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  1. Thank you for reminding us what an idiot Idzik is. The more I read these posts about Namath's assessment of Eugene, the sicker and the more distraught I feel about the man who holds the Jet future in his hands who drafted this moron.
  2. You're right Eugene doesn't sound mentally retarded. The politically correct term is he sounds like he is developmentally disabled.
  3. No, stupidity is being unwilling to see the truth of the evidence.
  4. No whats he's actually saying is "I cant say he sucks because it would come across as being to critical or unsupportive of the organization. So I'll try and be diplomatic about it and say ' Nothing to me is outstanding about it (his attributes) , but it's pretty good." So if you can read, then read between the lines. This screams..........Eugene sucks'. Thanks Joe. Hopefully Idzik and Woody Woodpecker get the message.
  5. Way to go Eugene! I bet if it was a charity event at Hugh Hefner's place he would have been there if he had to crawl.
  6. Are you forgetting Rex took this team to back to back conference championship games. If Sanchez had met half the expectations, things would have been quite different. All this cant be blamed on Rex. Sure, he is a defense minded coach first and foremost. But Rex has accomplished great things with this team. There are numerous defense first minded coaches in the NFL. The Pats led by Belicheck, who is a defensive genius, were transformed because of Brady. Where would they be without him? Pete Carroll, Bill Cowher, Billick, Gruden, Lovie Smith, Parcells, Coughlin, Fox ..these are ALL defense first coaches, some of which were just lucky enough to have a top flight QB at their disposal. The only thing Rex lacks is a franchise QB and a rushing OLB like Von Miller. If he had both, the Jets would have won 2-3 super bowls already under his regime. Sanchez and Gholston, both top 1st round picks that were total busts, set this team back years.
  7. Rex fell in love with Vick after the Eagles, led by Vick, demolished the Jets 45-19....15 for 22 247 yards. You could hear Rex muttering on the sidelines 'Damn I wish that guy played for us'
  8. Damn he threw for 736 yards in one game and set NCAA record for most passing yards in a game. He looks like a Bledsoe clone. Oh Eugene do you hear the footsteps? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWxM9aeQPio
  9. Kid is a beast. Lucky to get him. He is the best TE in the draft. Was checkin out his youtube clips. Jace is fast, tough to bring down, runs good routes. Dude is gonna light it up.
  10. The Jets whites are the bomb. Like the Raiders, Chiefs, Browns, these are old skool duds that never lose their style.
  11. I met Marvin Jones on 34st - super cool dude, down to earth and looked short as all hell because he was built like a fire plug. One of favs from the 90's.
  12. you're right slats - this is no place - the place is in gEYno's mouth - go chastise him for his abusive comment.
  13. Love this logic. So if Eugene's combine is better than Kolb's that makes Eugene better. Jarmarcus Russell combine> Eugene > Kolb Wow you're right!
  14. Man you sure know how to make enemies. Don't you know this is EugeneNation.com and NOT JetsNation.com
  15. too old? What 34 year old qb has legs like Vick? He is faster than Eugene who is what 23-24? Vick is faster than 3/4 of the qbs in this entire league still. He is a tremendous athlete. Vick will be able to play for many years - into his 40's if he wants to. He is that gifted.
  16. well said. What I'd like to know is how do you set someone up to fail that has already failed miserably. Worst rating starting qb in the NFL last year. Was forced to play since they had zero options and had to save face since he was a 2nd round pick. Would have never seen the light of day if Sanchez didn't get hurt. Blessing in disguise as its clear he is not the present or future qb of this team. Arena League...here comes Eugene.
  17. Yep you're absolutely right - since 2003 they have won the division every year give or take a tiebreaker. Surely they must not know what they're doing. They should follow our lead. And when was it the last time we won the division?
  18. You must be looking in the mirror. Well I guess the sock thing in your mouth didn't stop you from your incessant blabbing. Try taking down that picture on your wall of Eugene's dick and stick that in your mouth.
  19. And those last 3 games came vs. inferior competition. Gee I'm so excited.
  20. Oh please put a sock in it - Bledsoe is better than anyone the Jets have ever had besides Namath.
  21. Signed - draft- same difference. He belongs to Idzik just like Sanchez belonged to Tanny and that will be Idzik's demise. So I guess the Pats are morons for drafting Garrapolo when they could have filled that pick with a much higher need. They are very close to winning it all again. They 'waste' a 2nd round pick on a qb when they have Brady and Mallet. Seems like they know something about this kid that we didn't...but....not to worry...we have Eugene...woooop de do
  22. Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids. Its obvious Idzik is trying to save face. By signing Vick, you have a bonafide starter and you can keep Eugene on the sidelines where he belongs. He wasn't ready last year, he wont be ready this year and really wont be ready any year. Vick will easily beat this scrub out and be the starter or take over early in the season. Idzik really blew it signing Eugene last year. So many other better qb's were available in this year's draft and Idzik AGAIN blew it by not drafting one of the top rated qb's available. Jimmy Garraplolo should have been a Jet Instead, he's a patriot. That alone speaks volumes. Idzik is a good caplogoist and like Tanny, a horrible GM when it comes to the draft.
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