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  1. Slut your mother is so fat she has to pay twice to go through the turnstile.
  2. Damn I thought I was an azzhole when it comes to Eugene. GO Go GO Speed Racer Goooooo Bottom line is this. Vick will take over early in the season. I say we go 1-2 in first 3 games with Eugene showing zippo. In game 4 he flounders horrifically and Rex pulls the plug. Enter Vick the Quick. Exit Eugene the Suck Bag. Rex wants, needs, is desperate to win. There will be a very very short leash on Eugene. We have the best 'back up' qb in football (who's really the starter) and the worst starter in football (who's really the worst back up). So spin it as you may....this is a positive in my eyes.
  3. I like this post. It makes me feel good. Anything to get rid of that has been and get a real prospect in at QB.
  4. But Max not sure if you saw Blanda play towards the end of his career. He was AMAZING. Truly a guy who defied the odds. He showed it can be done. And Brady himself has defied the odds. A 6th round choice who looked like a wimp at the combine. I wouldn't put anything pass Brady.
  5. That's pretty bad. Try and be a bit more realistic. Eugene is so bad teams spot the Jets 14 points for games he starts. Eugene is so bad Lysol wanted him to be their spokesman. Eugene is so bad when sheep see him they go bahhahahahad. Eugene is so bad even his mother disowned him.
  6. 50 is a reach obviously. Its just what I heard from the horse's mouth. The guy wants to play as long as he can. He's obsessed. Blanda played until he was 48 - 26 seasons and was effective at the end of his career! Deberg until he was 44 Moon was 44 Testaverde was 44 Flutie 43 Morrall 42 Brunell 42 Farve 41 Brady will be 37 this year. Even if he plays till the average age of the these guys above he will play another 6-7 years. And his commitment is practically second to none.
  7. Totally disagree on you disagreeing. Eugene is terrible BTW.
  8. Uh last I heard Brady intends on playing until he cant walk. The guy is in phenomenal shape, has a gun for an arm, is pretty much always well protected by Belicheck and continues to get slicker. Blanda played until he was 48-49 and was a chain smoking radical. Brady is an organic nutcase. Guy could play until he's 50.
  9. Cmon seriously? We went 8-8 last year with a no name offense. With our schedule as brutal as it is its a toss-up how we do. Key is who will be the QB. If Eugene is given the reigns at the start of the season Jets will go 6-8. If Vick starts or takes over early enough to salvage the season 10-6 or 9-7. Either way its no way they are positioned to land Mariota.
  10. Can we get back to the theme of this post 'ESPN POLL OF NFL EXECS NAMES GENO SMITH "WORST" STARTING QB IN NFL.' Its a top 5 thread in JN of all time. The truth is out there.
  11. Lot of positives but the negatives weigh them down. But its a 'positive' thread so..... WR corps vastly improved with addition of Decker, Amaro and a few of the WR rooks. OL improved with addition of Dozier, a year under Winters belt and Gianncomo? is an even replacement at RT. Vick will take over eventually (one can only hope). Running game added Johnson so more depth for that crew. Defense is young with numerous players going into their prime. Secondary will be substantially better - more depth and Milliner is emerging and we finally got a slam bam thank you ma'am safety.
  12. Wow was that smoking! Very different than what I expected. Basically a testament on man's fear for survival and his unwillingness to be respectful to other species. 'Ceaser weak.' 'Koba weaker'
  13. Hitchcock's Frenzy. One of the best serial killer movies ever. Up there with .......The Boston Strangler.
  14. ozzieny

    Tajh Boyd

    This is exactly how I felt when Eugene was drafted. Exactly. Taj Boyd is a huge upgrade over Eugene though. His IQ is at least 50 points higher and he was hand picked by Rex who has been enamored with him for awhile.
  15. Could give a rats ass what you and that porky pig thinks gayhono compliments to the Bugg man for the pictorial
  16. Bugg is clearly bugging Juan. I've never seen Juan so upset and rattled.
  17. The NFL is a passing league nowadays ...3000 is equivalent to 1500 a few years back. Manning passed for an absurd 5500 yards. Can you imagine what qb's like Namath, Fouts, Bradshaw, Lamonica etc would have passed for with the same rules. 3000 is pretty weak. But even that's not the issue. Lets not forget the important stats. His TD to INT ( 12 td to 21 int) ratio was the worst in the league and he had the worst QB rating of any QB. 66.5 But lets be optimistic shall we! He can only get better...because he sure as hell cant get any worse.
  18. If history proves anything it shows these pro days are pretty meaningless. The kid was pressing. He had a bad hair day. Whats the big freakin deal. Take his whole body of work and judge him then.
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