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  1. Like any true leader of men I can’t calm down until after I run the bleachers .
  2. The fact that it isn’t 39-3 just shows how average the Pats are nowadays.
  3. Saleh runs the stairs before games pal. That’s all that matters . Stay focused .
  4. The 2020 draft class may go down as the worst in franchise history . And even remotely criticizing JD triggers half this board . It’s actually comic relief at this point .
  5. Yes yes …once again it’s the Jets fans fault for expecting a 2nd round 2nd year WR to be one of the best 53 players on the team . Those DAMN SOJ fans !!! They are such awful people they don’t deserve a winner !!
  6. JD has done nothing to earn anyone’s love yet . He has a lot to prove , the 2020 draft may go down as one of the worst in team’s history. So far is no better than Dick Steinberg .
  7. The GM swinging and missing big on a top 10 LT that was supposed to be one of the cornerstones of the rebuild is the least of the team’s problems?
  8. 100%. Every year people dump on “ SOJ fans “ who don’t deserve a good team because we are such terrible fans …what a joke . Who “ deserves “ to have a good team ? All of the 27 year old New Orleans Saints “ fans “ living in New York ? Or the 23 year old Chiefs “ fans “ maybe the those 21 year old Rams “ fans “ that are suddenly everywhere I go …yea that’s it ….us 40-50 year old Jets fans that have stuck through decades of this ?…we are SOJ fans who are the “ problem “ …get lost with this nonsense, there is nothing worse than that narrative.
  9. Nobody cares what you do for a living ,I’m a cop …moron, I’ve been on the board for 13 years and never talk about it ..pipe down son .I’ve had enough . We’re done here .
  10. This is a football board bro …nobody is impressed. Pipe down son. We played along with your pompous doctor routine for a bit cuz it was funny …be quiet now . Clown .
  11. Ok good , usually when I want you to appear you I would type “Psychopath” 3 times…but “soft “ is easier …as you said I’m kind of simple.
  12. Did you hear the word “soft”and get summoned ? Like Candyman , or Beetlejuice ?
  13. He sucks , he’s soft , and cries a lot .
  14. Dominant force in this league ….lol …ok ..and we’re the ones with blinders on .
  15. Agreed . At this point move him to guard and with any luck he turns out to be Dave Cadigan
  16. Wait I’m just processing this , as was pointed out above by Dr McDreamy I’m not that smart …you’re actually trying to say that Becton played good today ? That’s your take ? LoL
  17. Or maybe because….and hear me out …because he’s soft .
  18. He was the wrong draft pick . I get that JD swung for the fences , but he swung and missed . Wirfs was the pick . Would have plug and played for a decade like DBrick . He blew it .
  19. Great point. Lawson was a step above a JAG his whole career until this July. Coincidence?
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