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  1. Watched it on YouTube. Right after was Dante Hall. That was a refreshing 20 mins of watching both he and Barry back to back.
  2. He was obviously wasted, similar to this guy
  3. Can that officer snap a football? Jets should definitely give him a call. Someone make this easy and contact his supervisor.
  4. Simping at it's finest. Instead of a hotel, you try to impress two Insta-Thots by bringing them in your mansion?!
  5. Building, Developing & Managing a strong staff is by far the most important. As a manager of any business you don't have to be the most knowledgeable person at the job. It's ok to have ppl under you who knows more, however you have to be the glue to keep everyone together and know how to handle ppl. You're going to have weaknesses and with a strong and good staff the person under you can compensate where you lack at. As there soo many components to be either a good or bad GM.
  6. So one day Gates is destine to fire himself is what you trying to say?
  7. So a JAG coach fired from MIA, got our incompetent GM (who happened to hire him) fired not because of his diseterious tenure so far but because they disagree on players for a couple weeks. God help this franchise.
  8. I'm not even this dum or over confident to come on a Jets board and start this trolling thread like this guy did. Shame on everyone to have this go past 15 post.
  9. Sam is fortunate after looking at the core group the other young QBs have to target in the division. So guys, it could be worse.
  10. No one can answer that at the moment. It all depends on what our new GM is 2020 does.
  11. I hope we trade with the Skins. 1st rounder (15th overall), 2nd rounder, 2020 2nd, 3rd and Payne (NT). At 15 we can target Burns (LB), Taylor (LT), Bradbury (C), Ferrell (LB)
  12. Mac with more picks would be a nightmare. Hopefully he lands a DUI Thursday morning and can't post bail til Saturday night. That's the only way we can look forward to having more picks.
  13. Can the Jets afford this guy? Yes we have cap space however we have been amongst the top 5 cash spending teams the past 5 year thanks to our great GM. Chief traded Ford for a future 2nd rounder so no way are they going to get a current 1st. Probably lucky to receive present 2nd rounder. So I find it mind blowing that many in this thread are on board with some sort of first round swap.

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