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  1. There’s nothing that the Kotite Jets produced over a 4 week span that was worse than this , nothing , I saw very snap.
  2. Your right , Kotites teams had spurts where they scored points ..in a time when you were allowed to actually play defense...today was rock bottom .
  3. If we wind up with the #1 pick , it means Sam either didn’t see the field all year ,or did and was bad ...in either scenario to not at least consider taking Tua would be insanity .
  4. Always liked you 80...proves my motto , never trust a guy that doesn’t marry UP.
  5. I stand with Tom . Edit , my son wants in ..WE stand with Tom.
  6. Kotites offense was light years better than this ...don’t laugh it’s true. Look it up .
  7. Pad those stats , a couple more of those and maybe we can get a 3rd for him instead of the 5th he’s worth .
  8. Jones looked better today than Sam has at any point in any of his career starts . The hits just keep onnnnnnnnnmn coming .
  9. So Sam is now the 6th best first round QB taken in the last 2 years ? Ahead of only Josh Rosen ....fantastic.
  10. Nobody said he sucks , but your not being honest if you are already calling him a FQB, he is being outperformed by 3 QBs picked last year and at least one potentially 2 this year . He needs to get on the field and get going .
  11. So are Jacksonville and Cincinnati, anyone who thinks we are winning more than 3 games is fooling themselves.
  12. There’s 3 wins on our schedule, split with Miami, and possibly 2 of 3 Giants / Bengals and Jags ....3-13 tops with 2-14 a possibility, stop it .
  13. Wait are the Jags still am easy win for us ? We are steamrolling them and the Steelers on the way to the playoffs right ?
  14. That’s exactly what I think , our coaching staff will never hold this together, it’s a toxic environment
  15. 9-6-1 equals they sucked ...your proving my point , that’s a BAD season for them , that team and that coaching staff aren’t quitting ...go ahead and chalk up a win against them for us , see how that turns out .

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