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  1. Just wanted to illustrate that to some, Rosen wasn't an option.
  2. Dude looks like he took a seem route up the rear. 31 years old and got the job. Good for him.
  3. Both are still unsign and I believe we should give them a look. Both 25 years old which shouldn't be a problem considering we drafted a rookie the same age. Both would work out great as the teams 3rd safety. Middleton and Miles shouldn't be consider 2nd string guys and would most likely have been on the roster bubble to make it on any other team.
  4. I dislike this poll
  5. LAD_Brooklyn

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Let me know what team, player and size you need. I hooked up my last client with the real deal. Cheaper then the rest.
  6. LAD_Brooklyn

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    I've only had one Jets jersey and that's Vinny Testaverde. Also had Kerry Collins, Randy Moss, Charles Woodson and I think Elway. Those quit honestly were a wa$te. As for my Darnold jersey, I'm waiting til 2025 when it hits the racks at Marshalls.
  7. Rap isn't real music but hip hop which consist of MC/rapper surely is.
  8. The major difference is that Troy was humble and not running his mouth.
  9. It sounds like they will as the coach went against that notice and said he could even start off training camp as the starter. Said of all the QBs prospects he's the only one that came from a pro system and the other two guys on the roster only got a 2 week headstart on the playbook.
  10. There's nothing more vulnerable in the AFC East then this dudes neck. Would had favored him shutting his trap and just going out there and proven he's back to form.
  11. I wanted to pick him in the first after someone picked a stud ILB (forgot the name) right in front of me. But I felt that was way to early for a box safety and it seems the talking heads agree the Steelers reached
  12. Addition of network television makes for most-watched NFL draft ever The NFL draft was on network television for the first time ever, and that made the difference as it became the most-watched draft ever. The league announced today that the draft had an average of 5.5 million viewers at any given time, the highest viewership total ever for the full draft. The first round of the draft averaged 11.2 million viewers on Thursday night. Draft viewership declines on the second and third days, but Saturday’s average of 2.9 million viewers was the best Day 3 ever. This year NFL Network’s coverage on Thursday and Friday night was simulcast on FOX, while ESPN’s coverage on Saturday was simulcast on ABC in most markets. After ratings of NFL games have declined for the last two seasons, the league was looking for something to bolster the viewership of its biggest offseason event, and the addition of network TV partners made a big difference.
  13. LAD_Brooklyn

    If the Jets had stayed at 37 and 49?

    Williams was drafted by the Cowboys two picks ahead.
  14. LAD_Brooklyn

    If the Jets had stayed at 37 and 49?

    I disagree with your opinion obviously. As if his personality was only meant for Buffalo for some reason. As for next year hopefully our new GM can trade back to get back in the second round. Yes, fire Mac!