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  1. The operator needs to resign or be fired . Tonight. What a disaster, like a how not to training audio .
  2. Worst pick of the first round …this guy is going to epically bust . Watch.
  3. There’s no mystery, he’s terrible. He will contribute nothing until his inevitable departure.
  4. 100% spot on ....this clown is the guy on line in front of you at Dunkin humiliating to poor kid behind the counter because he waited 2 extra minutes than quoted to stuff a greasy breakfast sandwich or 3 down his fat throat . Then he goes home and writes an email looking for a free donut. F this guy and everyone like him .
  5. This is such a no brainer, I can’t believe people are arguing against it . Starting Wilson day 1 is a disaster. But of course that’s why we will probably do it .
  6. It’s really unbelievable isn’t it ?
  7. This guy is not a slot receiver he’s a game breaker . Please stop following Rich Cimini on Twitter and get a grip . I can’t believe after all the years of drafting defense there’s people complaining about this . We have a defensive guru coach that should mean we DONT need to spend all of our premium picks on defense. Unlike that babbling idiot Rex Ryan
  8. Pats are just another team now guys , I get it , they are in our division but stop buying into the media hype . Dynasty is over , look at the 80s Islanders , the 90s Bulls, the Yankees after Jeter and co retired , it’s over , yea they’ll have some good years like everyone else but they are literally just another team. Don’t let the media make you believe the Pats can make gold nuggets out of turds.Mac Jones was not a steal he was a reach . IMO at 15 he may have been the worst pick in the first round , he sucks . Pats are done .
  9. I think Jones is the worst pick of the first round so far ....the fact that ESPN is praising Belechick is laughable ...though expected. Jones is awful .
  10. Who cares . The Pats are done stop obsessing now. It’s like the Yankees after Jeter and Mariano left .....it’s over .
  11. It’s the Wang/Snow Islanders blueprint LoL
  12. If it means making a Carmelo Anthony type trade I’m out . Take the QB you like most at 2 , trade Sam and let’s go.
  13. Agreed , if you like him that much take him at 2. Don’t get cute .
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