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  1. The major problem with the whole sign FA's thing is I don't believe those top-tier guys are ever going to FA. Most will be tagged with the exception of guys out of their prime or in the middle of their prime. So essentially you sign Cousins and have no one to put around him. I don't want them to go the FA route at all. I would prefer they do it through the draft and build that way. I really think they will pursue Cousins but doubt he signs here. I just don't see him coming to a team with so much up in the air in terms of roster, coaching and front office stability.
  2. Posted the whole article a page or two back.
  3. Dude I will respond to you after I get off work to give it the time it requires. I will say you basically shot yourself in the foot on the whole Parcells vs. BB argument though. More later. Busy right now.
  4. Why take the Coordinator job when the HC job will most likely be available in one season? Why join a staff that will most likely be fired in a year along with yourself?
  5. Stop the press Junc actually blames his man crush Parcells for something! I'm astounded!
  6. F*ck the NFL!

    Gotta say I agree with this. Just look at SKRINE.
  7. Championship Game Thoughts

    I won't root for the Pats and my ex brother-in-iaw was from Mass and he was uneducated, uncivilized, always broke, and a cheap loser. I agree with everything else though and if you have second thoughts just google the Wing Bowl and you will come to the same conclusion.
  8. Would you Trade for Foles?

    Ben Volin ✔ @BenVolin 1/2: Nick Foles signed 5-yr, $27.5m deal w/ Eagles w/ another $5m in incentives and up to $6m escalator for 2018 if he hits certain markers 3:28 PM - Mar 17, 2017 Ben Volin ✔ @BenVolin 2/2: But really it's a 2-year, $11m deal to be Wentz's backup, plus the $5m in incentives and $6m escalator. 3:30 PM - Mar 17, 2017 Ben Volin ✔ @BenVolin The final three years of Foles' deal void if he's on the Eagles' roster 23 days before the start of the 2019 league year, i.e. mid-February 3:30 PM - Mar 17, 2017
  9. You better be on both knees praying if you want Macc to take a QB. Probably won't help.
  10. Don't worry. They won't show it for a second if at all.
  11. Is Jim Schwartz wearing out his welcome in Philadelphia? 157 shares share tweet email By: Ty Schalter | August 27, 2017 8:26 am ET Former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is one of the very few former Lions coaches to land a major job after leaving. But the second-year Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator has already rubbed some of his players the wrong way, per the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane. “When he first got here last year he came in right off the bat and was assertive and aggressive with everybody,” cornerback Ron Brooks told the Inquirer. As the Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett tweeted in response to the article, this sounds familiar: As McLane wrote, the internal narrative is that things are getting better in Philadelphia. “That’s something we addressed last year,” safety Malcolm Jenkins said, “and for the most part he’s been good.” Though there was plenty of buy-in in Detroit, especially when the Lions got significantly better year over year under his guidance, things seemed to sour quickly when the going got tough in 2012 and the team finished the season on an eight-game losing streak. Dave Birkett @davebirkett Sounds a lot like the Schwartz from here https://twitter.com/jeff_mclane/status/901600644993355778 … 6:47 AM - Aug 27, 2017 2 2 Replies Retweets 16 Like this article? Sign up for the Lions Wire email newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning That a Lions squad featuring many of the same players made the playoffs twice in three years under current head coach Jim Caldwell — who, in many ways, takes the opposite approach — seems to indicate the team was ready for a change. But just like Schwartz, Caldwell has set fan expectations high, much higher than many national analysts see the team achieving. Whether he can truly succeed where Schwartz failed has yet to be seen.
  12. I don't know about Marrone but I know about Schwartz first hand from his days as Lions HC. The guy was a complete tool and was a immature prick. He constantly caused problems where there were none. His antics are well documented and he constantly gave the opposing team bulletin board ammo and was a detriment to his team. Woody would not have put up with his antics for long. This love for Schwartz is simply a case of going by the stats and not the whole picture. Unless Schwartz learned something and matured as a coach he would have lasted a season or two before his act got old.
  13. LOL. This from an Amoretz whose ability to think and comprehend becomes more suspect with every line you write.
  14. This is bullsh*t. Another gift wrapped TD for the Patriots. ****ers.
  15. Run it down their throats!
  16. I thought other teams fans are not allowed to post in game thread's?
  17. marrone and coughlin

    You want to control who people vent over? How can you expect that to do that? Adam's get the flak he does because he isn't a QB. Lighten up UWF don't take it so hard.
  18. marrone and coughlin

    You're confusing venting with hatred. Jet Fan's are creatures of emotion. Passionate, loyal, and utterly friggin nuts to give their all to a team like this. Letting off a little steam maintains sanity.
  19. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    If he winds up wearing that you can tell Robby: "At least your taxes are free".
  20. marrone and coughlin

    This statement is a contradiction. Hate cannot be compartmentalized. When you hate it affects every aspect of your life. Learning to take the good with the bad is a necessary fact of life. Its what being a Jet Fan is all about. I don't hate the Jets. I shake my head at the imbecilic things they do but when you have been a fan of this team as long as I have and others have been you learn to expect assholery. That way when they do succeed its more of a surprise than anything else. Just simple advice to survive the curse of loving this team.
  21. How to prepare Tofu: Step 1: Throw it in the trash Step 2: Grill some meat