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  1. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    Maybe he has pic's of Bowles and his safety worship fetish? Think Rex and feet.
  2. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Ouch. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  3. 6 would have been way to early to take Davenport. Lauetta may be a decent pick but I think Macc would pass on him. Not saying I would but it's Macc we are talking about here.
  4. That's Flint with the bad water not Detroit.
  5. I would love to come to the tailgate and meet some of the guys. A word to the wise though. If you stay in Detroit I recommend you take the hotel shuttle to and from the stadium. If they have one that is. Especially if you are going to drink. The area around the stadium is safe but I always park in the garage across from the stadium by the Elwood bar. Downtown Detroit is getting better but it's no place to be drunk at night walking around.
  6. Agreed. The only way the Jets have a shot at a legit edge is to somehow get back into the 2nd. With Maccs history I wouldn't hold my breath.
  7. Bold Prediction

    I think Barkley might be the Browns pick at one as well. They could still land their QB at four. If they do take Barkley at one I would expect the Giants to trade out and stockpile picks as they need all the help they can get on both sides of the ball.
  8. Anyone else like all 4?

    Agreed. I would be happy with any of them. I am glad the Jets will be in the position to finally draft what may be a franchise guy. Allen is my least favorite of the four and I hope he is the Jets least favorite as well.
  9. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    LOL. Still got your panties in a bunch? Still can't handle it when someone calls you out? Poor baby. Here this will make you feel better:
  10. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    AWWW who is butthurt now? The meme is stupid because you say it is or does it hit the mark? Your overreaction to someone disagreeing with you show's your immaturity and thin skin. If you post sh*t like you do on an internet message board be man enough to withstand the criticism. Talk about a whiney little bitch.LOL.
  11. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    LOL. No you're a pompous blowhard because you believe you're always right. As you have stated time and time again. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me but to think one is always right is borderline delusional:
  12. Connecting the Draft Dots

    This is an astute well thought out hypothesis but you're leaving out one important factor. Macc. He has shown no ability to pull off a ruse of this magnitude and I seriously doubt he has done it. Maybe by accident it's possible with all the media hype bullsh*t but for him to pull it off purposely? I think you're giving him too much credit.
  13. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    LOL. Still a pompous blowhard I see. Perhaps a dose of humility would help but I seriously doubt it.
  14. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    So you think Darnold Allen and Rosen are all better than Mayfield. Personally Darnold would be the only one I would take over Mayfield. Here's the thing. Neither you nor I are making a pick in this year's draft. So no matter how stupid you think it may to draft Mayfield over your preferred QB'S your opinion and mine means squat.