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  1. Green Bay . 25+ consecutive years of some of the greatest QB play in history and 2 Super Bowls to show for it .
  2. Aikman : “ couldn’t have written this story “ LoL...the GOAT at QB. A loaded roster , a good coaching staff . And a pathetically weak conference. Yes ....stunning , only comparison that comes to mind is the 80 US hockey team .
  3. I find it hard to believe these billionaire owners are going to allow themselves to lose fan game day revenue again .
  4. If anything his explanation made the interaction with JD son MORE creepy . Holy crap . What a piece of scum .
  5. We need a leader of men , a guy who commands the room and the facility. Saleh is clearly that type of guy . We can’t get caught up in chasing the next offensive genius. You can still win with a defensive culture , especially in the northeast. I would love this hire if it happens .
  6. This is my guy . I would settle on Aaron Glenn..just have a hunch Glenn could be a good coach . I hope it’s one of these 2 . Yes I know everyone’s chasing the next offensive genius , but I still feel especially in the Northeast we can’t just hang our hat on that , there’s still a place for a coach to bring a defense first culture .
  7. Smith at 2 is an absolute no brainer now. I don’t even see an argument.
  8. I’m going on record . In about an hour the Steelers are going to have the ball with a chance to win.
  9. Anyone else getting the feeling this game is going to have a wild ending ?
  10. Nope we don’t need that drama now after that mess. If Philly lets him go nobody’s going to touch him for a year or two . Like the Astros manager , and Alex Cora and Beltran . Way different circumstances but similar in the way that nobody’s bringing that drama I to their clubhouse right now .
  11. I don’t trust it . The Pats would have won the lottery this year and got TL. Just like the Penguins and Rangers magically win the lottery the one time every 10 years they have a bad year .

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