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  1. Head Coaching Candidates

    Scratch Jim Schwartz off the list. The guy is a first class tool. Although think of all the fun with his name.......May the Schwartz be with you....... Jets Schwartz Circut.......
  2. The title of this tread is misleading. I thought Bowles was going to explain the reason for not being aggressive for his whole tenure as HC not just one game.
  3. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    Well we can safely say that is the only record of Drew's he will break.
  4. Kirk Cousins is trash

    Your delusional. I never posted anything remotely saying I supported Geno"friggin"Smith. If Sanchez was just what this franchise needed he would still be here. Or playing for another team. He got tremendous support from a great defense and talented skill players. Most times the team won in spite of him not because of him. I don't give a rats butt how you respond to anything. If you don't like it well:
  5. Another reckoning

    We're talking about covering the spread here guy. 1-4-1 as road dogs. NEVER BET ON THE JETS
  6. Another reckoning

    The Cardinal Rule of being a Jet Fan: NEVER EVER BET ON THE JETS. I keep the 10 grand and run like a MuthaF%&*
  7. I would settle with just getting one right. Considering who will be making the decision on who is drafted I am not optimistic that they can get that right.

    Heres one. Think he can play QB?:

    If Junc sez no that means do it.
  10. Hats off to McCown

    LOL. Typical Elitist Skankee Fan response. You are out touch with reality my obsessed little friend. Not all Skankee fans are like you just a select few who view themselves as above everyone else. Your responses support your delusions of grandeur and your admission explains a lot about your posting style. Since the Skanks haven't won since 2009 I'm sure your little panties are not only in a bunch but surely tied in knots. I'm sure you feel you "got me" with your response but it only makes me chuckle at the depth of your self loathing. Now Geno"friggin"Smith is treated unfairly after you essentially called him garbage only enforces your inability to argue effectively. Please keep posting because your responses are better than watching CNN and the joke it has become. Here's a little pic just for you:
  11. Hats off to McCown

    You are such a poser dude. He was 2 and 32 before he came here. So winning 5 games was playing above his head. No one is saying he deserves ANYTHING but a momser like you. Your boy Sanchez sh*t the bed outside of 2 years and even then he couldn't deliver when needed. Your unhealthy obsession with Sanchez has me worried about you. And yes I am a Met Fan since the beginning and proud of it. I know your a Skankee fan without even asking. I know this because I worked as a guard for years at Shea and Skankee Stadium. I used to love guys like you. When you get tossed out of Skankee Stadium you probably say I'm a season ticket holder. Thats when I used to open my uni shirt exposing my Mets T-shirt underneath and tell you you got tossed by a Mets Fan. Used to drive them out of their minds. I still say your a closet Giant Fan who couldn't get tix to their games so you settled for Jet Tix.
  12. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Hey I hope your right I truly do. I just get the feeling that Bowles actually thinks he is safe with his performance so far and will keep the game plan as simple as possible. Do I think Bowles is actually conspiring against him? Not really but I don't expect much in terms of offense in the coming weeks. It's just skeptic in me I guess.