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    Jets Mets Knicks and Islanders. What can I say? Im a glutton for punishment!

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    Lifelong Jet Met Knicks and Isle Fan. Moved to the mitten 11 years ago for job
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    Dont hassle Me Im retired
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    Super Bowl 3. Jets Monday Night comebacks
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    I had Season Tix from Shea to the Meadowlands. Had to give them up with new stadium.
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    Marino. Spike Game.
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  1. JetFaninMI

    The trinity continues

    He earns it every time.
  2. JetFaninMI

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    I forgot what Rex was like when he was motivated. Hopefully the Johnson Bros didn't watch this or he will be hired.
  3. JetFaninMI

    NY Post Back Page

    You asked for it.....you got it:
  4. I love this team and will follow it until whatever end but guys come on, do you really think this is an attractive situation? A team with a 100 mil in cap space but virtually no one under contract. A team with a promising young QB who has no skill players and the OL is a mess. A team with an OVERRATED and mediocre defense that doesn't have a killer instinct. Whomever they hire will have their work cut out for them. That's why its so important to get it right. How much has Macc gotten right? How can he be trusted with a major decision like that? No its time to part ways and start using some common sense.
  5. When will they wake-up? They need to clean house! The players on the field are simply not getting it done and the coaching and game planning are completely inadequate. The only thing that needs to be thought about here is Sam and his development. They need to bring in someone to work with Sam and not a guy who is coaching like its 10 years ago. Hell Bowles thinks the running game will make a come back. That's an actual quote as we all sadly know. If these guys worked for me and produced at this low level they would have been gone. Hey all you can think about now is when and if it will be both of them. If both are fired I would make Heimerdinger in-term GM and go from there. Things have to change why prolong it?
  6. JetFaninMI

    The Pope gives up on Bowles but not Maccagnan

    If one goes so should the other. Clean house. It's the only thing that makes sense for all the reasons listed. Macc and Bowles are not it as evidenced by the product on the field.
  7. This should be captioned: Johnson: "What do you make of it?" Bowles: "You"re asking me? I'm still trying to figure it out."
  8. Well if they can't beat the Bills with Matt Barkley starting changes have to be made. I'm thinking either McCown plays like its his last hurrah(it probably is) and they blow them out or its the usual bad play calling and one of them wins a crappy game by a FG. We will see.
  9. I will be watching as usual. All the way until the end. Hey it might be historic. Two teams this bad? Could set some dubious records.
  10. I have Sunday Ticket so I am good. I really pity those watching on Red Zone though. With these two teams you won't see a down.
  11. JetFaninMI

    The Subtle Way that the NFL is rigged

    So is that the reason for his rant or is his rant as equally inane as this post?
  12. Well I think its bullspit simply because I don't believe Bowles and this coaching staff have the ability to pull it off. By the looks of their game planning and preparation most should agree. You're giving them too much credit. Sam may or may not be able to play but when you're talking about your FQB is it worth letting a small nagging injury turn into a looming problem? Especially in a lost season in a meaningless game? Sit 'em and then start him out of the bye week. He gets a little perspective, gets healthy and he is ready to go. Whats the big deal?
  13. JetFaninMI

    Just End The Season

    Yeah whatever, you know you're going to watch.
  14. Well Sam is hurt so I guess I'm somewhat interested in seeing if McCown can move this offense. As others have said will it make the other guys better? Will they suddenly begin to run effectively? Will they be able to sustain a drive? I don't know. I don't think there will such a difference between the play of Sam and McCown that things will be that much different.

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