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  1. How many times must I hear this? Geno being the best QB on the team is nothing to crow about. It simply points out how bad the QB situation really is. The point is Geno is not a 2nd round draft pick on anyone's board but the Jets. Hell there was speculation he could fall all the way off the board. Geno Friggin Smith is not an NFL starting QB. No matter how bad sh*tz is, No matter how much sh*tz was paid, it will still not make Geno Friggin Smith an NFL starter. When will people learn?
  2. No. Bowles was out coached in both games they lost during the 10-6 campaign. Hell he couldn't motivate his team to beat a Bills team that was going nowhere to make the playioffs. Win and in. He couldn't pull that off. It was bad coaching when they beat the Bills this year. Rex's chubby doppleganger was the culprit this time. The guys a scrub as a defensive coach. Honestly I can't understand how anyone can defend Bowles. The guy will probably be here next season but I dont expect him to finish his contract.
  3. Because it will keep you from posting for a few hours? LOL J/K. Couldn't resist.
  4. Yeah he did that. With a last place schedule and did not have the killer instinct to beat a Bills team that basically knocked them out of the playoffs. Hey maybe they sweep the Bills this year....one year too late. Sorry but Bowles has been exposed. Holy Moley I found a word that rhymes with Bowles!! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!
  5. Harbaugh is not leaving Michigan. At least until his kids graduate. He wants to create a legacy and what better place than a storied program like Michigan? Unless he wins a National Championship in the next couple of seasons he is going nowhere. I say they should look at Scott Linehan. An offensive coach with a ton of experience since his last head coaching gig. I could see him building a team and the job he has done with a rookie QB has been awesome. The Jets would be foolish to keep Bowles and let the opportunity pass to get a guy who could be a great HC. Time to try an offensive minded coach as We can see where going with defense minded coaches has gotten us.
  6. Sadly this line puts the Jets QB situation in its proper light. Geno Friggin Smith may very well be the best QB on the roster but that only means that this roster sucks QB wise.
  7. Guys the QB situation is a mess. We all know this. Romo makes it worse. The guy would be a disaster. Sure he could be good as long as he plays but unless they are able to rebuild the OL through FA and the draft Romo won't last 3-4 games behind the current line. Based on the draft picks they have made so far and the FA's they have signed I don't have much faith in Mac to rebuild the OL in one off-season. Unless they commit to a total tear down of this team this malaise will continue until they wise up. They must cut the dead wood and start the rebuilding process.
  8. HELL NO. The guy is so brittle someone sneezes in the huddle and his collarbone will break. Pass.
  9. That was then this is now. sh*tz will have at least 2 int's one for a touchdown probably. The guy is a shell of his former self and he wasn't too good to begin with so I don't expect much. One good thing is that this is the last time We will see sh*tz don the Green and White. See? Every cloud has a silver lining.
  10. Blow out loss. With sh*tz starting this team couldn't beat my son's Pop Warner team.
  11. I kind of expected this. Am I happy with it? Am I upset about it? I'm just kinda blah about it. If Bowles is retained I do think he will finish the season as head coach. I don't think He is head coach for 2018 though. Unless he drastically improves as a head coach in all ways Bowles does not finish out his contract.
  12. I would rather have Tyrod than Glennon. That's for damn sure. I don't know if I give him a huge contract but I would sign this guy if the Bills let him go. Why would they start Manuel over this guy? I know a meaningless game at the end of the season but I would rather go with the guy who gives you the best chance to win. Wait that sounds familiar........
  13. And he will probably do a better job than either him or sh*tz. One of the only guys who is still trying on this team and he should be commended.
  14. And if they didn't draft Hack someone would be bitching about that. Not saying you but you know someone would say "yeah and they could have drafted Hack with that pick". Same old song and dance, hindsight is 20/20, etc.
  15. You know what will happen. Jets cut Marshall. Cheaters sign Marshall. Cheaters win Super Bowl?
  16. Its been years since I listened to this guy and he is still the same clueless S.O.B. he was 20 years ago! Some thing's never change.
  17. He wants the whole bowl o' wax my friend. To be the guy that finally got Michigan that elusive National Championship? He could write his own ticket with the right franchise. He knows this and has plenty of time to make it happen. Your talking years before Harbaugh leaves IMO and the feeling is He wants to build something long term at U of M. Of course anything can happen and if someone throws a bundle of cash at him who knows? I don't see that happening and would be surprised if he left.
  18. Yeah Carroll left sunny southern california because of all the violations the Program was facing because of recruiting violations. They were hit hard with all kinds of penalties right after he left. A Calipari-esque move if there ever was one. Harbaugh faces nothing of the kind. He is a King in Ann Arbor and his kids are all set to attend U of M. No way he leaves Michigan. Maybe in a few more seasons He would think about "proving he can hack it in the NFL".
  19. Gruden wants to coach again. He's is apparently interested in the Ram's Job: http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/nfl-rumors-jon-gruden-would-listen-to-a-rams-pitch-121216 Maybe if they re-signed Geno he would be interested in the Jets.(sarcasm intended).
  20. Harbaugh is not leaving Michigan. No way. You have a link?
  21. It could be amended to also say, "Snarky little pricks who think they are above it all but are warped and frustrated because their liberal arts education is useless,have no sign of a girlfriend, and have had to move back in with mom and dad care".
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