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  1. 17. Starting Lineup: Left Tackle: Kelvin Beachum, 63.4 Left Guard: James Carpenter, 60.1 Center: Spencer Long, 61.2 Right Guard: Brian Winters, 64.6 Right Tackle: Brandon Shell, 63.9 The Jets have been the very definition of an average offensive line in the PFF grading scale. Every single one of their starters has earned a grade so far between 60.0 and 65.0. That sounds about like the 17th-best offensive line to me.
  2. This franchise can use an All-Pro player like Bell. His contract would be guarenteed in his prime years of 27-29. This would be a good move as he's indeed a game changer. A thing our offense has been missing for a long time. Marshall step in one season and perform but when you look at the past 8 years we've been so subpar from the rest of the league that we've hype some of our guys up. From Holmes, to Harvin and even Edwards. I wouldn't mind paying the best back in the league especially if he's accessible. Our other major needs that people are screaming for won't be solved through FA. You don't find LT or pass rushers in FA and if you do you're overpaying bigtime. Look at the Giants as an good example. With that being the case those positions will once again be a major weakness and we'll have to fill in elsewhere.
  3. I don't think our FO have a 2020 mindset. With that in mind they need to go for Bell whether you agree or not. Look how aggressive we went after Mack.
  4. Landry was traded for a 4th, I would be interested if all we had to give up was a 5th and of course we're still in contention.
  5. LAD_Brooklyn

    Bad year for free agency

    The only marquee player I see us getting is Bell. These other dream scenarios are in fact dreams. We'll pay him his $16 mil and so on ...
  6. LAD_Brooklyn

    Bad year for free agency

    Too much talk regarding what can we sign when more should be focused on what we can re-sign. CB will be a top priority with both Claiborne and Skrine hitting FA. Our entire receiving core are hitting free agency, with Robby luckly being restricted. If Steward is still on the roster make that one returning but what has he done? We'll need to spend a large sum of money on a veteran backup. Is that McCown coming back for $8-10 mil? We'll have zero depth at S with all our backups expiring. Carpenter is a FA as well. Who ever is ink to play LG will be paid above market as JAG starters even got a nice check last season.
  7. LAD_Brooklyn


    I'm watching the game and not be be a hater but it's been terrific play calling so far. His only incomplete pass was in the redzone in which the TE was uncovered but the pressure got to him to quick.
  8. This probably has less to do with hamstrings and more about joints.
  9. LAD_Brooklyn

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Sorry to nitpick, however Gurley will make $15 mil the first 3 years. $21.95 (year 1) + $12.55 (year 2) + $10.5 (year 3), that's his cash payout.
  10. LAD_Brooklyn

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Bell can't be extended. Nor does it makes sense to give up a 3rd when the Dolphins and Browns already set a precedent with Landry who was traded for a 4th with the full capability of playing 16 games. As for Bell, it seems like he's holding out til after the deadline therefore he can't be traded after signing his tag.
  11. LAD_Brooklyn

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Preach and very selective of them to tolerate it from player X but not Y.
  12. LAD_Brooklyn

    Josh Allen named starter this week

    I know it's not saying much but Allen gives the Bills the best opportunity to win. When your OL isn't that seasoned, someone with mobility would certainly help. When the defense rushes 4 and there's pretty good coverage down field, Peterman would just hold on the the football for the cover sack were else Allen would take off and run. This also opens up the playbook for zone read option and RPO. I think Allen will have a respectable performance.
  13. LAD_Brooklyn

    The Browns...!?

    Tyrod didn't look good. Seem like he was lobbying passes. Probably that's the affects of small hands trying to grib a wet ball. On one of his picks Gordon should have tracked the ball better to knock it away. Number 85 was terrible. Hyde came out with a decent performance for them.

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