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  1. I think all are equally important. For me, scouting and drafting are top of the list. Assembling a top notch scouting operation is tantamount to running a successful organization. A successful GM must oversee the whole operation and picking top people in key positions is what makes it work. Being able to depend on the guys you pick is what it's all about. A GM's many duties in the day to day operation of the team means you rely heavily on your staff. If your staff is incompetent you won't last long. Just ask every failed GM and I'm sure they will agree.
  2. JetFaninMI

    Anthony "Champ" Kelly quick profile

    Either guy would work for me. If it were me I go with intelligence everytime. Champ has that going for him. Sure the Bears gave up a lot to get Truibisky but it was a decisive move. They wanted him and made sure they got him. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I think that will work well with Gase and what seems to be a no nonsense philosophy. Probably one of the reasons why Macc was let go was his indecisive mentality when it came to making a move. I don't think you will get that with either guy. So while either guy is okay with me I'm leaning towards Champ just a little bit.
  3. Hmmmmm. Any profession that has "if it bleeds it leads" as it's rallying cry or "headlines sell newspapers" as another can hardly be considered worthy of merit. In fact how many times have members of that profession reported on the screen and in print something that ruined someone's life and turned out to be wrong? Too many to count. Now especially with the rush to beat out the competition in getting it out there first there is very little worry about the facts. Now it seems it's report it first and worry about truth later or we'll tell you what the truth is regardless if it is or not. Very dangerous to give that responsibility to people with so little scruples.
  4. JetFaninMI

    Jets officially request interviews

    YOU LIE. You never had any prospects.
  5. JetFaninMI

    40 yard dash tournament - Robby Anderson

    Aww poor Robbie. Come on. He's not doing it for the money. He wants the attention. See how he is begging for votes to be the #1 seed? Just like he begged on National TV for pro-bowl votes remember? Man he is skinny. Can't weigh more than 150-160 pounds. He needs to bulk up if he wants that big money deal and the notoriety he craves.
  6. JetFaninMI

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    Yeah tell that to my wife. Her nickname is Tutti Frutti
  7. JetFaninMI

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    Well I think what Mannish writes is a pile of sh*t. The answer I really want is if I call him Womanish is that considered mysoginy or sexism? If it is ....good.
  8. JetFaninMI

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    So this means when my Grandson calls someone a doodiehead he is racist?
  9. Stupidity is not considered a minority.......unless I missed something in this ever changing World in which we live in.
  10. 3rd Row. Third from left. Is that Mike Glennon in drag? The neck is a dead giveaway.
  11. As Dice would have said in the old days: "For a chick you got some set of Balls".
  12. You know whats amazing? Even after I explained it to you twice you still didn't get it. Let me spell it out for you because you obviously need flashcards or hooked on phonics to understand. EVERYONE IN THE FRONT OFFICE who was responsible for putting that product on the field for the last 5 years needs to go. Not just Macc.....EVERYONE. Get it my sadly lacking in comprehension friend? Good. Now:
  13. Awwwww is you butthurt? Maybe you should be more specific. I was referring to everyone involved in the front office and scouting dept who were responsible for drafting those guys. You know those draft picks who are no longer on the team? Or the blatant lack of OL that were drafted? Especially after drafting your Franchise QB right? Because wouldn't it be stupid not to concentrate on protecting that QB? That's who I'm talking about sunshine. Sorry I didn't sugar-coat it for you. Maybe you should go off to fantasy land where all is well and everything is rainbows and lollipops? In the real world if you don't get results you're gone. Like Macc and Co should have been a longtime ago. Here endth the lesson. Gotta be friggin kiddin me.

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