. So after one 4-12 season in Tampa, who really cares about Revis? They lost draft picks and a year, but most fans aren't going to give a damn about a guy who played one season for a team that went 4-12. Especially if the Bucs wind up 8-8 without him. I mean the Jets went 8-8 without Revis. Most Jets fans only care because he was one of the best players the Jets ever drafted and he spent a good amount of time on the team. One year 'rentals' usually aren't that big a deal. Did any Jets fan really lose sleep over Landry? Probably not.
  5. Who knows. I'd be worried he didn't pay much attention in Seattle if he sticks with that plan though. Remember the Seahawks pretty much made a splash every offseason, good and bad. They made that stupid trade for QB Charlie Whitehurst. They traded for Lynch. They brought in Sydney Rice. They signed Matt Flynn. They traded for Percy Harvin and so on. That team built through the draft because they knew how to find 3-6 round players who could play, but that team also spent a lot of time adding and removing players every offseason. And they also made some big moves for big time players. If the Jets just sit back and wait for the draft, who knows where Idzik learned that from, because it sure wasn't in Seattle.
  6. Did anybody watch the Colts defense this year? He's a nice player, but I wouldn't say anybody on the colts defense was excellent.
  7. The Patriots let guys walk all the time for various reasons. I wouldn't say letting Welker go last year was that great of a move on their part. But the pats kind of play cheap. Maybe that's how Idzik will go forward. If they win, who cares, but you'd have to get used to the Jets rarely making a splash in free agency.
  8. It was a stupid move by Tampa. As great as Revis is, he wasn't 100 percent healthy, he's never happy with his contract or situation, and the Bucs were not that good of a team. So trading for a guy, giving up a 1st rounder and a 3/4th rounder the following season was just stupid. And it's why that regime is long gone. The only good thing they did was the contract. It was a good move on the Jets to get rid of him, but people thinking He's coming back for less money are out of their mind. He's still a great player and now healthy again. He doesn't need to beg the Jets for anything as many contending teams still want him and if they offer $12 million per year, he'd jump at that chance. If you're great at what you do and still considered great and people want you, you rarely go back to the organization who pretty much ran you out of town and you and the owner don't like one another.
  9. Can't accept the truth ? The Jets coaches, GM & owner don't exactly have faith in Geno or Sanchez or anybody on this roster and anybody they wind up signing or drafting at QB will have a ton of question marks. If you're a WR like Decker, the Jets aren't exactly a top destination. As far as the HC, it's well known that Rex is on one of those last stands. He did a nice job last season going 8-8, but another 8-8 season means he's probably fired. So if you're a free agent with tons of options (say Packers vs Jets) and the money is around the same, you wind up on the Packers.
  10. Shaun Hill will stabilize the QB situation? The guy is worse than Sanchez.
  11. It doesn't matter who the coach is, it's about winning. Coughlin won 2 Super bowls, but does anybody really want to jump to the Giants this season? Yeah for the right money, but most won't take a pay cut. People take pay cuts to jump to the Patriots because that team always wins. People will play with the Broncos because Manning is on that team and they are a contender. You could say the same about the 49ers and Seahawks. A few years back, after Rex's first season, there were a few people like LT, who jumped to the Jets. You could say it was because of Rex, but it was also because people thought that team would surpass the Pats and be legit contenders. The Jets are under .500 the past 3 seasons under Rex, so any effect he had was lost a long time ago. The only players who would jump for Rex are guys nobody else really wants or a guy who the Jets would overpay for. But again, I never buy the "coach" effect because it only works when teams and coaches win. When the teams aren't winning, the only effect is that star players or great players probably won't sign.
  12. Lynch caught 36 receptions. The Jets best WR caught caught how many last year? RBs these days need to be able to catch passes these days. Ivory sure doesn't help in that department either.
  13. i don't agree that it's the worse, but it's one of those so overpaid it's not funny, that they will wind up like the Eagles a few years back who spent a boatload of money and wound up with back to back terrible seasons. The sad reality is Schaub, Nicks, Edelman are far better than anybody the Jets have right now.
  14. And what's that exactly? He is a great defensive mind, but even in Baltimore, when he was the DC, the Ravens never won anything. He came to the Jets and his first two years were great, but he hasn't had a winning season in 3 years. The Rex Effect is pretty much make some avg players great and turn that team into a 8-8 juggernaut that never really gets better. They just overachieve. Will the Jets be better this year? Who knows. They were closer to 6-10 than 10-6. And if Geno doesn't make huge strides and they can't sign or draft some top talent on offense, it'll be another 8-8 team with a bad offense.
  15. So far everybody is a possible Jet according to the media.
  16. I agree. Most teams don't have a legit #1 guy or they don't have a HOF like QB. You look at Manning & Brady and they get the ball to whoever the hell plays for them, doesn't really matter. And they get the ball to every RB, WR, TE, and more. Rodgers is another guy like that. Yeah they have good WRs/TEs now and again, but most of those teams also have other guys that catch 60+ passes. They have RBs or TEs that'll catch a ton of passes or TDs. The Jets have a QB who stunk most of last year and who knows if he'll be any good. They have no WRs, TEs. RBs that can do much to actually win a game. Decker isn't the best WR ever, but with a good QB throwing to him, he can make a difference. A guy like Tate might be similar. But neither are going to be a Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald. We've seen teams give ok WRs big contracts and those guys just bombed. I sure wouldn't say Mike Wallace was that great of a pickup for the Dolphins considering what they paid for him. I fear the Jets might be in a similar situation if they sign a guy like Decker to some big contract. He might make some plays now and again, but he sure won't be worth 60 million.
  17. They won 43-8, they didn't win 10-8. The Seahawks were the best team in the NFL all year long. They have a great defense, good special teams, a good offense, a great RB, a good young QB, a smart and fun HC, a smart GM, and fans who love that team and are the "12th man." They are also a team who rarely loses at home, ever, going back a long long time.
  18. Vick comes with baggage. He comes with media attention. He comes with people who would rather the guy die in a car accident than see him play for their team. And this is around the country. That is a circus and not a good one. And add to this he wants to be a starter and has said that, he has serious fumbling issues, and he's pretty much been an injury prone guy who misses quarters and games all the time. Vick has benefited from ESPN & the media showing a few great highlights and most people think wow. But somebody who watched the game would realize he had a nice 1st quarter, sat out the 2nd quarter because he was hurt, came back in the 3rd and sucked, and then got hurt again in the 4th quarter. The sad part is this is pretty much his career. He essentially had a gift wrapped situation in Philly with some talented players around him. But due to him sucking, him fumbling, and him being injured, Nick Foles became the star and Vick became a guy they want to dump. So yeah, not sure why I'd be excited if the Jets pick up a guy who had a starting QB job handed to him after all his crap and pretty much blew it for various reasons. Or it'll be another one of those dumbfounded moments like Garrard and people are shocked he can't play or is injured. I never got that last year, but plenty of Jets fans were all over that move as good. Sometimes people can't accept the truth about a player. Vick would come in expecting to be the starter. And if Geno plays like he did for most of last season, Vick probably wins without ever needing to do anything. And then in week 2 Vick gets injured or has an excuse about some injury on why he turned the ball over and the Jets lost. So Geno comes into the mix, but Vick is back for week 4. But he gets hurt again and Geno is forced to start in Week 6. This is what you get with Vick. How that would help Geno is beyond me. He's be a guy who lost his starting job and would be forced to play every few games because the starting QB gets hurt. He'd also be forced to watch a guy who just isn't that good. And the Eagles had a talented offense.
  19. You really can't go back to far because years ago, RBs won the heisman more often than not. Guys like Dorsett, Walker, Allen, Campbell, Bo Jackson, Sims, Rogers, etc were beasts back then and many of them went on to great NFL Careers. But the RB has lost a lot of the luster and it's pretty much always a QB these days, I don't really know what you can take from it. QBs get all the attention and highlights. It's become a passing oriented league where QBs are king. Look at two of the better teams in the NFL (Seattle & SF) and their QBs get a ton of attention, even though these guys were never highly rated coming into the NFL. And they sure benefit being on great all around teams compared to guys like Manning, Brady & Rodgers. It's become far more about marketing than football though. It always was in a way, but not guys like Johnny & RG3 and Winston get thrown into the mix out of nowhere and win Heisman's. That either shows you that there just aren't that many good QBs in college anymore when freshman win back to back heisman's or it shows you that these kids have the right PR people and their teams have the right PR teams. I remember years ago Joey Harrington had billboards put up about him being a heisman canidate in NY and he played out in Oregon. It was kind of a big thing back then, but now, that's kind of the norm. So there are going to be far more busts these days because of the media and attention. 24/7 attention for guys who might be good, but they really aren't great, but QBs seem to suck anymore, and fans and the media become like lemmings and attach themselves to the popular guy and run with it. Hell, look at Tebow. The guy pretty much was a bust in the NFL and is out of the sport a few seasons later and people still talk about him. 25 years ago, nobody would give a crap and he'd disappear. But we live in a different era where somebody will go viral for whatever reason and then fanboys and fangirls will worship them forever. Or hate them forever. ANd most of the time it's for no reason at all except everybody else is doing it. And it sure doesn't help that journalism and the media have become nothing more than fanboy/fangirl beat writers who don't have much talent.
  20. I do fear that he takes a bit of a paycut and winds up on the Patriots. He's usually greedy, but he's also a guy who would like to screw Woody over. And he really didn't have some great relationship with Idzik. So imagine winding up on the Patriots at 8-9 mil per year and the Jets wind up not getting a 3rd round pick for him. He is greedy, but he's also a guy who probably would love to screw Woody over. And as much as I hate the Pats, they have been to the AFC Championship 3 years in a row.
  21. Yeah it pretty much says it all that Atlanta didn't really fight to keep the guy and they wound up with a better QB. The Eagles didn't really fight to keep the guy as starter and they wound up with a better QB. Vick walks into a locker room and people think like they did about Pennington. Fans might not care, but the reality is if your QB never plays a full NFL season and misses games all the time, gets injured all the time and misses the end of games, it starts to make you think that this guy just isn't reliable. And he's older now. Vick is a guy nobody can depend on. And he's never been some stud QB. All this crap about "vick walks into a locker room" does what for a team? Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins than Vick. Vick is far more an ESPN and media guy. They love him or hate him, but nobody really thinks the guy is some star QB. People just treat him like that, but his career has proven he's not that good of a QB. Add to the fact he fumbles often and he never stays healthy, you have a guy who just isn't worth it.
  22. He's a 'back to the circus' mentality. Vick is going to bring a lot of unwanted attention to the Jets once again that has nothing to do with football. And he's pretty much been one of the most overrated QBs of all time in the NFL. He's had moments, but he's had far more ESPN highlight moments over being a good QB moments. And again, it's PR & publicity, over being good for a team. The guy I don't think has played a full season in the NFL in his entire career. So even if they do sign him, the guy is almost guaranteed to miss a few games or more. What does that do for a team? And who wants that? And I think if Vick is signed, any close competition, Vick is going to get the job.
  23. It's not about competition. You sign Vick, it's the Tebow circus but far worse all over again. For a new GM who wanted the circus gone, this kind of signing says he's full of crap. Regardless of how anybody feels about Vick, he will bring the circus to town. And it'll be even worse as it's in NY and it's the Jets. And if he wins the staring job, Smith pretty much becomes worse than Sanchez in the confidence department. Which would really suck considering after a couple of weeks, Vick gets injured and Smith needs to come in and start. There is no such thing as "competing" for the starting QB job in the NFL. It's BS. The only time a team has an open competition for the starting QB job is when their QB sucks and everybody knows it. Signing a guy like Vick, who doesn't want to be a backup, pretty much assures you that the Jets brass think Geno sucks. It's also a Marketing move. Vick gets the Jets in the news all the time. And wow a QB competition between Geno Smith & Vick. Vick is one of the most hated guys in the NFL, and he's barely played the past two seasons. Why invite the circus to town for a guy who might miss more games then he plays? And for a guy who really hasn't done all that much besides a couple of seasons in his entire NFL career.
  24. I live out here, so I'd get to go to more games. I'd still root for them.
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