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  1. Yeah and Jaworski thought Jamarcus Russel would be an elite QB.
  2. The funny thing about these guys is their teams all pretty much suck and have sucked for years. And Fitzgerald got to a super bowl the year the Cardinals had Kurt Warner as QB. But Johnson and the Lions have pretty much been a losing team. Chris Johnson put up big numbers, but the Titans have been a bad team for years. Andre Johnson was on a team who were always up and coming and never really made the next step. So as great as these guys are, it's obvious none of them really made their teams winners over the years. They just had great numbers most of the time.
  3. Never said Vick was a career backup. Josh is a career backup who never did a damn thing for most of that time. Vick never stayed healthy when he was young and he's had fumbling issues for years. The Jets already had a guy who came in with injury issues and never played a down last season. What's the point in bringing in Vick who will wind up getting hurt in week 4 and Smith learns nothing and is back to where he was this year. And the Jets just wasted money and space on a guy they knew wasn't going to play much. Vick is a guy who gets hurt. Always has. It would be luck if he didn't. The Jets already depended on that scenario last year with Gerrard, no point in going down the same path. Plus all the circus and press that would come with Vick doesn't help. It's just a bad choice all the way around. And Vick is a proven fact over Smith because of what? He sucked with the Eagles. Yeah he had a couple of nice years, but he was also a big reason why that team was one of the biggest busts. And this season the Eagles were down and out and heading for another 4-12 Season with him. He got hurt and Foles came in and suddenly became Peyton Manning with the same team. Vick is a guy who is an exciting ESPN highlight kind of guy. But he's also one of the most overrated QBs of all time. We all think Geno had a bad season, but he still had 3000 passing yards his rookie year. Vick spent most of his career not even coming close to those numbers. He finally did it with the Eagles. The same team where Nick Foles just had an MVP type of season. Sorry but Vick is just not worth the money or attention and he sure isn't proven to be better than Geno. Vick has proven to get your team on ESPN. He's proven he will get hurt. He's proven he will fumble the ball. But he hasn't really proven he's that great of a QB.
  4. LT was a freak of nature for various reasons, not just his skills. One of the reasons he was so great is also one of the reasons he was addicted to drugs and just got busted for various things. It doesn't always happen like this, but sometimes what makes a player great is what also makes them a problem. Clowney seems to have great skills, but I'm not so sure he has that same attitude as LT.
  5. Proven to who? Vick has proven he can't even play half a season much of his career. Josh? The guy is what, 30 something years old and is a career backup. People like to live in make believeland where these guys somehow are saviors. Yeah Matt Schaub really proved a lot last year. True he has been far better than anything the Jets have over the years, but he's also a guy who stunk up the field last season.
  6. If they want to get away from a circus, Sanchez is cut in the next few weeks. What happens if he takes a pay cut to 3 Mil per year? It's far better than 8 Mil, but why would Sanchez take that huge of a pay cut and not even be guaranteed anything? He will be picked up by some other team and still collect money from the Jets. He's not good, but people are fawning over Josh Mcknown and Kevin Kolb, so that goes to show you the QB market. And those guys aren't exactly as young as Sanchez, especially Josh, and haven't been a part of any Championship game. What happens if they keep Sanchez, he makes $2 Mil per year, and him and Geno both stink like they did last pre season? Will Geno just get the job because he is the 'defacto" starter or will they hand it over to Sanchez? And we know Rex loves Sanchez so there's that theory. Or what if Mark lights it up against 3rd stringers and Geno struggles against starters? Keeping Sanchez does nothing for the Jets future. Unless they plan on keeping him around long term, it's pointless to continue down the circus like atmosphere. It'll be Tebow all over again. Geno wins job but stinks, people want Mark in. People wanted Simms in last year. Mark wins job, but stinks it up, and people call for Geno. And so it goes. Neither player would really be in competition with the other, more like both guys would go down the path of who the hell stays afloat. It would be great if Geno wound up playing great and wins the job hands down. But it would be pointless to pay Sanchez 3+ million per year to be a backup who nobody really wants.
  7. It's drinking the kool aid and hope. He was not good against Miami. He wasn't bad. Which compared to most of the season, looked like an improvement. It's great he didn't turn the ball over, but who gets excited over 190 yards passing and 1 rushing TD? That's kind of a joke to say he looked great the last month. He wasn't good against the Panthers. He wasn't really that good against the Browns. He had a decent game against the Raiders, but not great. If you look at Geno this past season, he played great against Atlanta. The rest of the season he either sucked so bad he should have been run out of the NFL or he was a below avg QB. People just want to drink the kool aid over somebody throwing for under 200 yards as a good sign.
  8. This is why it's just pointless to even pay attention to. There are many guys who don't show up or don't perform well here. There are others who wind up being workout warriors and suck. But the media and fans and scouts and gms and coaches seem to fall in love sometimes with some guy who did some nice things at the combine and suddenly winds up being picked in the top 10 instead of the 2nd round.
  9. I think the QB who gets picked by Houston will be far better off than many of these other teams. Houston was "a couple of players" away from a super bowl team and all hell broke lose last year. Schaub sucked, the team kind of gave up and pointed fingers, injuries, their HC was hospitalized and so on. You never know, but Teddy or Johnny at Houston should have a far better experience than Teddy or Johnny going to Jacksonville. The scary part for Houston is that they've been here before. They could have picked Vince Young or Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler and so on. They picked Mario Williams. They made the right pick on paper, but in reality, Mario is a very good player, he's not a game changer and he's not even on the team anymore. And most people have no clue who the guy is at this point. I think Clownery is far better than Mario, but who knows about his attitude. He already took off most of the college season that just past for various reasons. What happens in the NFL if the team stinks and he isn't playing for a contract? Some players have good work ethic, some don't and sometimes you really don't teach or learn that in life, it's just a part of you. The other aspect is nobody really gives a crap about Houston. They've pretty much been a non factor for years. They've never really had that "star" player everybody knows. They already have some dominant defensive players. They already had Mario Williams. Most people couldn't tell you who those guys are or were. Johnny would put that team on the map, win or lose. And I bet the owner looks at this as well. You have a team in the Texans who really haven't had an identity since they came into the league. Schaub has been a nice story, but nobody cares about that guy. JJ Watts is dominant, but again, people don't fawn over him like they do other players, especially QBs. If it came down to Teddy or Johnny, Teddy seems to be the better all around QB, but Johnny has that "other" factor and in a division where they have to compete with Andrew Luck, it could mean something. And Imagine if the Jags snag one of these QBs. Suddenly for the next few years you have a division where Luck, Teddy, & Johnny are being talked about and fawned over by ESPN. We see what they do with Kapernick and Wilson as it is. It would be interesting. It would be a disaster if the Texans take Clowney who winds up being just as good as Mario, but Teddy & Johnny wind up being legit NFL QBs.
  10. And it's not like he'd be jumping to a team who has some Star QB. Geno really needs some star WRs, not guys people hope would be a #2 WR on a team with Manning or Brady as QB.
  11. He was avg at best the last quarter of the season. People act like he had some 300+ 4TD game against the Dolphins. Yeah he looked better than some of his 3 INT and clueless games, but that doesn't make him better. It just meant he was one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL last year who had an avg game, if you can even call it that. When people start throwing around "Geno looked great" in games where most people would say it wasn't exactly a good game, you know the guy stinks. I mean the argument is the BIlls backup QB had similar numbers as Geno did in week 16. Nobody is saying that kid is the future anywhere. But hey Geno puts up 180 yards passing and he's bound to be great. Makes little sense.
  12. They funny part is that many of the same people will also claim the Jets are fine at RB. You really can't think the Jets RB situation is good to go and then in the same sentence claim Geno stunk because he had no weapons around him.
  13. Brady obviously makes them better, but they've had a lot of players who come in and play great. They seem to find crappy players other teams discard and wind up turning them into useful players. And remember, this is the same team who went 11-5 the year Brady missed most of the season.
  14. This is the biggest joke I hear. Well they signed Goodson & Winslow and Ivory. But Oh Geno had no weapons and the offense needs weapons. And the OL sucks. You can't really use the argument that he did well brining in guys like Goodson who really didn't play all season or a guy like Ivory who wasn't even as good as Greene. The Jets went into last offseason with no weapons on offense. They ended the season with no weapons on offense. Great that they didn't sign people to huge deals, but you can't Idzik props for doing anything on offense. The Jets pretty much sucked once again on offense. And going into next season they still don't have any RBs that are weapons unless they bring they draft or sign somebody. I love how Goodson is some weapon. Yeah a guy who hasn't done crap in his NFL career and didn't even play much all of last year is suddenly a lock to be good. Idzik did what the Jets always seem to do well. He made the defense even better. But the offense still sucks and has no weapons. Lets hope he finds WRs, RBs, TEs, OL, and a QB.
  15. Yeah because he's proven to be some great RB in the NFL up to this point.
  16. He was bad most of last season and he really lost to Sanchez & Simms. Who is to say it won't happen again. It's not like he really looked that great the last few weeks of the season. He just looked better than the 3 INT every game guy. I think he will be the starter because nobody is going to start Simms and Sanchez will be gone. Unless they sign a guy like Schaub on the cheap who has a comeback like year, I really don't see anybody else that's all that better. There won't be a fair competition. They are going to try and push Geno all the way unless they wind up with some guy in the First round this year or a guy like Schaub. Anybody else and it'll be one of those Geno gets every chance to start again situations.
  17. Ivory will never be Lynch and for in reality, Ivory is pretty much a backup on most NFL Teams. If he's even that. I mean the Saints have crappy RBs, injury prone guys and they dumped him for a 4th round pick. The guy is useless in the passing game. He's injury prone. And he's not some powerhouse runner that'll get you 1500 yards rushing. He wasn't even as good as Greene and Greene wasn't any good. People like to drink some kool aid because he's on the Jets, but the reality is the guy rushed for about 70 yards a game, had injury issues, and was pretty much pointless in the passing game. And the Jets have a OC who runs some form of the west coast offense where Running backs become important in the passing game. Ivory is a nice change of pace running back. He'd be a nice guy to complement somebody like Reggie Bush. But the Jets don't have any of that. They have running backs who can't catch passes and aren't going to be a beast like Lynch. On a team with no weapons and a bad QB, that's pretty much a disaster. It's also a reason why the Jets offense stunk. You can't say the Jets have no weapons on offense and the next sentence say Ivory was great.
  18. Man what are you smoking, must be some good sh*t. After the bye, when the Jets actually had a shot at the playoffs, Geno sucked. And the "his last 4 games" of the season was only an improvement because he sucked so bad most of the season. Who would ever say the Panthers game was something to cheer about when it comes to a QB? And for that matter, against a terrible Raiders team, he wasn't impressive at all either. In what one of these games would anybody ever think "Wow this QB has a great future?" Game CMP% YDS TD INT Rating 12/29 @ Dolphins 63.0 190 0 0 83.9 12/22 vs Browns 55.6 214 2 0 91.7 12/15 @ Panthers 53.6 167 1 1 68.6 12/8 vs Raiders 64.0 219 1 1 88.6 12/1 vs Dolphins 40.0 29 0 1 8.3 11/24 @ Ravens 40.9 127 0 2 22.3 11/17 @ Bills 34.8 103 0 3 10.1
  19. The Colts defense sucks and their RBs are avg at best, but they have a damn good offense and a great QB with tons of potential going forward. They have a guy in Hilton who is a 1000 yard receiving kind of guy while the Jets have guy in Hill who will be out of the NFL in a year or two. And Hill was a 2nd round pick whereas Hilton was a 3rd rounder. The Jets have a good DL with some great young players. They have issues in the secondary, they have issues on the OL, they have a QB the GM & coaching staff have no confidence in and many fans think he's a bust already, their RBs are avg at best, and they have no talent as far as receiving goes. So the Colts could spend all their money on two good defensive players, draft well, and be a lot better. The Jets could spend their money on the Erick Decker's of the world, draft well, and still wind up around 8-8 or worse because their QB isn't very good. Plus you need free agents wanting to play for you and your team. It might be about money, but most WRs would rather play with Andrew Luck over Geno Smith.
  20. It's more than just luck. Yes, the Colts lucked into Manning & Luck, but they also found ways to add talented players around those guys. Look at the Jets and Colts the last few seasons. Jets take Stephen Hill in the 2nd round while the Colts take Hilton in the 3rd. Does a guy like Andrew Luck help? Yes. Does having Wayne next to you help? Yes. But as proved this season, Hilton is a good player in his own right. Whereas Hill probably won't be in the NFL after this season. Huge difference. And look at the Seahawks. They have a lot of guys on that team who are late round picks. They were also a team who still had good QB play after tow of their biggest Receiving transactions over the past few years were more like busts. Rice is essentially useless. And Harvin is great, but he played like 4 games this season. Sometimes teams do luck into a Manning or Brady or Wilson or Rodgers and so on. But most of the teams that continue to win seem to know how to do these things. It wasn't like Rodgers just took over the position. Favre was still the QB for years after that. And they went to a NFC Championship game with Favre. Some teams just seem to know how to consistently build winning organizations. They also know how to pick well. Again Aaron Rodgers is a late first round pick who sat for a few years. Mark Sanchez was a top 5 pick who started from day one. And he pretty much showed he was never going to be close to any of those other guys.
  21. I don't know what any of this has to do with anything. Every sport and team is different. Are there similarities? Of course, but a team like the Seahawks have some common bond and are friends, there are other teams where the offense hates the defense and vice versa, there are other teams where you have the Dolphins bully crap, and other teams where it's just a job for most of the players. And today it's far different than the 60's or 70's or 80's. And for every player it's different. A nobody who never plays and will struggle to just stay above the practice squad or d-league is going to have a far different experience than a guy like RG3 or Lebron or Gretzky or Jeter and so on. And it's like anything in life, the sports locker room and sports teams doesn't suddenly make everybody love one another or be friends. They have their cliques, their buddies, the guys they hang out with and the guys they just play with. And being a good player doesn't make you a good coach or owner. Hell look at Jordan. He pretty much sucks as a GM & Owner. But hey, he was the greatest ever so he should just be great at the next level. He pretty much sucked as a mentor in Wizard land as well. You could say the same thing about many of these guys. It's the same theory for assistants and so on. Some assistants are great OC or DC or what not and suck as head coaches. Other guys are great HC, but weren't the geniuses as OC or DC. I do agree most of the media and reporters are kind of useless, but many of them are actually in half these locker rooms half the time, the ones who are known as 'beat' reporters, so they probably have far more knowledge what a locker room is like than some single A baseball player who last played in 1992. And again, every team is different. If you were on the Met's back in the 80's your dugout was far different than the Red Sox recently who was far different than the Red Sox from 04 who were far different from the Yankees who made Giambi cut his hair and so on. There is some common 'sports' themes that go on, but in general, every damn team and locker room is far different. And it's definitely far more different if you're team is winning or losing. ANd it's far different for the super stars compared to the guys who might rarely play. It's a dumb argument. I mean two players, one who played for Rex and the Jets over the past 5 years will have a far different perspective than somebody who played for BB and the Pats. And both players would be right. Hell, an offensive player on the Jets compared to a Defensive player might have entirely different perspectives as well. That's just life. There is no such thing as some blanket "everything is the same' across the board crap.
  22. You do realize that they have to replace all those guys as well. So even if those guys aren't great, the reality is they have to find new players to start on this team. It's not like they would have some backup kicker who is free or cheap. And I doubt they draft one. And Cro isn't going to come back for $800K either. So if he departs, they need to replace him as well. So if they make a huge splash and overpay for a guy like Decker, it probably means they wind up going cheaper to find another Kicker & CB to replace the guys who left.
  23. Matt Ryan was already thought to be on his way to being a great QB at that point. They had other pieces in place. Whether it was the right move to trade away a ton is irrelevant because they thought Jones was the guy who was going to put them over the top. The Jets are in the same spot as the Bucs last season. All hype for a team who really isn't that good. And if Geno stinks, you just traded away a ton of players for a WR who has nobody to throw to him and who knows if he ever will. And then you might not even be in position to pick your next QB because of giving up too much.
  24. You do hope they find some talent with these picks, but it is a crap shoot when you start to get into the 6th and 7th rounds. Yeah every draft pick is a crap shoot, but there are some players earlier in the draft who might wind up busts for various reasons, whereas a guy in the 6th round just gets cut in preseason and nobody cares. It's great if they find a few guys who can play and contribute, but I'm not counting on the Jets finding a bunch of starters with their 6th and 7th round picks.
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