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  1. Report: GM Mike Tannenbaum FIRED (MERGED)

    Hey Jack, its a fact, the jets are wack
  2. Alex Smith or Mike Vick?

    Fatty foot perversion.....is that what you guys are calling him now??Really wheres your respect for this leader of the jets.Hes fought hard to take Sanchise to the next level. Now that we have the league in our grasps you guys wanna bail. Even fire marshal fred bailed. But i still got my jets starter and remain calm. Tony Sparano needs to be commended and give Sanchise another year to flourish in his system. Maybe we go get plax to solidfy this offence for the future. Stay true and keep your toes covered at night.
  3. Mark Sanchez...what might have been

    My fellow Jets Fans must also never forget that even though Sanchise threw some unexplained picks, those throws may lead to serious injuries to the defenders because of his raw power. Sanchise may wisely block the trade and if we can lure Tebow back we may have a chance at the division. Then the skys the limit. Stay positive and lets make a push for Tony Sparano for head coach. Rex maybe a good players coach but his perpencity for foot perversion is troubling, more like disturbing. But these moves may prove to be difficult and may rely on maybe trading 3 first round picks for a productive quaterback like Matt Barkley.enjoy.
  4. Furthermore, i believe that Sanchise's "butt fumble" subsequent ints, and overall lack of awareness may prove to be a good omen for this storied francise. A wise old wizard once said that" if you cant beat them, then join them. And Tony Sparano has joined the melee with his candid attitude and dashing good looks. Maybe Rex felt the footsteps and quit because he knows Tony is the real deal. Lets give credit where credit is due....Tebows shines brilliantly because although our wide receivers lack hands and the ability to separate from defenders, he makes up for it with his uncanny effort. Could you imagine how many games we would have won if he was given his fair shot? Tanny 2013.
  5. Who is calvin pace and what has he done..this offence is Solid. Big Tony Sparano has the heart of a mountain ram and all others will thrive in his complex system. Us proud jets fans are disgusted by the drivel commented daily on this site. Next year should be spectacular with Tebow at the helm. Still i feel sorry for Sanchise because although he threw pick sixes and the like in big games, he still punished those very same defenders with his vicious ball velocity. Even fire marshal fred would agree that we are on the edge of glory. All we have to do is go back to the last dolphins game and notice the glimmer in our players eyes. Even though we we getting stomped, we still remained composed and even shook the victors hands in good faith. Im tebowing right now in remembrance of that very moment.God bless.
  6. Alex Smith or Mike Vick?

    Come on...you guys gotta give this quaterback and regime another chance.these guys bare just getting started..being a dedicated jetsbfan i am definitely used to being a big ol loser but to give up now is just plain crazy.. Rex is so firey and confident.and sanchise heas a pro arm...no question.but the real jewel in this array is Tony Sparano. I just knew when we hired this visionary, things werre gonna start turning around.we need to make him the coach, make rex the dc and give tanny a fn raise.ya just gotta go back and remember the games that ment something. Let me start with the bret farve finale against those hated dolphins.wow what a great game. It just didnt work out for us. But as i see it, farve was the best thing the jets ever had. And what about the Ted Ginn game.we had it we had it, but ginn just snuffed it away right under our noses.imho, i think letting go of thomas jones was such a great idea.but hey, last year when those dolphins whupped us week week i though we were ready. And the wheels started turnin.. we now got sparano on our squad and were gonna reap the bennys. Damn them finns. Keep Tim Tebow and we wi win, no question.merry christmas.