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  1. Minority is too much of an ambiguous word nowadays. The number one minority in America are white women and gay white man. Also midgets, one eye, one armed people, are also minorities. I think it would be beneficial to have it be the original american minority or straight up say black people. But all together I think it's silly for blacks to complain about affirmative action. Just make your own league. Back during segregation they had no choice and those leagues thrived until they placed too much cream in their coffee.
  2. Baker and Dunbar have to get their story straight. Can't be in the county looking like these fools.
  3. He would have been better off killing a brother jogging rather then trying to get his money back after getting finessed.
  4. You guys really look silly diving into the police report as if it wasn't going to tell a one sided story. Hopefully Dunbar clears his name.
  5. We need him as the 4th Tackle. With all that said I don't have much faith in Lewis. He's one of those assets that a GM over values being that he's one of his guys. If he were to win the G job then even better.
  6. Darnold Will Take a Huge Leap Forward this Season
  7. Wilson has played concurrently with Mayes and Poole at UF, Maulet, Hairston and Desir with the Colts.
  8. Put down your green koolaid as Tua Tagovaiola has a chance to be better then both. Things can spin either way but I would definitely choose him over Murray. Until proven otherwise, he's definitely a guy we should worry about. Two young duel threat QBs in the division is the reason why we should transition into becoming much lighter and explosive on the Edge defensively as he and Allen was cause problems for us improvising.
  9. I'm just speaking in general, whether it's Cam Newton or 76 year old Joe Namath. There's some who are against bringing in anyone remotely good enough to win through the fear of controversy.
  10. If Darnold had problems dealing with competition or QB controversy then he wouldn't have committed to USC. That's not a place for a 4 star QB to go to and get handed a job nor a place with a quiet sports market. To reiterate that bringing competition in will be bad for his well being is flatout ridiculous. It's NYC, why are players so intune with what the outside forces and toxic media has to say?
  11. This was a stupid discussion that's going to cost millions. Attorney, divorce, spousal and child support. His wife went overboard but this doesn't means she's crazy. Just that her crazy is one not to mess with. Seems like she watches a lot of Tyler Perry movies. What's wild was she knew something was up and wasn't doubtful at all in her suspension.
  12. I'm all on board for signing the beast! We needed a JAG coach to get rid of a JAG GM. Now a lunatic WR can get rid of our JAG coach.
  13. C'mon man, put some respect on the mans name.
  14. I do as I'm looking forward to buying a number 15 jersey shirt that says Mims. The sooner he's healthy to sooner he gets cut.

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