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  1. the American liberty protecting kind, not the boston methhead southie kind
  2. Jeter gets topshelf trim, Cano gets Arnie's 50 year old cleaning lady.
  3. Good interview. Chad is at the 22/23 minute mark http://www.foxsportsradio.com/media/podcast-jay-mohr-sports-hours-Jay_Mohr_Sports_Hours/0826-jay-mohr-sports-hour-2-23633183/
  4. . Age and years are a problem with Cano. CC at 33 aint the same, Tex is broken down at 32, Cano is 31 in a few months. He's a solid hitter who has at most 3 good seasons left. The thing with Cano is he's not much of a difference maker, Overbay had more winning big hits than Cano this season. 5 years the absolute max for me.
  5. team aint going anywhere, least Arod is an entertaining purple lipped clown for this circus show.
  6. I'm surprised they didnt get rid of the kickoff.
  7. but Te'o isnt innocent, he already admitted to lying and milking the story for all it's worth when he found out.
  8. as a Yanks fan I care, he's a FA after next year,and I dont want the guy locked up for 8 years in a contract if he was drinking bullsemen washing down with riods and HGH. But overall at this point nothing is shocking.
  9. gotta wonder about Robbie Cano , they were the three amigos there for awhile.
  10. 2 bad hips and a pair of bitcht!ts, Arod is done. They need to find a way to lance this boil off their ass somehow.
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