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  1. Was just saying that . I know the QB situation but he looks like a JAG more often than not…so far anyway .
  2. He’s going to Dallas I would imagine .
  3. He ran a tight ship though , remember when Ken Wisenhunt tipped the other team off on what play they were gonna run at the goal line ? Good times
  4. The receipt nonsense is worse than Rex Ryan dribble …it’s crossed over into Isiah Thomas Knicks territory….he used to say the same thing for years.
  5. Ok I’ll admit I was wrong . Zach isn’t the worst QB on the roster he’s the 2nd worst . Obviously need to start White next week .
  6. Mickey Calloway minus the dick pics….so far anyway
  7. Wow , our punter absolutely sucks . And of course the Ravens have some rookie UFA booming 60 yard unreturnable punts all day .
  8. That defensive series is what I expected when we hired Saleh. Nice work .
  9. Take 10 seconds today to remember what really matters . Family , friends, and loved ones . Being alive and able to argue with each other on this forum is a privilege. Love you all. Go Jets.
  10. I used to respect his posts also …had pretty much the same experience with him you had today a couple weeks ago …I don’t even know how to put anyone on ignore as for 10 years posting here I’ve never had a serious issue with anyone …but I just don’t respond to any of his nonsense now .
  11. Yup . This was my exact point when Zach went down . In what world does Zach not playing mean we are going to win LESS games? He’s not the best QB on the roster and let’s face it …has ALL the signs of being a bust . At this point I want to see some wins and a competitive team with a plan . People saying they were not going to watch this year because Zach wasn’t playing? I don’t get it . But let them do them I guess . I’ll watch the games and root for wins no matter who is playing QB.
  12. Amazing isn’t it ? The usual suspects were on me like a pack of wolves a few weeks ago when I expressed , correctly , that I thought Zach sucked and we would be better off with a Jimmy G , Minshew type …these maniacs actual said they would rather lose with Zach than win 9-10 games with a “ stop gap “ ….10+ years posting I don’t come here to fight with children so I dropped it ..but it’s the same story from the same group every time..they get volatile quick
  13. Jolot

    Bills VS Rams

    Von Miller is on the Bills now ? How nice . Fantastic
  14. We have one of if not the worst QB situations in the league , which will only get worse when Zach comes back , 4-5 wins .
  15. The guy was league MVP , and has had a pretty good track record on QBs ( he was the only person I can recall saying the Browns should take Josh Allen #1 BEFORE the draft among other things ) but yes we all know more than him . Face it guys …we’re in trouble with Zach. Big trouble .
  16. I think the OP is being a little too hard on Zach , he’s terrible, he’s the 3rd best QB in the terrible awful QB room . But it’s still a bit too early to say he doesn’t belong in the league .
  17. On paper our running game looks good . But we will be playing from behind the vast majority of the time .
  18. It’s because the entire league , and everyone associated with it thinks Zach is trash .
  19. Yup , 100% . Players aren’t fans , they don’t care about the 5-10 year plan , half these guys are all one play away from being out of the league .
  20. Wait , your threatening me with negative reps ? Lol….that’s funny . The internet is not real life . Go drink your sorrows away kid . I’m plain clothes don’t work weekends anymore , heading to bed , got a nice family weekend planned …sons baseball game tomorrow followed by daughters competition cheer Sunday . Man stuff , you’ll understand it one day . Talk soon .
  21. You have achieved sustained , consistent, success as it pertains to embarrassing yourself all night . So you have that going for you …which is nice .
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