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  1. The only game we'll win are against the Steelers, Redskins and one of the MIA games.
  2. You have to give Josh Allen his props! Some of you guys are holding on to your draft analysis prejudice. With that said, they are certainly pretenders. They lack the chemistry to be a top AFC team as of now, however they're mighty confident and have two more games to be gifted by the Jets and LOLphins.
  3. Josh Allen's a beast! Old man McCoy and Gore aren't the problems. It's Allen when he drops back and tucks the ball. Are the edge rushers fast enough to contain him?
  4. If you have a top QB, wouldn't he be able to survive with average WRs? Allowing you to allocate the teams cash/cap spending elsewhere?
  5. No worries, he will still dominate.
  6. Watched it on YouTube. Right after was Dante Hall. That was a refreshing 20 mins of watching both he and Barry back to back.
  7. He was obviously wasted, similar to this guy
  8. Can that officer snap a football? Jets should definitely give him a call. Someone make this easy and contact his supervisor.
  9. Simping at it's finest. Instead of a hotel, you try to impress two Insta-Thots by bringing them in your mansion?!
  10. Building, Developing & Managing a strong staff is by far the most important. As a manager of any business you don't have to be the most knowledgeable person at the job. It's ok to have ppl under you who knows more, however you have to be the glue to keep everyone together and know how to handle ppl. You're going to have weaknesses and with a strong and good staff the person under you can compensate where you lack at. As there soo many components to be either a good or bad GM.
  11. So one day Gates is destine to fire himself is what you trying to say?

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