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  1. Cut Hil, DO NOT RESIGN Holmes, trade back and get an extra pick since the 3 top wr's will be off the board. Draft Jordan Mathews in Round 1, TE, Jenkins in round 2. We could have three 3rd rounds picks by moving back.
  2. Agreed they need substatial weapons to surround this kid. Look at how feeble Brady looked without quality recievers vs. the Jets today. This game was so winnable its a shame we didnt pull it out. I am so desperate for a QB that will lead us to the promised land but I have serious doubts about Geno Smith. I just dont like his attitude and decision making. I know he is raw as raw can be, but there is just something concrete missing from his persona and makeup that irks me. He comes across as a real phony dismissing the reality around him. This kid has zero humility, much I'm sad to say, just like his predecessor, Sanchez. I am really beginning to think Geno is the 2nd coming of Sanchez. He has more mobility than sanchez and that will help him make a few more plays but other than that, I dont see this kid developing into a bona-fide leader. His ego is just way too big for the shoes he needs to fill. There is a difference between being a leader with a cocky attitude and what Smith displays. Its become very clear to me the reports on this kid re-draft were right on target which is why he fell so far down. Remember he was slotted to be the #1 pick for a long time in the draft. Ace in the hole ......Matt Simms. I hope Ryan gives Simms a shot to play some this year one way or another. My guess is the only way that happems is if Smith get hurts. Other than that, it will be Smith all season long.....The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
  3. Faulk has the personality of eggplant.
  4. Yea I hate how he runs. He looks like a new born fawn. His route running is pathetic and he is so delusional in post game interviews saying he had a good game. You gotta be kidding me.
  5. Trade Tim Tebow to Jax for 5th rd pick - sounds about right Let Shonn Greene walk - definately Let Brandon Moore walk receive - him too Let Mike Devito walk ---- big mistake - heart and sould of the D - he must be resigned or he will be on Pats next year terrorizing us Let Bryan Thomas walk - run dont walk Sign Alex Smith or Matt Hasselbeck ----Trade Sanchez and take teh 8.5 M cap hit --- sign matt Moore - draft a QB in round 2 1st rd - Mingo 2nd rd - Tyler Wilson - has a gun and would be QB for next 10 years 3rd rd - G Warford Kentucky 4th rd - WR - Da Rick Rodgers - kid is like flash and would be a steal here. Instantly upgrades our wr corps 5th rd - RB Marcus Lattimore - bad injury in college but others have recovered - would have gone way higher - worth the risk. 6th rd - 6th rd comp - TE - Travis Kelce - Cincy - kid is a beast 6'5 260 can block,is fast, good route runner - can do it all. SLEEPER. 7th Round Ray Ray Armstrong, S, Faulkner U - big, fast, physical - would have gone higher due to school concerns - STEAL!
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