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  1. Wow tell us how you really feel. From your opening statement that makes no sense to your last sentence that only show's basically nothing I gather two things: 1. You need to actually think things out before you post. Your conclusions are all wrong my friend. Hackenberg was criticized long before the Jets picked him and the Jets were lambasted by every draft guru for picking him. They were further taken to task for picking him in the 2nd round!!!! Hack was vilified long before He was ever a Jet. Dont even get me started on Sanchez. 2. The fans of this team are just that. Fans. I will be 61 years old. I have been a fan of this team since its inception. I do remember the Jets win in Super Bowl 3. A win that CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY IN THIS LEAGUE. This win forced a merger between two competing league's and laid the foundation for the NFL as we know it today. Since that great and glorious day I have sat and watched an endless parade of ineptitude that would make grown men cry. I am a 2nd generation season ticket holder who only gave up said tickets because of a job transfer. I have been to numerous cities to see this team play. I have watched them play in driving downpours, bitter cold and blizzard conditions. I have seen things on the field that boggle the mind. From bone head plays to game winning field goals bouncing out of the uprights, to friggin butt fumbles. After all those years of wondering what the hell was going on you finally give me my answer! All along its been my fault! Thank You for straightening that out for me! NOW KINDLY GO **** YOURSELF.
  2. As long as she is facing the other way who cares? LOL. I disagree on Turner simply because he is probably done after leaving mid-season and I am just not a fan of his. I don't see him with a NY mind set. Pretty sure it would eat him up.
  3. Trade down and draft Dalvin Cook. Use 2nd and 3rd rounders on OL and then go for bap in later rounds. Due to the poor quality available at the skill positions in this draft OL are going to be drafted at or above their projected slots. The Jets have their work cut out for them IMO. That doesn't give me a lot of confidence going in but I am hoping to be surprised.
  4. What the **** is this supposed to mean? Are you implying that Geno is a malcontent because he is black? What is the meaning of this statement? Did I miss something? EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
  5. Sound's like he has some chops. Time will tell. Could be a HC candidate if and when they fire Bowles.
  6. I don't see it. Throw out the early season win as Tannehill will not be on the field. That right there is the difference. Who knows? Anything can happen on any given Sunday but the play here is Pittsburgh.
  7. Your a funny guy. Naive but funny. I say your Naive because Money makes the world go 'round bro. The Jets will have a ton of cap space if they cut the deadwood. There are QB's who will take that money. Not necessarily the one I want but there are guys who will take the money no matter who its from. Hell the Jets take your money don't they? The reality is sh*tz will not re-sign with this team. He has said it himself. There was an article in either the Post or News that even quoted him saying this before the season finale. My opinion is simply that sh*tz will not re-sign. My opinion is simply that the Jets are going to do what the Jets are going to do. There is no way to predict what they will do because you cannot predict stupid. Based on your posts you have a lot of experience with this. http://nypost.com/2016/12/28/ryan-fitzpatrick-admits-his-sad-jets-reality/ Here it is in his own word's.
  8. Your Delusional. How can you be a great leader when you choke in a leave it all on the field game? How? sh*tz shortcomings as a leader and a player are exactly why this team choked on the field against the Bills in 2015 AND the reason why he was demoted as the starter this year.. His piss poor play got him demoted and your talking about his leadership ability. sh*tz is not on our cap anymore. He will be a FA, will have to learn a new offense, and if your smart you don't want this guy anywhere near a young impressionable QB unless its to show that QB what not to do. Its all moot anyway as sh*tz will not re-signed as He has practically come out and said this. His remarks about how the coaches and management didn't believe in him anymore support this. I would be surprised if sh*tz is even on an NFL team as back-up in 2017. That's how bad his performance was this past season. Anyone who thinks otherwise should probably re-think their position.
  9. Are you kidding? His ability to lead is non-existent. He has no ability to be professional or this team makes the playoffs in 2015. 2 loses to Buffalo where he choked in both games. Granted the soft schedule would have accounted for them making the playoffs but sh*tz could have gotten them there and He did not. When it all was on the line he choked as He has his whole career. His true colors showed there and his "best season in Jets history" was the fluke not the norm. No way I want this loser anywhere near a QB of the future whether that future QB is on this team now or not. Jesus H Christ how can anyone make the case for this guy?
  10. Long Dong Silver would be better. Anyone with Long in their name is a natural.
  11. Did you know that Khloe Kardashian has DSL's? Just FYI.
  12. sh*tz has a career record of 46-69. That's 46 wins and 69 loses. THAT IS NOT THE RECORD OF A FRANCHISE QB. Tyrod Taylor is 14-14 in his short career. While the book is out on Taylor being a franchise QB He is still more than comparable to sh*tzpatrick and will get a multi-year deal with the annual value comparable to sh*tzpatrick's salary of last season. How can you argue this point when sh*tzpatrick lost both games to Buffalo when the season was on the line? All He had to do was beat Buffalo and they were in the playoff's. That's what franchise QB's do. When the pressure was on your boy sh*tz folded like a cheap suit. Granted Taylor's sample size is too small to say if He is a franchise QB or not but that's not what we are arguing here. We are arguing whether or not Tyrod Taylor will get a multi-year offer with the same value as sh*tzptricks deal this year. Which you seem to think is the going rate for a franchise QB. Facts don't lie. Unless you are too blind to see them.
  13. Old decrepit coaches need to be put out to pasture not recycled.
  14. sh*tz was a career backup who even with that 10 win season never came close to being called an established franchise QB. Taylor will command annually at least as much as sh*tz made in that one year deal in a multi year deal with some team. Maybe its the Jets. Maybe not.
  15. If sh*tz can get 12 mil you really think Taylor will not get his? Come on. He will get that much at least IF the Bills are stupid enough to release him.
  16. I would have no problem giving Taylor that amount of money but Tyrod will not take less than what Bradford is making. He is going to get paid. As for Glennon you want to give 12-13 mil a season to a QB who has proven nothing? Didn't we just do that? This time it will be more than one season though. Glennon would not be available if he was a proven starter. Say no to Glennon. He is sh*tzpatrick with a longer deal and less experience. This team cannot go anywhere with Glennon at the helm.
  17. Bridgewaters injury was pretty severe. They were talking career ending maybe? Not sure about because I have not seen any updates on him. Usually thats not a good sign. They keep Bradford until Bridgewater is actually taking reps. Until then Bradford is going nowhere. IF he is traded it won't be for a 1st rounder or multiple picks.
  18. Hey relax this is all a master plan to get the 1st pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Lets hope Mac isn't around to make it or it will be ****ed.
  19. Nah. Go Coach some obscure College Program until the hype ramps up again and He is able to ruin another NFL franchise.
  20. So if true Gailey is probably toast. I guess they will load up one more time and see if they can win with some additions. I am not confident with this approach. The bright side could be a complete tear down for the 2018 draft and season. hoo-rah.
  21. What have you been reading? I say He has the tools in my post. He just lacks the maturity or football IQ to use them. If He did sh*tz is never even on the field. I said in my previous post that saying Geno Friggin Smith is the best QB on the roster only proves how terrible our QB situation is. You seem to think I'm defending sh*tz or any other QB on this team. I'm not. If you could comprehend what you read you would already know this. So once again take your head out of your arse and actually comprehend something you read. Other than that I can't help you. I
  22. You have got to be kidding. I never said anything about his coaching in the 10 games they won. I said he was out coached in the 2 Bills games. Even with the PLAYOFFS on the line He could not beat the Bills. I said he won 10 games with a soft schedule. Which is the truth BTW. I never graded his coaching performance in any other games but the Bills games. Take your head out of your arse and read what is written and then comment on it. Wow some people just don't get it do they?
  23. How do you figure that? Geno Friggin Smith has not proven a damn thing on or off the field. His immaturity cost him his starting gig and his performance had them looking to bring in a vet to compete with him. If Geno Friggin Smith had showed any kind of growth or improvement on the field sh*tz is never signed. Those are facts plain and simple. Want more facts? sh*tz has a Career year(for him) and it costs the Jets 12 mil because they have no faith in Geno Friggin Smith. His immaturity, his incompetence, and his lack of a football IQ has cost this team too much in his limited tenure. He has tools but not the capacity to use them. Unless He wises up He is out of the NFL in a couple of season's. Geno Friggin Smith based on the FACTS is not an NFL starting QB PERIOD. WHAT ELSE YA GOT?
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