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  1. Jolot

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    I literally just googled “ was Burt Reynolds a Jets fan?” damn you Joe Willy ....seriously though I hope Tom is ok , always enjoy interacting with him on here and reading his take ...hopefully it’s just something simple , like he got locked up at a Code Pink rally .
  2. Nice 6th round steal by Mac.....wait what ?
  3. Jolot

    Bowles is a quitter

    He’s not a quitter he’s just awful ..he’s without a doubt the 2nd worst coach in the history of the franchise...I guess that’s what you get when you let a beat writer cyber bully you into hiring the Head Coach ...I’m still surprised that doesn’t get more play ...it should be the main topic any time Bowles comes up....he was quite literally hired by a beat writer . Let . That . Sink In .
  4. So does this mean that Doug Marrone really wasn’t boiling puppies in a basement in Syracuse ?
  5. Jolot

    Sad Mac Stat

    It’s almost as if he sucks at his job or something
  6. I was just about to say Belichick as well, a long shot , a real long shot , but for the reasons you mentioned, and now hat we have Darnold ....hey you never knows.
  7. I’ve been on record before the season started as saying best case scenario this year was 4-12 , Darnold plays every game ..shows growth ...and we fire the whole coaching staff and replace with young offensive minds. I haven’t missed a snap since 1981 and I’m telling you Bowles is the 2nd worst coach we’ve ever had , my belief is anything that guarantees his exit on black Monday is a positive , last night basically guaranteed that .
  8. We’ve sank lower ...that time we targeted Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren and Brett Farve and wound up with Dick Steinberg, Bruce Coslet and Browning Nagle says hello .
  9. Well if we do fire Bowles I just hope we try something different this time ...let’s think out of the box . How about .....an up and coming Coordinator, preferably zero knowledge of how to use the new rules to generate offense , no interest at all in developing a young QB...and we definitely a Defensive mastermind that will need to use many high draft picks on defense...oh and he should have no knowledge at all at how to manage the clock .....something new , I would give that a shot .
  10. I haven’t looked it up , but I would imagine a lot of the people going off about our O line we’re the some of the same people who wanted to trade our next 2 drafts for Mack .
  11. They let this kid come in and take a giant dump on them ...just so Jets .
  12. No guys , just no ...didn’t we learn from the last time we drafted a QB in the top 5 ? Let’s be patient and do this thing right this time ...no trading any picks of any kind for these headaches.
  13. Jolot

    We learn a lot tomorrow

    We all have this feeling , and your 100% justified to have it .....maybe they surprise us ....maybe ...man wouldn’t that be nice .
  14. Helllllllllll to the nooooooo.....to the no no nooooooooooo....

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