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  1. The Good, the bad, and the ugly

    I didn't think Howard played that badly....maybe i missed something. I thought he was good in the run game and only gave up a couple of pressures?!?
  2. The Raiders will be picking No1.
  3. Matt Simms: MERGED

  4. Rob Ryan would never come to NY if he's got any balls.......he'll be looking to fail as a DC elsewhere (if anyone will have him )
  5. and likely to stay that way....
  6. ****CONSPIRACY ALERT**** football outsiders website had the jets ST ranked in the top 10 in the first 8 weeks of the season. In the second half they plummeted to 32.....lets hope Westy was coaching the 2nd half rather than the first....... special teams coach Mike Westhoff remains the most lovable, quotable Jets assistant. Few coaches in the league are worse at hiding their feelings than Westhoff. Follow this series of quotes, all from one press conference about the kicking competition, and see how easy it is to read between the lines: "I want to create the most competitive atmosphere that I possibly can"; "We want to have a viable battle here to see who’s going to win our job and to get the best possible guy that we can put on the field"; "There were a couple of guys I liked (in the draft), one in particular. We just weren’t able to do it. It didn’t happen … (much to) my consternation"; "Actually at this point in time, I believe (Brown’s) the most viable candidate." So, in the spirit of a viable battle, Brown is the most viable candidate, except for the mystery kicker I really wanted (probably Blair Walsh), and if Nick Folk is listening, he should probably start packing his DVD collection into cardboard boxes and calling realtors.
  7. Mr Sparano was probably the worst hire we've ever made.....and i include Mr Kotite in that list....
  8. How the F%%% do you take 11 sacks in a game............
  9. Next year will be worse.....enjoy the mediocrity while it lasts