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  1. I'll glady pass on Trevor to receive a haul of picks for the next two and possibly three drafts. Trey Lance is a prospect to keep an eye on. 2,800 pass yards, 28 TD, 0 Int, 1,100 yard rushing, 14 TDs.
  2. Someone please pull up the Josh Allen pre-draft thread in which I started as it's clear I need to show receipt. Not too good at using the search engine. I'm actually interested at looking back at the opinions.
  3. Why must I ask a Bill fan? I'm a Jets fan who with the 3rd pick wanted Josh Allen over the others guys (Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen Darnold). It wasn't til last season that I changed my Josh Allen profile pic.
  4. I agree, but he's definitely performing and winning the games he's supposed to win. That's all you can ask for from a young QB who you expect to come of age. Darnold can still be a quality starter in the Tony Romo tier. Hopefully we see that level of play.
  5. Josh Allen is just flat out good. He's dynamic and coming from a pro style offense in college, where he wasn't dumping an inflated amount of screen passes to pump up his completion percentage. Mac was an idiot for not picking the guy. Actually people thought it was crazy for the mocks to have him 1st overall. Many on this board are so much a fan of their opinion that they can't admit they're wrong on the guy.
  6. The results are going exactly as I expected. There were a few on here with realistic expectations regarding our off-season moves and the impact it'll have in the wins and lose column. For the most part, those people were downvoted and told how idiotic and trollish of a post they placed together all summer. Now it seems reality is setting in.
  7. No problem, just motion your way to a different thread.
  8. Alot of high price QB are still highly dependent on their supporting case especially the protection. Give Russ any sh*tty OL and he'll work wonders.
  9. NFL Could See 75 Percent Increase With New TV Contracts SEP 14, 2020 1:01 PM The NFL could see an increase of up to 75 percent for their television packages. Existing contracts begin expiring next year and are in the process of renegotiation. Current media partners “all seemingly are eager to extend their current relationships,” the analysts from MoffettNathanson wrote, estimating that the total annual NFL price tag will rise to $8.82 billion from $5.62 billion. Tom McGovern, president of the sports marketing agency Optimum Sports, said that companies saw the NFL as a “safe haven” and a “beacon of hope.” After ad spending slumped in the pandemic, football will capture “a greater share of a smaller pie,” he said.
  10. Lacking decision making and chemistry with your targets will cause a QB to hold on to the football longer. Plus being down by a wide margin tips the play calling for the pass rushers.
  11. I advocated for us to draft Josh Allen. Wasn't never high on Mayfield or Rosen. Thought Darnold would be above average to good but he's proving to be below then that. There's still 15 games to go.
  12. Just let it go. This is like checking your ex's social media every week hoping her new relationship goes left. We thank Jamal for his time hear and we're more than happy for being compensate a premium for a disgruntled player. Hope him the best and Go Jets!
  13. White got paid, Ramsey got paid. Gilmore definitely deserve his pay day. $24 million?
  14. He has INJ guarantee. That contract isn't tradeable.
  15. Hopefully he's saving up as much cap as possible for the first HC he'll hire.

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