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  1. 21 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Hopefully we can accumulate enough picks thru a Jamal Adams trade and a trade down (from the top 3 or wherever we pick) where we can get a LT, a couple interior OL, a WR, and still perhaps have a pick or 2 we can allocate to pass rush and/or a CB.  

    I would love for that to happen but it's a pretty tall order to fill all those positions in one draft. Douglas has his work cut out for him this off-season that's for sure.

  2. 1 minute ago, joewilly12 said:

    I had a great short rib and mashed potato dinner last night in my home cooked on my grill. 

    The better question is when was the last time you had a meal that wasn't out a dumpster or from a soup kitchen. (slim-jims) don't count. 

    chicago bulls tacos GIF

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  3. 30 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    We want you with us JetFaninMI, but you can only bring a horse to water.  I look forward to week 8 next year when you let us know that we lost a close one because the assistant receivers coach missed the game because of the birth of his child.

    homer simpson car GIF

  4. Just now, freestater said:

    Stands full of opposing fans sends a message too. It says fans of the opponent would rather watch the jets play, than would the jets fans. 

    Agreed but those fans will still buy concessions. So even though they are rooting against the Jets the Johnsons won't care because they are still making money off of those concession sales. DON'T BUY YOUR SEASON TICKETS FOR 1 YEAR in protest. That will hit'em where it hurts.

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  5. Just now, Joe W. Namath said:

    It is tough to let go of the old SOJF thinking.  Its poisoned the board and its members for years.  We embrace manish Mehta now.  he is an agent of change.  people like him are who we need right now. 

    You are close JetFaninMI.  The boat is leaving soon.  Dont be left on shore with the Delusional Sunshiners high fiving that adam gase should get another year and that mono is still effecting Sam Darnold when he throws 3 picks in week 6 next year.

    Dude you are fast becoming a "new age" SAR I. Your bullsh*t is entertaining but naive. If you don't think Mehta has his own agenda here you're fooling yourself. If Mehta was given the same clout he had with the new regime that he had with the old one he would be kissing Gase' ass instead of trying to skewer it. When will guys learn?

  6. 19 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    You are wrong.  That is SOJF thinking.  We have moved past that now.

    Did you hear manish ask gase, "Does this loss to Miami justify stephen ross firing you?"  

    It was the best question asked in a press conference in a decade.  Manish is an agent of change.  We must support him.

    Dude Manish is a scorned woman when it comes to the Jets. He was shut out of the New Regime and now takes pot shots at them whenever he can. I agree Gase must go but so must Mehta. Once the News folds this guy won't get a job on a friggin podcast.....unless its his own.

  7. 16 hours ago, Losmeister said:

    I am a Gary Vaynerchuk fan myself.



    From the GM’s Eye: Years of mistakes brought the Jets to this new low point. How does their CEO move forward?

    By Michael Lombardi 1h agocomment-icon@2x.png 11 save-icon@2x.png

    New York Jets CEO Christoper Johnson thought last week was terrible? That 29-15 Week 8 loss to the Jaguars looks like a trip to Disney compared to Sunday’s disastrous 26-18 loss to the (no longer) winless Miami Dolphins.

    Johnson’s most recent problems started after the Jets’ front office, led by first-time General Manager Joe Douglas, created some arguably self-inflicted wounds with their handling of their players’ availability in the trade market. Douglas told star safety Jamal Adams and his representatives that he was not on the trade market, and then, according to sources, Douglas informed the Cowboys that it would take a first and two seconds to secure Adams. Douglas confirmed that he did, indeed, field calls about Adams, but as Douglas said, he had no intention of trading him unless he received the high (and unlikely) haul in return. “We were not shopping him,” Douglas said. “Where I grew up, you listen to what people have to say when they call you.” Connor Hughes’ intensive story on this trade deadline drama confirms Douglas’ statement, as Hughes reports that “the Jets, at no point, sources said, were shopping players. Teams simply called them.”

    One of those teams was the Cowboys, who had a keen interest in Adams, so much so that they held a high-level meeting near the trade deadline to decide if meeting Douglas’ ransom for Adams was doable. They ultimately passed. And naturally, word leaked out, and Adams spoke out, leading to a week from hell for Johnson. And that was before the embarrassing result of Sunday’s game, which has now put the focus of the Jets’ future on Johnson’s plate. It’s going to be a long, long, long week.

    Christopher has to absorb most of the blame for the Jets’ horrible season, however this is more of a total family Johnson problem than just Christopher’s. Christopher is only in the spotlight because his brother Woody is the current United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Make no mistake about the Jets’ fortune: they would be horrific even if Woody were not across the Atlantic. The Jets’ problems run deeper than head coach Adam Gase, or the decision-making talents of the Johnson family. The Jets’ ownership group has too many outside advisors, many from the NFL league office. They listen to people who advise without understanding the complexity of the NFL.

    Let’s go back in time to understand how the Jets got into this giant mess. The Jets have often relied on the wisdom of outside advisors, believing they are similar to the corporate world, where headhunters provide capable leaders. In December of 2014, Woody Johnson hired Charley Casserly, the former General Manager of the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans, as a consultant to help him choose his next GM. Casserly naturally recommended they hire his friend and the Texans’ former Director of College Scouting Mike Maccagnan, who worked with Casserly in Washington and Houston. They then paired Maccagnan with former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, and the two of them would lead the Jets into the future.

    When Bowles struggled to win games over his four-year tenure, Maccagnan convinced Christopher Johnson that the talent level of the Jets was not as bad as their record, and firing Bowles would solve the problem if Johnson let Maccagnan hire the next coach and pieces of the staff. Since Christopher has no idea how or why his team had only won 28 games the last five years, he decided to keep Maccagnan and fire Bowles.

    When the Jets fired Bowles at the end of the 2018 season, Maccagnan wanted to hire Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, but Rhule refused to allow Maccagnan and his Player Personnel Director Brian Heimerdinger to handpick his coaching staff. After Rhule refused, they hired Adam Gase and demanded he hire Gregg Williams as his defensive coordinator.

    Soon after Gase entered he realized that the Jets’ team personnel was horrific, and their player procurement methods were not conducive to building an NFL team. Most college directors can scout individual players, but struggle with understanding the makeup of the NFL, working with the assistant coaches and dealing with the daily office environment. Being a college director will never prepare you for being a General Manager, yet most teams hire college directors for the role because they feel that understanding the draft is the essential quality needed for a General Manager. Maccagnan never was able to understand the essentials of team building as he never drafted an offensive lineman in the first four rounds of the draft during his first four years on the job. (He finally selected one in his final draft with the team — Chuma Edoga, a 2019 third-round tackle out of USC). Maccagnan’s other third-round selection in 2019, defensive lineman Jachai Polite, was talented but had issues on and off the field. Maccagnan ignored those problems and selected him anyway. Now, Polite is a free agent, as he was cut by the Jets before the season even started.

    In May, just a couple of weeks after the draft, Christopher Johnson agreed with Gase that the team lacked talent and fired Maccagnan, hiring Gase’s recommendation, the highly popular Joe Douglas as his replacement. Douglas might have had the title of Player Personnel Director in Philadelphia, but he is more comfortable on the road than in the office.

    So, five years have gone by and still, nothing seems to be working for the Jets. But after losing to Miami, and after the drama at the trade deadline, Johnson must regroup. How? He first needs to look inward, re-evaluating where things have gone wrong in the past and developing an owner’s creed, which consists of the following:

    1. Use Common Sense. This might sound easy, but it seems to be hard for most owners of sports teams, especially the Johnson family. When Donnie Walsh was the President of the Indiana Pacers, he had complete authority to do whatever he felt. The only request of the Simon Brothers, the owners of the Pacers, was for Walsh to call them before any deal, informing them of his intentions. During those phone calls, the Simon brothers asked the right questions, forcing Walsh to explain his positions concerning his decisions, then they would let him do his business. During these calls, Walsh would monitor his answers, reflecting on his words, conviction, and the viability of his solutions. At times, after hanging up the phone, Walsh knew the right path. Johnson needs to force his people to explain their actions in detail, then ask probing questions. For example, had he asked Maccagnan the right questions and used common sense, he wouldn’t have rebuilt his organization in a backward method.

    2. Create Stability. New York city is the largest city in the U.S. with mass amounts of media outlets, and Johnson must be a rock. He must not bow down to pressure, he must believe in his plan and put on blinders. He needs to block out the noise and never read a back page of any newspaper. Johnson cannot allow outside forces to interfere with his agenda, as no one is capable of understanding his problems better than him. Owners who create stability will enable a culture to develop. Besides lacking talent, Johnson’s Jets lack culture.

    3. Believe in the right people. Johnson must believe in the right coach, the right general manager and allow them time, as 49ers owner Jed York has done with his staff. Because Johnson has often relied on the opinions of others rather than trusting his instincts, he never formulates a genuine belief in the people he employs. Once the sunny introductory press conference ends, then the problems start, then the doubt enters. Instead of winning the press conference, Johnson needs to win the hire.

    4. Preserve the Pride. Johnson must develop a deep sense of pride in the traditions of the Jets, from the uniforms to the ex-players. All great teams have traditions, have a keen sense of their history.

    5. Care more than anyone. Johnson needs to show the people who work for the Jets that he cares, not that he only pays. He needs to invest his time, energy and effort into the team all the time. He must care so much that it truly hurts on days like today.

    If owners strive to accomplish these five principles each day, they would improve their team more than any first-round draft pick would, because the positive effects of it will impact the organization at every level. Sure, Jets fans right now may be calling for the firing of Gase, but doing that isn’t going to solve the team’s vast, immediate problems, nor will looking for a new GM. If Johnson starts following these five principles, though, starting today, and plans the future of his team around them, then things might finally start moving in the right direction for a change.


    • Deshaun Watson was once again the best player on the field and perhaps the best player in the NFL. The depleted Texans went over to London and dominated the Jags. Watson was flawless in his play all day long even though he was throwing to receivers who were catching his passes for the first time.

    We have JaMowf Adams. 

    This is the highlight of the article.

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