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    As long as he's not as bad as that famous Oswald sense of humor, we should be okay.


    He didn't play much QB after the age of 39. Solid kicker, though. He's also the outlier when it comes to talking about players with long careers.

    Self awareness is key.

    Slut your mother is so fat she has to pay twice to go through the turnstile.

  2. I've been asked to keep it positive and I'm not here to start any bs. So I'll say this and keep it positive liked I was asked.


    Vick is and has been a bad QB. Thats not an opinion. Its a fact. The guy has awful accuracy, some of the worst pocket awareness I've ever seen, injury prone and TO prone. He's a terrible QB. He's not leading anyone anywhere. I'd much rather go with Geno and see what we have. This team is a few years away from contending anyway so why not give him a full 16 with upgraded weapons and see what he has to offer.

    Because he's a suck bag. 


    As long as he's not as bad as that famous Oswald sense of humor, we should be okay.


    He didn't play much QB after the age of 39. Solid kicker, though. He's also the outlier when it comes to talking about players with long careers.

    Self awareness is key.

    Hey Slut suck my dick

  4. You can disagree all you. As a matter of fact you can wish, hope, pray etc but that doesn't change the fact that he sucks. I'm talking worse QB in the NFL sucks.


    That's pretty hard to do. Esp when you have sh*t bags like EJ in the same ****in div but that didn't stop Geno from sucking.


    I have to hand it to him though. I've literally never seen a ****in QB take a 7 step drop out of the shotgun. Kid is a special kind of suck bag.


    Again though you can disagree all you want. Facts, evidence is on my side. He has trouble with accuracy, awful footwork and can't retain a playbook. People talk about Geno and Dee like their ****in legends because of the last few games. Geno played OK but only because we scaled the playbook back big time. And Dee had TWO good games. He should have broken up that many passes considering how many times he was targeted. And look who we played against. Hardly top tier talent. Also I love when people talk about how he shut down Gordon. LOL The guy ONLY caught 7/97 or something like that.


    Fact is you can fool yourself all you want. This team might have added weapons but those weapons are not good enough to take us beyond 8-8. Decker is a 2-3 and has been shut down by opposing teams 2-3's cbs. Think about that. Teams don't even have to worry about him at all. Our weapons would be good if we had a Brees, Brady etc. We don't. We have Geno LOL.


    And for all the people claiming we can't be worse because last year we went 8-8 with a worse team. You need to stop posting and talking about football. Thats not how the game works and people that study and know what their talking about like me know this. Our schedule is so brutal we'll be lucky to win 4 games out of the first 12. We got lucky last year and were gifted 2 wins. Our kicker was our MVP for **** sake. So yeah we can be worse than 8-8 and most likely will be.


    You're welcome

    Damn I thought I was an azzhole when it comes to Eugene.  GO Go GO Speed Racer Goooooo 

    Bottom line is this. Vick will take over early in the season. I say we go 1-2 in first 3 games with Eugene showing zippo.

    In game 4 he flounders horrifically and Rex pulls the plug. Enter Vick the Quick. Exit Eugene the Suck Bag.

    Rex wants, needs, is desperate to win.  There will be a very very short leash on Eugene.

    We have the best 'back up' qb in football (who's really the starter) and the worst starter in football (who's really the worst back up).  

    So spin it as you may....this is a positive in my eyes.  

  5. Anything can happen. The texans went from playoffs to #1 pick in the draft in the span of one season. The falcons went from the NFC championship game to 4-12 in the same time frame.


    Honestly if that can happen to those teams, I can easily see it happening to the Jets.

    I like this post. It makes me feel good. Anything to get rid of that has been and get a real prospect in at QB. 

  6. Wanting to play until you are in your mid 40's and actually doing it are different things.  Baseball isn't a contact sport and look at Jeter. Last year changed his mind and has him retiring earlier.  


    In football you don't always get to say when you want to hang them up.

    But Max not sure if you saw Blanda play towards the end of his career. He was AMAZING.  Truly a guy who defied the odds.  He showed it can be done.

    And Brady himself has defied the odds. A 6th round choice who looked like a wimp at the combine.  I wouldn't put anything pass Brady. 

  7. Geno is so bad the Jets will not be allowed to play the final two games of the season!

    That's pretty bad. Try and be a bit more realistic.  

    Eugene is so bad teams spot the Jets 14 points for games he starts. 

    Eugene is so bad Lysol wanted him to be their spokesman.

    Eugene is so bad when sheep see him they go bahhahahahad.

    Eugene is so bad even his mother disowned him. 

  8. LOL Brady playing until he is 50.  That gave me a good chuckle.

    50 is a reach obviously. Its just what I heard from the horse's mouth. The guy wants to play as long as he can. He's obsessed.

    Blanda played until he was 48 - 26 seasons and was effective at the end of his career!

    Deberg until he was 44

    Moon was 44

    Testaverde was 44

    Flutie 43

    Morrall 42

    Brunell 42

    Farve 41


    Brady will be 37 this year. Even if he plays till the average age of the these guys above he will play another 6-7 years. 

    And his commitment is practically second to none.

  9. Tom Brady is finally getting older.

    Uh last I heard Brady intends on playing until he cant walk.  The guy is in phenomenal shape, has a gun for an arm, is pretty much always well protected by Belicheck

    and continues to get slicker.  Blanda played until he was 48-49 and was a chain smoking radical.  Brady is an organic nutcase.  Guy could play until he's 50.  

  10. Reasons to feel good, we might lose enough games to draft Mariota is the only one I can think of.

    Cmon seriously? We went 8-8 last year with a no name offense.  With our schedule as brutal as it is its a toss-up how we do. Key is who will be the QB.

    If Eugene is given the reigns at the start of the season Jets will go 6-8. If Vick starts or takes over early enough to salvage the season 10-6 or 9-7. Either way its

    no way they are positioned to land Mariota.     

  11. Positives: it's almost over


    Lot of positives but the negatives weigh them down.  But its a 'positive' thread so.....

    WR corps vastly improved with addition of Decker, Amaro and a few of the WR rooks. 

    OL improved with addition of Dozier, a year under Winters belt and Gianncomo?  is an even replacement at RT.

    Vick will take over eventually (one can only hope).

    Running game added Johnson so more depth for that crew.

    Defense is young with numerous players going into their prime.   

    Secondary will be substantially better - more depth and Milliner is emerging and we finally got a slam bam thank you ma'am safety.     

  12. Unfortunately no. Had no idea about that.

    On a related note I can't stop walking around the house yelling "APES FOLLOW KOBA NOW!" The wife and dog are starting to get frightened.

    Wow was that smoking!  Very different than what I expected. Basically a testament on man's fear for survival and his unwillingness to be respectful to other species.  'Ceaser weak.'  'Koba weaker' 

  13. image.png

    This is exactly how I felt when Eugene was drafted. Exactly.  Taj Boyd is a huge upgrade over Eugene though.

    His IQ is at least 50 points higher and he was hand picked by Rex who has been enamored with him for awhile.

  14. Awful post. Obviously QB's improve. What I'm saying you can tell. Or people that have been watching, studying and reading about the game can tell. It's like when some moron brings up, "Well look at Manning's rookie year". You could look and watch Manning and see he was going to be something. Just like you can look at Geno and see he's going to be horrible. From his footwork, delivery, pocket awareness, reading a defense, accuracy etc. He was never under center and has real trouble taking snaps from there. I'm sorry but from jump I knew Mark was god awful when most of the fan base was looking like fools. Getting laughed at from the rest of the league. And now those same fans want to pretend it didn't happen and pretend they know what their talking about with Geno. 


    I swear only the Jets and the Bills take QB's from the worst class ever and try to make them franchise guys. When the very next year the QB class is loaded with potential! 


    As far as the poll goes Geno absolutely was the worst starting QB in the league. ****in EJ, who is terrible, was better than him. Thinking this team is going anywhere when we have 2 of the worst QB's in the league is a joke. Vick is TO prone, injury prone, bad accuracy, Awful pocket presence and has never be able to go through his progressions. Geno is the exact same plus bad footwork, minus injury prone. Should have brought in a young QB this year to compete. Now we're at least another 3-5 years away from being a serious contender. Extra sucks when your in a division with all time greats that are a model franchise. Multiple SB wins/appearences, 10-12 wins every year, playoffs every year and no sign of slowing down for at least 3-4 years. Oh it sucks to be a jet fan.

    Dead on!

  15. I think so


    hell, he passed for 3,000 as the worst QB in the league with no weapinz

    The NFL is a passing league nowadays ...3000 is equivalent to 1500 a few years back. Manning passed for an absurd 5500 yards.

    Can you imagine what qb's like Namath, Fouts, Bradshaw, Lamonica etc would have passed for with the same rules.  3000 is pretty weak.

     But even that's not the issue.  Lets not forget the important stats. 

    His TD to INT ( 12 td to 21 int) ratio was the worst in the league and he had the worst QB rating of any QB.  66.5

    But lets be optimistic shall we! He can only get better...because he sure as hell cant get any worse.

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