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  1. To tell you the truth I didn't read your long winded post because it's mostly bullsh*t. I get it you don't want to blow it up but YOU fail to see the big picture. Macc has not performed well in his job yet you think he should keep it because it doesn't make sense to "blow it up". You want to keep him even though he has not had a winning season with his guys. Doesn't make sense. In the real world you don't get the job done you're gone. Macc has not gotten it done yet you want to keep the status quo. Doesn't sound to smart to me. This off-season is going okay. He wiffed on the OL as usual and didn't even make an offer to the top guys. The biggest need position on the team and Macc has ignored it or signed scrubs as usual. But let's not be critical of that or hold him accountable because we don't want to blow it up. Ridiculous.
  2. So Bowles was not learning on the job? He being a first time Coach and all? See it works both ways. Yes thats what you do in business. You will never build a solid foundation if you blow it up. That being said do you keep a guy if he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again? Do you keep a guy if he ignores area's that need attention and cause your business to under perform or downright fail in that area? Do you give a guy 4 years to learn from those mistakes? The answer to all those questions is NO. Thats whats happening here with Macc supporters like you. You continue to make excuses for a man who has not made a draft pick that didn't fall into his lap. Every draft he has supervised aside from 3 guys has not given the Jets a lasting starter at ANY position. Sure You can Herndon in there if you want but his one season was good but lets see if he can sustain it. Hopefully he does. Any way you slice it Macc has done a piss-poor job so far and if He were working in the private sector at ANY company he would have been pink slipped long ago. A competent Executive would know that. Once again MACC MADE THOSE PICKS. You admit they were bad picks yet you justify it by blaming Bowles. Macc is also responsible for those guys. They were picked on his watch. That's why both had to go and the Jets blew it by keeping Macc. They should have cleaned house based on the performance of the team with those guys in charge. Just because you didn't like Bowles(for whatever reason) and he was a horrible coach who was clearly not ready or able to be a competent HC doesn't give Macc a pass and shouldn't. What will you do I wonder if the Jets don't progress this season and fail to meet expectations? Will it be Gase fault? Will it be Sams? I'm sure you Macc-Lovers will come up with another scapegoat to protect your Boy. Hopefully The Johnsons will see through it and do what should have been done before the Season. Now this conversation is over.
  3. Stranger things have happened but as has been said already it's hard to believe that the Cardinals wouldn't come out with a statement saying that Rosen is their guy if they were keeping him. Then the #1 pick would be in play and they could get a bounty of picks from a QB needy team. Not to mention that Murray is perfect for the offense that KK wants to run. Doesn't make sense when you look at it like that.
  4. Lol. I see you're taking it personally. Sure it seems that way but unless you're in the room or have some inside info you can't say for sure. While Lee was a reach pick do you really believe soft spoken Todd Bowles was a master manipulator behind the scenes? Macc is just as much to blame for a roster as devoid of talent as this one was and should have been held accountable along with Bowles. Macc should have been let go when Bowles was. Blame Bowles for what he's responsible for and Macc gets a pass? He put the roster together right? Macc and his BPA bullsh*t in taking Leo and Adams falls on him too. Especially passing on Watson when a QB was desperately needed? No. It falls on Macc's shoulders too. That's all I'm saying.
  5. TAMPA — Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is spending the weekend with the Yankees, but he’s also kept an eye on what’s been going on in his own sport — including with the Giants, who traded Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland and signed Wilson’s former teammate, Golden Tate. “I was definitely shocked by the Odell move,’’ Wilson said Friday at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “But in sports and in the NFL today, a lot of crazy things happen. To see Antonio Brown go to the Raiders [from the Steelers] and then Odell leaving New York and going to Cleveland, Cleveland will have a good squad. It’s part of the process, I guess. It’s a business.” After shipping Beckham to the Browns, the Giants signed Tate, who spent the first four seasons of his career with Wilson in Seattle, where they won a title together. “He can make plays, that’s for sure,’’ Wilson said. “He’ll make people miss. He definitely has that talent.’’ see also Eli Manning now should follow Odell Beckham out Giants' door Wilson could learn more about the business side of the sport soon enough. He’s entering the final year of his contract, and there have been rumors that he might end up with the Giants as Eli Manning’s replacement. “The reality is a lot of guys move, but for me, I love Seattle,’’ Wilson said. “I won a Super Bowl there, been to two, won a lot of playoff games. I love being there. As far as trades or being moved, you can never be surprised. I have a clear mindset of how much I love Seattle.” He pointed out that his Super Bowl victory came at MetLife Stadium, so he has fond memories of playing there. “We love New York, but Seattle is home for us,’’ Wilson said. And he’ll also be keeping an eye on Kyler Murray, who entered the NFL Draft and has given up a promising baseball career. “It will be interesting to see if he’s picked first overall,’’ said Wilson, who has talked to Murray about their shared histories of playing both baseball and football. “Most likely he’ll go in the first five, six or seven picks.” Filed under new york giants , new york yankees From the NY Post 2 days ago. Things can change but it looks like its got no legs.......yet.
  6. Well you don't know that and can't say it for certain. It's merely your OPINION. Not a fact. Just as my not buying it is my opinion. The difference between you and I is I know the difference between fact and opinion. You don't.
  7. JetFaninMI

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Damn. Not exactly mirror friendly is he? Who cares just block baby. A good start. Now get some more guys in here and lets rock this thing.
  8. Ahhh optimism. We will see but Macc is still Macc and I don't buy that Bowles was the driving force behind the construction of past rosters.
  9. Yeah don't bet on it. Macc has demonstrated he doesn't draft OL that early. He may trade those 3rd rounders for a slew of 5th and 6th rounders though. Going by his past history anyway.
  10. JetFaninMI

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    Lol. If there were a nuclear war Fitzpatrick would probably survive it.
  11. Lol. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not since I didn't go thru the whole thread but if it's not all I have to say is wow.
  12. Anderson will never be a #1 WR. His game is speed. If he bulks up to add the needed muscle to go over the middle consistently he loses his best tool in his limited box. If someone signs Robbie to a ridiculous offer sheet the Jets should take the pick and say bye bye.
  13. JetFaninMI

    A J Green

    Well of course we are. Seriously though Green loves Cincy and they love him. Unless something drastic occurs I doubt they would even consider trading him.
  14. JetFaninMI

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    LOL. You know that bearded prick is going to give us some headaches playing for the damned fish.
  15. I agree Lee is going nowhere based on his cost. However the Jets should see what his worth is to other teams. Who knows? Maybe Bowles wants him bad enough to give up something of value for him.

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