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  1. I like the Vinny Curry signing. But be honest he's a rotational player who'll play 40% of the snaps and rush exclusively from the interior but will play the edge on early downs. Curry shouldn't stop us from signing or drafting another edge rusher.
  2. He can make up to $10 mil if he hits his incentives.
  3. One way to make an offense struggle even further is to have them routinely trail therefore changing the game plan and switching to an aggressive play calling script. Wilson being down 14-0 at the start of the 2nd drive isn't a healthy formula. With that said I hope we go into the draft completely open minded.
  4. Pass, what ever asset we have to trade away for a player has to be directed towards Ertz.
  5. Dyami Brown, UNC Shi Smith, USC (Car) Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC (Cal)
  6. If all the RBs are still on the board and we had to select one, I would favor Javonte Williams. He's younger and/or fresher then the other top backs.
  7. What's going on with Clowney? Sign the beast or stay away at all cost?
  8. Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah This guy would be the best possible outcome and dream scenario. In todays NFL were're practically watching 7 on 7, and a OLB like him is neccessary. Especially with Miami most likely to select Pitts. Would have been good to get Neal but honestly he lacks tremendously in coverage. I think Wyatt Davis lacks versatility to be choosen in the first round. I like Tevan Jenkins, someone who can play G and pushed out to tackle if neccessary or needed. But ultimately we should trade back for more picks.
  9. Van Roten progressed nicely as the season aged. All this talk about replacing him is something I can't grasp. Yes he's a JAG, however he's a dependable one who's under team control for the next two seasons. I rather focus on upgrading some other JAG.
  10. Not at gun point but by their wives, family and bank account.
  11. He's as safe as Osama bin Laden in 2011 JD isn't going to pay Crowder $11M and will pressure him before training camp to take a paycut or risk getting cut.
  12. Bad cause of INJ, however that doesn't change the fact that they made majory commitments financially at the RB position. Just because your Ferrari broke down and your Toyota Camry is still driving doesn't change that fact that you a major financial commitment on a car. In these scenarios the outcome on the major investments didn't go as plan and you had to settle for the lesser prestige of the two.
  13. 49ers sign Colemon to a 2 years - 10M contract. 49ers signed Jerick McKinnon to a 4 year $ 30M contract. They've certainly invested in the RB position and they've had a good OL and WRs blocking for them.
  14. That's what I'm talking about, screw those one year deals and pay a little extra to have a team option on some guys, especially the young ones.
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