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  1. Add “ good penalty decliner “ to his resume , right under “ coached “ Peyton Manning .
  2. Who cares , they’re literally playing a different sport than we are right now.
  3. Unpopular take ....but name one thing Sam Darnold has shown us in his first 16 starts that Mark Sanchez, Chad Pennington, and Kenny O didn’t ? Sorry but he has lots to prove .
  4. He looks terrified...complete lack of guts ...sorry guys this is a REALLY bad sign ...hope I’m wrong ...he isn’t even getting hit he’s afraid to get hit .
  5. I’m 48 I go back way further ....this may be he worst effort I’ve ever seen .
  6. Hey look guys !!! We called the game fair !! Just check the box score .....literally a book written about how Donaghy pulled it off ...disgusting it’s still going on .
  7. Now the “ Tim Donaghy” plan in place ...after the game is already decided throw some flags on the Pats so the boxscore looks like you weren’t favoring one team ...happens in every Pats game .
  8. I’m a better supermodel than Gase is a football coach .
  9. If this lack of competitiveness goes on for 4 quarters I agree ....zero excuse for gutless cowardice on display ...lose the game ...lose the game by 20....but COMPETE and show some damn pride. I’ve barely missed a snap since 1981 and I don’t recall ever seeing something this gutless .
  10. They’re not even competing ...those of you who know me know I don’t knee jerk ...but this has the makings of an all time epic embarrassment.....COMPETE!!! For Christ sake ...gutless pathetic showing.
  11. Peter McNeely put up a better fight against Mike Tyson
  12. Man , what I wouldn’t give to see Brady play ONE game against a 1982 version of Lawrence Taylor with 1982 rules ....just one ...it would be Jet fan porn .
  13. Mikes gambling a lot nowadays...it influences most of what he spews at this point . He sent it in heavy on the Giants and Bears today . Hence the tweets .
  14. There’s nothing that the Kotite Jets produced over a 4 week span that was worse than this , nothing , I saw very snap.
  15. Your right , Kotites teams had spurts where they scored points ..in a time when you were allowed to actually play defense...today was rock bottom .
  16. If we wind up with the #1 pick , it means Sam either didn’t see the field all year ,or did and was bad ...in either scenario to not at least consider taking Tua would be insanity .
  17. Always liked you 80...proves my motto , never trust a guy that doesn’t marry UP.
  18. I stand with Tom . Edit , my son wants in ..WE stand with Tom.
  19. Kotites offense was light years better than this ...don’t laugh it’s true. Look it up .
  20. Pad those stats , a couple more of those and maybe we can get a 3rd for him instead of the 5th he’s worth .
  21. Jones looked better today than Sam has at any point in any of his career starts . The hits just keep onnnnnnnnnmn coming .
  22. So Sam is now the 6th best first round QB taken in the last 2 years ? Ahead of only Josh Rosen ....fantastic.
  23. Nobody said he sucks , but your not being honest if you are already calling him a FQB, he is being outperformed by 3 QBs picked last year and at least one potentially 2 this year . He needs to get on the field and get going .
  24. So are Jacksonville and Cincinnati, anyone who thinks we are winning more than 3 games is fooling themselves.
  25. There’s 3 wins on our schedule, split with Miami, and possibly 2 of 3 Giants / Bengals and Jags ....3-13 tops with 2-14 a possibility, stop it .

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