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  1. If those teams were smart they would rebuild or tank and line themselves for Sam Howell next year.
  2. Rivers primary focus maybe catching up to his former teammate Cromartie. He has 9 kids as of now and counting Here's the full list of nine kids, with ages as of September 2020: Halle, 18 Caroline, 15 Grace, 14 Gunner, 12 Sarah, 10 Peter, 8 Rebecca, 6 Clare, 4 Anna, 1
  3. Rivers has made $243 mil in his NFL career. After taxes that's about $150 mil. Add in his endorsements and you get the point. He definitely had more in the tank. Then to think Drew Brees outlast him is crazy, which really isn't a knock on him. But it doesn't make sense for him to team hoop at this point. If the Colts were going to move on from him then it was best to go out on his own terms. Which QB trash talk as much as this dude?
  4. This was made before his announcement but had he came out I think they had him too high. If Chris got info he was going this high he would have declared.
  5. Why the 49ers' defense stopped using the Seahawks defensive scheme.
  6. Is an inch and 4 lbs lighter really far off?
  7. 6'4, 238 lbs, Chase Claypool 6'5, 239 lbs, Calvin Johnson 6'5, 231 lbs, Plaxico Burress 6'5, 231 lbs, Mike Evans 6'4, 229 lbs, Brandon Marshall 6'4, 241 lbs, Vincent Jackson There's no official measurements on Kyle Pitts. Since they usually tend to round up I'll take his 6'6, 239 lbs listing and say that it's more closer to 6'5, 235 lbs. Fair? Going from the projected measurements he has absolutely no shot of becoming a TE in the pros. Unlike OJ Howard from Bama, none of us are interested or amaze with his ability to block. It's strickly as a receiver. Going from that aspect alone, you can make the case top 5 or the BEST right with Chase, Waddle and Smith. Comparing his size to other definitely lines him up as a WR. Now does he makes sense for our scheme? Not sure.
  8. Jets have way too much money to walk away from FA with only two signings offensively. Farley may be selected top 10. No way he's going to make it with the 2nd second rounder.
  9. The only 9er I really want is Trent Williams. Seems like a guy who'll play forever.
  10. All this draft talk and not much about Free Agency. When we do have that talk it's about signing 3 players and filling out the rest of the roster via draft. I predict for us to have a big spending FA. Douglas did it the other way and failed miserably. On paper, I expect for there to be only a handful of holes on the team come draft day. We should definitely look for upside. At 23: CB, Jaycee Horn ILB/OLB, Zaven Collins DE, Gregory Rousseau OLB Joesph Ossai RB Najee Harris I feel guys like Wyatt Davis (G), Rondale Moore (WR), Josh Myers (C) and Terrance Marshall (WR) are second rounders. Looking at my list above the latter part of the 1st is more defensive heavy.
  11. These two were destine to be with one another. Both had braces and had them taking off around the same time. There's a pic with them kissing with the brackets on. True puppy love I tell you. Now what was this thread originally about?
  12. This is all I see. So if someone can post it that would be great.
  13. It's a week FA CB class as of now. It's reasonable to assume we'll find it easier ro fix OL in FA over DB. In fact I think it possible to fix the OL soo much in FA to the point it's no longer a need come draft. Which is the way I'll like to go regardless when you consider we'll have Sam or a rookie QB who'll need all the help as possible. But since it'll stand as a weak CB FA class, it's possible to see the demand of the top 3 CB land them out of being selected 23rd.. After the top 3 in Jaycee Horn, Patrick Surtain II and Caleb Farley we're looking at drafting fringe rookie starting caliber CBs.

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