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  1. He needs to be fired before Bowles ...30 seconds before Bowles..but before Bowles , because he’s worse as hard as that is to imagine .
  2. Jolot


    Did he even get hit ? What did I miss .
  3. 100% agree ...we made that mistake already when we basically traded Orlando Pace for James Farrior .
  4. Mister we could use a man like Todd Bowles again...said nobody ever .
  5. So true man , being a life long Jets/Mets/Knicks/Islanders fan it’s amazing how we see this pan out ...we all get worked up about coaches and GMs and this and that but the franchises that win consistently are the ones with good ownership..it’s really as simple as that. And these teams don’t get sold anymore for the most part it’s passed down to even more clueless family members, so we wind up screwed for generations. I’m in my late 40s now it’s definitely not worth the stress anymore , hasn’t been for years ..I’ve become that casual fan that I used to make fun of, and I’ve never been happier .
  6. Jolot

    John Harbaugh to the Jets?

    All I want out of Darnold is a Super Bowl...I’m 47 I’m getting too old for this S##t...so YES...I would sign for Flacco’s career right now for Darnold.
  7. Darnold and Adams and possibly Williams are the only young players on that list that any team would have interest in ..the rest are Jags, after 4 years of building a roster this is the best we can do ? Mac needs to be gone 30 seconds after the season ends .
  8. Mac is a disaster, he needs to be fired 30 seconds after the season ends ...the fact that this is being discussed is frightening..just another reminder these beat writers aren’t Jet fans ...they don’t care about wins and losses it’s about access ...who they like , who they get along with ..nothing else ..sports media is the original fake news .
  9. Jolot


    Mac should be fired before Bowles ..30 seconds before Bowles ..but first nonetheless..he’s that bad ...We’re in Kotite territory now ..we need a Parcells moment ...full control to Jim Harbaugh or Shanahan ...3rd choice John Harbaugh with a real GM and a CEO of offense coordinator type ..no choice now .
  10. Jolot

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    There’s African Americans on the Jets ? It’s so hard to tell with the helmets and stuff ...this changes everything.
  11. This is the worst coaching situation we’ve had since Kotite ..and imo it’s not close , what we need to do is what we did back then , it can’t be another Hot assistant even if it’s an offensive one ...go all in for Harbaugh or Shanahan ..full control, it may not work , the Parcells era certainly wasn’t perfect by any stretch ..but we have fallen into the serious depths of obscurity, everyone needs to go starting with and including Mac.
  12. Jolot

    Draft Position Jockeying

    Easiest schedule? We’re not winning another game .
  13. Jolot


    Trubisky was pulling away from Adams lol
  14. Jolot

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    I literally just googled “ was Burt Reynolds a Jets fan?” damn you Joe Willy ....seriously though I hope Tom is ok , always enjoy interacting with him on here and reading his take ...hopefully it’s just something simple , like he got locked up at a Code Pink rally .
  15. Nice 6th round steal by Mac.....wait what ?

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