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  1. Can Forte be the MONSTER RB he has been the last 8 years over which time he has led the NFL in yards from scrimmage? If so how does that effect our offense? There seems to be a bit of a buzz surrounding Forte who has been given very light work throughout the preseason. He seems to be pretty chummy with Fitz and Marshall so I Def wouldn't bet against him. His interview today on Jets website is here. http://www.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Matt-Forté-I-Expect-to-Play-Well/391c07c4-b3d7-4a26-b67f-830675958502
  2. Conor Hughes of NJ.com confirming Catapano starting role today. So it's him and Mauldin Sunday I guess. Will be interesting to see how much they use Josh Martin as well. https://youtu.be/LP4akZgU3a8
  3. This guy seems pretty confident. Hopefully he is as good on the field Sunday as he is in this 10 minute interview on NYJets.com. Catapano talks about his position switch to full time OLB, overcoming last years injury and about the young Jets linebackers. Says that the Jets OLBs are hungry and that makes them dangerous. Talks about how it's a dream to be playing as a Jet and about his Curtis Martin jersey at home in his closet (Catapano was a running back at Chaminade in high school on long Island and switched to playing defense in college). And talks about playing on 9/11 in front of friends etc....long but interesting interview. He's our starting OLB Sunday and moving forward as well according to NY.com beat writer Conor Hughes. Hughes said it was confirmed by Coach Bowles Catapano and Jenkins will both share starting responsibilities even when Jenkins is healthy. http://m.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Mke-Catapano-Its-Huge-to-Have-an-Opportunity/b00b9398-80c1-40ce-81b7-af99fc606d81
  4. Jordan Jenkins Misses Practice

    Apparently even if Jenkins could go Catapano will be sharing starting OLB duties anyway. Reported today by beat writer Connor Hughes he says was confirmed by Bowles today. .
  5. Does Bryce Petty suck?

    I think Petty has a bright future and if he keeps improving "could" be the future franchise QB. Never know....I see flashes of a potentially good NFL QB
  6. Jordan Jenkins Misses Practice

    I disagree with what u said about having "good" depth as to be honest the position i bunch of no names who haven't done anything yet in the NFL but I do agree that Catapano may be a bit underrated.
  7. Article posted on gang Green Nation...interesting read. How many Ivy League players are there currently in the NFL? I didn't know that about Fitz. Highest Wonderlic score in NFL history is kinda cool. Not sure how it translates to the field but it's interesting lol =D http://www.ganggreennation.com/2016/9/5/12798874/are-the-new-york-jets-the-nfls-smartest-team There is an old expression which says"it's hard to coach stupid" and the Jets coaching staff might agree. In the very "physical" game of professional football the most underrated talent might just be the mind. In a sport where they have a combine and pro days where they dissect every aspect of an athlete's physical make up how important is the "mental" part? According to many experts the biggest adjustment from the college game to the NFL is not the size of the players or the speed of the game as much as it is the mental preparation that goes into it. If that is the case, then maybe the Jets have a leg up on the competition. Now I think we can all agree determining one's intelligence simply by where someone went to school would not be very "smart". To go to an Ivy League school and get a degree however, you must be pretty bright with strong study habits. In a sport where training camp requires up to 15 hour days and several of those hours spent studying in the film room, those study habits might just come in pretty handy. You might be thinking "ok that makes sense, but how does this relate to the NY Jets?" Well, the Jets have the unique distinction of being the ONLY NFL team that currently has 3 former Ivy League players (Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mike Catapano and Josh Martin) on their 2016 53 man final roster. If there is any position on the football field where you would want a smart player it's obviously at quarterback. Led by former Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick (who threw for a 40 year team record 31 TD's in 2015) the Jets are poised for a potentially big season. Although the NFL schedule certainly didn't do the Jets any favors opening up with a brutal first 6 games, none against an opponent who had a losing record last season (4 of them on the road), they have the pieces in place to weather the storm. These pieces include one of the best defenses in football, a wide receiver group which could arguably be among the best in the NFL and former or current All Pros at almost every positional group. Ironically the onlypositional groups which don't feature former or current All Pro players are the two where the Ivy Leaguers come from...the quarterbacks and outside linebackers. So maybe the Jets weaknesses can be offset with intelligence. Fitzpatrick (who was taken in the 7th round of the 2005 NFL draft, 250th overall) was an All Ivy League Player where he won the 2004 Bushnell Cup Award as the Ivy Leagues Most Outstanding Offensive Player. As is the case for most rookie QBs, Fitzpatrick took the Wonderlic Test (a test designed to determine football IQ). To date,Fitzpatrick has the highest Wonderlic Test score ever achieved among NFL quarterbacks. Fitzpatrick was a back up until his junior season at Harvard but still managed to accumulate 6,721 yards of total offense breaking the old school record despite only starting in 17 games. So although he was a late bloomer in college he finished strong, a pattern he would like to repeat in his professional career. If 2015 is any indication it would certainly seem that he is headed in that direction. On the defensive side of the ball you have the two other Ivy League graduates in Columbia's Josh Martin (a 2013 undrafted free agent) and Princeton's Mike Catapano (a 7th round, 207th overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft). Between the 3 players you would hardly predict NFL success based on where the were selected going in...but here they are. Each of them now at least 3 years into their professional careers, it may be a testament to their work ethic and mental make up that these players have each grown on the professional level. Josh Martin (who has 4.57 speedat 245 lbs) wasn't on anybody's radar going into the 2016 season to make the 53 man roster but he outplayed guys who were publicized ahead of him. Martin was an All Ivy player who started 30 games for Columbia recording 29.5 tackles for loss and 17 sacks over his 3 years as a starter. Like Fitzpatrick, Princeton's Mike Catapano won the 2012 Bushnell Cup Award his senior year as the Ivy League's Most Outstanding Defensive Player. Catapano (who coincidently was teammates with Josh Martin in Kansas City before both found their way to the Jets) is more than just a brainiac, he is a bit of a physical freak. Catapano, (who was reported to have run a 40 in the 4.7's weighing 290 lbs in last years tryout with the Jets before being signed) had pro day numbers comparable to any 1st round player including a 37.5 vertical, 33 reps on the bench and 4.7 speed. Catapano was also a late bloomer in college butexploded his senior year tying the all time Ivy League record for sacks in a single season. Catapano averaged 1.2 sacks per game and 1.5 TFL per gamehis senior year. Again, like his quarterback, Catapano hopes to repeat that "late bloomer" pattern he had in college now in the NFL. Catapano is currently slated to start at OLB this week vs Cinci, a position he won last year before losing his season to injury. So while they say "it's hard to coach stupid", maybe a better expression would be "it helps coaching smart players". One thing is for sure, coach Bowles won't have any issues with these 3 guys remembering their playbook. Do smarts translate to success in the NFL? Well for the Jets and their only positional groups without NFL All Pros, the NY/NJ fans who bleed green certainly hope so.
  8. NYJ Final Cuts Thread

    I remember Josh Martin in college as well. I hope makes the team. Gerald Hodges from Harvard is another great Ivy League linebacker who stuck and is having success in NFL. I remember watching all those guys play. They were all great in college.
  9. NYJ Final Cuts Thread

    True. I remember seeing Catapano beat up on JC Tretter from Penn who was drafted in 4th Rd and is now starting Center for Green Bay. I remember watching that Brown vs Princeton game on TV as well. After you posted that I went on YouTube and found this clip of that game. I hope he makes it as well. It's cool he is a local guy and Jets fan growing up. I think Jenkins will be better than Mauldin so Catapano may have a tough time holding him off the field. I guess we will see. https://youtu.be/9gO5OAHPGZs
  10. http://nypost.com/2016/08/30/jets-upstart-lb-beating-the-odds-just-dont-call-him-a-survivor/ SPORTS Jets upstart LB beating the odds — just don’t call him a survivor By Mark Cannizzaro August 30, 2016 | 11:06pm. When it was suggested to Jets linebacker Mike Catapano that the word “survivor’’ might best encapsulate his football career — which, in the span of just three years, already has included two season-ending injuries and a stunning release by the team that drafted him — he politely interrupted in mid-sentence. “I think ‘fighter’ is better,’’ Catapano said. “ ‘Survivor’ sounds like you’re just trying to stay afloat. Fighting, that’s what I’m about. I just keep coming. Doesn’t matter what you throw at me, I just keep coming … like the movie, ‘The Terminator.’ ” Catapano is not your cookie-cutter NFL player who entered the league drafted from a big college football program. He’s a local kid from Bayville on Long Island who played his high-school ball at Chaminade and grew up bleeding Jets green, idolizing Curtis Martin. He went to Princeton, not a football factory, and got drafted by the Chiefs in 2013. During a phone call with The Post on Tuesday, Catapano’s father, Mike, recalled a day at the gym during his son’s sophomore year at Princeton when he tried to encourage his dreams, well aware players from Ivy League teams do not draw a lot of attention from NFL scouts. “Mike, you just get on the field, and once you do that, I know you’re going to prove yourself,’’ the dad told his son. “Dad, I’m not just going to make a camp, I’m going to get [freaking] drafted,’’ the son told his dad. “Sometimes you have to set a goal that takes your breath away,’’ the elder Catapano said. “Once he puts something in his head and envisions it, he makes it happen.’’ Yet Catapano’s path to the NFL (and sticking once he got there) hardly has been a magic carpet ride. It has been littered with enough moments to make a lesser man question himself and quit. “My story shows that it’s not all smooth sailing, that you’re going to have tons of adversity — injuries, things not working out the way you want,’’ Catapano said. “I don’t think anyone works as hard as I do.’’ Three years that have included one season-ending concussion (2014 in Kansas City), one release (in 2015 by the Chiefs) and a season-ending foot injury late last year with the Jets. Now, Catapano is considered a key piece to a Jets defense that ranked fourth in the NFL last season. Catapano’s start in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Giants was a symbolic moment for him because it was against the Giants last Dec. 6 when he suffered a freak Lisfranc injury in his right foot and didn’t played again in 2015. “Of course, there are always moments of fear, always moments of … ‘is this going to work out?’ ” Catapano said. “You’re going to feel afraid. Courage is fighting against it, not feeling that fear. “During those moments, I lean on my girlfriend Jenna [Redel], my parents [Mike and Barbara] and my sister, April. They are my rock.’’ Catapano and Redel met three years ago in Kansas City, where she is from and was a Chiefs cheerleader. “I never recall a moment when he was at a low, because that’s just not who Mike is,’’ Redel said by phone. “He’s always confident in himself, always strong. But there were times when I could feel it even though it was not verbal.’’ Everyone close to Catapano is hoping the roadblocks are behind him, that he can stay healthy and carry on with the NFL career he always has wanted. In the midst of a transition from defensive end to outside linebacker and down from 290 pounds to 270, Catapano is expected to start again in Thursday night’s preseason finale against the Eagles. Once the regular season begins, it looks like he will share time with rookie third-round pick Jordan Jenkins. A date that looms large on the Catapano calendar is Sept. 25, when the Jets play at Kansas City. But first things first for a player who takes nothing for granted: Thursday night’s preseason finale. And, if you know what’s good for you, don’t refer to the fourth preseason game as meaningless or garbage time. “People that don’t think it’s important probably aren’t going to stay around too long,’’ Catapano said. “I go into every game the same way: Like it’s the last game I’ll ever play.’’
  11. Hysterical...I enjoyed that
  12. no i just didn't understand what you meant. Sorry if I came across wrong. I agree with everything you said. I actually think the weakest link for the team is Right Tackle and an aging OL.
  13. what do you mean "not sure if he will be with the Jets long term" either somebody is great or not. If u don't think he will be great ok but what u said makes no sense.