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  1. Not missing the point. Saying its too early to make said point and at this POINT its phucking stupid. Got it? Good.
  2. Dude 4-16 in our last 20. If you don't think "The World is Burning" you must be smoking some high class sh*t. WTF?
  3. You wanna laugh? I couldn't do sh*t all season so I let my 9yr old grandson make my picks this week. Won 10 bucks. Go figure.
  4. So does the Jets. Chucky is a better HC than Gase, not by much, but he is better. Close game but I think the Raiders pull it out.
  5. Let's not get carried away here. Two wins against sh*tty teams don't a season make. Let's see how they do against the Raiders before we make Gase Mayor.
  6. Worried about this one. Raiders are a tough team. I think the secondary will be key here. I don't think the Raiders can run on the Jets and If the Jets can contain Carr I think they will have a great chance. We will see but I'm thinking this one might go south on them. Close game but I think the damned Raiders pull it out.
  7. Francessa is and always will be an a-hole. Its the only thing describes him to a T. Guys a walking talking anus. Calling him a Boomer is an insult to Boomers. A-Hole. That's Francessa. Please make a note of it.
  8. He's announcing his candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for the President of the Untied States.
  9. LOL. WTF are you talking about? I watched every OSU game Haskins played in and he was adequate not great. His surrounding cast was great. The same thing could be said about Sam. Considering 90% of the Jets roster would not even make most teams Practice Squad. STFU Jerk-off.
  10. The guy has fractured bones in his back. Never a good thing for a QB. They say 6 weeks for him to truly heal. I think its 50/50 he plays again this year but I do think He seriously contemplates retirement in the off-season.
  11. No. He has a lot of growing up to do. He is showing that he is not terrible, just inexperienced. He is 22. Lets give the guy some support instead of bailing on him okay? If you can't do that then Phuck off.
  12. He's 22 and pretty good. Imagine with a stable OL and a stable Coaching Staff. Things could be worse.
  13. Holy sh*t is that "Hail to the Redskins" I hear? Wow. Been a longtime since I heard that.
  14. You know even though the Jets got a win today lets not lose sight of how horrendously bad this Redskins team is. They truly suck.
  15. Don't know about the rest of ya but those small waist long legged girls will make you howl for mercy.
  16. LMAO. Phuckin' Canadians. Most of them don't know whether to sh*t, piss or go blind.
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