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  1. Jolot

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Give the kid a chance , same with everyone we take tomorrow, the vast vast majority of us know nothing about anyone from round 3 on...I know I don't , I'll reserve any judgment until I at least see these guys in camp .
  2. I know right ? What an outrageous statement, recent history proves that Allen would hit the ocean from the beach at least 56 or 57 out of every 100 tries , smh .
  3. Jolot

    2018 Mets thread

    So a ground ball to 2nd base winds up going to the wall for a triple ? I have no words ....btw familia sucks , he's a compiler , he'll get a bunch of saves cuz the save stat is a joke ...I like Calloway if he really wants to change the culture here he should announce tonight that Gsellman is the closer , enough already .
  4. Good read , I cant really agree or disagree because I haven't watched enough of any of these guys , but it's refreshing to read some honest feedback rather than espn and NFL network telling us every player drafted in every round is going to be a star.
  5. Jolot

    The Walking Dead

    I saw this steaming pile of crap finale coming after the absurdly horrible episode 15, what a disaster. I could get into detail but most of my complaints were already covered in previous posts I just read above , only thing I'll add is this , good God can they kill Daryl off aleady ? What a garbage character, garbage actor, garbage storyline..he brings nothing to the show at this point, zero . Simon and Dwight were the only 2 good characters that came out of this whole waste of 3 seasons of this show ...I'm may be out at this point .
  6. Jolot

    The Walking Dead

    Wow , so they saved one of the worst , dumbest , most ridiculously bad episodes of the entire series for episode 15 of All Out War.....fanatic job guys . Keep up the stellar work .
  7. Jolot

    2018 Mets thread

    No mercy tomorrow, don't let up , I don't want to hear any talk about a house money game , these guys not only step on our throats they squash our skulls and mock us when they have the upper hand ....sweep them .
  8. Jolot

    The Walking Dead

    Pretty good episode but still taking way too long to get to the climax, my wife was pissed that Rick lied and murdered a bunch of people , the guys son just died I'd be doing the same ...who did Negan pick up in the car ? I say that blond savior girl that knows Dwight is a traitor, he's screwed .
  9. Jolot

    The Walking Dead

    Probably not , I would say Judith but she's too young , looks like they'll go in a whole different direction.
  10. As with any other rule , this is clearly a penalty on the Lions player but not on the Patriots player , move along.
  11. Jolot

    Interesting Tweet

    This is totally happening
  12. Jolot

    Interesting Tweet

    That rug really brought the room together dude.
  13. Exactly, what's wrong with telling a nice young lady to keep her high heels on ? In my book that makes him a winner .
  14. Jolot

    The Walking Dead

    Yea the imitation Pulp Fiction intro stuff was weird and served no purpose , Simon is a phenomenal character and actor , steals every scene he is in , I realize they are using Simon to make Negan look more human and get the audience rooting for him ...but in actuality I am asking ....If the leadership of the saviors got together around the same time , how did Simon not wind up the leader ? How did he not take Negan out a long time ago ? He's clearly more well equipped in every way to make it this far no ? And as much of a loose cannon as he is his crew seems to follow him , and he genuially seems to look out for his guys , not Iron their face and steal and enslave their wives .
  15. Manish Mehta is racist, he hates young black athletes, the majority of his criticism is targeting them , there are articles online to prove it . Is that how this works ?