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  1. Man , here I was thinking I was going to enjoy this nice beautiful Saturday with my family , then I wake up to this news . Terrible .
  2. These are always good after heartbreaking losses also …” how frustrated are you “?
  3. I feel like this may not be true
  4. Those are not the rules and you know it .
  5. A good night . Takes a little of the sting off of Pete Alonzo getting dragged by a 4 foot tall 90 year old first base coach . I needed this .
  6. I would have liked to see edge at 4 also . But let’s stop acting like CB is the same as RB or safety…it’s still a premium position , and this guy could be a star .
  7. Stop taking the bait . All this means is that he is going to be in the war room with the cool kids mugging for the ESPN cameras. Be better .
  8. Take the best available edge at 4 , and this guy at 10 and let’s go.
  9. It’s going to be Edge at 4 and WR at 10. Mark it down , everything else is noise .
  10. Bronx , I give up, the thumbs downs are just too much . If you promise to stop thumbs downing us all I promise I will post workout videos of myself , and will lobby to convince others to do the same .
  11. Hey , you up ?
  12. Bronx trying to get us to post pictures of ourselves again I see , what’s next ? He gonna start texting us at midnight “ Hey “
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