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    I had Season Tix from Shea to the Meadowlands. Had to give them up with new stadium.
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    Marino. Spike Game.
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  1. LOL. Another one. All I'm saying is worry about the Jets and the team they are playing that week. Who cares what another team is doing or saying THAT IS NOT EVEN IN OUR DIVISION? Unless we are playing them that week who cares? Thats all I'm saying.
  2. I'm not saying that the Fan's focus means anything when it comes the teams play or whatever. What I'm saying is that this is a NY Jets message board and who gives a damn what some other teams coach may or may not have said about this teams coach. Of course if the guy came right out and mentioned the Jets DC by name you would have something to talk about. Since he didn't its a big reach.
  3. Exactly. Who cares about the Browns when we are not playing them? Worry about the team in front of you. That's where the focus should be. The Browns made some ballsy(some would say dumb) moves that have a high risk/reward factor going for them. If they pan out they look like geniuses. If they don't they look like morons. Either way they took a chance. They went for it. You can't fault them for that. Time will tell for them but why waste time on them when the main focus needs to be on this team.
  4. Well what did you expect? The last 3 seasons have been downright abysmal. 14 wins. Yeah the roster sucks. Look at it this way: nowhere to go but up.
  5. I am all for a youth movement so Powell it is. The other 2 can be used at different positions and have value there. That and their youth and less "mileage" on their bodies is another reason to keep them around.
  6. I like Snead from the Ravens. He has some speed but with Robbie here he may be redundant. I doubt the Bengals are letting any OL walk simply because their depth just took a big hit. If anything they will be looking to add not subtract. I like Worley's youth and would maybe take a flier on him. I like Hurns a lot but it seems he kinda disappeared in Dallas. I wanted him to sign here when he was a FA so if he hit the wire I would be interested. Finney from the Steelers would get a look from me as well as I feel the more OL added the better. None of the guys I picked are over 27 and thats how I would go about it from now on if were the Jets FO. The way the League is structured now no team will let a guy go in FA if he is good. With a few exceptions(forcing a trade, cap problems) this seems to be the way its going now. Development is key here. So picking up a young guy who, for whatever reason didn't pan out with one team is the way to go in todays NFL.
  7. I cared more when I was younger. At least I sit down to watch the Games now. I can even watch them with other people if I only drink beer.
  8. Love that. A perfect summation of our a-hole Owner.
  9. Well Brady is the best of this era but.............ahhhh phuck that. I tried to be objective but you know what? Phuck Tom Brady and Joewilly too. Oh and Namath as well.
  10. Lee is what he is. Maybe the Chiefs can get something out of him. Hey anything can happen right?
  11. I KNEW IT!!!!!! I knew you were the type of guy who doesn't clean up after his dog. Its only a matter of time before this happens:
  12. Sounds good. Hopefully he pans out. We need all the help we can get at the WR position IMO.
  13. No too Graham. Too old and not needed. Lets stay away from this type of player and continue the youth movement. Sign or trade for no guys over 28 from this day forward.
  14. Always liked Lance. I thought he was a steady lead by example type of guy. I'm glad to see he contributed to society and wish him well.

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