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  1. Dead on man , it’s really unbelievable isn’t it ? I never bash Jet fans anyone can look up my history here ....but guys on here getting trolled by agenda driven media clowns is getting embarrassing...I’m embarrassed for some people on here right now .
  2. The media is just turning this into a political hit job at this point ..they’re going to go after him now the way CNN goes after Trump or FOX goes after Clinton ...99% of it is agenda driven , as fans let’s be above it ....sorry mods I hope this wasn’t taken as getting political because it wasn’t meant that way .
  3. I’ll take , 3 people who I couldn’t give s#%t about their Jets opinion for 500 Alex .
  4. So we fired the 2nd worst GM we’ve had in recent memory, at a time BTW when more GMs get fired than the clown agenda driven Jets media will have you believe , bring in what seems to be a top GM prospect who has a good relationship with our new HC, seems like a good deal to me ...but Joe, Evan and Manish are mad so clown show same old Jets ...yea ok , whatever .
  5. Jolot

    Mac fired!

    Williams may not make it to opening day , I’m being serious ...who knows about Bell...my guess is he shows up out of shape and winds up on IR by week 6.
  6. Jolot

    Mac fired!

    He went with the baseball cap instead of the combover ...that’s pretty smart .
  7. Jolot

    Mac fired!

    Agreed , people need to be reminded sometimes , beat reporters aren’t Jet fans ..they’re allegiance is to access and information...they have zero interest in wins and losses .
  8. Jolot

    Mac fired!

    Great point , totally agree ...there’s never a bad time to fire a guy as awful at his job as Mac was....people getting fired up because of what Joe and Evan or our clown beat writers are tweeting need to take a deep breath ..we got better today . Period .
  9. Jolot

    Mac fired!

    Good , should have been done on black Monday .
  10. McShay just basically called him lazy
  11. Mac is a disaster and should’ve been the first one fired 30 seconds after the season ended , stop it , just stop .
  12. This guys career is over , and he should be in jail , his wife btw was also bragging about “ whooping “ the 3 year old , he broke his 3 year old sons arm ? Hunt or whatever that other Kansas City POS name is is Ghandi compared to this pile of steaming garbage ..I have a 3 year old , the thought of whooping a 3 year old and or breaking her arm for “ respect “ is too sickening to even talk about . Should be capital punishment if you ask me . F this guy .
  13. I don’t care how long the game takes , get it right , period . Would you rather a 3 hour game decided by refs or a 4 hour game where the players decide ...stop rushing everything . Honestly the games should kick at 1230 and 430 anyway , long time coming .
  14. Jolot

    Siemian to Jets

    Most useless topic ever ...if this guy takes one meaningful snap in his Jets career it will be tragic .
  15. LT was the best football player I’ve ever seen , it gets a bit forgotten because of the off the field stuff and the sideshow he eventually became , but in his prime he was other worldly, right there with Jordan , Mariano , Gretzky. Those are the 4 guys that in their primes it felt like you were watching an alien from a superior planet compete against humans .
  16. Jolot

    I'm out on....

    The Islanders are 2nd best franchise in New York sports .
  17. They gave us Gary Carter for Hubie Brooks and some scrubs, the Expos owe us nothing .
  18. It’s called a “ Couples “
  19. Die Hard is a Christmas movie .
  20. True story , I was in L.A. 2 years ago at a business conference, same week Magic Johnson got the Lakers job so there was a lot of media around .Myself and 2 colleagues are in an elevator it stops and in walks Stephan A. We’re 3 middle aged guys well dressed its 8 in the morning...by no stretch of the imagination are we out of line or annoying or whatever. I politely say , hey Stephan A, we’re from New York just wanted to say we love your work etc etc...he stares straight ahead at the elevator door, ignores us. My friend asks him what he thinks about the knicks...stares straight ahead ignores us ...elevator opens he walks out , never looks at us or says a word ...F that guy ...again true story if I wasn’t actually there I wouldn’t believe it .
  21. Jolot

    Joe Beningo

    I used to listen to Beningo in the car when I was working overnights 20 years ago ...his rants back then were real and passionate, great radio back in the day . He’s old and tired and honestly not into it as much as he used to be , I rarely listen now but I did tune in today and his “ rants “ now are forced, fake and incoherent, he’s 70 and not very healthy I don’t even think he cares anymore .
  22. No sense stressing it , just wait to see who Manish wants ...that’s ultimately who will get the job . He calls the shots .
  23. There were no bad episodes....Happy Days however ?........
  24. So all we need is for the worst GM in the league to suddenly become good at his job and then we’re on our way to winning 13 of our next 24 games ?? Thanks for cheering me up I feel way better now .

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