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  1. Neal will probably be selected before our pick and he doesn't fit in our scheme therefore we may select someone else even if he's still on the board. AVT maybe a LT possibility if needed to be. Ikem Ekwonu maybe the best prospect to consider for our scheme. Either he can play LT or play LG so we can bump AVT to LT.
  2. This guy seems to be the real deal in zone coverage and tackling. Would certainly perfer him over Stingley when you consider we wouldn't have to invest a top 5 pick for him. Gardner from Cincinnati seems to be a great cover guy. But his tackling sucks in the quick passing game but without a doubt a stud.
  3. Neal is a top 5 prospect overall in the draft, however for the Jets he shouldn't be amoungst the discussion for top 3 OL on our individual team board. In no particular order Ikem Ekwonu, Charles Cross and even Linderbaum should be rated higher then him on the Jets board. This is totally a 180 for those running a gap scheme.
  4. This happened with the Vikings back in 2003. Time expired and the next team was up. The next 4 teams had their pick in collectively within 4 minutes. But you're totally right with it being a reality show.
  5. 4. Jets (via Seahawks) 5. Jets 6. Giant (via Bears) 7. Giants 8. Eagles 9. Eagles (via Dolphins) When you're on the clock and you failed to make a selection, the following slot or team is then due up. But you have a chance at any time to call in and select "said" player. I was wondering if the following team can make their 10 minutes run out, however announce their selection during their 2nd of back to back selection? Therefore of course granting themselves more time either to go through things and select a propect or work out a trade.
  6. Jags (2-8) vs Falcons (4-6) Jags winning for so many reasons benefit the Jets. Of course the Jets will sneak in a win sometime this season therefore our margain for error in closing out with the highest pick increases with a Jag win. Meanwhile a Falcons win would keep them afloat the Seahawks in the draft standings. Seahawks (4-7) @ Washington (4-6) W Football Team are coming of a two game winning streak vs Brady and Newton. They have a great opportunity at home to do us a favor and lock down the Hawks for us. Giants (3-7) @ Eagles (5-6) Both team play another once m
  7. @Lith What do you know about Jermaine Johnson? I've only seen him this season and he's a flat out beast. He can very well jump into the discussion as the 2nd pass rusher off the board. Has the prototypical size for a 4-3 DE
  8. You guys remeber last year when Creed Humphreys was getting mocked into the 8-15 range? The same may happen with Linderbaum. There's guy from NC State who the Vikings selected, looked just as good or better blocking outside zone and he went 18th. This is something we shouldn't get carried away with and wanting to draft him top 16. If we feel the asking price is reasonable to trade our 2nd rounder back into the mid to late 20's of the 1st round I would approve of doing so. But in no circumstance would I use the Seattle pick.
  9. Tyrod Taylor is 2-2 this season. One of those loses includes a game he had to exit vs the Browns. Prior to going down he was 10 for 11, 125 yards, 1 TD, 0 Ints againt those Browns. Davis Mills is 0-6 and can basically be ruled as 0-7 for blowing the game he stepped into. Taylor will provide that team with competent play at QB which against this defense can equate to a golden fantasy stat line. Come December 12th, they'll beat the Hawks as well.
  10. This would have been a great time for Jamien Sherwood to get some reps at OLB but he tore his Achilles. Hamsah Nasirildeen returned from IR 2 weeks ago. We should definitely insert him into the lineup.
  11. I wouldn't be so trigger happy to draft a OT. AVT can play LT in the event Becton goes down next season. As for now it's better for him to master the LG position rather then moving all over the left side his rookie season. Fant is under contract while we should look to re-sign Mosses. We should definitely roll the dice on Brandon Scherff. Give him two years of guaranteed money and that's it. Also make an aggressive play for Ertz. Yes both players are old but would make perfect veteran additions to a young offense. Stay away from those expensive WRs in the FA class. Tell McGovern to take a
  12. No news yet. It's either his knee tweaked or he bruised his calf. Great edition now hoping we can get a bruiser to pair with him.
  13. NJ.com 1. Detroit Lions: Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh: Small hands and older draft status won’t stop Dan Campbell from taking a leader at No. 1. 2. New York Jets: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon: Draft luck finds the Jets. The best player in the class arrives in New York to add to what’s already a talented front. 3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State: The investment in Trevor Lawrence was made. Now it’s time to protect him. 4. Houston Texans: Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss: The next quarterback to lead this franchise needs to play with an attitude and sw
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