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  1. Went to Green Bay first. Was cut,then picked up by the Eagles.
  2. The rest of the call Boomer basically tried to defend his actions saying "it was no big deal" because O'Brien knew he was getting traded to GB anyway. He also claims he called Ken that afternoon to smooth everything out after the press conference (which is BS). O'Brien had a different story to tell when he was a guest on 1410 ESPN Radio in 2011 recalling the situation claiming he was "Sideswiped". Obviously you got to keep in mind Coslet was the OC in Cinncy while Boomer was there so this did not shock me at the time. I still say Kenny was the most underrated QB this town has had. 1985-1988 he was as good,or better then Marino I think.
  3. Thanks. Unfortunately it was not recorded throughout. The back and forth lasted about 1:30. Ken O'Brien was still on the team of the time Boomer was brought in during the Spring of 1993. With that being said Boomer (and I guess the Jets) had the nerve to hold up #7 when introducing him. I just thought it was classless.
  4. Carton and Boomer show..............