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  1. Anyone who brings controversial press to the league in that magnitude will either get suspended or black balled. So yes I agree he will be served one way or the other. If suspended it will come before the draft or regular season as the NFL always places it during a period it can be swept under the rug and viewers can be distracted by something else.
  2. This has nothing to do with domestic violence. This was about a drunk white women calling a drunk black man the N-word and this drunk man using poor decisions making in attacking the women. The NFL has no place in telling people to be responsible drinkers when their most prominent sponsors are from alcohol beverages.
  3. LAD_Brooklyn

    ESPN’s 2018 All-Rookie Team

    Josh Allen should on this list
  4. But until then what's was the guy envisioning before taking that seat? It was as if his tendure as a Jets flashed before him. If that's the case then we're screwed.
  5. All I get from this is two more easy victories for the Pats to return to the playoffs next season. But this is smart of them as the Bills have Allen, Jets with Darnold. Time for them to think long term. I still question why they would release this to the media and this early?
  6. I read it as missing the meeting which is prior to practice and showing up to practice but late. So for example if meeting are 8 am and practice starts at 9 am. He probably showed up 9:30.
  7. LAD_Brooklyn

    Josh Allen

    Who the hell is this thread about?!?
  8. Josh Allen seems to be blossoming very well. I alway felt he had that duel threat ability but didn't think it was going to be as great as he's displayed so far. There's so many plays in which the OL would get finessed and he would avoid a clean defender. Rarely when Ive watched him has he gotten sacked. He's alway escaping and throwing the ball away and when he doesn't finds a defender down field or will take off with it. You guys know what I was saying during at the draft therefore knkw my answer. Nothing can change now so go Darnold!
  9. Josh Allen's potiential seems to be through the roof. There's so many sack opportunities that he escaped. Of course he needs more seasoning. But man from the little that I've seen Buffalo for sure has hope and those naysayers will never fess up on how wrong they were.
  10. 17. Starting Lineup: Left Tackle: Kelvin Beachum, 63.4 Left Guard: James Carpenter, 60.1 Center: Spencer Long, 61.2 Right Guard: Brian Winters, 64.6 Right Tackle: Brandon Shell, 63.9 The Jets have been the very definition of an average offensive line in the PFF grading scale. Every single one of their starters has earned a grade so far between 60.0 and 65.0. That sounds about like the 17th-best offensive line to me.
  11. This franchise can use an All-Pro player like Bell. His contract would be guarenteed in his prime years of 27-29. This would be a good move as he's indeed a game changer. A thing our offense has been missing for a long time. Marshall step in one season and perform but when you look at the past 8 years we've been so subpar from the rest of the league that we've hype some of our guys up. From Holmes, to Harvin and even Edwards. I wouldn't mind paying the best back in the league especially if he's accessible. Our other major needs that people are screaming for won't be solved through FA. You don't find LT or pass rushers in FA and if you do you're overpaying bigtime. Look at the Giants as an good example. With that being the case those positions will once again be a major weakness and we'll have to fill in elsewhere.
  12. I don't think our FO have a 2020 mindset. With that in mind they need to go for Bell whether you agree or not. Look how aggressive we went after Mack.
  13. Landry was traded for a 4th, I would be interested if all we had to give up was a 5th and of course we're still in contention.
  14. LAD_Brooklyn

    Bad year for free agency

    The only marquee player I see us getting is Bell. These other dream scenarios are in fact dreams. We'll pay him his $16 mil and so on ...

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