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    Ouch. Hurts my ears just to say it.
  2. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    If it comes to Mayfield VS Rosen and the Jets take Mayfield this board will explode. Hell I expect a few aneurysms.
  3. How about a permanent block on twitter followers who are negative towards him?
  4. Sheldon Richardson return?

    Why? Been there done that. This is like the second thread on this and it has all been discussed already. Why go backwards? The guy is in the past. Leave him there. Especially for 14 mil per. No thanks. Another guy who is a second tier FA who has shot his load as a player. You should recognize that. The Jets have signed enough of them over the years.
  5. I don't want Cousins period. The price in terms of years and cap space is too high. 60 mil for one season? I know its a rumor but these people are nuts. If the Jets made all the proposed cuts and gave Cousins that 60 mil who would they put around him? After their own FA's and rookie contracts what would they have left? What like 10 mil? Sheer flippin' lunacy. No way Macc does this. He is a creature of habit and the way he writes contracts will not change. That's why he will eventually lose out in the Cousins sweepstakes. At least I hope he does. I know the rumored deals are probably bullsh*t but hold some kernel of truth. I can't imagine Macc being stupid enough to offer Cousins 60 mil for one season and I can't imagine Cousins being greedy enough to take it. He wants to win and all right? Unless he can throw the ball to himself I just don't see it. The top FA's at our need positions are being tagged and the draft is looking better and better as a means to build through. Do not waste money on second tier guys or older players who have shot their load already. I and I'm sure most of us have had enough of that bullsh*t. Friggin speculation is crazy!
  6. I Promise You. Just Watch.

  7. Come on. All the turnovers on offense was the reason why they lost in Denver. BB's defense held a very talented Denver offense to 24 points total and shut them out in the 1st half. Parcells cannot compare to BB in anyway in terms of record, Championships won and head to head. You're wrong on this one Junc.
  8. Where else can we upgrade?

    LOL and you will be riding your bike with the steamers floating in the wind reveling in the fact that you just got your training wheels off while navigating the Yellow Brick Road on the way to the merry old Land of Oz
  9. Where else can we upgrade?

    Besides everywhere? Not everyone is in agreement on Cousins and the Jets need to upgrade at almost every position that matters. If they sign Cousins I won't be happy but will hope for the best with it. They will have to go all in on the FA front though and will have to add at least another WR, RB, OL, and CB. Then they will almost have to add the same positions in the draft plus an edge rusher. It just seem's like a tall order to accomplish in one off-season. Especially for Macc with the track record he has.
  10. Hey Junc. That one playoff win in Cleveland was over your boy Parcells. Face it BB has it all over your boy. Parcells has NEVER won anything without BB on his staff. Parcells has never finished what he has started with any team he has been with after leaving the Giants. He is a field goal away from only having one ring and he has BB'S game plan to thank for that second ring. Oh and that game plan is in the HALL OF FAME as one of the greatest of all time. Give it up Junc, Parcells while a good Coach can't carry BB's jock.

    Awwww is you butt hurt? Do you feel better now?
  12. No I am not looking for pro-bowlers in first year players. Although strange as it may seem other team's management is capable of drafting guys that do become pro-bowlers in their first year. I wonder why that is? No I do not believe you can develop players with a "bad" QB. The thing is you develop players into a cohesive unit. You let them work AND grow together. Cousins is "developed" already. He is looking to take the next step and that is playoffs and a Super Bowl. He has already been through that stage you're talking about and I doubt at this point he is looking to commit 1-2 years to "see what they got" in some of the guys on the roster. If the Jets can sign Cousins I fully expect them to go all in with FA signings. That means spending on another WR(as you mentioned) plus the OL TE and adding another RB. I wouldn't be surprised if they even added 2 WR's via FA. I don't expect them to add 2 upper tier FA's at the position but 1 upper tier and another from the pack. If Macc just signs Cousins and add's a DB or two in FA and calls it a day I fully expect this team to be under .500 once again. I am not as confident as you are in the WR corps or any other position on this team. If the true focus is to "see what they got" then the wise move is too go through the draft at QB and sign some skill players on offense. This way the experienced guys on Offense help that young QB develop faster and establish a repertoire with that guy so they function as a unit. Cousins wants to win now. He has stated that this is what is most important to him. We will see how true this is once FA opens and the offers start coming in. If the Jets land him they MUST go all in on skill players and shoring up the OL in FA. If they don't do this I see a little improvement but not going to the next level. We will be another version of the Redskins teams that Cousins has played on in the past.
  13. You have to be kidding me. You're in favor of committing that much money and cap space to a guy who hasn't won a thing? On a team that has a shell of an offensive line, no every down RB, and not to mention a WR group that is so thin dental floss could cover them. That's only the problems on the offensive side of the ball. Get your head out of your azz and actually think before you post. Jesus H Christ.
  14. Let's hope you're right. Giving one guy that percentage of your cap for that length of time is worse than anything Idzick ever did. Man I hope Macc isn't that stupid. Unfortunately I think he is.
  15. Jeremy Bates?

    Stole my line.