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  1. Thats a ridiculous statement. They paid Hasselbeck as insurance because hey knew they had a legitimate shot at making the playoffs with Luck. If Luck goes down late or in the playoffs, they have a veteran who can step in and hopefully not lose a step. Signing Vick is nowhere in the same realm as the Colts signing Hass.
  2. Good points but totally invalid. You dont spend 5 million on a back up QB. Period. End of debate. I saw Jet nation when they signed Vick and Ray Lucas was fuming at the thought of Eugene starting over Vick. I get that many of you on here are enamored with this scrub and thats your prerogative (I hoped i spelled that right) . I persoanally dont buy into your theories. 1. 1. There are a lot people out there who aren't very knowledgeable about football (Oswald and Tom Shane) Not sure about Shane but I have been watching football since i was 8. I'm 56 - do the math. have also played the game and was pretty good at it. Your preconcieved notions are pretty baseless. Vick is a special athelete. Granted he hasnt lived up to his expectations and is ofteninjured, but he still is light years better than Eugene at this point. 2.he serves as a significant upgrade at backup QB and a real threat to motivate Geno. goota run - will finsih it later gator
  3. So based on you logic, Vick sucks. Thus Idzik signs Vick for 5 million. So then Idzik sucks. And since you back up Idzik, ta ra you suck.
  4. If Vick starts and can stay relatively healthy, Jets are going to the playoffs. If Eugene starts, flops and Vick takes over, I would have to agree with jgb and admit they will fall just shy of reaching the playoffs. Their schedule is brutal. Vick is hands down a better athlete at 34 than Eugene is at 23. I believe Vick will start. You dont pay a back-up QB 5 million to sit on the bench. Thats just idiotic. Jets realized Eugene is nowhere near ready to be an NFL starting QB, if ever. Thats why they didnt hesitate to sign Vick.
  5. First off, how can you not be fearful with this organization's track record with QB's. Second my little tirades as you put it are instigated by the idiots on this board that cant have a feasible argument without name calling (like you who started all this with me) so dont postulate your bullsh*t to me. If you wanna talk smack thats fine. Youre a Mod and you have seperated numueros members on this board with your infantile barbs. If you want to talk football I'm for that too. What side of the fence are you on? Personally,I cant stand Eugene the creep. I want no part of him on the Jets and trust he will be gone. I dont give a rats ass what or how he performs. The douche bag lacks character, charisma or anythng that resemsbles an NFL QB. Even Joe Willie can see that. Thats my position. If you dont like it, tough tities.
  6. Yep - hot to trot, no nonsense straight up and down to earth - unlike most American materail girls. I would post a pic of her but Integrity , geyno and Kleck would come in each other's mouth.
  7. Look its not that I want to see the Jets go 1-3 or suck ass. I've been a Jet fan since 1966. I've watched more football games than I can believe. And I have never missed a Jet game. I have a pretty good eye for what makes a leader and a winner. Eugene has no demonstrative qualities that I can see which warrant the Jets investing time in him like they did with Sanchez. I'm glad Namath spoke his mind. Now will they listen or will Idzik try and save face like Tanny did for 4- 5 years. The faster the Jets crash with this loser the faster he is cut and this team can move forward and find a legitimate qb for the future. How anyone can compare Eugene to Vick is mind boggling. Vick easily burns this idiot in a 40 yard dash, even now at 34. Eugene played ALL 16 games and couldn't pass to save his life...so he ran to save it after Marty became disgusted with his inability to keep a drive alive and told him RUN Eugene RUN. So he scored a few rushing td's. Whoop de do. Vick is the best running quarterback in NFL history. No QB has put together Vick’s blend of pure speed and field vision. Vick is the NFL’s all-time leader in rushing yards for a quarterback (5,857) and yards per carry (7.1) High Five back at ya!
  8. Well I'm 56 and my 30 year old Asian girlfriend thinks so.....so yea
  9. Eugene isn't half the runner Vick is. In fact, he is gonna get clocked running that stupid wildcat. I cant wait for the season to start and see the Jets go 1-3 with Eugene as the starter. Vick will take over, and lead them to the playoffs.
  10. sorry to disappoint you - my life doesn't revolve around what other people think. I'm pretty much done with you kiddes. Have fun rationalizing your sad ass homerism when Vick supplants Eugene in October.
  11. Hey dickhead do you actually think I give two sh*ts what you think? So while most of you on here consider Eugene the 2nd coming of Doug Williams, I am a train wreck because I point out time and again the flaws in Eugene's game. What a petty bunch a bitches.
  12. come October you will all be saying how rex was brillaint for putting Vick in and putting a clipboard inEugene's hand. Bunch of hypocrites.
  13. Go **** yourself and the horsie you rode in on Slut.
  14. are you asking me for my position on the QB situation or just want to continue insulting me with the rest of these pussies on here because I dont condone Eugene as a viable solution? Seems if you go against rooting for Eugene on here you are just insulted. Aint no thing but a chicken wing. He who laughs last laughs best.
  15. Go **** yourself and the pony you rode in on Slut.
  16. you bunch of pussies. you should change this forum to kiss eugene's ass club. cant wait for game 3-4 when rex will have no choice but to pull the plug on this piece of sh*t and the eugene supporters will be cryin like lil bitches on here.
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