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  1. The Ravens are too smart for this , probably just checking in . Hopefully this scares the corpse of Jerry Jones into action . I still think the next time Adams suits up its with Dallas .
  2. Yup , to me this makes the Morgan pick even better ..the last thing we need is him seeing the field this year under any circumstances. Keep Flacco one year ...draft another development QB next year to be behind Morgan . Wash, rinse , repeat .
  3. Agree , the mentor thing is the biggest load of crap out there . Can he come in and win a game if needed is all that matters.
  4. Disagree...I would draft the best available QB in the 4th round every year for the next decade even if Darnold is a perennial All Pro .
  5. Get on the phone with the man who used to be Jerry Jones immediately. 1st and a 3rd next year .
  6. I’m 49, avid fan of all 4 sports. The only 2 athletes i ever felt my teams had zero chance against in their primes were Jordan and Mariano . There was a feeling as if there was truly a competitive advantage, like these 2 guys were literally aliens from another universe. It’s hard to describe to those who didn’t live through it . It wasn’t just greatness, it wasn’t just all time greatness ( like a Lebron or Kobe or Peyton Manning )..it was far and above that .
  7. He sucks let the Pats have him...develop the kids .
  8. This guys sucks ..let the Pats have him...cmon guys .
  9. Listen Manesh..sit this one out , you obviously aren’t impartial.
  10. I like the pick , and think he’ll be very good ...but honestly everyone who drops says this ..some prove people wrong some don’t ..for every Thurman Thomas there’s a Josh Rosen ...I hope he does stick it a lot of people for our sake .
  11. I never actually watch day 3...I did this year for obvious reasons ...it’s amazing how the vast majority of these day 3 guys have “ 1st or 2nd round talent “.....the day 3 guys mostly drop because of injuries, work ethic , character etc etc ....just shows with a few exceptions that a lot of guys in the league from the #1 pick to Mr. irrelevant aren’t separated by THAT much talent wise .
  12. What an awful take , we’re not allowed to draft safeties anymore ? If the guy turns out to be a good football player who cares.
  13. Everyone thinks it’s brilliant when other teams trade down then when we do it they freak out lol ..good stuff .
  14. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but how anyone could have watched last years team and complain that we drafted a big time LT prospect is beyond comprehension to me .
  15. I know , still takes some excitement out of it knowing that there seems little chance we are getting a normal season ..and some chance that we are getting no season at all .
  16. So we’re just going to do this today and pretend the season is actually going to start in September? Ok I guess count me in I could use a distraction.
  17. Piper has to be in there ...the original heel everyone loved.
  18. This guy is the Christopher Columbus of fake news.
  19. Jerry is 100 years old and wants to win now ..100% we need to be seeing how desperate he is , we get the right deal I would do it in a heartbeat .
  20. I could name 50 worse losses without even flinching ...100 if I really sat down and gave it some time .
  21. Cool nickname but as football players most of the sons of anarchy sucked .
  22. Killing your neighbor for Spaghett-Os it seems .
  23. NHL basically saying they’re going to announce cancelled season tomorrow

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