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  1. high school? really? high school? oh well damn. high school? hahahahaha I hope the kid lights it up personally. He looks talented. Its just its obvious he could have been there later. But WTF. After all this is the draft and we are famous for major busts through our history. So why not take a shot.
  2. he's no troll he's just pissed off and so am I. Even if this kid pans out it's still a stupid pick at this juncture of the draft. NOBODY was going to risk taking a kid with a broken shoulder blade, didn't participate at the combine or have a pro day and didn't play the last 7 games of his collegiate career (and had a whole 3 int's in college (wooope de do).
  3. Bryant or abbredris in the next round and I'm happy
  4. The difference between those guys and the guys here is those guys get paid and we just post.
  5. Cant we all be friends? We are Jet fans!
  6. You are seeing the trees through the forest dopey.
  7. Its well known he made Roby look really really really bad. No. 9: Abby burns Roby [+] Enlarge Andrew Weber/USA TODAY SportsOhio State struggled to stay with Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis, who finished with 10 catches for 204 yards and a TD. Who and against whom: Wisconsin senior wide receiver Jared Abbrederis put on a show against Ohio State All-America cornerback Bradley Roby, though it wasn't enough as the Badgers lost 31-24 in Columbus. The numbers: Abbrederis had 10 catches for 207 yards and a touchdown, including a 64-yard grab. A closer look: Ohio State figured it could load up to stop the Wisconsin running game and use Roby in single coverage against the Badgers' lone deep receiving threat. The Buckeyes were half right. Wisconsin rushed for a season-low 104 yards as a team and had to go to the air at the Horseshoe, but Abbrederis showed a national TV audience just how good he is by continually beating Roby and getting open. For a long while, Abbrederis was the Badgers offense. But he couldn't do it all, and the Buckeyes managed to slow him down when it counted to hold on for the key Leaders Division victory. Still, Abbrederis made many fans that night, including Ohio State coach Urban Meyer. "He’s got my vote for All-Big Ten,” Meyer said after the game. “He did an incredible job.”
  8. Sounds like a mystery movie. Who in the world is Dexter McDougle?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5Pa3S_rQQo This way no wait that way - see ya
  10. They will trade with NE for Mallet ...watch.
  11. YES that's my boy. I love that kid. He shredded Roby vs. Ohio State. Dude is like smoke.
  12. Bullsh*t. Not this year. That don't apply. This year's WR depth is off the charts. Idzik will get a quality WR in round 4. GUAREENTEED.
  13. Call me and i'll make you scream like a teen girl.
  14. SOB! He would have been perfect. We need a speedster to stretch the field for Decker and Kerley. Oh wait I forgot we have Stephen Hill. Who needs another WR when we have Stephen Hill and Eugene.
  15. He will replace Kyle Wilson in 2015. We need a corner not a slot corner right now.
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