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  1. Finally someone who gets it. This you can't rebuild in NY crap really pisses me off. You are gonna have to bite the bullet and take the heat but the rewards will be great. You have to hit rock bottom in order to rise. Shortcuts don't work in the NFL. This has been proven time and time again. Maybe this time the Jets will get it.
  3. You were not there and don't know squat. With every post you only express your shortsightedness and inability to accept any view but your own. Why not wait and see how it plays out before convicting ANYONE of anything? Just because you worship the player Revis used to be does not make him guilty or innocent of anything until proven so.
  4. Why do I even respond to you? Either you suck at comprehension or are just plain stupid. ONCE AGAIN you silly person I am not disputing his guilt or innocence. I am disputing the bullsh*t story they came up with to explain his presence in the area. You call these guys thugs and lowlifes but YOU weren't there either. No one knows what happened in this incident except for Revis and the other men involved. The only thing that is clear here is that you seem to think you and only you know what happened.
  5. Probably the best scenario for all involved. This move gives the Jets some cap relief and gives Revis the chance to hook on with another club. The best solution in an otherwise messy situation. It doesn't matter if Revis was the best player the Jets ever had it's business plain and simple. He was most likely gone before this incident anyway. I don't think the Jets should go after the 6 mil. Call it severance or whatever.
  6. Since Revis was probably gone before this incident I don't think it matters. His career is coming to a close. The Jets are so cap stressed choices must be made. They simply don't have the luxury of keeping him on at his contract # and declining skill level. The one thing this incident does is move him to the front of the line to be cut. It's a messed up thing that just happens to true. Sucks but that's life in the NFL. I wish him luck.
  7. No you are definitely not MY pal and I am definitely not your son. What does the NFL being a business or Revis doing well for himself got to do with anything? I don't doubt his innocence or guilt in this matter. What I doubt is the bullsh*t story they came up with and you swallowed like a 2 dollar crack whore. You think because Revis was a great player for the Jets it somehow makes him a good person who is quickly given the benefit of the doubt because of it. Revis maybe a great guy. He maybe a jerk-off. I don't know the man to say for sure. Neither do you. You rail on and on but look past what is being said. The story they came up with isn't worth a fart in a tornado. Furthermore if he is all innocent why not just tell the truth instead of making up a bullsh*t story that makes him look like he is trying to hide something? Maybe he has something to hide then? If you thought logically and were able to be objective you would be able to make these connections instead of swallowing the bullsh*t they are spoon feeding you. Now be a nice boy and let the grown-ups talk okay? If you do I'll give you something shiny to play with to occupy yourself.
  8. Sorry pal but "a good portion" of the Fan base turned against him when he went to the Patriots and then came back and tanked it. Another thing it is not against the law to record someone in a public place even if you don't like it. When out in public you have no expectation of privacy in a public place. No matter who you are.
  9. No it hasn't. Its just your way of hijacking the thread to take the onus off the fact that Revis may be guilty of a serious crime. Your insistence that he was the greatest player the Jets ever had is your opinion. You are stating opinion as fact. The fact that its your opinion and you can't or refuse to see that one's opinions are just that makes it hard to counter anything you say because of it. We all have opinions. We all have assholes. Guess which one you sound like when you insist yours is factual?
  10. This thread is not about the best player its about Revis and his conduct off the field. You think he was the best player the Jets ever had? Fine. We disagree. Now lets get back on point. Revis will be cut no matter what kind of player he was. He is a shell of that player now and the Jets owe him nothing but a pink slip. All your blathering about what kind of player he was means nothing. Even before this incident he was most likely a goner this just cements that. Revis was a great player. His time has passed. Time to face that.
  11. Your opinion. In terms of what those guys meant to the team value wise they were as good as Revis ever was.
  12. No one is discounting his contribution to the franchise. At least not me. What I am saying is the fact that Revis' explanation of the incident is bullsh*t. Come on. Checking out a property at 2:30 in the morning? Please. Revis was most likely gone before this issue. The Jets cap situation practically demands it. Now this incident gives them a big out. They have to take it from a business standpoint. If they don't it only show's how foolish they are. On another note if the Jets do release Revis all I can say is at LEAST he went out SWINGING. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  13. Nice way to avoid the gist of the post. The way you responded is a reply though. It shows you know that Revis' explanation is bullsh*t and doesn't hold water. Otherwise you would have tried to refute my points. You can't and you know it. Grow up and face the facts. Revis is as good as gone. His spin "explanation" is thin as hell and is kind of insulting when you really think about it. So take off the Revis colored glasses and face the facts. Yes Revis was a great player for this team. That doesn't mean he is infallible and doesn't make mistakes. He is a man doing a job that for whatever reason he doesn't do as well anymore. Its not personal its business. Time to cut bait and move on. Bye Bye Revis.
  14. Yes I own a home. As a matter of fact Sir I own multiple properties in different states. If I am developing a property it means I already own that property and have done my due diligence before purchasing said properties or property. I understand that may be hard for you to understand but I refuse to explain Real Estate 101 to you unless I get a fee. Maybe you should know what the heck your talking about before you go off half-cocked. Regardless if I like the guy or not it is just plain shortsighted to believe that story. Now if they said he was thinking of purchasing said property I might go along with your assumption but they said he was developing this property. That means he already owns it in Real Estate lingo my friend. That means his investment team did all the "checking out" that needed to be done before he purchased it. The story when it has objective logic applied to it does not stand up. Sounds like bullsh*t to me. Its called spin control. Revis has a lot to lose. Think about it objectively and you may see it differently. Wait its you that mean's you probably won't. Cheers!
  15. Just a question. Who the hell checks out a property at 2:30 in the morning? Sounds made-up to me. Maybe Revis was out partying and things got out of hand? Sounds a little more plausible to me.
  16. Yeah he was. Then he took the cash with our #1 rival. Won a ring. Signed a big contract with the Jets and is now mailing it in because he got his. Retire and save your legacy Revis before your morals clause voids the rest of your deal(if there even is such a thing nowadays).
  17. LOL. Funny thing is if they both ran "GO routes" they would have beat him. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  18. BYE BYE DICKHEAD. Nice knowing ya. See ya. Thanks for giving the team reason #151 to cut you.
  19. Okay now I know what scarred for life truly means. Thank you for making the rest of my however short existence a little more painful. You could have just posted sh*tzpatrick clips and gotten the same result.
  20. So Skrine and Revis are worth the money? They went 5-11 because they looked good playing against mediocre teams and the front office thought they were good to go. They were never as good as 10-6 in this league and were blinded by that record. They do this all the time too. Not just 2 seasons ago but they have repeated the same mistakes over and over again yet they keep doing it. If the "feud" had anything to do with their sorry season then its just another reason to blow it up. The formula is not working so its time to change that formula. What the Jets are doing is the very definition of insanity. Stockpile draft picks and build that way. The other way has been proven time and time again not to work. What more proof do you need?
  21. This the mentality that has destroyed this team. They sign a few vets and look good with a terrible schedule. They go 9-7 or 10-6 then the next season with the tougher schedule they go 6-10 or 5-11 or 4-12 and are exposed. The cycle of stupidity must stop. This being NY stuff is bullsh*t. They need to bite the bullet, take the heat and tear it all down. Let a bunch of younger guys grow together and build something that will last for years and end the climate of losing and excuses that this team has been in for decades. Like the Jets some people never learn.
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