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  1. Can we all just agree at this point that offensive lineman ARE playmakers? The next person who boos or whines when a team drafts an O lineman in the first round because they wanted a “ playmaker “ should be kicked off the planet .
  2. They literally just penalized us for not letting Sam get blindsided....this league man .
  3. I heard it driving into work ...Benigno is a clown , his next sentence after “ stop it with the roster “ was “ the drafts have stunk for 10 years “.....literally a walking contradiction. Oh and he also said they should have never fired Rex..he lost me right there .
  4. I went 25 years without missing a snap ...not even during the kotite years ....I took my daughter to the 2pm showing of Frozen 2 yesterday...true story . I’m with you bro .
  5. This was a dog whistle tweet ..she threw him a life line ...a way out .
  6. The criminal charges argument is always silly when these things occur during professional sporting events ...but 100% this deserves a heavy suspension, 8 games I would say would be a start.
  7. Combine these new imaginary wins with the imaginary wins he would’ve had back in the day if he had Manning or Rivers as his QB and tell me this guy isn’t the greatest coach we’ve ever had .
  8. Cute , but not one of those guys played a premium position like edge rusher ...and not one of them is in the same stratosphere as this kid as a prospect...he’s a generational talent ..big mistake passing on this kid to satisfy the fan base .
  9. If Chase Young is there you run up to the podium like OJ in a Hertz commercial and take him .
  10. @TomShane has been vindicated in way we haven’t seen since the end of the original Invasion of the body snatchers.
  11. Kotites offenses were better , it’s a fact , better than the stats even say because the rules were different back then . So far Gase has been worse than any 9 game Kotite stretch.
  12. I think if you rack and stack against peers , our best player is actually the punter ....Big F’ing MAC.
  13. What a joke this guy is ...” leader “...more like snowflake , everyone owes @TomShane an apology immediately....except those of us that are still pissed at him for costing the Mets the World Series in 2015.
  14. This is happening, the over rated drama queen is now leaking to espn he wants out ...get it done Douglas , break this whole thing down .
  15. Jerry is old and desperate, this is 100% the team we should be talking to . 2 #1’s and another pick . Break this whole thing down .

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