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    Marino. Spike Game.
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  1. JetFaninMI

    Culture “Change”

    This bullsh*t made me laugh right here. Yeah its the fans fault. Finally someone has figured it out. So what to do you ask? Fire the Fans? Move the team to a new city so they can get new fans? Only allow fans into the Stadium who promise not to boo? No beer sales at all? Only serve vegan food at the concession stands? A mandatory mass yoga class at half-time? Gender neutral bathrooms? An online quiz to prove you are worthy to watch a Jet Game based on your answers? How about you put a product on the field that doesn't stink up the joint? How about players play the game and not make infantile undisciplined mistakes that cost the team on the field? How about a Coaching staff with a zero tolerance for petty sh*t? How about players acting like the pro's they are paid to be? This is supposed to be a Professional Football Team not a circus. Players make mistakes. What we saw on Thursday Night was undisciplined nonsense that the HC is responsible for. Yet the Fans are the problem? GTFOH.
  2. JetFaninMI

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    It falls on the shoulders of Bowles. This no discipline bullsh*t all stems from the coach. Bowles has lost a locker room before and they got rid of the malcontents. Bowles is the problem here. The penalties stem from lack of discipline. Discipline is instilled by the coaches and it all starts with the head guy. Since it seems like he is here for at least this season and probably next get used to it unless he can turn it around. Highly unlikely but this is where we are.
  3. The proof is on the field. Kearse has been injured all season so I am going by his previous performance. For whatever reason Robbie has been invisible so far this year. He hasn't done much so far and is basically a one trick pony. Do you think he fits in this dink and dunk scheme they seem to be running? Robbie played well last year but so far he is a no-show. The scheme may be to blame but he just seems lost out there.
  4. That is just what I would expect Sam to say. Stand up guys accept the blame as well as the credit. Sam is going to be fine. He's 21 for crying out loud. The last guy I'm worried about is Sam Darnold.
  5. Yeah that's what I attributed Kearse's play too as well. He just looked rusty. The whole offense looked bad. It was just an all around crappy performance.
  6. With the exception of Enunwa and to a lesser extent Kearse I agree with you. I been saying it all off-season that our skill players suck and adding castoffs from a winless Browns team wasn't going to improve it.
  7. JetFaninMI

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    LOL. The only reason I called her that was because I couldn't remember her name. Lighten up Snowflake.
  8. LOL. Kid you ain't seen nothing yet. As for a rookie playing badly in his third game on 11 days, not to mention the 3rd game of his young career it's not even close to some of the sh*t this franchise has been through. Get a grip.
  9. JetFaninMI

    McCown anyone?

    I know what the problem was. He didn't Jet-up.
  10. LOL. Sometimes I think these types of posts are plants to rile up the usual suspects.
  11. JetFaninMI

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    The defense was gassed in the 4th qtr. Also when the blond who got peeped on said Bowles was not going to change his game plan for Mayfield in the 2nd half I knew they were in trouble. All on Bowles in this one.
  12. JetFaninMI

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Don't do it to him. The poor kid.
  13. I said it before, I said it earlier in this thread, NEVER BET THE JETS.

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