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  1. If Richardson is traded it needs to be for a draft pick. I think they would be lucky if they got a 3rd rounder for him. If they can get a higher pick I would be surprised but grateful. This teams needs are so great stockpiling draft picks and getting out from under cap killing contracts need to be the priority. Trade as many vets as possible and/or release as many to get cap relief. Anything else is foolishness.
  2. Quick fixes have put this team in the fix they are in. Cut the dead weight and rebuild. Its the only way. Otherwise we will be stuck in this malaise for years to come.
  3. Thanks for confirming all of my opinions of you! Your intelligence show's in everything you think, do, and say. It must be hard to bask in the glow of being you. Maybe we can all aspire to be the raving A-hole we all know YOU to be! Peace!
  4. I love the guy but 6 maybe too high. He will probably go late teens early 20's. He most likely not be there when the Jets pick in the second round.
  5. Better yet take it to heart. Of course looking down from your high horse that might not be possible.
  6. Cut him. Rebuild the line with youth and let them grow together. If he will take a pay cut fine. I'm tired of these retreads taking a roster spot and cap space when sooner or later they end up injured or ineffective. You have to start somewhere and the time to do it is now. Enough of these guys who are resting on their accomplishments of the past. Time to scrap the old ways. They don't work anymore. or can't they see that?
  7. And you're a condescending dude. You think someone doesn't agree with you their stupid. Perhaps you should look to the example of the recent elections. They thought the same way. They were wrong. Stop making the same mistake they did. Probably not gonna happen though. Guys like you never learn.
  8. No offense but that's bullsh*t. Name the # of titles Parcells won after Belichek left. I have no love for Belichek or the friggin Patriots but the man has 5 Super Bowl rings. Parcells has 2. Both came with Belichek on his staff. Parcells won squat after Belichek left. The manner in which he left was a douchebag move no doubt but Parcells got all the glory and Belichek most likely did most of the work. You blame some Jet Fan's for the sad state this franchise is in? Sound's like a Parcells ego trip to me. This team has the most loyal and critical fan base in the league. Too blame some Jet Fan's for Woody's assholery is just plain elitist and silly. Here's an expresson I'm pretty sure the "Great Parcells" didn't come up with: "If all your friend's are jumping off the bridge does that mean you have too"? What I am saying is that if Woody listened to Jet Fan's when making decision's concerning team moves that just makes him an idiot. How is that "some" fan's fault? Sound's like you have an ego as big as Parcells. It's everyone else fault but mine. Bush League my friend, Bush League.
  9. I would trade Richardson to Dallas but would want a draft pick not Tony Romo. Think about it. Why would Romo who would probably retire if he had a ring want to play for a rebuilding franchise with a sub-par OL? The Jets would be extremely lucky to get as high as a 3rd rounder for Richardson. Take the draft pick and cut your loses. The holes on this team have to filled. FA or the draft is the way to go. Stockpiling draft picks is the smart rational move here. Trade(if that is even possible at this point) as many of these vets for draft picks or guys with expiring contracts and rebuild from the ground up. Its the only way to reestablish the credibility and get rid of the losing culture that surrounds this franchise.
  10. Marshall should STFU. This guy lobbied for sh*tzpatrick, and loved Geno friggin smith. Here's a tip BM(PUN INTENDED) catch the friggin ball and keep your mouth shut.
  11. GOAT is a hard thing to put on any one player in Football. You almost have to give it to one player on offense and defense. I would have to agree with Jim Brown. The guy faced what would now be ALL-PRO guys on defense almost every game. I agree with Barry Saunders as one of the most exciting. A guy that never gets his due is Gale Sayers. Watch some film of this guy and you will see some serious skills.
  12. So can we get him to be the QB coach? Well I guess its okay but my only question is what has he been doing with himself? I don't think this hiring essentially means Cutler is a lock to be a Jet but rather they either intend him to work with Hack and Petty or draft one of the QB'S if they fall to the Jets. If Cutler becomes a Jet they better have a plan B if and when Cutler inevitably goes down.
  13. Just an excellent game. As a Jet Fan I hate the friggin' Patriots but you have to respect what they have done. Brady will go down as an all-time great and so will Belichek. Wow that really hurt to write man but it doesn't make it any less true. Look at the bright side. Maybe Brady retires now. Fat chance. I can't be upset about it. The Jets were never in it this year and it's not like they lost this game. Imagine what the Falcon's and their fan base feel's right now.
  14. Two word's: Herschel Walker. The guy is still a great athlete. I heard an interview with him and Gurley and Gurley admitted Herschel could probably beat him in foot race today. The guy is still in great shape and is a freak of nature.
  15. I love Corey Davis. I would not take him at 6 though. With his ability I don't see him lasting until the Jets pick in the second round. Fournette has ability but for some reason I don't like the guy enough to pick him. Just a gut feeling. Trubiskey, Kizer, and Watson will most likely be gone when the Jets pick. If Mac really is committed to Hack I don't see him picking a QB in the 1st round anyway. It all depends on what the bears do. If the Bears go the FA route with their QB situation one of those guys could fall to the Jets. I'm betting it will be Kizer though and it will take a good QB coach to groom him. Not a good prospect with the coaching staff fighting for their job's this season. All in all I'm not optimistic about the coming season but I'm a Jet Fan. Need I say more? LOL.
  16. Fixed. That's probably what its going to take if they think Hack could be the guy.
  17. None of these guys really impress me too much. What FA QB would want to come here with the coaching staff on the hot seat? We all know that unless the Jets make substantial gains on both sides of the ball this whole coaching staff, or at least major parts of it will most likely be gone. Will a veteran starter worth anything want to come here with the HC and maybe even the GM on treacherous ground? Not to mention the deadwood on the roster that will most likely be cut. I have to admit that starting all over with a young QB and cutting the vets would be the way to go. Even if they sign a Glennon(I hope not) by the time the drafted talent is ready to play at a winning NFL caliber level will the guy they sign be over the hill? All signs point too much pain for Jet Fan's in the coming seasons. I ask you fellow Jet Fan's what else is new?
  18. Sounds complicated. I don't know if these guys can handle that complex of an offense. I'm a little worried. Especially Tight End's. What's a Tight End?
  19. Yes and no. Parcells was exposed as being only as good as his assistants. After all even the "great" Parcells could not beat the Jet Curse. Case in point Testaverde back to pass...he's down. No one touches the guy and he tears his achilles. Out for the season for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. Could Belichek have beaten the curse? We will never know.
  20. Sad but true Mr Happy. Sad but true.
  21. You think thats bad? I went to school with a kid named Dickbee Richards.
  22. and here I wanted T i T S McGee. He would be just as relevant as any RB coach hired.
  23. I don't give a sh*t about either one. Hackenberg may not be ready to play but at least they are not paying him what it would take to get Kaepernick. In terms of cash or draft picks. I doubt either one ever becomes the starting QB of the Jets. In fact Kaepernick has as much a chance of becoming the Jets Starter as you do.
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