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  1. I remember Herm taking a shot at Marty S. after the San Diego game . Something along the lines of " anything over 40 yards in the playoffs is a crapshoot "....then the very next week played for , not settled for , but played for 40+ yarders in a way worse weather environment, always pissed me off even more than missing the actual kicks .
  2. Poll: Who is 2018 Jets QB?

    I think we're going to go hard after Cousins and ultimately get him , just seems like that's the plan from the outside looking in .
  3. Yea they should be embarrassed, can't wait to the day we are so inept that we only win the AFC championship by a few points .
  4. Caption this

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this is literally the most F'd up picture I've seen in my life ...I mean how does this guy put himself in that situation ? Unbelievable.
  5. Rig the championship game ! That will get the ratings back up for sure .
  6. Cmon guys , the Pats are going to win this game by 30 points and we all know it .
  7. Mawae in his prime was a game changer , a total difference maker , the best player on our offense for many years ( yes including Curtis Martin )
  8. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    Benigno may be clownish now , but when he first hit the overnights in the Kotite years he was fantastic. I was in my mid 20s and my dad moved in with me before he passed , we had some last hour bonding in 96 listening to Joes epic Kotite rants ....he's a good dude too, I met him once with my wife while we were out at a restaurant, he was at the bar with his wife , while we were waiting for a table I introduced myself and told him that story , he sent drinks over to our table . Oh and Manish can F off, all the way off, and keep F'ing off.
  9. Saquon Barkley

    No way he's there at 6.
  10. HOW THE **** IS THAT NOT A TD???!!!

    Complete insanity , this league is a joke with this stuff , nobody knows wtf is a catch or not anymore , more than anything BS like this is why less people are watching . Willie Colon did a good job explaining just how absurd it is on the post game , took the league to task more than most ex jocks do .
  11. Chiefs sign Revis

    He's ahead of the curve as usual , banking some money and parachuting into a playoff race a la Roger Clemens ...good for him.
  12. Coach Mike Leach

    Absolutely hysterical and absolutely dead on accurate, I hope the media shows a sense of humor for once but I could see someone giving him a hard time about this unfortunately.
  13. The Walking Dead

    I actually enjoyed the back and forth with Negan and Gabriel , more than " action " scenes of nameless, faceless extras shooting at each other ..it's clear now they are going to drag this out for all 16 episodes though . Also why is it so hard to believe someone would have a working helicopter? They still have running water , electricity, cars with unlimited gas, unlimited ammunition and video games lol....I was supposed to be shocked someone had a helicopter?
  14. Interesting Francessa points

    You want a toe dude ? I can get you a toe .