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  1. Chiefs sign Revis

    He's ahead of the curve as usual , banking some money and parachuting into a playoff race a la Roger Clemens ...good for him.
  2. Coach Mike Leach

    Absolutely hysterical and absolutely dead on accurate, I hope the media shows a sense of humor for once but I could see someone giving him a hard time about this unfortunately.
  3. The Walking Dead

    I actually enjoyed the back and forth with Negan and Gabriel , more than " action " scenes of nameless, faceless extras shooting at each other ..it's clear now they are going to drag this out for all 16 episodes though . Also why is it so hard to believe someone would have a working helicopter? They still have running water , electricity, cars with unlimited gas, unlimited ammunition and video games lol....I was supposed to be shocked someone had a helicopter?
  4. Interesting Francessa points

    You want a toe dude ? I can get you a toe .
  5. Interesting Francessa points

    I kindve scrolled through the thread a little quick, but something just hit me ...was Demario Davis compared to Bobby Wagner on page 1? Asking for a friend .
  6. Interesting Francessa points

    So he said we are only a franchise QB away from being a pretty good team , nice work Mike .
  7. The Walking Dead

    Agreed , I thought the premiere was very good , and honestly the last 3 episodes were a waste , isn't 20 something episodes enough to build up to the Negan - Rick battle ? How many more " character building " episodes do we have to sit through ? I thought that what we wasted 16 episodes on last season ? All 16 episodes this season should have been some sort of Negan - Rick fight , I don't need to see Rick kill any more Star Trek Redshirts , let's just get this on already ...and now it looks like we are going to have a whole episode next week dedicated to Negan torturing Gabriel , I honestly could care less about that either . Very disappointed so far .
  8. Couldn't this happen last week ?
  9. The Walking Dead

    Meh , wasn't crazy about episode 2, they have 16 episodes to tell a war story about Rick vs Negan , I don't see how you have an episode where one of them ( Negan ) isn't around , and who really cares that Morales a bit player from season 1 is back ? Jesus' character kindve sucks right now also . It was an hour of watching a bunch of bit players shoot at each other ....a let down after episode 1 for me .
  10. The Walking Dead

    Good premiere I thought , only one question , if " only one person has to die "..why not just shoot Negan in the head when he walked out on the balcony? Anyway like we say why get caught up in details , it's a show about zombies . I enjoyed the episode .
  11. jets viewership down the most

    Your point about fans having to hesitate before celebrating big Defensive stops is the best point of this whole thread , it really started getting bad a few years ago but has gotten worse each and every year ..watched every game with the same 4-5 friends for decades and we all noticed it, it truly does take a lot of the fan experience out of the game, nobody reacts spontaneously and emotionally to a big play until you wait those 2 - 3 seconds to make sure there isn't a flag ..and that's long enough to take a lot of emotion out of the game for fans ...it's an underrated reason why the game is struggling right now .
  12. jets viewership down the most

    100% spot on , I'm 45 I missed maybe a handful of snaps from 1980 til this year , blew off family events, snuck out of Weddings midway , not the reception...the church ! Paced around my house in the middle of the night trying to figure out how we lost a heartbreaker ...you name it , I've missed more games and snaps this year than in the last 35+ years combined , and that's not an exaggeration.
  13. It would be way funnier to hear Sergio Dipp talk about routes .
  14. No worries , I read in another thread apparently Mike Francesa said the Jets know they need a QB, and will get one ....so we're all set .
  15. This has happened to me , not today , but it has ...just saying .