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  1. Everybody except Sam should be expendable, yes including Adams, this is a total rebuild, Gase did a good job getting 7 wins out of it ..I was on record as saying 3-13.
  2. I always thought it was bad karma to hire him , kind of like the Red Sox hiring Buckner to manage them , every time I look at him I think of 2006. Let Collins babysit for a year , the new owner is going to fire everyone next offseason anyway , if it’s true he’s going to have full control sooner rather than later .
  3. Go try doing what OBJ did to a cop on the street today ( including staring him down when he turns around ) and see what happens to you .
  4. This also more than likely means Brady definitely out of New England ...if BB is staying I think he’s gone....good day for us .
  5. I told you guys it was going to be Joe Judge ...listen up next time I’m usually right about these things .
  6. Probably heard the rumors that Jamal Adams could be traded to the Cowboys , playing him twice a year ? That alone is going to scare these big time coaches away from the Giants job I would imagine.
  7. He was never going to work for Jones ..he’s going to the Giants and you know it .
  8. I think McDaniels takes a sweetheart deal from Kraft and stays .
  9. Gettleman will be shown the door , keep laughing at the Giants guys ...they’re about 2 weeks or so from introducing BB as head of football operations and HC....yea what a laughing stock they are .
  10. Giants don’t care , Belichick will be introduced as GM/HC of the NYG within a couple weeks
  11. Agree , I still say Belichick winds up with the Giants and Gettleman gets the boot here in the next couple weeks .
  12. It’s not the worst thing to wake up next to Rosie O’Donnell if you’ve once woken up next to Lorena Bobbit.
  13. Without Belechick and Earnie Adams and the cheating he would’ve been Brooks Bollinger. Brady the most overrated player in sports history.
  14. Agreed , this looks like the breakup of the Jordan/Phil Jackson Bulls sequel coming .
  15. They all become Giant fans when BB goes there in 2 weeks ...a lot of the front running frauds are ex Giant fans anyway .
  16. Not close to enough , anything short of a full year suspension for BB is a farce .
  17. They cheated , every step of the way , like Arod they were always one step ahead of the law ...the 16-0 spy gate year wasn’t a revenge tour , they just cheated even more and better that year ....they’re scum , a black mark on the league , nothing more ..and if Belechick isn’t suspended for a year in a couple weeks ( he won’t be by the way ) it will be the biggest joke in the history of sports .
  18. Still wouldn’t put it past Belechick to shank Getteleman and turn up in a couple weeks as GM/Coach of the Giants
  19. Lots of pressure on the Refs to think of a plan here .
  20. Pats seem pretty mortal since they got caught cheating again huh ? Strange ......
  21. Love this pic ...sums up the Pats dynasty in a nutshell .
  22. No way they lose this week , they’ll win relatively easily actually...they’re out next week though. The cheating pieces of s##t.
  23. I actually thought this was hysterical, Harvey seemed to me to be playing along , some speculation he was serious , I don’t think so .
  24. Said staffer also wouldn’t have used Gase sons name ...this is Mehta all the way .

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