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    Saginaw MI
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    Jets Mets Knicks and Islanders. What can I say? Im a glutton for punishment!

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    Lifelong Jet Met Knicks and Isle Fan. Moved to the mitten 11 years ago for job
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    Saginaw MI
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    Dont hassle Me Im retired
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    Super Bowl 3. Jets Monday Night comebacks
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    I had Season Tix from Shea to the Meadowlands. Had to give them up with new stadium.
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    Marino. Spike Game.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. You know something? You talk about being a "real fan" but you're not a fan at all. To you, having Jets Season Tickets is a status symbol. That is the plain truth about you. From the car you drive, to the house you live in, to the very clothes on your back its all about status. Other wise you wouldn't bring up this bullsh*t about "real fans". I don't know if it's from the blatant insecurities that you have when anyone calls you out or your arrogant responses to the same. You immediately throw your supposed wealth at someone when challenged and that opens up so many Freudian slips I cannot even document them here as it would take hours to list them. I can even predict your answer to this post. It will be a one line answer along the lines of how jealous I am of you, or some other ego boasting crap. Dude I actually feel sorry for because you are a sad hollow shell of a human being.
  2. Actually there would not have been 10,000 Pats Fans there if your exalted Season Ticket Holder Real Fans showed up instead of selling their tix on StubHub you elitist scumbag. My props to the Season Ticket guys who did show up and were there for the team and not the so-called guys who are Season Tickets holders like this fake fan @SAR I
  4. If you can get 1st rounder for any PLAYER on this team you do it and wish them well. The Jets are a long way from even reaching .500 much less the playoffs. That was proven last night.
  5. LOL. If it was the Jets instead of the Patriots I think you would be singing a different tune.
  6. LOL. You have to be kidding. You keep going back for more then blame the Jets? YOU bought the tickets. YOU know the history of this team and the ineptness that surrounds it. It's not just the current Ownership or Regime. This has been repeated as you describe yet you keep going back. You think they owe you something? As long as people are DUMB enough to buy Season Tix and those awful PSL's why would ownership be motivated to improve? They still get paid and collect revenue even if you don't go to the games or sell your tix. I learned this lesson a long time ago. I was a second generation Season Ticket Holder and gave up my tix when they announced the PSL bullsh*t. I could well afford it but didn't want to throw good money after bad. No, the only way Ownership will learn is to boycott buying into the bullsh*t and hit them where it hurts....in the pocket.
  7. Good Night Fellas. I m out. Gonna watch the rest with the lights out and my hands on my Chris Johnson. Gonna choke that phucker.
  8. LOL I must be just as bad...I went there.......no more roast beef for me. uuuhhhh

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