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  1. You have to be kidding me? Plunkett? Who was on that team with Plunkett? Eli never had a strong cast around him in those Super Bowl wins yet he still pulled out victories. Name one all-pro on offense besides Tiki that played with Eli.You forget he beat a Patriot team that was undefeated and considered one of the best teams of all time. Regardless of what you think or believe Eli has the stats, rings, and career pedigree to be a HOF'er. As I said in a previous post he may not be a 1st ballot hall of famer but when is all said and done he will be in Canton.
  2. Okay Woody get ready for warm beer, lousy food,and nasty dental habits. Oh yeah football means something else 'cross the pond old boy. Just FYI Woody.
  3. Please he has 2 rings and in his prime was as good as any guy out there. He was not throwing the ball to Rice or anyone of that caliber. You don't like the guy. Fine. It does not change the fact that Eli Manning IS a HOF QB. Christ Almighty I can't believe I'm defending a friggin Giants QB. I HATE THE FRIGGIN GIANTS but I am rational enough to know a HOF QB when I see one.
  4. What else is new? Some guys on this board reply in the negative to any move the Jets make. They think its their "right" as a Jet Fan. Please just because your a fan or have a PSL does not mean you know sh*t.
  5. Okay so the Jets would need to add players to make themselves contenders even with Rodgers. In a roundabout way you agree with me. Cool. sh*tz on the Pack? Its hard to say. Would they have their guys at full strength? I would say 7-9 or 8-8. Throwing to that WR core and behind that O-line I think thats possible. Of course we are talking sh*tz here so anything could happen.
  6. So you're saying that if the Jets switched QB's with the Packers they would be a Super Bowl contender? We disagree. I am not down playing Rodgers caliber of play. I am doubting the Jets. GB's depth ALONG with Rodgers play has gotten them where they are. Their coaching staff and front office ain't too shabby either. Mac and Bowles are not even in that class. Unfair? Probably. Saying Rodgers alone is responsible for the Packs run? Simply not true.
  7. 2 time Super Bowl MVP and led two game winning drives in both of those Win's. The guy will be a Hall of Famer. Maybe not 1st ballot but he will be in Canton before its all over.
  8. Yeah that group of WR's they have suck. So does that O-LINE that gives Rodgers all that time to throw. That team has had numerous injuries to key players AND are in the NFC Championship game. They lost their starting Pro Bowl Caliber RB AND their starting Pro Bowl Caliber WR. Name one team that could do that and go deep in the playoffs. They are deep, talented, and HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the Jets current roster and front office in term's of leadership, talent, and decision making. Rodgers is a great player no doubt. He has led that team to a winning streak that is simply amazing. He has been a force during that winning streak but as any objective person knows ONE MAN DOES NOT MAKE THE TEAM. A QB can make a huge difference as We Jet fans know but that QB is only as good as the talent around him. Rodgers on the Jets with the O-line we have? Either on the IR with some kind of injury or a terrible QB rating that would have the fan base(you included judging by your posts) calling for his head.
  9. I have ketchup on my shirt? You are pretty condescending though. Here's a word to look up: Humility.
  10. I liked your posts until I read that line. Come on man. Really?This team would not be a title contender as currently assembled with Superman as the QB. Rodgers is great but I could see him on IR after week two with that O-line you think will be good as soon as next season. The o-line need's to be fixed. It takes time to build one and with all the holes on this one it won't be as easy as you make it out to be. With a new OC coming in who knows who they will keep or sign for that matter until they actually hire a guy. I think they will go after some vets in FA and draft guys starting in round #3. I think they go skill positions with the 1st two picks if they don't trade down that is. Be it QB, RB, or WR I think that's the way they go.
  11. Since Marshall has said he would take a pay cut to stay I could see them releasing him and him re-signing for less. It all depends on what they do with QB situation. If they sign a veteran they will keep Marshall IMO. They will need a veteran WR to try and contend. I said try.
  12. Alex Smith? The Chiefs are in massive salary cap trouble and the #'s as stated are not significant enough for them to rid themselves of their starting QB. So no I doubt he goes anywhere. Jamaal Charles will be gone. Some others as well. Smith is going nowhere though.
  13. Another jack-ass who believes everything they read on the net. Take it easy snowflake. I wouldn't want the facts to trigger you so you would require a safe zone to post from. It will be okay though. Take comfort in the fact that you have mountain dew in the fridge and your x-box is close.
  14. That's pretty funny kid. I don't know how old you are but its easy to find things on the net that support even the silliest of conclusions. I lived those years my friend. Yes the merger was talked about for years. Talks did begin in late 1964 and were still ongoing in '66. The NFL dragged their heels for years on a merger. They would have gone on for as long as they could because they wanted to wait out the AFL's deal with NBC. When the Jets beat the Colts it forced the NFL to finally honor all those talks and merge. That is what happened and no 4 paragraph vague scratch the surface story can do it justice. You keep living in that I believe anything I read on the net world though. Let me know how that works out for ya.
  15. Would anyone be opposed if the Jet name stayed and a new owner built a stadium in NY for a team that is supposed to be a NY team? Don't give me that 8 games a year bullspit either. Dinkins built a stadium for 1 event a year and that was okay but the Jets aren't worthy? Another venue for concerts etc. would benefit the city. IF the name stayed and they were a team that played its home games within the actual State of NY I would not have a problem with it. The shape of this team is almost at the expansion level anyway with all its need's. Why would anyone be opposed if they were still the NY Jets actually playing in NY?
  16. As far fetched as this sounds it would be typical of the luck and curse of being a Jet Fan. If the team does move and the name stays and an expansion team is put in place I ask you Jet Fan's what's the difference? If they do what the Browns and Raven's were allowed to do the only thing that changes is Woody and CO are gone. As long as the curse on this team goes with them will anything really change? New Blood, New Ownership, NEW FRIGGIN STADIUM I would be all for it. This could be a good thing guys. Just sayin'.
  17. Really. I beg to differ. But in cases like this I just consider the source.
  18. Way of the world pal. No matter who is at the helm that's what it always comes too.
  19. I would take a shot on him. Just not in the first or second round. Unfortunately for the Jets in this QB barren draft Kizer will probably go in the top 10 which is waaaaaaaayyy to high IMO. I like him don't get me wrong but he will not be able to come in and start right away and that is the problem. You take a guy in the top 10 He should be ready to come in and play, not hold a clipboard for a year or two. Of course this all depends on the Jets mindset and plan. If they are going to keep Mac and by extension Bowles that probably means they are going to sign a veteran and try and fill needs via the draft. If thats the plan there is no need to draft a QB this year. I, however think that both Mac and Bowles are under pressure to "win now" and when that fails will both be gone at the end of this season. So the new guys coming in will want to go with their guys so to speak so Kizer would be better off if the Jets didn't draft him. The Jets need to have a plan and stick to it. All this revolving door coaches and GM's solve nothing. Lets hope with Woody in England things will change and this team can move forward.
  20. This sounds like a ploy on Spanos part. He is trying to bring San Diego to the table on his terms. By announcing this but not filing any paperwork He can always go back and get a better deal by threatening to follow through with the move. Spanos knows LA can barely support one team and supporting two will be a challenge. He is using the move to try and force San Diego to sweeten the deal. Spanos is playing a dangerous game here. If San Diego sticks to their guns they lose their team and Spanos will be forced to move to LA which could be a disaster for him and the Chargers. Spanos played his card. Your move San Diego.
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