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  1. F the NY media , the OG’s of fake news . You don’t need the media in your pocket to play in this town anymore , nobody listens to what they say , nobody cares what they say . The athlete can communicate directly with the fans now in many different ways .
  2. This monster , plus Lawrence , a new coaching staff , and fans back in the stands ....visions that will get me through the next 14 games .
  3. Agree with 80...best player in the team .
  4. Herndon stinks , he’s never done anything . We were just desperate and he showed a couple flashes . He’s Jordany Valdespin
  5. Trevor Lawrence along with a new coaching staff and fans back in the stands next September has been my endgame since March, while this is going to hurt to watch just keep that in mind . Today was just another step . If there was ever a season to punt this is the one guys .
  6. We’d be winning this game if Joe Douglas drafted another receiver in the 6th round .
  7. However anyone feels about Marrone as a coach , Mehta driving to Syracuse to dig up 20 year old dirt on him was creepy AF. The burner account crossed even more lines ...again however anyone feels about Gase , Mehta went after his kid . Losing his job ? He got off easy if you ask me.
  8. For some reason this one has more of an Albert Haynesworth feeling and less of a Randy Moss feeling to it ....it will be interesting to see how it plays out .
  9. This thread is funny ..yes what’s wrong with him ? Happily married , raising his kids , living a clean life ...if only he could be “ cool “ like Marshawn Lynch .
  10. Shane is a Mets fan and you took him as your plus one to a Yankee game ...who are you two trying to kid here .
  11. I hate it , it’s brutal, I reject this as a new normal . It’s a total money grab to satisfy the TV networks and the gambling sites . Sports should be canceled until fans can be back at full capacity.
  12. Does anyone know who Evan is on here ? We all know Fidelo Jet is Mehta...that’s been common knowledge for years now .

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