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  1. Has any coach / manager in all of NY sports had a 3 year run worse than Joe Judge in recent memory and been given a relatively free pass from the media ? Eric Mangini was Vince Lombardi compared to this clown and got run out of town .
  2. Being 10 years old and having my friends dad tell us that George the animal Steele was a college professor remains one of the mind blowing events of my life to this day .
  3. My son is WAY more into the NBA , could care less about the NFL…like I said if your not gambling on it the NFL is unwatchable right now
  4. As far as the quality of the actual product the NFL is a distant 4th out of the 4 major sports .
  5. Speaking as probably one of the few people left that doesn’t gamble on sports at all..not even fantasy….( doesn’t make me any better than anyone it’s just not my thing )…I can say that gambling has destroyed the NFL for fans who don’t gamble …we are the minority so they don’t care …but unless you are gambling the NFL is unwatchable. I casually watch now ..mostly cuz of relationships I’ve built on this board over the years ….the product is THAT bad .
  6. It’s gambling first and product second now .FFS the announcers at the end of the Giants game were actively talking about the over-under . Disgusting. I know I sound like I’m waving my cane …but gambling and fantasy has ruined the sport . That and the league actively helping the Patriots still for some reason , the officiating during their games . Criminal.
  7. Totally with you . I’m 50 , had kids late I have a 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. Having kids changed it for me , I wasted so many days of my life letting sports teams ruin me .I spent decades losing sleep and pacing the house after bad losses . If islanders game 7 this year against Tampa happens 10 years ago i wouldn’t have slept for a week : I used to laugh at the “ casual fan “..now I am the casual fan and it’s a great feeling . I got the “ die hard sports fan “ disease from my dad .. followed his model ..am actively going to try and make sure it doesn’t happen to my son . I swear
  8. He’s a stoic mute on the sideline, which is odd considering his emotional reputation as a D coordinator. I know screaming and yelling doesn’t necessarily mean success but if that who you are be the guy that got you where you are . Seems like he’s trying to fit what a HC should act like instead of being himself.
  9. Not to mention, even with all the facts you just stated . His first 5-6 games were still light years better than this .
  10. Need to ask again . So far what has Saleh done better than Gase ? At least Gase sh#%t on the media . Which was nice . While I’m at it , what has JD done better than any of the last 6 GMs ?
  11. My sincerest apologies to the “ keep Sam and draft Pitts “ crowd . There were a few of you who were on that bandwagon. I also got caught up in the “ we are more than a TE away “ argument . You have a chance to grab a generational player like that you do it .
  12. Some guy that showed up , made 2 good plays then got yanked off the field quickly .
  13. Seriously, Why should I feel like a scum#%g cuz I’m not broken up about a guy worth 100 million with access to the best ( and free ) healthcare in the world needing finger surgery . It’s not like I’m wishing death on him . I hope he lives to be 100 years old . But this is good news . I’m sick of having to feel obligated to say “ I’m not wishing injuries “ …
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